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My Blind Date Was My Boss - 1

Chapter 1 In Lieu of Blind Date
s City, night falls, the lights are on.
Mushaqi stayed up all night and finally finished the research report of the project.
She stretched and looked around at the empty office, where she was alone.
She can finally go to bed early tonight, feeling that her dark circles under her eyes are deeper than those of a panda at the zoo.
She packed her things and turned off the office headlights, leaving the floor darkened except for the flickering green of exit signs.
Muxia Qi heart a little hair, she quickly pressed the elevator, the waiting process is particularly painful.
Fortunately, the elevator soon reached her floor, and when she looked at the number of elevator floors and finally transferred to the first floor, her hanging heart was slightly relaxed.
Just out of the building, a petite figure flew over, inertia pushed Mushaqi back several steps.
"Cookie, are you off work?"
"Hosui? Why are you here?"
"Cookie, I miss you!"
Muschucky pushed her away like an octopus. "Tell me, what is it?"
"Cookie, didn't you go on a blind date for me last time?"
"And then what?
"The man went back and blocked me! And told the family to go to the land, no longer blind date, so as not to affect the study."
Muchachi nodded wearily, "Yes, it's not worth my hard performance."
Han Suisui put his arm around her, "Cookie, you help me again."
"Sister, I'm not an acting major, why don't you find a film school student to help you?"
Han Suisui immediately flattened his mouth and cried: "Woo Woo, think that when someone was taken back economic power by the family, it was I who took her under family pressure; When someone doesn't get a project, I help out......"
As she spoke, she thought of something sad, and cried bitterly in the street, and passers-by around her looked over.
Muschucky's face was red and there was nothing he could do about her.
"Stop, stop, stop, Miss, I'll go, okay? I owe you in a past life! Have you been sent by God to attack me?"
"Hey hey hey, I knew my family's Cookie is a kind and loving beauty, will definitely pull out a knife to help me, we grew up wearing a pair of pants, it is not worth my selling a package to help you!"
A year after graduation from university, Han Sui Sui home has arranged countless blind dates for her, the first is not her own, but as a bestie Mu Xia Qi.
Saturday, five-star hotel.
Muschach sauntered into the hotel lobby half an hour late.
The welcome boy, smiling, looked up to meet Muschucky, but when he saw her, his face stiffened for a moment.
I saw the girl wearing thick black glasses, painted purple black lips, face sallow, wearing a short hair, like the 1950s and 1960s through the country aunt.
She was wearing blue trousers, a purple flowered shirt and red high heels.
orz: Is this a new fashion trend?
Her lips parted and she asked softly, "Excuse me, which way is Box 888?"
The voice is like a oriole, and her dress is like a "national treasure" from the 1950s and 1960s.
The welcome boy instantly returned to his mind, "Box 8,888 is on the twelfth floor, I will take you there."
"Ok, thanks, thanks." Mushaqi ignored the surprised looks of the people around him, followed the little brother, and walked calmly to the elevator.
"Hello, Miss. This is Room 888. Enjoy your meal." The welcome brother said, then turned to leave.
Muchachi wanted to dress herself, and even her own mother could not recognize her when she saw her.
She gently pushed open the box door.
The antique decoration in the room, mahogany carved furniture, two pairs of bowls and chopsticks placed in front of the long table, the sun through the white window screen into the room, like a dream, she doubted whether she was going wrong.
Why is there no one in there? Is this dog man later than he is? Muschucky thought bitterly.
She closed the box door and hesitated whether to go or not.
Yu Guang saw a man wearing a customized light blue casual sportswear, calmly sitting in front of the corner of the tea table.
His features were deep, his eyebrows slightly raised, his nose straight, and his thin pale lips had an air of unsentimental asceticism.
The most eye-catching thing is the string of black Buddha beads that he plays with in his left hand, casually wrapped around his cold white long fingers, with a clear sense of bone, a white and a black, forming a strong visual impact, and a tension that makes people addicted.
As if sensing, he raised his head, cold eyes into hers.
Muxia Qi heart clattered, this person's eyes can be frozen to death, so cold, do not go to the refrigerator, a pity!
Looks OK, but the cold is terrible, Han Sui Sui like small milk dog that hang, he is not suitable!
Muchach smiled, showing his front teeth painstakingly blackened.
I saw a slight twitch in the corner of the man's eye, but very quickly recovered into the original expression of no desire, if not for the eyes, she suspected that it was just their own eyes.
Muschucky thought that if anyone was still interested in her in this dress, there would be a ghost!
His expression remained cold and he did not make a sound. He sat down at the other end of the table and looked calmly at Muschucky.
Two people just sit and look at each other for a long time!
Mu Xia Qi in the eye period, the whole person is empty: a few days ago to eat 'En Ji' barbecue is very good, 'Xishi' shop bean flower is also very tender, the most wonderful or the number of the south of the city 'Chang' roast duck.
Thinking about it, she swallowed involuntarily and even wiped the corners of her mouth with her hand.
Su Zichen calmly looked at the woman in front of him.
After a moment, his thin lips slightly opened: "Shall we go to the table?"
He stood up, stepped out on his long legs, and walked toward the long table without looking at Mushage.
Her eyes twinkle slightly, this person's height is definitely more than one meter eighty-six!
Is it just tall? Mount Everest is even higher!!
When he took his seat, Muschucky quickly followed and sat opposite him.
This face has seen a few eyes, to tell the truth, worthy of the audience, really good eyes.
Muschucky, wanting to play the image of coarse silence and cowardice, kept his head shut.
The two men were silent at the same time, and the clock on the wall kept ticking, and fifteen minutes passed.
Su Zichen, who sat like a Buddha's son, finally moved. He picked up the kettle and poured tea into her cup. His voice was deep and magnetic. "What's your name?"
Muschucky had a startled look on his face. "Muschucky."
Finally, as if politely, he added, "And you?"
"Su Zichen."
Mu Shaqi took a deep breath and said, "Is it Su Zichen? What a name, you sound good!"
He nodded without changing his face. "Thank you."
Mushaqi thought, his image and way of speaking, it will not be long before the other party is sure to flee.
Five minutes passed, and Su Zichen was still sitting on him as steady as Mount Tai, looking at her quietly and saying nothing.
Is this man interested in dull people? !
No way? !
What is it that makes him like a woman like a woman and a village girl?
She took a deep breath and decided to change her style.

Chapter 2 The Eating Movement
Mushaqi opened the menu, while criticizing: "TSK TSK, this is not a five-star hotel, the dishes are so ordinary, I only eat more than two ends of abalone, I am too lazy to touch the inferior!" There is no bird's nest stew, too bad!"
Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced at Su Zichen across from me and saw that he was still sitting calmly in his chair and drinking tea calmly.
"If you want to eat two abalone, I have someone make it and send it over."
She looked up in shock. It was very good of her not to get angry.
"Well, that's OK."
If you're going through hell, you won't believe he won't back down.
He nodded, and then picked up the mobile phone to call the people to do and send over, and added the stewed blood swallow dessert.
"Oh, that's more like it. I usually gargle with bird's nest at home."
He hung up the phone, corners of his mouth, "this is good, at least the skin is not too bad."
This guy doesn't think she's wasted?
He drew the corners of his mouth and opened his mouth again: "By the way, I have a company specializing in importing bird's nest from all over the world, and I have flagship stores in major shopping malls." "Heng", if you don't mind, give me my name, your future bird's nest, I have all."
She was transfixed by his words? How fresh is this man, not a bag, not a dress, but a bird's nest for a girl?
"Great, I'm not welcome, the next time my home has no bird's nest, I will go to your flag directly." My family likes eating bird's nest very much, and you don't mind hoarding a car trunk at one time, do you?" Muschucky laughed.
If you don't scare him, take a car of bird's nest at one time, how rich people will eat poor? !
"Yeah, sure." He nodded slightly, without a trace of surprise or impatience.
Muxia Qi heart shocked, this is what overbearing president, he is so generous to every blind date?
And taste so heavy, their own makeup is already unbearable to look at the point.
"You're not afraid I'll empty your store?"
His eyes with a shallow smile: "It is a small matter, my name has quite a lot of international first-line beauty cosmetics and skin care agent, if you need, you can also get free."
Full of wine and food.
Su Zichen is the most time for her blind date, even have the patience to accompany her to finish the meal, not to say retreat.
He's not into himself, is he?
Mushaqi shook his head in disgust. Can't taste really so heavy?
She thought it was not unusual for people nowadays to have a strong taste with so much pressure.
Clearly she and Han Suisui studied all night before deciding on this makeup, what went wrong?
Su Zichen on the other side suddenly spoke with a clear voice, like the aroma of old wine: "Why don't you go for a walk?"
Mushage: sos, what's the fucking walk? Who's in the mood for a walk? ! Wearing high heels, tired to death!!
But she still maintained a good smile, "Good walk! It helps with digestion."
Su Zichen asked someone to come and pay the bill, and then the two walked out of the box one after the other.
Two people from the box down to the lobby, there have been a lot of people to her "eyes."
Mushaqi turned to look at him as if nothing had happened, with an exaggerated smile, "It seems that my beauty has dumped many people, and the head rate is very high!!"
Su Zichen raised his eyebrows and gave her a gentle glance, "Yes, it is very good, but your front teeth have lost a lot of color, or a little makeup!"
Mushage: "..."
She put her heart across, into his broad arms, "Oh, I want to stay close to you, lest other smelly men hit me, day after day to reject the clingy flies, really annoying!"
Narcissistic, arrogant woman. Who likes that?
"Yes, you can hold me tight." Su Zichen said calmly.
Mushaqi had in mind ten thousand "grass mud horses" of animals flying overhead.
Why can't the salt and the oil come in?
She's going crazy!!
The two men walked to the wetland park behind the hotel, wearing eight-centimeter high heels, Muxia Qi, just to his jaw.
Su Zichen had long legs and long steps, and she always had to trot to keep up.
Muxia qi inner ridicule: legs long great oh, walk so fast, why not to participate in the Olympic distance running?
Su Zichen seemed to notice that she could not keep up, and stopped to wait for her.
Wouldn't it be better to go on a shopping spree?
She pretended to be sad, "Oh, I suddenly want to go shopping! It's hard to go a day without shopping."
Su Zichen was not impatient and smiled: "No problem."
Mushaqi patted his shoulder with embarrassment, "It seems that the nearby shopping malls are not high-end enough ah, not on my beauty!"
He did not reject her touch and asked nicely, "How about going to the famous shopping center downtown?" What do you think?"
"Well, there's nothing wrong with me, but my feet hurt so much that I can't walk."
Mouchach sat down rudely on the ground, legs spread, "Too tired to walk, why don't you carry me?"
She opened her hands to him, black lipstick spilling out of the corners of her mouth, and her face was gaudy and horrible.
If she had a mirror, she'd be shocked at how she looks now.
Su Zichen looked at her calmly. "No problem."
Mushage: "..."
Su Zichen crouched down in front of her, and his handsome face looked back at her: "What do you do?" Come up!!"
Mushaqi's heart is about to collapse. Is this man a God? How can you put up with it? Very strong, she met the master!
Mushaqi thought, must use a trick!
Looking at his broad shoulders, the whole person squatting in front of her, she could not help but have a touch of emotion, so difficult him, is not a little unkind.
I just can't. What makes her best friend not want to get married so soon?
She threw herself on his shoulders, expecting him to leap forward from inertia, but he did not budge, standing steadily with his large, powerful hands supporting her legs.
Suddenly it rose, and Muchachi's heart tightened with fear, and he flung his arms around his neck. The tip of his nose smelled the fragrance of pine after snow, which seemed to disappear.
This guy smells good! Is that what people call manliness?
Muschucky closed his eyes and shook his head vigorously. What was he thinking? !
The ancients are right: full of food and lust, must be she ate too full, thoughts drift!!!
She was held tightly behind his back, her legs swaying from side to side with his movements, and the scenery around her slowly receding.
Muchachi supported his back with his hands, not daring to lean too close to avoid rubbing his chest against his back, a position so tired that it was really a sin.
"The driver will be here in a minute."
Su Zichen's breath was not disturbed at all.
She made an artificial gesture to hold her forehead, "Oh, I pinch and calculate, today is not suitable for taking a car!" It's so stuffy! Just carry me over."
She couldn't believe he didn't have a temper. It took 20 minutes to drive from here to Fame Square, let alone walk.
She doesn't believe this man can carry her on his back to Fame Square!!

Chapter 3: It stinks
On the brightly lit highway, a custom open-top carriage moved along the road without any speed.
They thought they were wrong, and when they looked at it, it was really a sturdy white three hippopotamus, tied behind a fine European carriage with an open top.
The sound of the horse's hooves, "tick tick tick", attracted everyone to look back, and the head rate was 100 percent.
Muschucky, sitting in the carriage, wanted to cover himself with a black mask so that he could scratch the tin with his toes!
But Su Zichen sat beside her calmly, as if the person being watched was not him.
Muschucky is losing his temper.
Only she did not notice a smile flicker in Su Zichen's eyes.
To make things even more tragic, a nearby car sped past, and the helmet-like wig she was wearing was blown off by the wind, revealing a network of hoods.
The wig was hovering over the head of a cyclist behind him.
The teenager was heard Shouting, "My God, whose wig is it? Almost killed me!!"
Mushage is blushing, and today is her day of embarrassment!
Pretending to be calm, she said to Su Zichen, "I often lose my hair, and my hair is very sparse! Do you agree?"
Su Zichen looked at her thick hair, many strands stuck to her forehead, as if she had escaped from a refugee zone.
He calmly pronounced a single note: "HMM."
The carriage stopped at the traffic lights.
Muschach saw his shape through the rearview mirrors of other cars and couldn't help but say "ah".
Su Zichen said softly, "What's wrong?"
Mushaqi stuttered: "No, nothing."
Would she say she was scared of herself?
About to go to the famous shopping center, Mu Shaqi is anxious like ants on hot pot, after all, the shopping center is likely to meet people who know!
What if he bought too many things, and later Su Zichen thought she spent too much money on him, and pestered her? !
Now that I think about it, I can't do it!
She suddenly remembered her bag and her colleague's spoof breath candy! After you eat it, your breath stinks like you're sick!
Back in the day, her colleagues bought them and put them in her purse.
Mushaqi quickly opened the bag, sure enough to see the candy!!
She quickly tore open the bag and shoved it into the inlet, chewing like a little hamster eating peanuts.
Su Zichen did not seem to notice her movements, quietly watching the street scene.
At the traffic lights, the carriage stopped again.
Muschach, ignoring other looks, kneaded close to him and exhaled forcefully, "Brother!! I need to go to the bathroom."
Su Zichen has been very calm, at this time the expression on his face can be said to be extraordinary, calm and restrained mask was finally torn!
Muschucky saw his expression and felt proud of her sacrifice!
The sugar killed 1,000 enemies, lost 800, she was smoked.
"Brother, why don't you answer me?"
Su Zichen: "..."
"Mr. Su, do you resent me calling you brother?" Mushaqi wronged sad bowed his head.
Su Zichen turned to the side of the road and took a deep breath before he said, "What is it?"
"In fact, I know that I have this problem of bad breath, and I can't stand myself, so I think this life is not fake, so as not to harm others."
Muchaatch bit the tip of her tongue so hard that tears came to her eyes. She blinked hard several times and said through a misty eye, "So Mr. Su can understand, right?"
She riveted her breath in his direction.
Su Zichen was flushed with anger and nodded without a trace.
Mu Shaqi saw him nod, thought he understood, eyes instantly lit up, "then please Mr. Su and his family say that we two are not suitable!!"
She smiled, finally done!
Mu Shaqi did not care what Su Zichen's reaction, directly jumped out of the carriage, quickly into the side of the sidewalk, and soon disappeared.
* * * * *
Jingyuan community.
Mushaqi drags his tired body up to the fourth floor, the noise of the children around him energizing the old-fashioned neighborhood.
Han Suisui saw her figure, hurried to her front, kindly took the bag in her hands.
"Cookie's back, hard work! Are you tired?"
She patted Muschucky on the back as she spoke, her voice flattering.
Muschucky glared at her. "I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown from your blind date sooner or later."
Han Suisui frowned and covered her mouth: "Qiqi, did you eat poo? My mouth smells too..."
Muschucky lifted his chin and looked at her. "Who is this for?"
Han Sui Sui silent, pointed to his own head.
The two people walked into the small rented home of Mu Shaqi, a room and a living room, the decoration is warm and elegant, with a small fresh style.
Mushachi moved quickly, removing the heavy makeup in two or three strokes to reveal her white skin, and the crystal clear water ran across her soft face and into her collar.
In the mirror, the girl's features are delicate, her lips are not bright and red, her eyes are as clear as the spring between streams, and her eyes are turned up, so that the girl's ultimate purity brings a little silk brilliant color.
"Sui Sui, you wait for me, I go to wash my hair, but also gargle!"
"ok, no problem. Wait as long as you need."
Walking into the bathroom, her shaky chest slipped gently to the floor against her delicate skin.
The water glided over her delicate body, splashing around at her feet.
She swished her mouth with mouthwash several times until she couldn't smell it.
Mushage blow-dried her hair and slouched out of the bathroom, in the blazing light, her beauty breathtaking and unaware.
Han Susui stood still for half a second and asked, "Qi Qi, do you want to go into the entertainment industry? I'll hook you up."
"You don't think I'm showing off enough? If I'm in the spotlight, won't my family get me back?"
"That's right."
Mushaqi scratched his hair and slumped on the sofa: "Comfortable!! By the way, don't you ask me whether I have succeeded or not?"
Han Suisui stretched out: "Don't ask, your mouth is so smelly, even the dog hates!"
"Remember your Hermes bag."
"Too lazy to take, give it to you, anyway, there are several in my home," Han Sui Sui does not care, "the three months of rent, I paid!"
"My lady, do your parents know that you are such a loser?" Muschucky pinched her cheek.
"You sent me several bags before, and now I'm sending them back to you, too."
"I'm not giving you a limited edition."
"It's all the same! I'm so hungry. Solve this problem first." Han Suisui Tuanan way.
"Order a takeaway?" Mushaqi was lying in bed playing with his phone.
Han Suisui nodded, just open the yellow take-out software, have not had time to order take-out, was home phone urgent recall.
After a busy day, Mushaqi fell asleep directly on the bed.
The white screen beside the window danced with the breeze, and the night grew darker.
Han Sui Sui all have no news on Sunday, should be stuck at home.
On Monday, Mr. Muschach came back to work in a daze, surrounded by colleagues who felt threatened. The atmosphere in the office is tense.
'What's going on? People seem nervous." She was curious to ask Chen Xiaoling of the next station, she is the company's little smart, any wind and grass can not escape her information network.
Chen Xiaoling mysteriously came to her ear and said: "I heard that the group sent a ceo parachuted into our branch, rumor is the prince of the group, called Su Zichen!"
"Su Zichen, why do you sound so familiar?"

Chapter 4 It's Really Him
"Su Zichen??"
Mu Shaqi took a deep breath. Wasn't it Su Zichen?
"What's the matter? Xia Qi, do you know the prince?" Chen Xiaoling gossiped up.
Muschucky laughed stiffly. "How, how can it be?"
"The prince of our group has always been very mysterious, only the top people in the group have seen his real face, I heard that handsome people are angry."
"How can you be sure that the man who came is the prince of the group?"
Chen Xiaoling proudly stiffened her chest and mouth, "My cousin's cousin's next-door neighbor's daughter works in the secretariat of the group, she said."
Mushaqi was surrounded by a little meng, "the relationship of this insider is really a little complicated."
"Cookie, you don't have to care about the relationship of the insider, anyway, the prince transferred to our branch this news is correct, it will be difficult to fish in troubled waters in the future, I hope that the new official will not take three fires ah, and bring us these small pools of fish!"
Chen Xiaoling put her hands together and prayed to the sky.
Mu Xia Qi took out his mobile phone, hurriedly send a message to Han Suizhen confirm the identity of the blind date, just press the send key.
Manager Liu of the department walked into the office and clapped his hands, "Everyone cheer up and prepare for it, and then go to the big conference room upstairs for a staff meeting!"
"Isn't this all-staff meeting tomorrow morning?"
Manager Liu gave a white glance at the talking Feng brother, said: "The new president has arrived downstairs in our company, the personnel department hurriedly put the meeting time ahead of schedule."
"Really? The CEO doesn't take a break, does he?"
"New officials may be more motivated." Lin Xiaoyu added quietly.
"Don't talk about it here, and get the paperwork ready for me in case the CEO asks."
Everyone scattered, hurriedly began to prepare the project information.
Mushaqi is responsible for more projects, and a lot of data is sorted by her hands, so she is busy like a top.
"Cookie, this chart of initial land prices, are you sure it's correct?" Wu Feng asked.
"Yes, Brother Feng, in addition, I have not finished checking the information of the PPt report, can you help check once?"
Mu Shaqi handed Wu Feng a stack of paper materials, "please."
Wu Feng Fu, now the entire department of people are on a boat, full cooperation is the least effort.
When they were busy and hot, Liu manager received a notice from the personnel department, said the meeting was canceled, the prince came downstairs, suddenly changed the itinerary.
Mu Xia Qi relieved, Lin Xiaoyu patted his chest, "Great, I can go to the toilet, I'm suffocating."
After a while, Lin Xiaoyu ran back quickly, "I heard that Sue is on the top floor by plane to go!!! Wow, is this a real corporate boss?"
"Is the prince sent to our company to play?" Wu Feng smiled.
Chen Xiaoling nodded, "I heard that the prince reached an agreement with his family before he was sent to our branch."
'What agreement?
"I don't know, I'm not one of the prince's people." Chen Xiaoling said.
"Why, what difference does it make if you talk or not?" Several people in the investment department gave her a blank look.
Mu Xia Qi did not join their discussion circle, she was anxious like ants on a hot pot, Han Sui Sui this guy always dropped the chain at a key moment, and now have not responded to the message.
"I wonder what the prince looks like." Lin Xiaoyu eyes excited.
"I'm curious too!" Wu Feng interjected.
"I have a say in what the CEO looks like. Some time ago, I have been lurking in my Tiankun group president fan group, I was actually picked up a fuzzy map!" Chen Xiaoling disdainfully took out her mobile phone.
"Stop pretending and show us." Brother Feng rubbed his hands and couldn't wait to interrupt.
"There, look."
They leaned over, a vague even amah do not recognize the photo, but also just back.
"Do you call that a good looking picture?" Lin Xiaoyu was speechless.
"Why not? Look at the back of the CEO's head!"
Crowd: "......"
Brother Feng could not stand to see, and patted her head hard, "Next time you take out such a picture to show us, believe it or not I will beat you up."
"Wow, it hurts." Chen Xiaoling covered her head.
Because the new president took office, everyone's work thoughts are on asking the president's appearance and preferences, are absent-minded to deal with the work.
Chen Xiaoling and Lin Xiaoyu have not been seen since they just finished their discussion.
Mushaqi was so distraught that he had not finished a form for an hour.
The world is not so small, should not be blind that, she kept comforting herself.
Lin Xiaoyu walked in from the door and exclaimed: "The president is inspecting the design department, I took a look at it from a distance, and the atmosphere of the dust is not something we mortals can admire."
"Is that as dramatic as you say?"
"What she said is true, and I have just seen it, the smell of pure cold abstinence, the best thing on earth." Chen Xiaoling looked up with a face of infatuated.
"The president is in the design department?" Mr. Mushage asked, putting down his papers and looking up.
"Yes, we both just saw him in the design department, which is probably crowded with people now."
"Are you going to see......" Chen Xiaoling had not finished, but Mu Shaqi had already gone out.
"I can't tell that Cookie, who is usually quiet and calm, is not calm sometimes, and the CEO's beauty is wrong." Brother Feng shook his head straight.
Mushaqi was so anxious that he walked disheveled to the design department on the fourth floor, and the elevator entrance was now full of people, who did not know how long it would take to wait.
She turned and headed for the fire stairs, which were usually the smoking area where employees were lazy and the floor was covered with cigarette butts.
Downstairs came a few girls excited voice: "Wow, Sue is always too handsome, so young ah!" I'm going crazy!"
"No, don't you think Sue always has a strong aura? I was afraid to speak beside him."
"I feel that he is more handsome than the current flow star, such a dignified temperament, some of the flow of small milk Sheng I am afraid not yet."
Muschach's heart was pounding, and it was certain that the parachuted president was on the fourth floor.
She forced her way through a few girls and pushed open the fire door. It was so busy outside that the hallway was almost full of people.
Looks like people from other departments are looking for any excuse to snoop in the design department.
She carefully walked through the wall, just caught the people inside coming out.
The first person dressed in a black shirt, eyes light and indifferent, no sadness, no joy, the face is picturesque, as if it is not cannibalistic between the fireworks of the fairy people.
This familiar face, in addition to Su Zichen, who else!

Chapter 5: Big Trouble
Muschucky hastily pulled his hair down to cover his face.
People around see the president out, pretend to take information, queue up and so on the design department approval.
She found herself the only one around without the files!
Misstep ah, looking to confirm whether it is Su Zichen, actually forgot to bring information pretend.
Su Zichen raised his eyes indifferent and looked over, his eyes cold, 昳 Li disappeared, leaving only cold frost.
Suddenly, all around the silence, all hold their breath.
Muschucky froze. How is that different? He used to be a lot less aloof.
I saw the man bend his slender finger bones, turn his wrist black Buddha beads, and his voice was cold: "It seems that your workload is not saturated enough."
Mushaqi lowered his head and caught a glimpse of the girl's body trembling beside him.
When everyone thought he would continue to attack, others had gone far, and only the faint smell of agarwood remained in the air.
There was a sense of relief, a sense of devastation.
"It scared me to death, and I will never join in this party again." The girl covered her chest and said nervously.
"Mr. Su is good, but my life is worth more."
Within minutes, the design department had returned to its original quiet state.
Mushaqi sleepwalking back to the investment department, really crazy!!
Su Zichen turned out to be Han Sui Sui blind date, recall the day of their own behavior, really want to whip their own two slapped.
"Cookie, why is your forehead so sweaty?" Chen Xiaoling looked at the temperature of the air conditioner, 18 degrees, and she had to wear a coat.
Mr. Muschach didn't respond, staring blankly at his computer screen.
Chen Xiaoling and Lin Xiaoyu look at each other, originally two people also want to ask her to go to the design department follow-up, now see her this expression, it seems that there is a situation.
"Cookie, aren't you blown away by Sue's 昳 look?" Chen Xiaoling asked with a wink.
"I'm sure Cookie is smitten. Do you think Sue's vibe is cold? I was a little far away, but I could feel his chill."
Mushaqi was pulled back to reality by the two chattering discussion, she leaned on the table in frustration, "I still have several research reports to finish, you two want to help me find the data?"
"Don't bother. We'll be going." Chen Xiaoling two people fled back to their station.
* * * * * *
Top floor of the company, president's office, constant temperature indoor elegant fragrance.
A whole wall of glass floor-to-ceiling Windows can overlook half of s city, the decoration is low-key and calm, with a light and cold rhyme.
A young man in a suit stood in front of Su Zichen, holding a stack of materials: "General Manager Su, this is a relatively feasible project submitted by the investment department this month, please have a look."
"In addition, Chairman Su would like you to bring Miss Han Susui back to meet him as soon as possible."
Su Zichen looked up from a pile of data. "How fast is as fast as possible?"
"This Saturday at the latest."
Xu Jingchu thought for a moment, then opened his mouth again: "General Su, are you sure you want to marry Miss Han Suisui?"
He drove to meet the end of the blind date Su Zichen that day, did not see the trace of Han Sui Sui, listen to the carriage driver said Miss Han Sui Sui horse car ran halfway.
He has doubts about this girl's reliability!
Su Zichen's voice quality is cold, and he opens his mouth faintly: "Is there any problem?"
Xu Jingchu and Su Zichen are university alumni, after graduating from university, Su Zichen invited him to be a special assistant of the group, and together with him to expand the territory of Tiankun Group.
"Although you can only delegate to the branch office after you have promised the pops to go on a blind date, you don't have to marry the woman."
"Or what, you have someone better? With my grandfather's personality, I'm sure more people will be arranged for me to go on blind dates, do you believe it?"
"But it's not so easy to just......." Xu Jingchu also want to persuade two sentences, but see he has lowered his head to see the document, had to turn around and walk out of the office, this person is simply a workaholic.
* * * * * *
Jingyuan community.
Missing person Han Sui Sui finally appeared, she flatly sat in front of Mu Xia Qi, clasping her hands, "I really don't know he is the prince of the Tiankun group, if I know he is the Tiankun Group, I will not let you go to blind date."
She folded her right thumb in her palm and held the other four together, swearing aside.
"Cookie, I have some devastating news for you, he said he would marry me! No, it is to marry Han Susui, the 'educated youth' of the 1950s and 1960s that you play."
This guy's been missing for a long time, and he brings this kind of unreliable information?
"So what now?" Muschucky scratched his hair and frowned. "They say they want to get married!"
Han Suisui is also a first two big, how can someone so heavy taste it, if he likes the current Mu Xia Qi, also excusable.
But on the blind date of the day of Mushaqi, a few eyes can not down the mouth, the mouth is also very smelly, how can he say that he wants to get married?
"I don't think this Su Zichen is normal, right?" She could not help speaking.
Mushaqi nodded weakly, "My makeup that day can be described as horrible, if he recognized me in the company, I would not have to live."
Han Suisui's mobile phone vibrates, and she looks down to check the message: "Meet parents together on Saturday?" - Su Zichen
Then he exclaimed: "My God, he wants me to accompany him to meet his parents." No, he wants you to accompany him to meet his parents!"
Mu Xia Qi directly fell on the sofa, covering his face, "Han Sui Sui, I don't care, quickly give me to solve such trouble!" You have no idea what a scare I had this afternoon trying to identify Su Zichen.
You turn your phone off when I need it! Have a best friend like you?"
"Cookie, my phone died, and the most important thing is to get him to cancel the marriage."
"Well, then what? What's the plan?"
"Of course you had to cancel it." Han Suisui touched her nose and her eyes flickered.
When Mushaqi got up to open the door and go out, Han grabbed her thigh and said miserably, "Cookie, don't leave me."
"So what's your plan?" "Muschucky asked.
"Go and confess to him that you are the matchmaker I have hired, and then ask him to call off the engagement." Han Suisui spoke more and more quietly.
"Me again?"
"It has to be you. He doesn't even know me."
Mu Xia Qi help the forehead, turned to want to escape, Han Sui Sui cling to, "Qi Qi ah, just this time, after this time, I don't bother you to replace me blind date."
"That's what I said, and I'll pay you back for what you did for me before?" Muschucky looked at her with raised eyebrows.
"Well, I'm the kind of person who asks for favors, don't worry, I won't."
"Well, you fellow, how often do you ask for favors?" Muschucky pursed his mouth.
"I was young and inexperienced, you have a lot of adults, help me one last time."
Mushaqi sat down, head is big, this time bomb, still have to solve as soon as possible.
But it was absolutely impossible to deal with him again.
Mushaqi cold voice: "You call and explain to him first, no, we will negotiate."
Han Sui Sui born without love.

Chapter 6: Being Cold
On Wednesday, Mushaqi finished all the work at hand and looked out the window at the sunset, the stone of his heart pressed against his chest.
Han Sui Sui this guy has no news, things in the end is become or not.
"Hum hum......"
The phone on the desktop was ringing nonstop.
She looked down at the mobile phone screen, is Han Sui Sui calls, she got up and went outside to tea indirectly.
Before he could speak, Han Suisui's eager voice came over, "Qi Qi, I have explained to him, but he did not accept it and said he would investigate!"
I was afraid he would find out who you were, and that you worked for his company, and I stopped him immediately and said you wanted to see him."
"Then he will not marry me, but choose to marry your family, how good is that?" With his family's status and connections, I don't think it's that hard to find you! So when you meet, make sure you try to discourage him from investigating."
* * * * * *
North of the city cafe, piano melody in the hall.
The environment is quiet, and there are a few people sitting scattered on the table, or chatting or working.
Mushaqi had a casual meal after work, put on a lot of makeup, put on thick black glasses, and changed into an "educated youth" wig, and hurried here.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Su Zichen already sitting on the booth beside the French window. The soft light fell behind him, dim and mysterious.
She walked quickly up to him and sat down.
He had changed into a black shirt today, and his eyes were cool, and Muschucky felt a chill in his back.
The atmosphere fell eerily silent.
She wrung her fingers, I do not know how to open better, the key to solve this matter as soon as possible, she went through five passes to enter the Tiankun Group investment department, do not want to lose her job because of this.
For a long time, she said, "Well, I believe Han Suisui has told you the whole story, I was just hired by her to replace her blind date, I'm sorry for causing you trouble."
Still eerily quiet.
Mushaqi raised her eyes slightly to look at Su Zichen, but saw his deep eyes coldly fall on her face.
Her goose bumps are up again, this man can not blow air conditioning in the summer, he is an automatic refrigeration machine.
His slow bass voice sounded in his ear, "So you're going to date me instead of her for three months 'rent?"
"Well, three months is a lot of rent."
Mu Xia Qi guiltily looked at the Buddha beads on his wrist and remembered what Han Suisui said: He killed decisively, he was cold, and people who offended him ended up not very good.
There is a hero who follows the old man, because of a moment of greed, did something harmful to the interests of the group, the old man read in the old feelings did not deal with. But as soon as he came to power, he immediately dismissed the man and collected evidence of his economic crimes and handed it to the Public Security Bureau.
Thinking back to this, her body shook out of control, cheating him, will not be silently disposed of?
He gave him a sullen look, and as soon as his eyes touched his reserved eyes, they moved away as quickly as a mouse meets a cat.
Summoning up courage, she spoke again, "So, so, this is our fault, can you leave me alone?" I'll make it up to you when I get the chance."
Su Zichen looked indifferent and asked in a cold voice: "How to compensate, compensate me for three months 'rent?"
Mushaqi vomited blood inside, can it be considered that he was telling a bad joke?
"If you want me to reimburse you for three months 'rent, I'll transfer the money right away."
She felt that the air around her was colder, and if she sat down with him, she would soon become an ice sculpture.
"What's your name?"
Hey, what's the name?
"My name is Mu...... Muzi Haru." She paused midway, but she reacted quickly, otherwise she would tell him her real name if she was still in the company.
"Mu Ziqing? Which one?" 'he asked lightly.
"Wood of wood."
She sat as a needle felt, weak mouth: "In short, please do not remember your adult, let us two people, thank you."
Then he rose immediately and bowed ninety degrees.
Muchach froze, and her own satchel fell to the ground with the movement of her rising, spilling its contents all over the floor.
The small box of express that I took to the security room of the community in the morning has not had time to open, and it is tucked into the bag at will, and now it just rolls into his feet.
He stooped slightly, his bony fingers picked up the square box at his feet, looked at the delivery order by the way, and then read out: "Wooden man? Room 404, Building 4, Jingyuan Community?"
Wooden person is her screen name, but also compared in two, with a screen name to buy things, otherwise......
"Ha ha, I have not opened this express, thank you Mr. Su." She reached out to take the delivery from him.
But see him slightly back, "you call my phone, later I want you to compensate when I contact you."
Muchachi looked up like a thunderbolt. Really? This guy really wants her to make up for it? We're done.
He raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, saw her stunned expression, and the tone was slightly cool: "You just said compensation, won't you just say it?"
She shook her head, "How dare I dare, just thinking of my identity as a little boy, I don't know how to compensate for it, you have a place where I can be used, just open your mouth."
"Eh?" She hasn't reacted yet.
"This is my private phone, you call to see." He spoke coldly.
Muchachi agreed to call him, and now he had himself hooked up.
"So, Mr. Su, it's all right, I'll just go back?"
He was indifferent, like an emotionless ice sculpture, slowly uttering a single syllable: "HMM."
If she obtained amnesty, she quickly took over the express in his hands, quickly picked up things on the ground, and fled out of the coffee shop.
It wasn't until she got home that she felt alive.
This man is so powerful, sitting next to him, I feel like I can barely breathe.
Han Suisui's video call came through.
She lay on the sofa, unable to pick it up, Han Susui's voice hurried over: "Qi Qi, how is it? What did Su Zichen say?"
"He asked me to give him my phone number so I could make it up to him later."
"No, he is a rich second generation, the boss of the group, and what do you want to compensate?" Emotional damage?"
"How should I know? Mushage said dejectedly, covering his face.
"He is a person who is rumored to get even, Cookie, I'm sorry, I got you into trouble!" My parents chewed me out and cut off my credit cards, Cookie, and I'll be as broke as you!"
"Not only that, but my parents packed up my stuff and told me to go out on my own. Cookie, you're gonna have to take me in for a few days until I find a place to live."

Chapter 7: The Wrong Food
Friday, Tiankun Building, s Investment Department.
Chaos, all kinds of information flying, everyone is concerned about the accounting of their own jurisdiction of the project data.
"Xia Qi, have you done the profit calculation of Project A?" Manager Liu asked anxiously.
"Not yet. I've already done most of the data. I just need last month's sales from the Marketing Department."
"Then you hurry to urge the Marketing Department, this afternoon will have a meeting to report, and now the data has not come out!" Manager Liu is as anxious as a ant on a hot pot.
'Good! Muschach called the marketing manager again.
"Xiaoling, have you finished the summary PPt of Project A?"
Chen Xiaoling busily looked up from the computer screen, pushed the glasses: "Almost, just fill in the data, the other parts are no problem!"
"Xiaoyu, hurry up and sort out the paper version of the information!"
'Copy that!
"Having a meeting on short notice really drives people crazy." Chen Xiaoling complained quietly.
"If we keep going at this pace, it feels like we'll be pulling all-nighters a lot."
"You two are still whispering about something. The meeting is at 2:30 this afternoon, and you have to hurry up." Manager Liu urged with a frown.
Chen Xiaoling and Lin Xiaoyu both silenced their voices and worked hard.
Mushaqi hung up the phone and sighed. The manager of the Marketing Department was also trying to integrate the data, after all, a month's data collection will take time.
She checked the data half a year ago one by one, confirmed that it was correct, and sent Chen Xiaoling to the group's PPt to see once.
She follows the A project from beginning to end, and if the company chooses to invest, her reward will certainly not be less.
Tiankun Group is involved in many industries, including medicine, real estate, finance, electronic products as well as high-tech, tram new energy and so on.
The branch of Mu Shaqi is mainly responsible for the real estate sector, while the investment department is responsible for the feasibility study of the real estate project, the completion of the project investment calculation, product planning and positioning report, etc., and the final report to the group, so that the superior can decide whether to invest.
Project A is the best project they have selected in the past six months, and the net profit is estimated to reach about 25%.
"Today at noon we will not go to the canteen to eat, I order takeout, everyone work hard, give me the information done."
"All right."
"Don't be so weak, if this project is passed by Sue, the bonus will certainly not be less, everyone's vitality!" Give me!" Manager Liu patted Chen Xiaoling on the shoulder.
"Good, go!" Chen Xiaoling several people shouted.
"That's what makes it presentable." Manager Liu nodded with satisfaction.
Mu Xia Qi check the data in hand, thinking about a meeting report, how to avoid Su Zichen just good.
Do you want to pretend your stomach hurts? Or is it better to go home for a family emergency? But you can't always use these excuses to leave.
The corporate chat window flashes, and the marketing manager has sent sales data for the previous month.
Mu Xia Qi hurriedly put the data statistics accounting, sent to Chen Xiaoling summary.
At 1:30 at noon, the data was finally sorted out.
Everyone in the department breathed a sigh of relief.
"Come and come, I gave you a variety of fried rice, you choose one at will, quickly eat, and then prepare for a meeting, I report on stage, you give me information under the stage." Liu said.
"Yes, no problem, I'll have barbecued rice." Lin Xiaoyu raised his hand.
"Char siew rice, here you are." Muxia Qi rummaging for takeout bags, took out a box of barbecued rice to Lin Xiaoyu.
"Do you have any roast goose rice?" Chen Xiaoling asked.
"No, here you are."
Everyone returned to their stations with their lunch boxes and devoured.
After checking the data several times and reporting that the PPt was correct, Muschach sent the final version to the department workgroup.
Her eyes rolled a few times, standing in the middle of the office, suddenly covering her stomach, "Ouch, my stomach hurts."
"What's the matter? Cookie?" Chen Xiaoling was eating fragrant, heard the sound, and hurried to her side and asked.
"Did you eat something dirty this morning?" Lin Xiaoyu quickly supported her.
"I should be eating the wrong thing, you eat quickly, light rain meeting to help me ask for a leave ah, ouch, can't, I find the toilet to go."
Before they could answer, Muchachi was gone.
Liu manager heard the movement, from the manager's office came out to ask, they looked at each other, fortunately Lin Xiaoyu timely response, busy way: "Xia Qi diarrhea, afternoon meeting leave."
"The meeting starts in five minutes. Bring your materials and get ready to go to the meeting. Mukshaqi can ask her to leave." Liu manager helpless.
Mushaqi hid in the toilet, listening to what was going on outside.
All the departments went out to the large conference room, and the floor was suddenly quiet.
She gently opened the toilet door, the pocket of the mobile phone slightly vibrated, is Lin Xiaoyu's text message: "Su total good handsome ah!"
She opened the photo, the sun along the glass shining on the man's handsome and elegant side face, light and shadow interleaving, his look is not clear, and the Buddha beads in his wrist, but casually hanging at the conference table.
Her vision is dark and unclear, is this Buddha beads he is afraid of killing too much, so used to persuade himself?
Lin Xiaoyu: How's your tummy, Qiqi?
Mushaqi replied: "Still not good, I am squatting in the bathroom."
Lin Xiaoyu: "OK, do you want to take some medicine? There is an anti-diarrhea medicine in the second drawer under my desk, you will take one later!"
Mushage: [Yeah, okay, thanks.]
Lin Xiaoyu: 【 Report to our department soon, don't talk to you first. 】
Mushaqi: 【ok! 】
She turned out of the bathroom and returned to the investment office, where the hallways were quiet and the offices of other departments were empty.
Only sunlight shines in, and fine particles in the air float up and down.
An hour later, in the middle of what should have been a meeting, Mr. Muschach was bored in his office, playing a game of poker on his phone.
She was enjoying herself when suddenly there was a noise at the door. It was a little noisy.
She quickly turned off the phone screen and leaned over the desktop.
"General Manager Su, this is the office of our investment department. Please come in."
What?? General Manager Su? Is this Su Zong not Su Zichen?
Mushage is in danger. What do we do? What do we do?
She hurriedly looked at the position on the table where there was any shelter, the footsteps approached, and she quickly squatted under the station.
Slowly opened the drawer, took out their own travel before the purchase of sunglasses, has not worn much, put in the drawer to eat ash.
Quickly put it on, continue to squat under the station, silently: you can't see me, you can't see me, there is no one here!! Bad luck go away!!
Heaven did not seem to hear her prayers, but the footsteps went closer and closer to the direction of her station!

Chapter 8: Blocking the Sun
"General Manager Su, this is the office area of our investment department commissioner." Manager Liu gently introduced.
They walked to Manager Liu's office.
Under the table, Mushaqi listened to the sound of the passing step and breathed a light and easy breath.
"What about the land use master plan?" Su Zichen's voice was indifferent.
'Ah, yes! Manager Liu wiped the sweat from his forehead and hurriedly commanded, "Xiaoyu, where is the overall land use plan of the plot of the project A?" Show it to General Su."
Lin Xiaoyu rushed forward, "I think I put it on Cookie's desk."
Mu Xia Qi squatted on the station, his feet were almost a little numb, and his heart almost jumped into his throat when he heard Lin Xiaoyu mention his name.
Footsteps from her closer and closer, Mu Xia Qi saw Lin Xiaoyu's feet in her station, "drawings here!"
She picked up the drawing and handed it to Manager Liu, catching a glimpse of a shadow moving under the table.
"Oh, what is it!
Mu Xia Qi inner despair: finished calf, Lin Xiaoyu this guy key moment off the chain.
They were Lin Xiaoyu screams attracted attention, have come over.
Muschucky knew there was no escape, so he crawled out from under the table, touched the corner, and let out a cry of pain.
"It's me, Xia Qi."
Mushage appeared with disheveled hair and huge sunglasses covering most of his face.
Lin Xiaoyu was shocked. "Qiqi, why are you squatting under the table?"
Liu manager hate iron to look at her, Su always looking at it, such a work scene, like a what.
"Well, just now my stomach hurt so much that I couldn't help but squat down to relieve it."
All was quiet.
Manager Liu coughed twice, looked at Su Zichen carefully, and stared at Mu Xia Qi, "That Su general, this is Mu Xia Qi of our department, the calculation data of A project is she did, the ability is more prominent."
Su Zichen glanced at her flatly. "HMM."
Liu manager busy interrupt, "Su, go into my office, Xia Qi, you quickly find a doctor to see."
Mushaqi nodded randomly and looked at the back of the two people leaving, relieved.
"Xia Qi, how do you feel now?" Lin Xiaoyu not assured asked.
Muschucky whispered, "Better, aren't you in a meeting? Why does Sue keep popping into our department office?"
"General Su was very interested in the project reported by our department, so he canceled the meeting halfway and came to our department to discuss it, but it was also my big head shrimp who forgot to take the general plan."
Lin Xiaoyu scratched his hair and said.
Mu Xia Qi looked at the closed door of the manager's office, thinking that Su Zichen would come out soon, he quickly said, "I still have a faint pain in my stomach, I will ask for leave now and go back to see the doctor. I will apply for leave online, Xiaoyu, and then you can help me remind Manager Liu to pass!"
"ok, no problem, go ahead, but why do you always wear such big sunglasses?"
"Shade the sun." Mushaqi seize the time to pack things, "run for your life."
"Eh?" Lin Xiaoyu looked up strangely at the curtain that had been pulled down, where did the sun come?
Mu Xia Qi hurriedly left the day Kun building, luxury, take the soil home.
Back to their rented small nest, relieved, the investment department must not avoid to report work with Su Zichen, then how to do?
Ding dong......
Who will come to her at this time, Mu Xia Qi strange, then the mobile phone rang, it was Han Sui Sui.
"Cookie, are you home? I have reached your little den."
She got up wearily, and when she opened the door, she was frightened by the battle before her.
Several large suitcases were piled up in front of the gate, and the hallway was nearly full.
Han Suisui hugged her: "Qiqi, I was also swept out of the door, we two really are difficult sister difficult sister."
Muchachi pushed her away and pinched her brow. "Did you bring all your things here?"
"I only brought valuables, these boxes are almost all bags, tomorrow I will find a thrift store to pawn a few." Han shrugs. "My parents still think I can't live if I go out, so I'm going to punch them in the face."
"Sister, you have so many boxes, I can't fit in this small house."
"Well, while my parents are not home, I quickly packed things for the moving company to move, forgetting to consider the size of your nest."
"I now contact the agency to find me a large area of the house, it is best to be in the same community with you, later I will find you convenient, hey hey hey......"
Han Sui Sui said while nodding, more and more feel that their ideas are feasible, "so say it!"
Take out a mobile phone, find the phone of the rental agent, and direct the people of the moving company to move the boxes into the living room.
When the movers left, Mushaqi counted the boxes that covered the entire living room, nine in total!
"Susui, do you sell suitcases?"
"There are a lot of suitcases in my home, there is a room dedicated to my luggage, there was a time I fell in love with collecting all kinds of luggage, this is not used?"
"Then you collect too many things." Mushaqi was helpless.
"Yes, so last year my father bought the villa next to it, specially used to store things for me, didn't I tell you last time!"
Han Suisui saw Mu Shaqi's silence, came forward and hugged her wrist with a smile, "You don't say anything about me, we are the pot calling the kettle black."
You were crazier than I was before college, and didn't you have several rooms on the third floor where you kept your clothes and bags?"
Muxia Qi think of themselves before running away from home, but also do not know the world is difficult, spending money, life is moist.
But after more than a year of social beatings, I have learned that it is not easy to make money, and I will treat myself better within the scope of my economic ability.
"At that time, I said why you were so hard to leave the house, but now I understand that if you want to have a say, you still have to stand up on your own." Han Suisui sighed.
"Do you have any ideas? Preparing for a job interview or starting your own business?"
"Well, let me think, the first step is to find a house, the second step is to start a business, I have not always wanted to do beauty and good things to share the blogger, before the family has not allowed, I also moved out, just try."
Mushaqi nodded, "Yes, there is a goal, work towards this goal direction, always successful."
Han Suisui laughed without heart, "That's for sure, with Qi Qi's backing, the chances of success must be greatly improved."

Chapter 9 Finding a Girlfriend
The sunset is far away from the mountains, and the afterglow of the west sinks into the hut, which is full of orange.
Muchach took a deep nap, only to wake up surrounded by limited-edition bags.
She was startled, not knowing where she was going, thinking she was wrong.
There were footsteps in the living room, and Han Suisui came into the room. "Cookie, you finally woke up."
"Asked the sleepy-eyed Muschucky in a soft voice; "Why are you spreading your bags out?"
"I'm trying to figure out which one to pawn." She rubbed her hair in distress, "I like every one, reluctant to give up ah, how to do?"
"Don't you have any savings before?"
"The bank cards were frozen by my parents, they did a great job!"
Han Suisui said that, in a light blue crocodile bag inside a rummaging, from the wallet wallet inside a pile of red notes, "Ah, this is all I have, a total of about 5,000 yuan."
"It's a good thing I took out some cash before, or I wouldn't even have this $5,000."
Han Suisui flat mouth is pathetic.
"Five thousand yuan is enough for a month. Save it and spend it reasonably."
Muschucky touched her forehead. "Why don't you stay with me until you have some income?"
Han Sui Sui depressed eyes swept over the living room can not move feet, shaking his head, "You see the house now, we still have room for activity?"
She flashed her eyes and said optimistically: "I bring so many boxes out, but I will not let myself be too down, and I will have money tomorrow, you can rest assured."
Mushaqi no longer advised, she thought about going to work tomorrow, the heart is very depressed.
Busy work, but also do everything possible to avoid Su Zichen.
* * * * * *
Conference room on the top floor of Tiankun Building.
The glass door opened automatically, and out came a line of serious looking elite team, surrounded by the tallest, handsome, temperamental restrained and expensive men.
Su Zichen listened to the work report of the team around him, his eyes were cool, and when appropriate, he gave a simple negative, or occasionally approved.
The party did not disperse until the door of the president's office.
Su Zichen went back to the president's office.
Sit down at the desk, the secretary outside the door with a few urgent documents placed at his hand, and then go out.
Quickly processing several documents, he buckled the pen cap, looked up at the eyes standing in front of the motionless Xu Chujing, "something else?"
Xu Chujing clear clear voice, look solemn, "Su chairman said suspension of treatment."
Su Zichen frowns slightly, puts his index finger and middle finger together, taps the table top, "Why?"
Xu Chujing stole a glance at him and replied, "Chairman Su said, anyway, how long he lived, there was no chance to see you get married, just leave early, out of sight is net."
He whispered more and more, he was just an assistant and it was really hard to be in the middle!!
Su Zichen held the pen with his bony fingers, and then he picked up the coffee cup next to the document and handed it to him.
Xu Chujing's hand suddenly sank, and immediately shut up after Su Zichen's cold eyes.
He was just about to go out, thinking of old Sue's phone threat, carefully asked: "What do you do?" He said that if you do not have a girlfriend this month, you will withdraw the support fund to the branch, and he will not cooperate with the doctor."
The neon light outside the glass window fell weakly on Su Zichen's face, either bright or dark.
His voice was flat. "Tell the old man to bring his girlfriend back to meet him this week."
* * * * * *
These days, the investment department has received new project land information. Manager Liu wants to send someone to investigate the location of the new project land and investigate the surrounding adverse factors.
Several people in the office do not want to go out, after all, the weather is hot now, no one wants to work under the scorching sun.
See Manager Liu came out, several people in the investment department bowed their heads, did not look at him, for fear of being named.
"There is a plot project of about 100,000 square meters in the north of the city, which of you took the initiative to visit the site?"
The office was quiet for a while, and Muxia Qi quickly raised his hand: "Manager Liu, I go!"
She was glad that going out just didn't have to stay in the office, and the chance of meeting Su Zichen would be greatly reduced.
Liu manager is worried that no one will go, see Mu Xia Qi volunteer, immediately smile; "Ok, I will give this project to Xia Qi and take more photos of the field."
Then he glares at Lin Xiaoyu a few people: "You all learn to Xia Qi, see how much others take the initiative." What good projects do you come across when you're in the office every day?"
Mu Xia Qi opened the drawer, with his own backpack and hat, opened the map to see the positioning sent by the manager Liu, estimated the approximate position, and walked toward the elevator.
She looked down at the outline of the project, which was a plot of land for a private factory that was in a hurry to sell because of a cash crunch.
Generally, this kind of project will have financial concealment or omission, fearing that the landlord will carry out a second mortgage on the land, which will eventually cause the land ownership to be blurred and cause economic disputes.
The elevator dings and the doors open slowly.
It's full of people!
Mushaqi looked at the watch, this time period is not work time, nor a meeting, should not be so many talents.
When the people inside saw her, they consciously moved behind them a few times, trying to give her a place.
Mushaqi stepped into the elevator and whispered, "Thank you."
She pressed the door button and the door closed slowly.
As the elevator descended rapidly, Mushach felt the upper eyelid of her right eye flutter, and there was a faint sense of unease inside her that something was about to happen.
She thought, What do people on the Internet say? Bad luck or bad luck?
How can you be feudal and superstitious?
The right side must be lucky! It must be.
Muschucky comforted himself silently inside.
The elevator door opened slowly, and Mu Shaqi was looking down at his mobile phone, only to hear a group of people around him Shouting: "Sue is always good!" !"
Inside Muschach: orz, what the f**k!
She came to the conclusion that it was both good and bad...
She quickly looked up at the elevator not far away that Qingjun handsome figure, it is him!!
Mushaki's ringing the bell! We're done!
She kept her head down, moving behind the crowd, thinking: I am invisible, he can't see me! Jade Emperor, Jesus God, God of the West and the East, bless me quickly.
Suddenly, the girl who was walking behind Mushaqi slipped on her feet, threw herself forward, and pushed Mushaqi hard on the back with her hands.
Mu Xia Qi stumbled on his feet and leaned forward uncontrollably, plopping down on his knees in front of Xu Chujing and Su Zichen.
Shocked by the sudden change, they stopped and looked at the incredible scene in front of them.
Originally was listening to Xu Chujing report Su Zichen slowly raised his head.

Chapter 10: Not Interested
Su Zichen saw a woman kneeling in front of him with her head bowed.
His eyes flashed a little puzzled, looked at the eye side Xu Chujing, like to ask what happened.
Xu Chujing also confused shaking his head, he just took care of the report, did not pay attention to how all this happened.
Muschucky's mind is blank. What to do?
There was a murmur around her, and she recovered her senses, quickly climbed up, covered her face with her hair, and bowed to Su Zichen at ninety degrees, "Su is good!"
She said, running toward the company gate, as if behind the flood of beasts chasing her.
Xu Chujing a face meng looked at Mu Xia qi far back.
And Su Zichen always felt that the woman's back was somewhat familiar.
"General Manager Su, General Manager Wang has arrived, shall we go to the venue now or?" Xu Chujing whispered a reminder.
"Let's go."
Xu Chujing nodded, suddenly remembered one thing, and cautiously said: "In addition, there are still three days left from the deadline of taking a female friend to see Chairman Su in a week."
Su Zichen expression condensation, Xu Chujing felt his back cold.
Under pressure, he stole a glance at his boss and friend and continued: "You come on."
Su Zichen plain no wave, but Xu Chujing around him feel the temperature is lower.
"Just given how busy you are right now, can you really find a girlfriend in a week?" You're not going to take the carriage lady back to see President Sue, are you? What do you like about her?"
The air was dead, Xu Chujing returned to his senses, and saw his boss looking at him with indifferent eyes.
This position is not good to do ah, why did you want to take things too hard, to promise it, not a damn money temptation.
He thought Su Zichen would not answer, but heard him say in a cold voice, "I don't like it very much. I just thought that the girl played too much at that time, and I wanted to see her follow-up development. I didn't expect her to show her hand so soon."
"Eh?" Xu Chujing did not expect this ten thousand years before the iceberg said marriage, just want to see the woman's follow-up performance?
How boring is this?
"Do we still need to arrange blind dates??" Xu Chujing asked tentatively.
Su Zichen looked at him faintly and said nothing.
Come on, the guy's cold again.
Muxia Qi took several buses to come to the location near, the target location is a little off, there is no bus direct, walk past there are several kilometers.
It was surrounded by an industrial area and the sound of dogs barking intermittently in the distance.
The sun was blazing down on her, and she felt the water on her body constantly evaporating.
With nowhere to go, she had no choice but to walk. This location, even if you use taxi software, there may be no one to accept the order.
Walking there is also a good way to check out the surroundings.
When you save money, you must buy an electric car, so that you don't have to come in the wind, go in the rain, and save fuel.
When I was in college, I would not have thought that one day I would save money by taking several buses, working a grueling job, and avoiding my boss.
After walking for a while, I finally saw several workers in the open space beside the intersection.
She wiped the sweat from her forehead, walked up quickly and asked, "Hello, could you tell me how to get to Jinheng Factory?"
A large number about fifty years old raised his head, his eyes slightly narrowed by the sunlight: "Sister, what did you say?"
The roar of the machine next to it was so loud that the voices were drowned out.
Muchachi spoke louder, clasped his hands to his lips, and said, "Do you know where the Jinheng factory is?"
"Jinheng Factory?" The uncle repeated it again, asking for confirmation.
Muschucky nodded fiercely. "Yes!"
Uncle scratched his head, turned his head and asked the workers around him, and one of the uncle with dark skin and a simple smile came over, "Sister, I know where the Jinheng Factory is, you walk forward about one kilometer, then turn right, see the next intersection and then turn left."
"Yeah, okay, thanks, guys."
She thanked several of the workers and resumed her "hiking trip."
After more than half an hour's journey, finally arrived, Jin Heng's two big characters logo stood upright on the factory wall.
The golden big characters show the glory of the factory.
She walked to the guard, through the gate, looked inside the scene, workers have been few, many semi-finished products scattered on the empty ground.
The guard uncle saw her looking at the factory gate and came over curiously to ask what was the matter.
"Uncle, how long has your factory not been working?"
The guard uncle was alert, "What do you do? Why do you ask?"
Moushaqi smiled and looked at him sincerely: "No, I just came to recruit work, see your factory covers a large area, the scale must be good, come to ask if there is no recruitment."
Investigate the hidden danger of the plot of information, can not show their own identity every time, otherwise others will not tell the real situation, to learn to disguise the set of information, the so-called hand does not hit smiling people.
This is also her experience over the past year, repeatedly suffered losses.
Guard uncle alert heart down half, "little girl, you ask elsewhere, now the factory has shut down, many employees have left."
"Uncle, do you know why the factory stopped working?"
"I just heard that it seems that the boss has failed to invest in other projects, and some people say that he has lost a lot of process capital gambling, I don't know exactly."
Uncle guard taboo Mo deep, waving her hand, not willing to say anything else.
Mu Shaqi nodded, said thank you to the uncle, and went out to take four pictures of the southeast and northwest.
About 500 meters east of the plant, there is a high-voltage wire stump, which is a disadvantage, and the development of the land will be greatly hindered.
She walked around the perimeter of the factory, the plot covers a relatively large area, but the supporting facilities near the factory are too few, if the construction of residential areas, but also to build more supporting facilities, such as: shopping malls, kindergartens and so on.
It will increase the Group's investment in the land. Generally speaking, the location of the land is relatively remote. Although the land is relatively square, it is not very suitable for investment.
Today seems to be a waste of work, Mushaqi sighed, ready to head home.
She looked at the desolate road, thinking of the long way to go back to the bus station, the heart broke down, there is no car around, she can only accept the fate to go back.
The mobile phone in the pocket is shaking, she fumbled out the mobile phone, is the chat software information.
Company employees privately built a group, which has no manager-level leadership, to share a variety of grapevine news, Mu Xia Qi long ago was Chen Xiaoling pulled in.
However, there has been no movement in the group for a long time, and this afternoon there were more than 500 unread messages.
Anyway, she was idle and bored, with her head down, brushing the historical information online while walking, and turned over for a long time before she turned to the first information.
"Panic, I went to dinner at the Cloud Seal last night, and guess who I saw?"
【 Popular star? Wu Zirui? 】
[Your husband?]
The following pile of fad reply, the first to speak a colleague reply: "What you said is not, is our group Su total ah!!"
[Oh, it's normal to meet in a hotel! What's the fuss?]
The problem is that he's on a blind date!

Chapter 11 Pretending to be a girlfriend
After that came out, the following replies started exploding.
How do you know Sue is always on a blind date?
Sue is always so handsome, so good condition, need a blind date? Don't be funny, OK?
【 No, rich family is not pay attention to the family match, I think blind date is normal. 】
[Come on, post the blind date evidence, otherwise I don't think it's credible.]
The first speaker also really threw out a relatively hazy photo, candid Angle, can only faintly see two people sitting together, from the straight back point of view, it is a bit like Sue.
I was in the wrong box when I bumped into it.
【 How come Sue's blind date is not clear? 】
Do you think it is the overbearing president? To do everything to clear the place?
Mu Xia Qi surprised to look at the group information, Su Zichen went blind date again? How hard is it to find a girlfriend on his terms?
Is thinking, the phone in the hand vibrates, caller ID: attention, can not answer!
Her eyes widened slightly. Why did Su Zichen call her?
Look the other way and don't answer! Today is the day of the ostrich.
After dozens of seconds, the phone finally went quiet.
Mushaqi relieved, he should be pressing the wrong, the boss of the day to call himself this little man why?
Mobile phone and vibration, came a text message: 【 Jingyuan District 4 building 404 room? 】
Is that a threat?
The sweat was dripping down her forehead, and she didn't know if it was hot or cold.
How does he know where he lives, fragmentary pictures in his mind, the delivery he dropped in the cafe!
You can remember your own address once you see it, this person's memory is too terrible.
She smoothed her chest. What was he looking for himself for?
Edited a text message reply: "Hello, just I was busy at work, did not receive your call, I am sorry, what is the matter?"
His message was quickly answered: "See you at 10:00 tonight at the Sea of Smoke Cafe."
No, I have coffee with myself in the evening. Can't it be earlier?
Ten o 'clock? What are you doing so late?
The more I think, the more wrong way, she hurriedly dialed Han Sui Sui's phone.
"My dear Cookie, are you off work? Why don't we wash the hot pot together tonight?"
"Susui, we're in big trouble." Mushaqi said helplessly.
The caller paused and asked, "What is it?"
"Su Zichen asked me to have coffee at ten o 'clock tonight!!"
"What??" Han did not control the volume.
Muschach quickly moved his phone away from his ear.
"Cookie, why is he still looking for you? He didn't find you at work, did he?"
"I knelt on him in the elevator today, wouldn't it be so easy to recognize me?"
"No, why are you kneeling on him? " Han Susui asked curiously, "You won't go to see him again? "
"He knows where I rent..."
"No, how does he know where you live?" Han Suisui asked in surprise.
"That day I took a small delivery, dropped it on the floor and was seen by him, one bad luck, things followed."
Moushaqi chatting on the phone unconsciously has walked to the bus stop.
"Shall I come with you tonight? I'll hide near your cafe and back you up?"
"Well, that plan works. I'll take the bus home first. I'm still on the north side of town.
"It's almost five o 'clock now, do you have to go back to the company?"
"No, I submitted my field card and went straight home." I can't talk to you anymore, the bus is here."
Mr. Muschach hung up and leaned his head against the window of the bus, swaying along with it.
The sunset in the distance, the afterglow sinking in the west.
Back to Jingyuan community, open the door, Han Suisui from the sofa, flying over: "Qi Qi, finally come back?"
Muschucky was thrown back a few steps by the force of her rush.
"I've ordered fried chicken. I'll be here in a minute."
Han Suisui pulled her to sit on the sofa, "You just said that Su Zichen asked you to meet tonight, have you guessed what it might be because of?"
Muschucky put his knapsack on the coffee table, frowned for a moment of reflection, and said:
"I don't know exactly, but today a colleague photographed him having dinner with other girls in the Yunxi Club. There were only two of them. She guessed that he and Su Zichen were dating someone else."
"With Su Zichen's condition, there is no need for blind date, and with his character, how can he accept blind date?" It's kind of weird." Han Susui said.
Mushaqi also puzzled, and as long as he waved, there must be a lot of girls rushed to be his girlfriend ah.
"Sui Sui, tonight also sit in the corner of the cafe waiting for me, if you see something wrong, call the police in time."
"Okay, but I guess he wouldn't dare do anything out of line in public."
Muschucky sighed. "I hope so."
* * * * * *
The Sea of Smoke Cafe.
Mu Xia Qi and Han Sui Sui after the exchange of eyes, play up the spirit, into the cafe.
According to her previous dress, she is still "educated youth" dress, almost can not see the original face.
Su Zichen was already sitting in the corner booth, the light was not very bright, he was wearing a white shirt today, no tie, the neckline is loose, you can see the Adam's apple through the collarbone.
The cuff is rolled up, and the black Buddha beads are more eye-catching.
He looked up, saw Muschach, moved his eyes and motioned for her to sit down.
Muschach nodded gently, landed on the outer stool, and sat down.
Silence for half a second.
Su Zichen looked at his watch and said in a magnetic voice, "Miss Mu said before that when I needed it, she would help me with a favor as compensation.
"Eh?" "Well, yes, as long as it's not illegal, I'll try to make it up to you."
"Well, you pretended to be my girlfriend."
Su Zichen said this amazing request quietly, and his expression seemed to say that the weather was fine today.
Muchach picked up the glass and paused, thinking he was hearing voices. "What? Could you say it again, please?"
Su Zichen coughed and his eyes sparkled. "I said, you have been pretending to be my girlfriend again during this time."
"No, why am I pretending to be your girlfriend?"
Muxia Qi eyes wide, feel incredible, this is what age, there are still people want others to pretend to be girlfriend, she deliberately lowered her voice: "Mr. Su, I don't think I can do this task, you can find someone else to try?"
Su Zichen's eyes slightly heavy, "no one else, you are more suitable, and have this experience."
Mushaqi head ran a large group of "grass mud horse" sheep, what the hell is this?
Wouldn't someone from film school be more suitable for an actor?
"I will pay you half a million dollars if you complete the task successfully."

Chapter 12: What You Can Do
"Half a million?"
Muschucky was shocked. Did this guy start throwing money at people? How can I take $500,000? There's no free lunch.
Su Zichen still looked at her insipid, as if the five hundred thousand was not what he said.
"No, Mr. Su, I have not studied professional acting, I am not suitable, it will certainly backfire, the film school people must be more suitable than me!"
She said, and looked at him eagerly, hoping that he would dispel this absurd idea.
"No, the fewer people who know about this, the better, and you know my situation, so I don't have to explain it again."
"But I don't want to do such deceitful things any more. You can find someone else."
"Seven hundred thousand. I'll pay you seven hundred thousand if you finish the job."
Muchachi's mouth opened slightly. Did this man think he was in an auction house? Increase the price at any time.
She's just a little shaken. 700,000, but a nice trolley, and the rest on the credit card.
"Well, may I think about it?"
Muschucky smiled softly, careful not to offend the man in front of him.
"ok, I'll give you a day to think about it."
* * * * * *
Mushaqi and Han Suisui returned to the small house and both lay on the sofa, motionless.
After a long time, Han Suisui asked, "Qiqi, why does Su Zichen want you?"
"He offered me seven hundred thousand to pretend to be his girlfriend."
'What? Han Suisui immediately sat up from the sofa carp, "Seven hundred thousand? How long does he want you to be his girlfriend?"
"He didn't say that. He only said it for a while."
"He doesn't like you, does he?"
"How can that be, with my makeup, do you think you'll see me?"
"Um....." Han Suisui put his index finger and thumb under his chin, thinking, "But what if he is a heavy taste?"
"It's unlikely. He treats me as cold as a stranger." Mr. Muschach retorted.
"This is strange, but I heard that his grandfather was recently hospitalized, maybe his grandfather put pressure on him, so find someone to bear it first?"
Muschach nodded. "It's more likely."
"Are you going to promise?"
"I'm not sure yet. He said to give me a day to think about it."
Mushaqi rubbed his hair, feeling that his recent hair was going white.
"Do you think there's a good chance of success in rejection?"
"It's unlikely, he knows my address, and I promised to compensate him before, and now I have to move, and it's too late to find a suitable house so soon." Mushage's face was mournful.
"You're right, I've been looking for a few days, but I haven't seen a suitable listing, either too old or too far away!" Han Susui sighed heavily.
"I sold two bags two days ago, and now I have more than 100,000, so I don't have to worry about living expenses for the time being."
Muxia Qi think of their own home that a bunch of bags, how did they not know how to bring out a few more? Or blame myself too young.
But so good, I really grew up, even if there is no support from my family, I can be self-reliant.
"Susui, didn't you say you wanted to be a beauty blogger? Have you figured out how to get it?"
Han Sui Sui proudly nodded, "That must be ah, I temporarily record video in your small room, fill the light and support are already on the way, and so things are all arrived, I will start."
"Come on, fly me when you're red." "Muschach quipped.
"That's necessary."
Mu Xia Qi thinking about Su Zichen, roll to more than three o 'clock to fall asleep.
The next day, I woke up at seven o 'clock.
Tiankun Investment Department office.
"My God, Cookie, what did you do last night? Why are the circles under your eyes so dark?" Lin Xiaoyu looked at her in amazement.
"I fell asleep very late last night."
She staggered to her station and slumped over her seat, slouching.
The office came one after another, and Manager Liu came in with a briefcase: "Xia Qi, come into the office."
Muschucky was suddenly named, and Sleepy had already been scared away.
She walked quickly into the office, where Manager Liu had put down his briefcase and was sitting at his desk.
The sunlight slanted through the Windows and the room was quiet.
"Xia Qi, how was the plot project I went to see yesterday?" Manager Liu began to ask.
Mushaqi considered for a moment and said his opinion: "The size of the plot is appropriate, but the location is relatively off-center, there is a certain distance from the city center, surrounded by industrial areas, if the development of residential areas, the company will invest a lot of funds to build public facilities."
"This is the photo I took, manager, you may refer to it."
Mu Xia Qi opened the mobile phone screen, drew the scene photo of the project plot taken yesterday, and handed it to Manager Liu.
He took the camera and studied it carefully. After a while, he said, "You mean this is not suitable for investment?"
"Well, my advice is not to invest at this stage."
"ok, thanks for your hard work, I will consider it again, and you can go back and make the research report of this project plot and give it to me."
Manager Liu handed the mobile phone back to Mu Xia Qi, indicating that she could leave.
Muchachi let out a quiet sigh of relief and turned and walked out of the office.
"Cookie, what's wrong? Did Manager Liu call you in for something?" Lin Xiaoyu see her out, busy ran forward to ask.
"Ask me about yesterday's project plot." Mouchucky whispered softly, shaking his head.
"Well, I thought something was wrong, calling you in so early in the morning."
"It's just that I have to write my research report again. It's crazy." Muschucky's face fell and he collapsed.
"Poor boy, I'll help you find the data later." Lin Xiaoyu patted her shoulder to comfort.
"Cookie, what did you think of yesterday's project?" Chen Xiaoling of the next station bites the churros in his hand and asks vaguely.
"Compared to chicken ribs, do not recommend investment."
"Well, since you have said that you do not recommend investment, Manager Liu also asked you to write a research report, no wonder you listless." Chen Xiaoling swallowed the dough sticks in her mouth and cast a sympathetic look.
"I'm going to make a cup of black coffee, otherwise I'll fall asleep today." Moushach yawned, picked up his coffee cup and headed for the break room.
She is now seeing everything is double, now just started work, how to survive?
Just walked to the door of the tea room, came a few girls inside the voice: "You say Sue always how can be so handsome?"
"There are a lot of his fans on the company's post bar. Many people say they want to sleep with him, but they are all colored hearts and no guts."
"You have gall, why don't you go?"
"No, no, no, I want to live for a few more years, and an iceberg like Sue can only be seen from a distance."
"Well, after all, you are just as colorless."

Chapter 13: Rise Again
When a few people dispersed, Muxia Qi walked into the tea room, took out a plastic bag of instant coffee, cut it and poured it into the coffee cup, and the boiling water rushed into it, and the aroma of coffee was overflowing.
Take a deep breath and feel myself awake a lot.
"Cookie, did you have breakfast?" Lin Xiaoyu leaned over and asked.
"Not yet. I had trouble getting up today and was almost late. I didn't have time to buy breakfast."
"I knew you didn't eat breakfast. Here are the love buns." Lin Xiaoyu handed her a bag of buns.
"Ah, let me tell you, on the road today, I heard them say that the chairman of the old Su is not well, in the hospital, and our small Su always promised to go to a blind date."
Lin Xiaoyu mysteriously came to the ear of Mu Xia Qi said.
"I know." Muschucky took a bite of bread and replied carelessly.
"Huh? How do you know?" Lin Xiaoyu surprised to look at her, usually is himself and Chen Xiaoling to her transmission of gossip.
Well, for a time actually forgot, this news is through Han Sui Sui know, their own and her mouth Su total phase kiss!
"I, I just heard someone say it in the tearoom."
"I see. It seems that everyone in the office is very gossipy."
Muschucky continued to take a bite of the bread and nodded guiltily. "Yes, very gossipy."
Manager Liu came out of the office, he clapped his hands, "You quickly rearrange the information of the A project once, this project has passed the risk control audit of the legal department, and there will be a review meeting again."
Sue and all the department managers will be there, and you'll have to be more careful this time. Don't forget to bring the master plan and all that, as you did last time."
'Copy that! Several people in the office spoke with one voice.
When Muschach heard the news, the bread stuck directly in his throat and his face flushed red.
Lin Xiaoyu busy handed her a bottle of mineral water, drink gently pat her back to ease.
"Why are you so excited about a meeting?" Lin Xiaoyu frowned and asked, "Are you so excited because you can see Su?"
Muxia Qi hard to breathe the fresh air, slowly slow down, white beside the Lin Xiaoyu a glance, "to a meeting, a while Liu manager data is uncertain, you will see if you go up to add instructions?"
"Oh my God, I forgot that there is this, I need to quickly prepare the data and look at the data again."
Muxia Qi laughingly shook her head, she is actually the most worried about that, in case Liu manager can not remember the data, will definitely point her up, after all, all the data calculation is she did.
Thinking of Su Zichen under the stage watching, I felt that my legs were weak, this person's memory was not covered, if it was discovered, it would be a big trouble.
She squatted down and rummaged through the drawer to see if there was anything that could block her face, sunglasses must not be used, so many people have a meeting with their own sunglasses, want to attract attention is difficult.
"Xiaoyu, I remember you had a non-prescription eyeglass frame before, can you lend me?"
"Huh? What do you need that frame for?" Lin Xiaoyu asked strangely.
Then he turned and rummaged through his desk drawer. "No, here you are."
"Didn't you say I had heavy dark circles under my eyes? Use it to block, so you can still see?"
Lin Xiaoyu rolled his eyes, "This frame covers most of your face, unless you are very careful to stare at your dark eye circles, otherwise you can not see."
"That's good."
Top floor conference room.
Manager Liu introduced the advantages and disadvantages of project A in PPt order on the stage.
Su Zichen sat at the head of the throne so calmly, but for no reason looked lazy and calm, as if he had a noble temperament, with his surprisingly cold 昳 face, unconsciously attracted most people's attention.
Mushaqi lowered his head and glanced at him cautiously out of the corner of his eye. This man, his appearance can always deceive a lot of fans.
Manager Liu on the stage talked about the project profit measurement table, suddenly stuck, he paused, looking at Mu Xia Qi sitting on the side.
She received Liu manager that "kind" eyes, instantly feel that the big thing is not good.
Sure enough, Manager Liu smiled and said: "This profit calculation part, completed by our department colleague Mu Xia Qi, now we invite Mu Xia Qi to explain the project profit."
The person who was named had an inner breakdown, and it was sure enough that he could not escape the situation of coming to power.
She pulled down her bangs, pushed the mirror frame in front of her nose, walked on stage with her head down, bowed to the crew, and picked up the microphone.
The whole process of explaining the thinking and calculation process of profit calculation behind everyone's back.
Lin Xiaoyu strange, how Mu Xia Qi look all dont look at the rostrum, the whole ass towards Sue total.
Manager Liu whispered: "What's wrong with Xia Qi today, do not know to look at the audience?" And Sue's always here."
After saying that, he stole a careful glance at Su Zichen.
"It's not normally like this for Cookie. Maybe she didn't sleep well. She's a little embarrassed." Sitting beside Liu manager Lin Xiaoyu hastened to explain.
Su Zichen's eyes were indifferent, quietly sitting in his position and listening, and occasionally Xu Chujing beside him added a word or two in his ear.
Muschach, like a duck, quickly finished, put down his microphone and walked off the stage.
Manager Liu stared at her helplessly, quickly came forward to pick up the wheat, and asked whether there was a place that did not understand.
Su Zichen, who had been silent, said in a cold voice, "The net profit margin of the project has increased from the original 23 percent to 25 percent. From what aspect has your department increased the profit margin of 2 percent?"
Manager Liu wiped the sweat from his forehead, "This is......"
He was stuck for a moment, and the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
Mushaqi had to stand up silently, walked quickly to the screen, adjusted to the position of the profit measurement table, and said: "We are based on the data given by the Marketing Department, the price of property has risen, and the selling price of our goods has also adjusted."
In addition, the construction cost, the budget department's construction cost is lower, so the overall profit margin is up."
"When the cost of construction goes down, is it time to lower the standard of construction?" Su Zichen asked with sharp eyes.
Ordinary people see him this momentum, already scared legs weak, next to the manager Liu is constantly wiping sweat.
"No, it is built according to the group's original standards, but recently the price of construction materials has dropped, so the profit has increased," he said with a calm face.
Su Zichen raised eyebrows, did not expect this woman, actually not stage fright, answer flow.
"Then how can we ensure that the raw materials will not rise after our project starts?"
"We have signed a two-year contract with our raw material suppliers, and no matter how the market price fluctuates, they will not raise prices for our group."

Chapter 14: The Unknown
Su Zichen nodded, but felt the girl in front of a strange sense of familiarity.
The look that fell on Muschucky was a little more measured.
Mu Xia Qi feeling uneasy, hurriedly handed the home field to Liu manager, turned to step down.
Returning to the stage, she still felt that if Su Zichen's eyes seemed to fall on her, she would not have gone on stage to supplement it if she had known it, and the feeling of sitting like a needle felt bad.
Finally break up the meeting, Mu Xia Qi hurriedly rushed out from the back door of the meeting room, Lin Xiaoyu has not had time to react, has not seen her.
"Cookie is acting strange today." Lin Xiaoyu said.
"I also think she went on stage with her head down and her back to us the whole time." Chen Xiaoling added.
"Xiaoyu, where's Xia Qi?" Liu Wei, the manager, came over and asked.
"She should go back to the office." Lin Xiaoyu uncertain said.
"So fast?" Manager Liu grumbled disapprovingly.
"Probably in a hurry to go to the bathroom. People are in three hurry." Lin Xiaoyu busy explain.
Manager Liu made no more noise and his face was unhappy.
Lin Xiaoyu and Chen Xiaoling played a wink, hurried to the investment department office.
Back to the office, but see Mu Shaqi sitting in a chair gasping, long and smooth black hair spread on the shoulders, more and more lining her jade skin, crystal clear.
"Cookie, why are you running so fast? It looks like some wild animal is chasing you." Lin Xiaoyu joked.
"Yes, it is more frightening than a wild animal." Muschucky sighed.
"What beast? Rain, did you see that?" Chen Xiaoling was confused, and Lin Xiaoyu looked at each other.
"I don't see it, do you mean by 'beast'?" 𝔁 ᒝ
Mu Xia Qi with your smart expression, looking at Lin Xiaoyu admiringly.
Liu manager back to the office, see Mu Xia Qi, tone coldly, "Xia Qi, come into the office."
Lin Xiaoyu Chen Xiaoling passed a look, the event is not good, Liu manager seems angry.
The manager's office.
Manager Liu had not yet sat down in his chair and asked, "Xia Qi, what happened to you today?" How can I carry the audience on my back when I go on stage?"
Mushaqi touched his nose, aware of the loss, "Manager, I am nervous when I go on stage, unless I don't look at people, I will forget what I want to say."
"What do you want me to say about you? When we had a joint meeting with other departments and you spoke on stage, I didn't see you nervous."
"That's different, isn't there a greater leader? Sue is always in the stage, I these little people are afraid of course, manager you are experienced in many battles, certainly calmer than me."
Liu manager was her invisible "flattery" pat comfortable, the locked brow also loosened.
"Next time you go on stage, remember to face the audience, otherwise people will think I didn't teach my subordinates well."
"Yes, yes, that's for sure. Just the manager, in the future, you'd better not let me go on stage, lest I panic and forget everything."
He frowned again, "You will be promoted in the future, and you will certainly speak on stage, do you plan to be a commissioner in the future?"
Mu Xia Qi silent, she wants to be promoted ah, but the thought of facing Su Zichen, or choose a low-key life is better, promoted, the number of times to report to the superior will certainly increase.
"It doesn't matter if I get a promotion or not. The important thing is that I like my position and I can see the beautiful view out the window."
"So?" Manager Liu was perplexed.
"So ah, promoted, to change jobs, you can't see the scenery, or the commissioner is better."
The reason for refusing the promotion was really fresh and refined, and Liu manager stared at her: "Hurry out, I'm upset to see you."
"All right."
Mu Xia Qi just returned to the station, Lin Xiaoyu and Chen Xiaoling surrounded up, "Manager Liu did not put you how?"
"You see I'm fine."
"Nothing to worry about." Lin Xiaoyu nodded her forehead and walked back to her station.
The sky was stained blood red by the setting sun, and the peach clouds wandered in the sky, and soon changed into the sunset glow of roses.
For the first time, Mu Shaqi had the idea of not wanting to leave work. She thought that Su Zichen's day deadline was coming yesterday, just like ants on a hot pot.
The hands of the clock moved slowly, and in the blink of an eye it was five thirty.
Lin Xiaoyu actively stood up, busy packing things, "finally to 5:30, I am close to Friday another day, work, work, hey hey."
Chen Xiaoling also turned off the computer, "you are counting down on the holiday every day, be careful to be heard by manager Liu."
Wu Feng Gang came back from outside, the wind and dust.
"Brother Feng, what have you been doing? Why is it like going to war and coming back?" Lin Xiaoyu asked.
Wu Feng sighed, "It is not a battle, just I went to inspect a project, the project boss arrears farmers wages, I happened to be in the office, was accidentally injured."
"Is it all right?" Muschucky asked quickly.
"Fortunately I reacted quickly and hid in the back toilet, otherwise I would have been pressed to ask for my salary."
"So dangerous? How was it resolved?"
"The project manager called the police, the police came, and the project owner signed a guarantee to pay off the wages owed to migrant workers within this month."
Lin Xiaoyu sighed, "Now the boss who has defaulted on wages is the most hateful, and it is also the farmers and workers, and it is not easy for them to make money."
"Yeah, they're diverting liquidity to other projects, which is why they can't pay salaries." Wu Feng said disdainfully.
"Then you see this project must prepare the project owner's financial situation, otherwise we take over this project, the risk is very big." Muschucky thought for a moment and then said seriously.
"Well, definitely, the project will have to do a risk assessment, and I'm afraid he's mortgaging the project to a third party."
"That's a problem."
"Okay, you two don't continue to discuss, not active after work, there is something wrong with your mind." Lin Xiaoyu carrying a backpack, going out, waving at the three of them.
The Mushakies laughed at her whimsical statement and packed their things to go home.
Recently, after a meeting, there are not many projects, and finally can leave work on time.
Wu Feng and Chen Xiaoling also went back from work, Mu Xia Qi is still slow, how should she refuse more reasonable?
Night fell, back home has 7 o 'clock, Han Suisui in her room to mess with the video.
On the table was her takeout order. "Cookie, it's pizza today, you eat it, it won't taste good when it gets cold."
Han Susui's voice came from inside the room.
Time came to ten o 'clock in the evening, Mu Xia Qi two people sitting on the sofa, staring at her mobile phone, Su Zichen has not called, is it proof that he has forgotten this matter?
Muxia Qi lucky to think, not happy for a minute, the mobile phone actually rang, the music melody is like a prompt.

Chapter 15: The Kiss
Han Suisui looked at the mobile phone like a hot potato, and quickly pushed it to Mu Shaqi: "Qi Qi, your mobile phone rang, is [attention, can not answer!] "
She paused and asked tentatively, "Isn't it Su Zichen?"
Muxia Qi Sheng no love to nod, in the phone is about to break, she is dead to press the answer key.
"Hello, hello."
Deep and cool voice came over: "I am at the gate of Jingyuan community, come out, let's meet."
Mushaqi instantly wide eyes, voice tense: "No, no, how did you come to my community, I have fallen asleep."
The line was quiet for a few seconds.
"Can you answer the phone while you're asleep?" You can guess his cold manner without meeting anyone.
In fact, when she finished that excuse, she patted her own head in frustration and said that she had fallen asleep, which was really a pig's brain!
"I was wrong, I was getting ready for bed, why did you come here in person?" Give me a minute. I'll go out at once. '
Hang up the phone, Mushaqi nervous straight stomp, "to go crazy, he came to the door of our community!"
'What? Han Sui Sui also followed and stood up, "No, what is he doing at the gate of our community?"
"I don't know!!" Muschach rubbed his hair and flushed down the toilet.
"Hosui, didn't you buy a lot of wigs the other day? Give me a big wavy one to wear, quick!"
Han Sui Sui also began to panic, busy running back to the room a rummage, the living room with the suitcase too hinder the place, she had to hurry to find the housing.
Muschach played with his face, making up as much as he could.
"Cookie, do you think this wig is okay?"
Muschucky looked down and nodded. "Yes, help me tie my hair up and secure it."
"Yes, at once." Han Sui Sui neatly helped her to fix the original hair, put on a wig, after a panic horse chaos, not two has been dressed up.
"Cookie, I don't think it's the right thing to do every time he shows up at your door."
"What then? Buy a mask?" Mushachi put on her lipstick and looked at the time. Fifteen minutes had passed, and time was fast.
"Cookie, let me see your outfit."
Han Suizui helped her up and down to make sure there was nothing wrong, then said, "Qi Qi, there is nothing wrong, you can go out to see Su Zichen."
Mushachi raised his head like a martyr about to die. "Then I'll go now."
"Good luck, Cookie. I'll wait for you to come back."
Han Sui Sui came forward and hugged her.
Walking on the road in the community, Mu Xia Qi thinking about how to deal with it, afraid of themselves now think well, and so on in the face of Su Zichen, but when the machine.
On the side of the road in the community parked a conspicuous blue Maserati, a long bone sense of the hand out of the window, the wrist of the black Buddha beads added to the two points of asceticism.
Mu Xia Qi did not need to ask Su Zichen license plate number, he knew that he must be in this Maserati car.
She walked quickly up to him and greeted him in the main driver's door. "Hello, Mr. Su."
Su Zichen saw her heavily made up appearance, slightly frowning, "Didn't you say you were ready to sleep?" Why is there so much makeup?"
"Well, I'm not used to going without makeup."
In fact, it's not because of you, wearing so much makeup in the middle of the night, which hurts the skin more, Mushaqi inner ridicule.
"Get in the car." Su Zichen light way.
She froze, stepped back and asked warily, "Where to?"
He sneered, "Get in the car, I'll give you the contract agreement, in addition, there are precautions to explain."
Muschach stood still outside. He glanced at her. His thin lips parted. "Shall I invite you to the car?"
"That, that's not necessary."
She quickly took out her mobile phone and sent the license plate number to Han Suisui.
Then go around to the passenger spot, open the door, and get in.
A faint smell of agarwood struck the nostrils.
"This is the contract, and this is my information, you have to remember."
She waved her hand quickly and said, "No, Mr. Su, I just promised to think about it. I didn't promise to pretend to be your girlfriend."
"Didn't you say you wanted to do me a favor?"
"Yes, I promised to do you a favor, and you didn't hate it when I cheated you before, and I said I wouldn't do it again."
Mu Shaqi looked at Su Zichen earnestly with dark glassy eyes.
"So look at......."
Su Zichen did not make a sound, the mobile phone in his pocket slightly vibrated, he took out a look, Xu Chujing's information: "Chairman Su wants you to take your girlfriend to the hospital to see him this Saturday, or he will not accept the doctor's treatment."
His thin lips pressed together and his eyes twinkled.
"I won't hold you accountable for your behavior before, can you do me a favor this time?"
Mushaqi shook his head like a rattle. "Mr. Su, if you can't, don't force me."
She opened the door and walked out.
Su Zichen immediately followed him out of the car, his cold expression tinged with anxiety, "This is just to help, and there is a reward."
Mushaqi caught a familiar figure standing in front of the neighborhood gate.
She turned quickly, but bumped into Su Zichen, who was following him. For a moment, her steps were unsteady and she fell to the left lawn. In a panic, she grabbed his hand.
At the moment of lightning and thunder, Mushaqi felt heavy pressure on a person, and the touch of his mouth was soft.
When she came back to her mind, she knew that she and Su Zichen had kissed!!
Her eyes widened and she hurriedly pushed him to his feet.
Su Zichen only felt that his lips were like kissing cotton candy. How could a girl's lips be so soft?
Back to God, busy up.
Muschucky's face was as red as pigeon's blood, and when he had lost his weight, he sat up quickly after him.
My mind went blank. What was she about to do?
Yeah, she saw her brother, her own brother.
She looked back at the entrance to the building and saw that he was no longer there.
I'm relieved. If her brother saw this, he'd have a lot of explaining to do, but what the hell is he doing here?
Su Zichen saw her staring at the gate of the community and couldn't help coughing.
Muxia Qi instantly returned to God, there is a big trouble around himself, and just kissed him, evil ah!!
What a day to day shit.
She did not dare to make eye contact with him, lowered her head and looked at the Buddha beads on his wrist.
"Well, I didn't mean to, I just accidentally......"
Su Zichen did not speak, he quietly looked at the top of her head, quietly said: "Miss Mu owes me a favor again."
Muschucky looked up quickly when he heard this. "No, didn't you just......?"