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Revenge of the Ghost - 55

But before the attack could hurt the trio (Baba, Mahabali and Shashtriji), Baba chanted a mantra and an invisible force layer is finished around them. The constables attacked with all their strength but they could not break the force field generated by the powerful mantras from Baba. Mahabali was in some mudra and chanting mantras loudly. Shashtriji was there to keep the fire alive which was being burnt in the middle of triangle. The ghost got angry and roared in ghastly voice, ‘Baba let me come in or I will kill your disciple your favourite Nagesh. Nagesh was still being threatened by the glasses on all sides and the ghost was serious about the threat. ‘

Baba opened the eyes and looked at Nagesh. Baba had holy ash in his hands, he chanted a mantra and threw the ash in the fire. And suddenly it was just smoke and nothing else. The smoke was so dense that nothing was visible apart from the red eyes of the constables and the ghost. The ghost got angry and  waved her hand to kill Nagesh. The ghost was expecting a painful cry or at least some moaning, but instead it was nothing. No sound was there. The smoke cleared in a while and now everything was clear, the ghost quickly checked what happened and found that there was no one. All the glass pieces were shattered and on the land but there was no Nagesh. This added fuel to the fire. The ghost was fuming with naked rage now. That was a small victory for Baba and his team. But, this did not last long. Baba also knew that it would not be that easy. They were waiting cautiously.

Suddenly, a cold chill  ran to Baba’s spine. He shivered till his core. Ravindra was outside the force field and was completely unprotected. The dilemma was if any of them stands up then the force field will be broken and everyone will be in danger. Though Baba was surprised that the one needed by the ghost was also there and he was just perplexed and dumbstruck about the entire situation. He was just standing in a corner being a mute witness to the fight happening between some strangers and a very powerful supernatural force. And the surprising part was he was not still aware that the ghost was after him. Baba looked at Ravindra but somehow he was safely standing in a corner but very alert and he was wearing that talisman too which gave Baba some sense of relief too. Mahabali was still continuously chanting some mantras and the moment he finished a cycle of 108 chants, he threw the same ash into the fire and everything stood still like a suspended animation. The atmosphere was filled with calmness and holiness like a temple plus a side effect of the same action was a saffron colour light filled the entire room. Soon, the room was filled with agonizing screams by the constables.

They screamed their lungs out and after a decade of seconds they collapsed like a sack of potato. Mahabali saved the lives of those constables. The ghost was now piercing through the souls of the trio as they were becoming a huge obstacle to take her revenge. The ghost then decided to use her best weapon the ugliest scariest and the most deadly creature in the world. This was the same creature which dissected Baba in two halves. The creature was despicable. It had no eyes, and the portion of the eyes was covered with burned skin. It had an awfully large nose without any skin on it and it looked horrific. It had an eye but not on the face. The eye was at the end of its tail. So that creature could see in any direction without moving its head. The claws were like brutally wild animals and capable of killing anyone with a single blow. But this was the last time when Baba encountered this creature. This time the ghost and the creature were also prepared and packed with a very painful surprise.

The ghost veiled and a stream of raw fear spread across the entire atmosphere within and outside the Police Station. Every living creature within a half mile radius shivered to the deepest part of their hearts. Every human in the Police Station had goosebumps and they were extremely alert. The entrance of the station was secured by Nagesh. The room within the station was secured by Baba and Mahabali. Still, they were alert and on their toes. Every eye was looking for a sign of danger in every possible direction. There was an old fireplace in a corner of the room which was completely unused over a long period of time and hence missed by everyone. There was some growling noise coming in the room and then a sharp shrill pierced every ear. The Earth shattered, the walls vibrated a little and a small of cloud dust appeared in the corner of the room. Some stones and cement pieces were dropped from the fire place smoke pipe. Baba realised the mistake but then it was too late. Baba’s deepest fear took the form of a creature. Sharp claws came out of the smoke pipe then the most ugliest head with burned eye sockets. The creature was fully visible and the series of eyes on the tail of the creature were noticing every minute movement in the room. The creature was sharp, deadly, gruesome and ready to kill everyone.

The final battle begun between the good and the evil. Who will win? Will everyone be alive at the end of this fearsome battle or not? Only future can answer this million dollar question.  provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks

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