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Does the medicine Antacid work well before or after consuming food

When does the medicine Antacid work well before or after consuming food is a question that many have asked and the reply everyone got is the doctor knows the best. So, in order to know the answer to it we first need to understand the basic functions of our digestive system. Which means how our body digests, what our body digests, what happens after and before digesting any food? In the first stage, when we get hungry we feel a burning sensation in our stomach which is caused by the hydrochloric acid and to stop that hunger we consume food. However, in modern times food is presented attractively to increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid to create the imitation of hunger. Normally, when we are hungry 7 digestive processes come into effect which are ingestion, mechanical digestion, propulsion, second mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, absorption and defecation. In the first step which is ingestion starts its effect whenever we see food in front of us where our stomach starts making sounds as it starts secreting Hydrochloric acids along with enzymes and that acids, enzymes come to our mouth along with saliva. Then we start chewing the food which starts the first mechanical digestion process and along with saliva the food is broken down into easily processable form for our body. Next process is propulsion which means the movement of food along the digestive track where the food is passed through the esophagus then from esophagus to larynx and finally to our stomach. In this next phase our food going downwards which is caused by our digestive tract is the second mechanical digestion process. Then comes the chemical digestion process where the food is chemically broken down by the Hydrochloric acids and enzymes present in the stomach. In this process the Pancreas also plays an important role by secreting digestive juices containing enzymes to break down the foods into carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Finally, after all the necessary particles have been absorbed by the body and the remaining substance is feces causing the final mechanical process in the body to let the feces out through the anal. When one goes to see the Doctor they normally prescribe antacid before consuming any food to stop the initial burning sensation of hunger. Most probably the purpose is to consume less food leading to less gastric problems and constipation. However, when one thinks of it as a business strategy, it is a trick of the pharmaceutical companies. Because if one takes antacid before consuming any food it only neutralizes the hydrochloric acid produced to digest the consumed food leaving the body vulnerable to the food that is about to be eaten through the mouth. Then the food creates new form of acid while breaking in the digestion process creating an uneasy feeling in the stomach, So, the next thing people do to get rid of the uneasy feeling is to resort to tea to wash down the residue food in the digestive tract and let it reach the end of the stomach. Next, it has become a common practice to inhale 1 or 2 cigarettes to help the food get down and reach the end of the stomach or else most smokers tend to have the same uneasy feeling after consuming. However, what is unknown is that the same uneasy feeling is also experienced by the non-smokers as evidenced by the burps that come out from the non-smokers after eating. So, they both have the same feeling and they both resort to tea with only one difference being that smokers give the final touch with 1 or 2 cigarettes. But if a person consumes rich or oily foods there is a high chance that they will take an alkaline soda or carbonated beverage which is filled with sugar creating both acidic and alkaline medium in the stomach. The sugar creates the acidic medium and the carbonated beverage creates the high alkaline medium in the stomach. As a finishing touch a cigarette becomes mandatory to ensure the food reaches the lower end of the stomach. If nothing helps after having rich or oily food people normally take another pill or dose of antacid to ensure the acid is neutralized. It is a multidirectional two way antacid sales strategy. Hence, if someone really wishes to cure his stomach from the acidic effects then it is better to consume antacid afterwards which I can say from experience as a cured ulcer and constipation patient. Taking antacids after consuming food will save additional expense of cigarettes, tea and the extra dose of antacid. If one wants to know which antacid works the best for gastric problems and constipation then the answer is Magnesium Hydroxide or Milk of Magnesia which people avoid as others think of that person as time waster in the toilet. So, practice taking Milk of Magnesia after consuming food and it will work like magic.