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The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 3

Sometimes we don't know about opposite persons feelings towards us ,we think differently for them.I didn't know that kaira having a sweet place in her heart for me . Hardly we spend three months in college.she starts the letter from a simple smiley emoj. I'll say what exactly she written in the letter.
Hi motu
How are you, I'm sorry that I didn't said anything about my leave. please forgive me yar. When you are reading this i'll be not there in this world.I hope you will forgive me .I want to tell you lot of things motu but I don't have so much of time to talk with you directly.So I'm writing this letter to you .I have some stupid cancer yar and I don't want you people to know about this and being worried.I don't want you people to feel sad ,I think by this time akhil also got my dairy.You both are my best friends.But motu I want to live and achieve all my goals yar.why I'm ,I want to enjoy with you all.But I don't have that opportunities.Im dying motu ,I'm not able to do anything.Don't be sad or cry ok .You have to enjoy every moment in your life ok , don't miss any chance you are getting to achieve your goal.May be God is upset about be and taking me so early,I want to cry by hugging you motu . But what will we do every second is not for everyone right .One request for you please handle Akhil from this situation give him some hopes.And lastly I'm telling you don't eat too much otherwise you'll become more fat then who will marry you,just a joke motu.Do whatever your heart desires, don't wait for a particular moment to enjoy, enjoy every moment.Dont feel sad ,I'll be there around both you .I will pray for your success. I 'll shall missing you all.Ok motu I think this is last words and bye to you .
Have a sweet life ,my caring partner.(letter ended).
After reading this my tears came out ,I just imagine that kaira is telling me these all in front of me, Im really gone miss her so much. Immediately I went to kairas graveyard,I sit there and talked with her. I think she didn't died because she were in our mind and heart and also around us . May she rest in peace.I hope that she is watching us and making blessings for us .True friends are hard to find,I realise the true meaning of this line now . May god take good take care of her
Sometimes we think that our lifes period is too long and we say for everything that we can do it tomorrow or in future.But if that day is last in our life we think that y I didn't make it before.This is life
I will share what was in dairy which was at akhils house.(You have to wait )
Stay tuned for part 4

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