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Rendezvous - 1

Rendezvous 1

This story is of the pre-Internet era; even the pre-Mobile era for that matter.

Hi I'm Sumit. I was a Sales executive then. I was located in one of the metro cities. My job of visiting customers took me throughout the city and also to different towns in my state. Yes, I enjoyed that.

I liked to walk the streets. I liked being amongst people. On the streets; in buses and local trains. That is the reason, although at that stage when I was progressing from adolescence to youth, unlike most boys of my age group, I did not pester my parents for a motorbike or a scooter. I preferred public transport. The reason ?

The reason is odd. At least odd for many people. Actually I'm not a big guy, in size I mean. I'm rather of average height 5 feet 3 inches. What ? You mean, I'm short ? Ok fine. What can I do ? I was born that way. I'm not so healthy either. Not thin though, just an average guy. In my late twenties, that is in the period I am talking about, I was about 62 kgs or so.

Now, coming back to why I liked traveling by buses and walking the streets amongst people. It was simply because I could see and meet and stand beside girls or women who are taller than me. Just that. I loved to stand beside taller girls and compare our heights. No, no, I didn't have the courage to talk to those taller girls or women and try and make an acquaintance. I just loved the feeling of being shorter than the woman and mentally comparing our heights. Nothing more. That was enough satisfaction for me.

Indian girls or women are generally not tall. 5 feet 3 inches for a girl in India is considered a good height. But once in a while, one can cross girls or women in the streets who are tall. For me that would be anything above my height of 5'3". The taller, the better. And yes, you can meet at least one or two girls who are anything between 5'4" to 5'7" at least, almost everytime you walk down the streets or take a bus or train ride.

And everytime I did meet one such taller girl, I tried to stand or walk close to her. It even so happened that I crossed a girl of quite a good height of 5'7" or above, coming from the opposite direction. I made a pretext of turning back and walking along with her, just a little behind, enjoying our height difference. Just like that. Walked for some distance, not disturbing her or letting her know that I'm following her. Then after some time, just turning back and going my own way. Or if I saw a tall girl standing at a bus stop, I just casually went and stood beside her as if I was also waiting for a bus. And when her bus came and she got on it, my mission ended there. I turned back and carried on in my own destination. As I mentioned earlier, I was an introvert; I was also a gentleman. As such I never ever tried to disturb any of those women, nor try to come so close as to touch them. I was just satisfied in mentally comparing our heights, maintaining a very safe physical distance.

Odd isn't it ? But to me this was a craze. And this craze started in my adolescent years, maybe since my 15/16 years of age. I would go mad if I got such an opportunity of standing beside a tall girl or woman over 5'7" and more, just for some time. Also that joy would multiply with the size of the woman. If she was 5'8" or more, I could literally hear my own heart beats, I would get so excited. Add to that if that girl or woman was healthy, that is big in weight, then I would be over the moon. A good proportionate figure would definitely be pleasing to the eyes. But even if she was tall and just big and heavy, that would also be equally pleasing. Also, if the tall big woman was a bit dusky, that would be the best combination. Not that I minded fair complexioned big tall women, but given a choice I would go after the darker one.

That walk behind the tall girl; or just standing beside her at the bus stop, that would make my day. I knew that I had found my heroine for my daydreams for the next few days. This was the best part of my fantasy...To daydream about the tall girl or woman, whom I had met in the streets and stood or walked beside. The daydreams allowed me to say or do things which I dared not do with the woman who occupied my brain and heart at that moment. I used to make up stories in my head and play it out like the way I enjoyed most.

It was on one of those days when I saw a tall girl walking in front of me. I naturally followed, walking just a little behind her. The girl, I presumed by my expert eyes of height comparison, would be around 5 feet 9 inches or so. I noticed that she was not wearing any heels but a thin flat pair of sleepers. Her figure was quite athletic, not muscular but well toned. Her complexion was medium, a little towards dusky rather. Her face however was very ordinary. She was wearing a simple Salwar kameez. She was walking towards a market area with rows of shops of garments, ladies items, bags and the like. Quite a good number of shops in that area in two parallel lanes. I kept a steady distance, coming close enough when she stood at shopping windows to compare heights in the glass reflection. I had a feeling that she understood that I was following her.

I was about to turn back and go away, when she confronted me. In a casual manner she asked me why I was following her. She did not raise any alarm to attract attention, just kept a normal conversational tone. I replied that I liked her and wanted to make friends. She smiled and said, "What do you like in me ? I'm not good looking."

I thought it was better to be honest, and said, "I like your height and figure."

By this time she was standing quite close to me, facing me. Standing so close, I could observe a marked height difference between us. She gave a chuckle. "But I'm much taller than you."

I replied boldly, "I like tall girls."

She laughed again, "Oh really ? So how many tall girlfriends do you have ?"

I found some strange confidence in me, "I don't know any tall girls. In fact I don't have any girlfriends, tall or short."

She found it amusing, "Ok, I like your confidence. Boys generally avoid me because of my looks and my height. And you being so much shorter than me are approaching me just because I'm tall. I don't mind being your friend. Not a girlfriend, mind you, just a friend."

So, that was the first meeting. We sat at a restaurant and got to know each other. Her name was Madhumita. She asked me what I do, how old I was, where I lived. I told her that I worked in Sales, that I was 28 and I lived in this city itself with my parents. She said that she also comes to the city for work from the suburbs. It is a two and a half hours journey by train. She said that she is also 28, but I felt that she definitely looked older, at least 30 to 32 years. Since she did not mention what work she does, nor did she mention about her family, I did not ask for details.

We planned and met a few times after that. We used to meet late in the afternoons. Just walked the streets, then took a bus or walked to the station, ate at the Railways restaurant, then waited for her local train at around 5 -5.30 pm and saw her off. I just loved the feeling of walking beside her tall, athletic figure, six inches taller than me. She walked close to me, sometimes holding my hand. Just the feeling of smallness beside her made me feel excited.

She had asked me why I liked tall girls and I told her about my fantasy since my adolescence. "I loved the idea of feeling small standing beside my tall girlfriend. I love to day dream that my tall, big girlfriend or wife has picked me up in her strong arms and was carrying me away with her, while I was struggling in her arms to free myself. She wasn't even bothered by my futile fights and I was helpless and weak in her strong arms while she just toyed with me, holding me captive in her arms."

When she heard this from me, Madhumita had a very hearty laugh. "Really? This is what your fantasy is ? How I wish we were in some secluded place. Then I could have fulfilled your dream right now. You are so much shorter and smaller than me that I can easily pick you up in my arms and carry you all the way to the station."

She said that she used to do weight training when she was representing her district in volleyball competitions. This was the only information she had divulged about herself till then. She used to avoid answering personal questions about her family or work. So I didn't pursue it.

The best thing I liked about her was that even after hearing my weird fantasy, she did not ridicule me. She did not laugh at me or make fun of my wanting to be physically overpowered and lifted and carried away by a girl. She was just curious why I liked to be lifted and carried and physically dominated by a girl bigger and taller than me. I didn't have an answer to that then. Only later on in life, with the advent of the Internet and Google, I have come to know that there are a lot of men and boys with these sorts of fetishes like Height fetish; Lift and Carry; Lap-sitting; Female domination etc.

We used to meet once a week, sometimes twice a week. After a few dates, one day I told her that I'll be going on an official tour for a few days, so I'll be meeting her later, after I return. She asked me where I'll be going and for how many days and where I'll be staying. The place I was going to was one of the farthest districts of our state. It was an overnight journey by train or bus, and took about 11 to 12 hours. I told her that I would be going on a three day trip and would be staying in a hotel.

I jokingly asked her, "Will you come with me?" And to my utter surprise she said, "Yes."

I thought she was joking. I asked her, "Are you serious ? Or joking with me ?"

She smiled, "I'm serious. I know that city well; I go there for my work. I'll come with you this time. I want to make your fantasy come true."

As it is, at that time we were at the station to see her off. My tour was planned one day later by the evening train. I had planned to buy my reservation ticket after she had left by her local train. So I told her, "I'm going to book my reservation tickets after I put you on the train for your home. If you are coming with me I'll have to book your tickets too."

She said, "Ok let's go to the booking counter. It'll be good, I'll take my tickets with me and meet you at the station the day after tomorrow evening." She started walking towards the booking counters.

Now I understood that she was not joking. I said, "Don't you have to take permission from your parents ?"

She said, "That's why I'll need the reservation ticket. I'll tell them that I am going for my work."

I was not expecting that she would actually want to come with me. I had said it as a joke. But now that she had actually accepted my offer, I was caught in two minds. I didn't know whether it would be right to take a girl with me on an official tour. But now she was pulling my hand and taking me to the booking counter. "Come, let's do it fast. Otherwise I'll get late. I'll have to catch a train and go home after all this."

I booked the tickets together, so that our sleeper berths are side by side. Madhumita said, "Give me the ticket, I'll come the day after tomorrow in the evening in time for the train."

I said, "It's better I keep the ticket. If you do not come, I'll miss the train. It's an official tour for me. I cannot miss the train. What will I reply to my boss."

She already had the ticket in her hand. She transferred it to her bag and said, "Why don't you understand, if I don't show the reservation ticket, how will I convince them ?" She left to catch her train.

Our train was scheduled to start at 8pm. This station was the starting point. I reached the station at 7pm. I knew the seat and berth numbers. As soon as the train came to the platform, I searched for our berths and then came and stood on the platform. Minutes passed but there was no sign of Madhumita. My tension was rising. I didn't know what excuse I could give my boss for missing the train. My money was also gone.

I had lost all hope. I couldn't even board the train without a valid ticket. Just 15 minutes before the train was scheduled to start, I saw Madhumita walking fast, searching for the train compartment. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately there was no more drama during the train journey. We chatted for some time; ordered dinner from the train pantry car; had our dinner and retired early. I was feeling excited and at the same time was worried how to book a hotel room for the two of us together. In our company we were paid on a tour allowance per day basis for both boarding and lodging. I could manage for both of us if we stayed in one room, but I couldn't afford an additional room rent from my own pocket. I wasn't earning much in my initial days and I had my parents and sister to support at home.

The next morning, the train reached around 7am. We took a rickshaw from the station. I visit this city once every three months and stay in a hotel close to the main business area. This time however, I went a little farther down and searched for a new hotel where I have never stayed before. The tricky part was booking the hotel room. I found a decent looking hotel. I asked Madhumita to wait outside the hotel with our bags and not get down from the rickshaw. Actually, I had planned to register ourselves as husband and wife. So I did not want Madhumita to come out and stand beside me. The hotel people might suspect seeing the husband six inches shorter than the wife, with the top of his head reaching barely upto her lips.

There were a few double-bed rooms available. I went upstairs to check the quality of the rooms and selected one. In those days, there were no requirements for ID proof as it is required today. I came down to the lobby and filled up the register as husband and wife, using a name where the wife wouldn't need to wear sindoor as a symbol of marriage. Only then did I go out to fetch Madhumita inside. There were some odd stares from the hotel guys, looking at the 5'9" tall Madhumita dwarfing me by 6 inches, while walking beside me, but my job was done. I had got a room for ourselves.

The room was quite spacious, there was a double bed, a two-seater sofa, a coffee table, a table, a chair and a full-length wardrobe with a full length mirror on it.

Once inside the room, I tipped off the hotel attendant who had brought in our bags, locked the door and turned back. I bumped into Madhumita who was standing just behind me. She was standing with both her hands on her hips, looking down at me, smiling. As I banged into her, she held my arms steadying me. I had to crane my head to look up to her eyes six inches above mine. She bent down, put both her hands around my thighs and stood up. My feet left the ground, I went up with her. This sudden action startled me. I put my arms around her shoulder for support.

She laughed out aloud. "Don't worry dear, I'll not let you fall. You are too light for me. Now wrap your legs around me, so that I can carry you away, just like in your fantasy."

I was in a trance. I wrapped my legs around her waist and she started walking with me inside the room. My hands were around her neck, my face right in front of hers. She was laughing, "Now my little hero, is this what your dream is like?"

She went and sat on the side of the bed, with me on her lap. I was sitting facing her with my legs still wrapped around her waist, but now lying on the bed. My arms were around her neck. Her arms were behind me supporting my back. She bent forward. I was hanging by her neck, now lying on her lap. Her two hands were behind my back holding up my body. I panicked. I thought she would drop me.

I said anxiously, "What are you doing Madhu, I'll fall."

She laughed, "Merey haath sey mey tumko kabhi girney nahi dungi. I'll never let you fall from my hands."

She pulled me up. On an impulse I hugged her tight. Her hands were still on my back, holding me firmly on her lap. Even sitting on her lap, my face was below hers, she was so much taller than me. We were both smiling at each other.

I knew then…my dream had just begun…

( Continued in next episode…)