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Wrong Love Right Love-Part 20-Bike ride




Dhilip’s POV

I chuckled and shook my head. I looked around in the basement almost completely populated by cars and two-wheelers standing and smiling at me, from every slot. I spotted Jodha Ma’am and many other faculty members from other departments, leaving back home. Rohini just crossed Jodha Ma’am’s nano car and continued strolling in the basement, as she spoke on the call.

“Wear it, da! Go ahead! Come on, Dhilip!”, cheered Jacob, handing over a pair of sunglasses to me. I chuckled while our other friends around too began exclaiming and cheering my name out.

“Dhilip! Dhilip! Dhilip!”

I gestured for them to reduce their volumes before all the students and lecturers end up turning their concentration towards me.

“Bro!”, Sameer patted, adding, “Anyways, you ride ather bike, right? Drive this too. Wanna see my best friend leaving the college like a swag! Do it! “ He bet my back hard.

“No, da, what if I look like a joker?”, asked I.

“No way!”

“Not at all!”

“It will suit you, bro.”

I wore sunglasses with no other choice. I sat on the bike and hit its right pedal to start it. It roared, blowing out its exhaust gases. As I began riding, my friends cheered from behind me.

“Dhilip! Three rounds within the parking lot and up the slope straight away towards the gate. Do it, bro!”

“You rock!”

I blushed as I took turns covering every little corner of the basement. Sexy! With the black half-helmet tied on my head, I sounded as if I was a builder taking measurements.

“Rohini!”, thought I, spotting her shrugging at Rahul and Satheesh standing by a bike. I removed my sunglasses and rolled my meek and hesitant eyes at her. Hardly did she spot me.

“Understand, you know? You wanted to go with Dheeraj. You asked him. Great! He didn’t agree. Rahul will take you on a ride. Come, let's explore!”, teased Satheesh, giving a hi-fi at Rahul and mocking Rohini who looked down and swallowed her anxiety. My eyes happened to go over Vaishnavi entering the basement from the opposite corner. Rohini was too busy to notice her friend secretly witnessing the scene and hurrying away.

“Help!”, called Rohini. She was about to leave when Rahul caught her hand. From a distance, I was, on my bike, behind a pillar. I pressed the handle hard and frowned silently at Satheesh too, chuckling and checking out Rohini.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Let me go…”, said Rohini, closing her fist and trying to release her hand from Rahul’s.

“Don’t you wanna ride on my bike? Why? Dheeraj’s bike is just a little more than a moped but mine is far better than his. I ride well too. Shall I show you stunts?...”

“I need to go. What’s your problem?”, shouted Rohini, in the lonely corner of the parking lot. She gnashed her teeth and strived to release her hand but Rahul continued chuckling at her futile efforts.

“Come on, girl. What’s the issue? He is offering you a ride. You should be pleased but you…”, added Satheesh. He paused as I circled them over and over on my bike. Rohini moved her head restlessly in all directions and couldn’t take her eyes off my face.

“Stop! Our heads are spinning! Urgh!”, yelled Satheesh as Rahul rested both hands on his forehead and shook his head.

“You stop!”, shouted I, stopping the bike and jumping over the seat to get down. I headed towards Rohini and nodded, pointing my palm at my chest and gesturing for her to stay calm.

“Dhilip!”, she called, with tears in her eyes. “Help!”, she added, hugging me and swallowing her tears. I threw my mouth half-open and extended my hand to massage her head but closed the fist. She grabbed my collar hard as she rested her head on my chest. Aww, was she feeling secure while I stayed around? I smiled a bit.

“Whoa! Look at her! Yesterday Dheeraj, today Dhilip, next whom? Hahaha!”, Satheesh insulted her.

“Oh, hero! This is a CS matter. You are from CT. Why do you wanna unnecessarily pull your own legs? Hahaha!”, asked Rahul, giving in another hi-fi with his buddy.

“Guys, listen. You can’t force a girl. If she wants, she will come on a ride. No means no”, emphasized I, wrapping my hand around Rohini as I heard her sobbing a little. “And, supervise your tongue before speaking about anyone’s character like that. Guys, whatever is going on between Dheeraj and Rohini, it's their personal…”

“Hahaha! Brother, when the girl herself doesn’t wanna keep it personal, why are you more bothered?”, laughed Satheesh. 

“Point, Machan! Have you seen the way she acts while talking to Dheeraj or whenever Dheeraj is around us? Haha! How will you know, Dhilip? You hardly attend a class or two with CS. Hahaha!”, added Rahul.


I turned to interlock my eyes with hers. Rohini looked up and released herself from me. She sobbed, whispering, “Yes, I used to act weird but only with my friends, never in front of these guys or anyone else. Why shouldn’t I feel free with my besties?...”

“Who is a bestie? The one who escapes when you are in trouble?”, asked I, at which her blank eyes invited tears once again. I shook my head and caught her hand. She looked at me while I continued defending her, “Whatever, but you can’t force anyone for a ride. That's all I stick to…”

“Bro, listen. We asked her casually. She started overreacting as usual. What else do you expect us to do?”, asked Rahul, chuckling along.

“No, I didn’t…I wasn’t interested to go on a ride and that's what I said before you caught my hand…”, said Rohini. I gestured for her to stay quiet.

“Yes yes, I can tell you what must be done. Just let her go!...”, said I.

“But, she was the one who wanted to ride on bikes, right? She badly wants to go with a guy on a bike…”, explained Rahul.

“Did she ask you?”, I questioned, cutting him. “Hi Rahul, shall we go on a ride? Did you ask him, Rohini?”

“No, Dhilip. I agree that I had asked Dheeraj but after he refused, I dropped the matter. I was just being playful..No offense to anyone…”, she highlighted. I nodded.

“Yes, I understand. You asked him. He agreed or refused-it's only between the both of you. None else can intervene although you guys are Dheeraj’s good friends. Case closed”, declared I, raising my voice, at last. I walked, pulling Rohini along, towards my bike. 

“Eyy, leave it, bro. As if she is some heroine. Hey, leave. Mad girl! Mad guy!” the two creeps commented, which we ignored. Sexy! They brought another sign that both of us go mad in emotions.

She raised her eyebrows at the two guys shrugging and leaving on Rahul’s bike. I blushed at her daring crush on someone. Oooo, then how much she must have loved me? Oooo, it's incredible that she directly texted and asked Dheeraj for a bike ride! What guts!


“Thanks, Dhilip!”, she smiled and thanked me. She hugged me in her cozy arms once again. I blushed and massaged her head.

“Hey, it's alright. Any good samaritan would have proceeded to save you from trouble. But, I wonder why Vaishnavi saw and hurried…”, said I. Our eyes were lost in each other’s for the entire next minute. I felt my heartbeat along the food pipe as the very moment reminded me of my immediate reaction to her proposal. I blushed as she wore a wide grin to confuse me if she smiled or blushed.


Aww, Dhilip is such a sweet fellow. Will the heroic incident bring the two closer?!

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