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School Crush - 1

I was on a flight. International flight from Dubai to Frankfurt, Germany. In fact, Dubai was a stopover for just a few hours, for changing flights. It was a hopping flight Mumbai-Dubai-Frankfurt.

When I boarded this plane in Dubai airport, I saw a lady was already seated on my seat. She was dressed in a loose fitting shirt and jeans. I had purposely requested an aisle seat. I do not prefer the window seats especially on long flights. And obviously not the middle seats where you get sandwiched. And especially if one of your passengers on either side was fat, then God help you.

When I came to my seat and saw this lady sitting there, I politely asked her for her seat number.

She gave me a big apologetic smile and said, "I'm so sorry Sir I'm sitting on your seat. Actually you know, the middle one is mine. Sir, would you be kind enough to please sit on my seat? It's my long legs you know, that's the problem. I can at least stretch them a little on this aisle seat."

Then as she was finishing her sentence, she stood up, possibly to show me how long her legs were. I saw her rising, and rising, and rising. She crossed my shoulders, then my head. When she stood straight up, I was amazed to look at her breasts. No, no, I didn't mean it that way. Yes, they were good to look at; in fact, great to look at. But what I meant was, my face was in front of her breasts. The top of my head was just about reaching her shoulders, she was so tall. I looked up at her face. I had to tilt my face really high up just to look at her eyes, standing right in front of her, in the narrow aisle. She looked down at me pitifully from her magnificent height with request in her eyes. What could I do ? I understood her problem and gently nodded my head. I stood back a little, so that she could come out in the aisle.

I had a laptop bag on my back. I had packed a jacket inside also, which would be needed when I alighted in Germany. I had to keep the bag in the overhead locker. When I opened the locker I found it was full. The bags there can be pushed inside to make some space. But with my height, I was actually not able to reach the bags which were inside to shift them back. I was in a fix. I suddenly saw a woman's hand reaching out from over my head and shifting the bags inside and making space for my bag to go in. Then she took the laptop bag from my hand and lifted it up. Standing right behind me and reaching over my head she placed my bag carefully inside the locker. Since she was standing right behind me on the narrow aisle, I was actually trapped between her oversized body behind my back and the seat in front of me. I could not see but feel that the back of my head was being brushed by two big solid but soft breasts. It was a sensational experience. Once she had put my bag inside, I looked back and up at her and said, "Thank you !" I went in and sat in the middle seat. She smiled, sat down and whispered, "I should rather thank you for the seat".

I smiled in return, saying, "It's ok." I couldn't say 'You are welcome' or 'My pleasure', because frankly speaking, I didn't feel that way.

After settling down, I sneaked a peek at her feet. I was so sure that she must be wearing 6 inch heels. But to my surprise, she was wearing a pair of sneakers, which must have had just 1 inch heels at the most. For that matter I was also wearing sneakers. I started guessing her height. I myself wasn't very tall, just 5'3". Okay, okay, don't laugh. I accept that I'm short, even by Indian standards. So, since my head just reached her shoulders, she should be almost 6 feet tall, maybe a little less. And big too. She wasn't fat, just a well toned body, no muscles though, just well shaped arms and solid thighs and legs. At a guess, she would be nearing 100 kgs. Sitting beside her, I looked like a school boy, with my weight at 64 kgs and my head reaching at her shoulder level, even while sitting down.

I felt so small in her comparison that I had an inferiority complex. So I totally ignored her and got busy with my mobile phone. I had put on my flight mode on my mobile. I had pre-downloaded a story just for inflight reading, I thought of starting on it. I switched on my mobile and was just scrolling through. I got stuck at my Gallery looking at my family pictures. I was feeling homesick. Will have to be away from them for a minimum of one year now, if not two, before I can afford a leave.

This lady must have taken the hint. I had a feeling that she was trying to initiate a conversation, but seeing my disinterest, she started watching some movie on the screen on the in-flight television in front of her.

A sudden tap on my shoulder. "Excuse me ? By any chance you were in Holy Child School, Class 7 ?" She suddenly asked.

It's surprising somebody asking me this question about my childhood, that too in mid air, flying over a foreign land. But I was. I was actually in that school. In fact, I was there from Class 1 to 7. For seven years I was in that school. But how does she know ? And that too, how did she recognise me at this age of mine? I'm 38 now.

I turned to look at her. Or rather I had to look high up at her. She was smiling down at me sitting beside me. I could only say, "Yes…but how could you…?"

She replied with her smile now widening, "Sumit, I think the name is…?" She also left her question incomplete.

I just didn't know what to answer. I think my mouth opened wide and I definitely must be looking like a fool. I kept gaping at her. "I don't understand…I mean, how do you know my name ?"

She was still smiling when she said, "Please don't mind, but I saw that you were looking at some personal photos of your childhood on your mobile phone. Actually I could see over your shoulder, that's one of the advantages or disadvantages of being so abnormally tall. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. But one of your photos from your school days struck me. Then I remembered that I knew this boy."

I found my words, "But how do you know me ? Were you in the same school ? What's your name ?"

She didn't answer me directly. She smiled and said, "Remember that Inter school competition where you won the first prize in 'Go as you like'?"

Ohh right ! Now everything came flashing back to me. I said, "Anjana ? You? Anju didi?"

She gave a big smile and extended her long hands towards me. She took me in her embrace and gave me a big hug. Even sitting down beside her, I was engulfed inside her huge body. For a few moments, I was seeing darkness in front of my eyes. Actually I was covered from all sides by her big arms and huge body and I was pressed against her big breasts. My face had got trapped in the big valley of her breasts.

She released me but kept her hand around my shoulders, pulling me towards her body. The weight of her hand was such that I got pressed to her side. She bent down and looked at my face with a big big grin.

"I was thinking from that time, that the face is reminding me of somebody, just couldn't even imagine that it would be you." Saying this she squeezed my cheek between her long fingers, just like when we were in school. "And who could have imagined that we would be meeting in the sky flying over a foreign land, and after so many years. Exactly how many years now ? Let me see, we met last when we were in class 7. That means we were 12 years old then. And now I'm 38, so you are also 38. That means, 26 years later. Oh Wow! I just can't imagine."

I was speechless. In fact I also couldn't believe this. My childhood crush! And I didn't even recognise her. But how could I ? Although, she was always a big girl for her age, even in school. In class 7, she was taller than all the teachers of the school. And not only tall, she was always well built. Not real fat, but she was on the heavier side. And with her dusky complexion, she had an impressive figure. Actually she got her height from her parents. Her father was a six footer; her mother possibly just an inch or two shorter than her father. Although her father was lean and tall, her mother was big in weight too. When her parents used to come to school for Parent Teacher meetings or school functions, all students would stare in awe. Anjana inherited the height of both her parents; and the body structure of her mother's.

Her face has changed now, that is why I couldn't recognise her. Those soft chubby cheeks of a child are no more. Instead her face has developed more like her mother's. The face is not so round now as in her school days. She now had high cheekbones giving the face an oblong shape. She was big in size even then, much bigger for her age, but now she has become real tall, a giant of a woman. But she is not fat, the flabbiness of her childhood has given place to a solid body; not muscular though but very feminine. Along with her long legs which she already showed me, she had long hands with lovely long fingers, well rounded and well shaped. Her thighs were thick and solid, and seemed to be more than double of mine. Her shoulders were broad, and would even give a normal tall man a shame. For such a big woman, her abs were rather normal. I wouldn't say that it was absolutely flat, but not much signs of flab in the belly. This obviously gave a good contrast to her big, full breasts, which even at her 38 years were quite attractive.

So obviously with this sort of a transformation, it was not possible for me to recognise her after 26 years, since we last met in school. We were actually not friends in school. In fact, far from it. I was quite an introvert in school. I didn't have many friends. Or rather I can say that I didn't have any friends. I spoke to a few of the students, but they were more of just classmates rather than friends. Also being one of the shortest boys in class, made me all the more timid. In fact, out of a class of 30-35 boys and girls, there were 4 of us who were the shortest, 2 boys and 2 girls. And on the contrary, this girl Anjana was the tallest and biggest in class, even taller than all the boys in our class and even the teachers. We had all lady teachers in our school. In class 7, Anjana was about a head taller than me.

Ours was actually a co-ed school uptil class 7 and after that it was an all girls school. So, after class 7, I had to change School and went to an all boys school.

So, as I was saying, I never ever spoke to Anjana in class. She joined our school from class 5, I was there from class 1. So for the whole of class 5 and class 6, for two full years, Anjana never spoke to me even once. She had her own group of friends, the bigger boys and girls of the class.

But somehow I found her very attractive. I don't know why, but I liked to just look at her across the classroom. I was careful though that nobody would notice that I was staring at her, especially Anjana herself. She didn't ever look at me in class, but I used to stare at her. And if at all by any chance I found her standing beside me or in front or at my back, I used to become very self conscious about how I look. Whether my hair is in place or my shirt is tucked in properly or my shoes are clean. Don't know why.

However, something happened in class 7, for which we did have to talk to each other. Every year there was an Inter-school Sports competition. That year it was organized by our school and would take place in our school grounds. I wasn't any good in sports as such, though I played football for my class team. On the last day of the two day sports events, there was a "Go as you like competition". This was basically a fun contest. You must be knowing that in this event, boys and girls dress up as different characters with full make up and costumes for their respective roles. The boy or the girl with the most original or exact characterisation received the best prize. That year, our class teacher called Anjana and me, one day after class and told us that we will have to participate in that year's 'Go as you like' competition for our school. For that we'll have to stay back 30 to 45 mins after class for about 10 days prior to the sports day. She asked if we had any issues. How could I say no to the class teacher? But I said that I always return by a car pool vehicle for children living on our route. If I stayed back in school, I would miss the bus. My house was around 5-6 kms away. My parents actually do not allow me to travel by bus alone. Teacher asked Anjana how she returned from school. She said she returned by Bicycle, which she brought to school every day. Anjana said that she had seen the place where I got down from my bus and it was quite close to her home. She said that she can drop me home after school for these rehearsal days. Teacher asked me to discuss this with my parents at home and said that she will call up in the evening at home and talk to my mother.

My parents agreed when our teacher said that a big girl would drop me home after the extra time in school for the rehearsals. I don't know why I didn't tell my mom that the girl was just big in height and size but she studied in my class only. Since I felt this strange attraction towards this tall Anjana, I was actually happy with this arrangement.

But on the first day of the rehearsal I objected. We stayed back in class after school was over. Our class teacher came and told us that she had thought of a special act, which will definitely get our school one prize. She explained our roles. She said that Anjana will act as a woman who works in the tea gardens plucking tea leaves. She will be dressed like one. She will also be carrying a big cane basket which will be hanging from her back for collecting the tea leaves. Teacher had brought a big cane basket with a cloth strap on it. Along with the basket on her back she will have a baby hanging from her neck in front of her, supported in a big cloth sack. And I would have to play that role of the baby. Anjana will be carrying me in a cloth sack hanging from her neck. And I was supposed to cling to her body with my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist.

As soon as I heard it, I protested. I was generally a very obedient student, soft spoken and never ever talked back to my teachers. But even then I objected, politely though, but I did object. I said that I cannot play the role of Anjana's baby being carried around in her arms in front of all the students of our school and the participating schools. Not only the students, all the teachers and quite a few parents will also be there looking at us. I said I'll be laughed at by the students when I meet them next.

Anjana didn't say anything, she just stood beside me with a serious face. Our teacher explained to me that this is only acting. She said, "Haven't you seen movies where people act as villains, mad people, police officers, soldiers, doctors, priests and so many other characters. Do they become that in real life ? Or do people laugh at them? In fact, those who do natural acting, they become celebrities and earn lots of money."

I thought about it, but even then I was not convinced fully. Then she said, "See Sumit, I'm not going to discuss what your roles will be with anybody in this school. You two will also not talk about this to your friends or other teachers now. That will be a surprise on that final day. Also this will happen as the last event, on the last day of school. The exams are over now. Your results will be out by then. And when the school reopens, you will be leaving this school and will be in a different school. So you won't be facing the students of this school anymore. So you needn't worry."

Now this sounded more logical and convincing. And besides, how long can you argue with the class teacher? After all, the results of the final exams were supposed to be coming out in a week's time. So I agreed.

And then the rehearsals started. Wow this girl had strength. Who would say that she was the same age as mine. She was lifting me and holding me like I really was her baby. Our teacher Mrs Srivastava, tied a big cloth from under my bottom and over Anjana's shoulder and back in the form of a sack. All the while Anjana was holding me lifted on her breasts. As per Mrs Srivastava's instructions I had wrapped my legs around Anjana's waist. She asked me to hold Anjana around her neck, with my hands resting on her back. Our teacher laid my head on Anjana's thick shoulder facing inside towards her neck. Anjana had long hairs upto her waist, which were bound tightly with a black band for school. Our teacher opened her band so that the long hairs fell all over her back. Teacher adjusted Anjana's hair so that it fell on my face and partly hid my face on her shoulder. I was purposely shutting my eyes, so that I don't see myself being helplessly carried by a big, tall girl of my age. But our teacher insisted that I will have to keep my eyes open sometimes to have a natural effect. And sometimes I should close my eyes and act as if I was sleeping being carried on Anjana's breasts.

Our teacher Mrs Srivastava said that Anjana should first practice carrying me for a long time, at least 30 to 45 minutes. As the competition round might last that long for the judges to inspect each participant. She advised Anjana to try and not use her hands to support me as much as possible. Her hands should be free to make actions as if she was plucking tea leaves. She said that Anjana may use her hands to lift and adjust my body up from time to time though.

Teacher said that on the first day, she was not giving the tea basket on Anjana's back. She should just walk carrying me strapped to her front. Teacher asked me to help Anjana by holding her tightly around her neck and wrapping my legs tightly around her waist. And to try not to fidget much on her body. She explained that since Anjana will be carrying me for a long time, she should be helped to preserve her energy. She asked me to rest my head on Anjana's shoulders and sometimes lift my head and look at her face and say something as if the child is talking to his mother. She asked Anjana to look down at my face and smile at me. Also to sometimes stroke my hair and squeeze my cheeks as if she is loving her child.

All this was terribly embarrassing for me. But possibly because I was just 12 years old at that time, it didn't matter much. Also since Anjana was so much bigger and taller than me, she was even taller than my mother or even my father. So that way, I was taking her to be a much older sister to me.

After about 30 minutes of her carrying me around the class room with me lying like a baby on her breasts, the teacher asked Anjana whether she was feeling tired. She smiled and said, "No, ma'am, he is so small and light. And since he is hanging in this sack around my neck, I'm not feeling his weight."

Mrs Srivastava smiled and said that from tomorrow she will put the basket on her back. That was the end of the first day. Anjana asked me to follow her to where her bicycle was kept. She took my school bag from me and strapped both my bag and hers on the carrier on the back of the cycle. I asked her, "Where will I sit then ?"

She smiled down at me and said, "Wait my baby, let mommy organize the bags, then I'll pick you up."

I said, "No, Anjana, don't pick up here in front of everybody. And also you are not my mommy, don't call me your baby."

Anjana just laughed. She came round and sat on her cycle seat. She beckoned me to come closer to her. Once I came, she turned me to face her with my back. Then she put her hands under my armpits and just physically lifted me up on the top tube of the bicycle, the rod connecting the seat to the handle bar. It was then that I noticed that she was riding a boys' cycle. Anjana put her hands from either side of my body on the handlebar of the cycle. She started to pedal. With her body bent forwards now, her face was right next to mine. I was sitting on the central tube of the cycle guarded on both sides by her strong arms. I was holding onto one arm of hers for support. My body was resting on her body, which was pressing me from the back. Her big face was right beside mine. With all the lifting she had to do for the last half an hour, Anjana was sweating. The smell of her sweat along with her sweet body odour permeated my nose.

Anjana smiled and said, "Are you comfortable Sumit ?" I just nodded "Yes".

She said, "Tell me one thing, Sumit. Are you feeling embarrassed that a girl is lifting and carrying you in this act which we are doing?"

I again nodded, "Yes", but couldn't say anything. She said, "Why don't you start calling me didi? As it is, I'm so much taller and bigger than you. So if you call me Anju didi, you will not feel so bad."

I just said, "Ok, Anju didi, that's a good idea."

Anjana smiled and said, "By the way, how old are you now exactly to the month ?"

I said, "12 years 10 months."

Anjana laughed out loud, "Oh no ! I'm 12 years and 8 months old. That means I'm 2 months younger than you."

My face fell, "Ohh ! Then how can I call you Didi ?"

She smiled and said, "Never mind, you still call me Didi. I'm so much bigger and taller than you nobody will imagine that I'm younger than you. Besides, it will make you feel comfortable when I lift and carry you."

I nodded and said, "Ok, Anju Didi." In fact, I really felt more relaxed.

Anjana laughed and said, "My sweet little big brother." Her big face was just next to mine, our cheeks touching. She moved her face to look to the side, and I felt her lips touch my cheek. Somehow I felt that it was deliberate.

She dropped me right in front of my house door. She waited till my mother opened the door. When I introduced her to my mother, she came and touched my mother's feet. My mother was very impressed with her. But when she later asked me about Anjana, I told my mother all I knew about her, but just couldn't tell her that she is in my class and in fact two months younger than me.

The practice sessions continued. It was the same routine every day. Only that from the next day, Anjana was also carrying the cane basket strapped to her back along with holding me tied to her breasts by the cloth sack. My mother used to pack extra tiffins in my school bag for both Anjana and me. Everyday before the rehearsals, we both had the tiffin together and then started on our practice. Actually all the hard work was done by Anjana. I used to just enjoy lying on her soft breasts with my head resting on her broad shoulder. It was actually a joy ride for me for forty five minutes. I no longer felt shy or embarrassed being carried around by the big girl as if I was her baby. Even the bicycle rides back home daily were enjoyable sessions for me. We used to laugh and joke throughout the journey. I used to feel so safe and secure sitting on the cycle rod, between her two strong arms covering me up from both sides and her big, strong body supporting me from the back. Her face was right next to me while she pedalled with her body slightly bent forward on the handle bar. Her soft cheek touched mine occasionally, sending shivers of excitement all through my veins. With all that lifting me for 45 minutes and then cycling home for another 30 minutes, Anjana used to sweat a lot. But somehow I used to love the smell of her body odour mixed with her sweat and being literally wrapped around by her sweat wet hands and sweaty school shirt. Those 10 days of rehearsals became a lifetime experience for me to replay and cherish for all my growing up years in future.

The competition day went away like a breeze. I was a little embarrassed to be dressed in just a pair of shorts but with my upper body fully bare to portray a poor tea plucker's boy. Anjana was wearing a white sari with red borders. She was looking so beautiful, I was loving to look up at her from my position, strapped on her breasts with my arms around her neck; and my legs wrapped around her firm waist. We won the first prize amidst loud cheers from the students of our school.

But that was the last day I met my Anju didi. I did not come back to this school the next year. I went on to join a new all boys school. When we were saying the final goodbye, Anjana gave me a big hug. I thought I saw a drop of tear in her eyes.

( To be continued..…)