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Crush Stories - 1


I don't think there is any human being who would have not Loved someone. We all get a feeling of love and attraction towards a person. Well... I am writing this because it was not only a great emotion for me but was my first rejection. And it's a very long story so this the first part of it. Hope you all enjoy😊😊...

     So it was our first day of our 3rd grade class when I was 8 years old, happy boy. I was busy meeting my  friends and suddenly a girl enters in the class.....

My godd... It was a new admission. That girl ufffff... I looked at her. Everything around me is going slow. Time just stopped for a moment and I fell in love♥️♥️. Her hairs, her eyes, I can just see my future in front of my eyes with her..

I'll call her Z for now ( because her name starts with Z). She literally glowed like moon, smelled like flowers, speaks like birds. My heartbeat just stopped when I saw her. And she had a younger sister who was in 2nd grade.

So in that whole 3rd grade year I didn't talk much as I was very shy with girls. But we just had little little conversation asking for notes or for pencil... I used to look at her from last bench. And she was looking at teacher from first bench... 🙄🙄

So one day which was our friendship day, we were giving friendship bands and rings to our fellow classmates. And she had taken part in some school activitiy so she wore a traditional dress that time. So she was sitting in class and I am just standing in front of her distributing rings and bands to my friends so that she sees me and gives me some band or ring... She calls me" Sahil!!".. I look at her. I move towards her and she gives me a orange color friendship ring♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. That's enough for me to fall for her deeper. I gave her a band and she's like ok, band is also fine. From then on we somewhat started talking more. We became friends 😊😊. I am 18 right now and still have that ring....


The 3rd grade ended and 4th grade started. Now this time I tried to talk to her but my own heart stopped me. I can't I was very shy. I shake when I talk to her. But then God also saw my love towards her and did a little help. So our class teacher decided to make girls and boys sit together. Girls were seated on bench and boys were standing near teacher at the corner. One by one teacher calling us to sit with so and so girl. I tried not to look at teacher's eyes so that she should not choose me to sit with any girl. But as soon as it was Z's turn, I suddenly stared at teacher's soul making faces so that she chooses me. And she did!!! Yesss! But wait I can't be Happy, others will get doubt .. so I made a very sad face but I was the happiest boy of that day.. I sat with her. I and Z looking here and there blushing. Few days were silent but then we started talking once again. We played stone paper scissors. I teach her odd eef( hand cricket) and we use to play tic tac toe. She always defeated me in that game and I used to cry from inside 😭😭😭...

One day she told me that her mother is alien and she is from Mars😂😂😂.. what!!!

We were slowly building a nice connection together within this 2 month and I thank the God, the almighty, the greatest for helping me.. but God always test our love. And he did by doing something in 5th grade. To know this,,,, stay tuned with the series because the next incidents are interesting. 

                       Thank you😊