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Daily Routine and food habit to Cure Diabetes

The illness known as Diabetes has become a global sickness or the proper term should be a fear most people seem to face in modern times. However, some very simple routines can be maintained to cure people from this disease. The routine is followed by Actors and Actresses, but are kept hidden to lure people to focus more on gyms, perfect figures. Unfortunately, over exercise of any sort causes more harm to the body than any benefit. Obviously, the celebrities don’t follow such a rigorous exercise routine as it would affect their quality of work. If every celebrity works out 2hours daily, the fatigue caused by it will also harm their performance and most importantly their memorizing ability. Acting is not all that fun as they show on the set because they need to memorize each and every meaningless line the character requires. The fighting, body maintenance is the fun part but memorizing the lines is accurately the most difficult part and that is why everybody willing to act can’t act as either they forget the lines or they can’t match the emotions with the lines that are intended for the character. Also, nobody speaks about the amount of the script writers which is also very high for a high budget film. So, the necessary routine to maintain along with the exercises given by the doctor is as following:

One first needs to make a habit of waking up early in the morning to follow the exercise routine given by the doctors and wait for the stomach to clear in the toilet.

Next, before having anything, drink a glass of warm water with half lemon and honey in it and make a habit of drinking slightly lemon water throughout the day along with regular water. This can easily be done by putting 2-3 slices of lemon in a Water Jar and drinking the same water according to one’s necessity throughout the day. But it should be ensured that room temperature water is consumed always. Also, in case someone is having milk tea please avoid condensed milk.

20-30minutes of slight exercises will be sufficient to maintain the sugar level as no diabetic patient is up for a bodybuilding show.

Then one can have their regular breakfast according to their necessity and finish that with lime water. But overeating should be avoided. After completing their breakfast they can have either black or milk tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. Finally, a normal antacid to neutralize the acid produced in the stomach.

At noon they can have regular snacks as they please. There is no bar in food during the morning. If they feel the urge of having a cup of tea then they can have that with 1 teaspoon of honey.

During lunch break they can take normal food as per their requirement, ensuring to finish that with lime water and if they feel the urge to have a cup of tea then they can have either milk or black tea with 1 teaspoon of honey.

In the evening, one can take light snacks with a cup of milk or black tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. And as evening snacks are mostly oily foods so it is advised to have a glass of lime water before tea.

Finally, while having dinner a light amount of food is advised as the body goes into hibernation or sleep after that. So, after the completion of dinner, if one feels the urge they can have 1 cup of black or milk tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. An antacid with 2 corks of Milk of Magnesia or Magnesium Hydroxide to end the meal.

As per my experience as a fitness addict, as an ulcer patient, reflux gastritis patient with hormonal disorder towards obesity, I can confirm that this will really work for the diabetes patients. As in this process one has to take antacids regularly so the cheapest and mildest one is advisable.