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A Visit to my Life - 1

Story:- A visit to my life.
Part 1
Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani.

Friends, happiness and sorrow come and go in life. This makes it difficult to live helplessly. But sometimes such a sudden grief or an accident completely frustrates a human being. That person has no desire to live life. A similar tragedy happens in a family. This is a true story, which I have presented in the form of a story.

In a small town in South Gujarat, Shirishbhai and Ritaben lived happily ever after. Their three children were also very understanding. Shirishbhai himself was an engineer. Shirishbhai's job was in another city. But since they could not afford to buy a house in a big city, they lived in this small town and commuted to work every day by train. He was not financially very strong, but he never had to reach out to anyone. By spending as less as possible and saving as much as possible. In this situation also the couple never missed social occasions of home and family. Both husband and wife were very religious. Immeasurable faith in God. All three children were trained and nurtured in such a way that the children never asked for anything by making a false insistence.

The children were also sent to study in the same school. As all three were clever in teaching, they passed the standard 10 and 12 examinations on the first trial with flying of colours. As time went on, all the children started studying and getting jobs. The eldest daughter became a teacher, the youngest daughter an engineer and the son a postgraduate in engineering, also the first in the whole college. He was awarded a gold medal by the organization. In time, the two daughters got married and started to live at in laws house. The son also got a government job on the first trial after clearing his GPSC exam in the first trial. But all of a sudden, this happy world of his seemed to catch someone's eye. Shirishbhai inherited diabetes from an early age. He got a heart attack as a side effect of his medication. He was very strict in taking medicine and dieting after heart attack.

One day he suddenly had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital. There he had to put a pacemaker, to keep his heart beating. For this, both daughters and sons-in-law were present at the foot of the cliff, along with their son. The operation was successful and everything returned to normal. But Shirishbhai's eating habits changed completely. As his desire to live was very strong, Shirishbhai, who was fond of eating and drinking, started following a strict diet. The man who could not control himself by looking at the dishes he liked, the same man was no longer tempted by the dish he liked. The lives of his wife and children were burning, and that is why there are so few dishes in the house now. But the firm head of the mind refused to do so and asked to make everything. Just make enough of them separately. In the end, everyone seemed to bow to his stubbornness.

To be continued in the next part......

Thank you.
Snehal Jani