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The Dark Between The Stars - 1

Dedication :
Forbidden things have a secret charm.
"To the girls who dream of meeting a prince and end up falling for the misunderstood villan."
"I'll give you the world," he said against my mouth. "The moon. The fucking stars. Anything you ask, "It's yours, I'm yours."

"And the sweet little angel
keep her eyes off the devils."

Male lead
Viaan malhotra

Fine make me your villan....

"She can make hell feel like home"

Female lead
Inara shekhawat

Are you flirting or starting a fight ?

"I fell in love with his soul before i could even touch his skin."

1st chapter

He puts both of his hand on either side of my face and the room falls away . I have never gotten so lost in a kiss before . And then the space between us explodes. My heart keeps missing beats and my hands cannot bring him close enough to me . I taste him and realize I have been starving . It burns me alive. Maybe it lasts a minute or maybe it's an hour. All I know is that kiss, and how hard his skin is when it brushes against mine. It feels I was been waiting for this person forever. After releasing my lips he nibbles my ears and whispers slowly "I will wait for you."

Slowly releasing my ears he starts moving backward looking deep into my eyes. It feels like my heart is breaking into pieces seeing him going away from me .......

Suddenly my eyes open and I see my eyes are wet I am crying and this all was a dream a forbidden dream he was forbidden for me but I taste this Forbidden fruit and he was everything my heart dreams of.

I look around and see it's still dark probably around 3 or 4 am . I try to go back to sleep but it never come back. My heart is longing for something or someone particular my love, my devil, my tormentor the villan of our love story.
Next mornings
Sun is shining in the sky birds are chirping and a girl is sitting in the garden with a book in her one hand and the other hand caressing her baby bump the only ray of sunshine in her dark life. She was reading soothing poems from book to baby ......

After sometime she close the book and put it in side and talks with baby caressing her baby bump i wish baby its not like that you and me all alone when we need him the most he leaves us but baby I am not going to leave you ever I am going to give you The world . We both always be their for each other no one just you And me not even him.......

I make the biggest mistake of my life trusting him but baby I don't regret loving him I will never "it was worth It, you know? Being loved by him and loving him because the gift is you . I'll never regret it ."

2 years back
I love you ...... I blurted out with so much confidence .
His eyes go wide and he put his hand on my lips and whisper .
What are you saying princess its just a silly crush you don't love me and if you do forget about it there is nothing going to happen between us it's Forbidden and I don't love you or any other person. Love is just a myth which emotional people use to fool each other ......
He says breaking my heart but I am not going to back off ofcourse I am inara shekhawat .
My Father told me once "Never back down Never what." And I am going to make him fall in love with me no matter what .

Our heart always transscends us and that's the case with my heart he falls for someone who don't look at me , he wants someone who don't want us. But love is love it doesn't happen by logic it just happen and this is the case of my life . I fall for someone who don't believe in love .

My heart only wants him but he is cold hearted, a big time jerk, a lone wolf antiromantic, emotionless a villan my villan but this villan is just a victim whose story hasn't been told .

Flashback ends

He had warned me but They say women in love is just a dumb helpless person and I was too I didn't take his words seriously but know it hurts...
He always told me don't fall in love with people like me . I will take you to meuseum , park and monument and kiss you in every beautiful place , so that you can never go back to anyone without tasting me like blood in your mouth . I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possibly. And when I leave you will finally understand why storms are named after people.....

Hello readers I am a new writer here in this platform its my first book I hope you will enjoy it I am not a professional writer but I am trying my best for writing this book . I hope you guys will like it . support ne guys ....

I know in first few chapters you will get confused a little but as the story unfoulds everything will start to make sense .