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Stumblings are necessary in life - 1

Stumblings are necessary in life

People often say that eating pistachios opens the mind, but I don't agree with this at all and never will. I just agree with this statement and know that Stumblings open the minds of people. I had heard about Stumblings, but I saw today that happend with me. Stumblings in many ways like my family, there was a time, when I had no job, no money and I was studying but my family members punished me. They said that he doesn't work anywhere. He is just sitting, he should feel ashamed after taunting me, he stopped talking to me, but I went to school and started teaching but salary were only three thousands . The second stumble came when I fell in love with a girl. I liked her very much. I always wanted to see her infront of my eyes, she was so beautiful, I waited for her a lot, but when I did not stay without her. I went to near her and expressed my love, but she said in sharp words, "Have you ever seen your face?" What have you, and the third Stumble block I faced was when people around me like relatives and villages people stopped sitting with me. Then I understood that there is nothing more important than money in this world and then I set out to make myself successful, and today as soon as the money came people started sitting together, people started loving. If I had not been Stumblings, I would not have able to understand. Therefore Stumblings are necessary in life. Stumblings blocks in life are also important so that you can live your life in your way. You will not need to depend on anyone. The world is very cruel. Leaves you on your own. No matter how much trouble you are selfishness, not after your behaviour. If you have money, the world will salute you. If you don't have money, the will kick you. But this is where we get the opportunity to learn by Stumblings. If a person does not face setbacks, he will not able to learn and recover. That's why stumbles are necessary in life. All our great men have suffered setbacks. If he had not stumble, he would not have so great nor would he have done such a great work nor would we have been able to take inspiration from him . The reason behind their greatness is the Stumblings blocks like our constitution maker Dr.Br.ambedkar, Dr.Br.ambedkar was faced the discrimination of casteism since his childhood, peoples wanted to stop their education, then we can say that this is stumble also, but he did not afraid rather he continued to go further with his smile. He did not mind on this discrimination. So, we can learn from his full by struggle stumblings. All the great men like Dr.Br.ambedkar, Mahatama Gandhi who picked themselves up after stumbling and worked to lift the country as well. So, we need to learn from them and their stumbles. "What are the stumblings blocks?" If you stumble across someone don't be disappointed by them, rather thank them for helping me. Give a chance to recover.

Er.Vishal Kumar Dhusiya