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The Bloody Queen - 1

" wow guys what a palace!"
Some college students are coming to watch some palace. They are wondering a different rooms of that palace.
That is really a beautiful and strange.
Just because the history of palaces very bloody.
There are five students to come there. The palace name is ' raktima palace.'
many visitors are watching that palace but this five students are specially come toward this palace only for that YouTube channel.
They all students are a youtuber. They are coming here to make a videos on this place because this palace is haunting.
Research said that the queen of that palace was a one type of a vampire.
The queen of that palace name was Ridhima. She was very cruel but a beautiful.
The palsce is really very big and there has many rooms. This students are shooting in every room and make a video about it.
They are shooting and record every moment in hair camera. Suddenly a voice comes and their watch at the voice.
" What are you doing here? This area is not for visitors."
Students look at the voice. They watched, 80 year old man was standing there. He wearing a white cloth. Har hair and beard becoming a white.
He has stick to help for a walk. Because he is look so old. He looks very angry to see them all.
He come closer to them and said.
" Excuse me to all, what are you doing here just get out of here."
Students are frightened to the see him. One boy come to him and said.
" I am very sorry old man. But please understand, we are making a video on this palace so please give a permission to shoot every place of this palace."
The told man become more angry and said loudly.
" Don't you hear that what I am talking to you. I said just get out of here."
Old man become so angry so these five students are being disappoint and leave that leave that place.
After the living of those students, old man watch that place and said.
" How many time I said you all.this place is not for everyone because she still here. If anyone can catch by her. See will never leave them."
The old man clothes that room and get outside.
Those five students are come out of that place and stay outside. A boy who talk with that old man, his name is Rehan.
He look like a team leader of that group. He said to all.
" Guys we need a footage of this palace."
A girl said to Rehan.
" But Rehan the old man will never permit to come inside to palace. How can we shooting there?"
Rehan said with a smile.
" Don't worry guys I have a plan."
They look each other and a boy comes and said.
" But Rehan how can we get a footage. I mean you know about the rumor about this palace. so..."
Rehan site within his talk.
" Stop it Deepak don't be a fool. These are only a rumor and nothing else."
A girl said him again.
" But Rehan how can we get inside? Did you have any idea?"
Rehan look at that girl and said.
" Come on sweetheart you know I have a plan every time."
Rehan said and give her a cute smile.
This group have a five students. Rehan is a group leader. Deepak, Rohit, Pooja and Kavita the another members.
Rehan and Pooja are a couple. They have or YouTube channel named ' visiting a haunted place."
This channel has 10000 subscribers.They are visiting a haunting place and make a video footage on it.
Raktima palace is also well known for haunting incidence.when Rehan know about this palace he decided to visit and make a footage on it.
That's why this group is coming here but that all men doesn't allowed them to come inside and make a video.
Rehan hai of plants but he doesn't know that this plan grave into a deep problem.