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Gems of knowledge - 1

In this motivational series I am going to elaborate about various thoughs or proverbs useful in life
Here I am going also share my own thoughts about it
It may or may not be always true but it's about the thought elaboration
Hope it will help atleast a few people in life in their dark time and may give the sunshine
Yes there are many pages on Google and various social media cites but still it's a try to explain the thoughts
So starting with the first quote

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

By Eleanor Roosevelt

Be yourself in simple terms but is it that easy especially when you think about others always especially when you think about always others feeling like what would he feel when my interest is different from him , what would my parents feel if I have a different choice
In this world there are many things, we have not seen everything from our family or friends, we have to explore new things , during teenagers when we explore and find any new things interesting and want to go in it , it feels hesitated about what to do how to be a self and tell our decision

Let me elaborate it by an example

Once there was a girl , very ambitious, fun loving but not that mordern due to which she was always alone as she didn't like to roam with boys on bike or go to cafe or a party but yes she loves literature , speaking of it , writing , going outside with special friends not all she has a few only also she done her career growth , successful she was , living happily with a career of the teacher , fun with children , and writing as a hobby reading Gujarati books , yes it seems weird to few of the people that being a English medium you read and write Gujarati it's true there are many I have also came across
Now what happened a nice guy came in life supportive and caring , she just wanted one thing , to make him happy , and in that part she started Doing the things he liked not what she loves , slowly she lossed herself she was unsuccessful everywhere, that guy in his life wants her success he didn't mean to change her but she being in the expectations load changed herself.
At few points he was right if she would had taken help of him only and tried to be herself she would be a gem , few parts of knowledge which she was lacking that he wanted to give but with more expectations from her so fear of expectations that will she be able to complete it will she be able to make him happy made , her unhappy.

Moral is he was original so succeed in life but she being a talented but not herself but tried to be the second hand version so didn't succeed there is difference In taking help and being like them
So live yourself be yourself original but take care to accept good points accept don't try to be like them
otherwise you will feel inferior by yourself only
You only will give yourself a chance to say others you are inferior be yourself no one can make you feel inferior without your concern then .

Don't give your keys of happiness to others.

Be yourself

Love yourself

This all explains about being self and always moving and leading in life with a positive thoughts.