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The year 1787 January 3rd, 11.53 pm. The time when the sun god devoured the blood moon completely. It was completely dark in the lunar eclipse. In that darkness, some people are furiously running towards an abandoned house with weapons and fire sticks in their hands. A man was tied to a tree and the people surrounded him and shouting at him to kill him.

A man came and poured oil on him. But the man who was tied, screaming for help. "Please don't kill me, please somebody help me." Someone shouted from the people "kill him before the eclipse gone". And the man lit the fire. He started screaming with pain, and suddenly moonlight started to fall on that place. Everyone looked at the sky with fear on their faces, the full blood moon started rising from the eclipse like a dead man raised from his coffin. When they looked down, the man who was on fire with an evil smile started to transform into something, his muscles contorted and bulged, stretching beyond his human limits. With a guttural growl, bones shifted and snapped, reshaping into a more bestial form. His face elongated into a snout, teeth sharpening into fangs. Finally, with a primal howl, the man transformed into a fearsome werewolf and then bit the head off from the body of the man who lit fire to him.

The people started screaming with intense fear and started to run away from that place. Everyone ran away, but some people are still standing, holding weapons with them. They looked a little bit different from the other people who ran away. They covered their faces with clothes. They don't have any fear in their eyes. The werewolf strongly howled at the face of the moon and attacked them. They fought with that werewolf's fangs and claws beneath the blood-moon light and pierced the silver knife through its heart.

The werewolf turned back into human and asked "It's impossible, you are the people who have been hunting us for centuries, but how can you people kill us?"

In that group, a man said "Yes, we are the ones who are killing these beasts, and we know how to kill you." The werewolf died.

Man 1 :- "So, is he the last one in his group?"

Man 2 :- "Yes, now we can live peacefully in this town."

The year 2022, November 8th.

Kyle returned to his home after his studies in the United States. Kyle's family lives in a village near 'Mana', which is located at the border between China and India. Kyle's father is a truck driver. He transports firewood to town, and Kyle's mother is a shepherd. She always takes care of the sheep's, just like her family. Kyle also had a younger brother 'Josh' who helps his father with his work. Kyle is the only one who studied and graduated in his family.

When Kyle's mom saw him coming home she felt so happy for him. Kyle came back to his home wearing his graduation ceremony dress.

Kyle's Mom :- "I am really happy to see you like this Kyle. I am really proud of you."

Kyle's Dad :- "You finally made our family respectable, my son. I really missed you".

Kyle :- "Now we can all be together dad, I can do a job anywhere i want. Come with me dad, mom, Josh. Now we can live a happy and luxurious life.

Josh :- "Bro, Are you going to take us to the United States?"

Kyle :- "If I can take all of you, I definitely will. But wherever i go, I want to live with all of us together. I don't want to live alone without my family."

Kyle's Mom :- "But, Kyle, this is our place, our home. If we leave, who would look after our sheep's? I have never left this place since my childhood. I don't think I can live in a city with more noise and polluted air."

Josh :- "Mom.... living in a city is really cool. We can go to the shopping mall and the movies. And no one is living here except us. At least we had neighbors when i was a kid. Now only a few families live here. And things are not really good now for us, you remember?"

Kyle :- "What happened josh ?"

Josh :- "Someone's stealing our sheep's at nights. We've already lost three babies. Mom really worried about that, even dad couldn't catch the thief even he guarded at night."

Kyle's Dad :- I tried Kyle, but I fell asleep. You know i am getting old, your dad can't do these things, and I can't make your brother to watch them at night."

Kyle :- "It's OK. Now I am here so, I'll take care of it now."

Kyle's Mom :- Josh, why did you tell these things to your brother? He just came back today, and he didn't have to do these things, he is well-educated, and he is gonna be working in a great company."

Kyle:- "Mom, this is our family. I don't feel ashamed to help my family. I know you took care of them as our family too. If anything happens to them, I know you'll feel sad. I don't want to see you sad mom. Tonight I am going to guard them and I'll catch that thief."

Kyle's dad went to his room and brought a rifle and gave it to Kyle.

Kyle's Dad :- "This is your grandfather's rifle. Use it only in case of any emergency."

Kyle's Mom made Kyle's favorite dishes for him. That night they happily had dinner together. Kyle wished good night to his family and took his sweater and rifle.

In that dark snowy night, he made a campfire and sat in front of it. He looked at the moon once, and it's a completely full blood moon in the sky that night. In that cold and blood-moon night, he heard footsteps from the bushes. He then quickly grabbed his rifle and pointed towards the bushes. When he took his torchlight out and saw the bushes. He saw the blazing red eyes glowing from the bushes. Kyle trembled a little bit with fear. Then he heard a growling sound, and something suddenly jumped on Kyle's head. He scared and took a shot from his rifle.