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The University Bell has rang. Everyone went to their classes. Kyle went to his class to take lecture. The bully guys were also present in the class. Robby and his friends were shocked after seeing Kyle as their class professor.

Robby :- "What the Hell guys, This freak is our professor?"

Kyle looked at them once and started lecture on the board. Suddenly an announcement has heard in class speaker "Mr. Kyle, Vice Chancellor has called you to their office.

Students started murmuring that it would be about the incident happened with the bully's.

Kyle went to the Vice Chancellor room

Kyle :- "Excuse me, Sir".

Kyle opened the door and he heard a voice "You should call me mam or Bethany".

Kyle thought that a Vice Chancellor is an old man. But when he entered into that office, he saw a beautiful young women. When Kyle saw her, his breathe catches in his throat.

Kyle :- "Is this a prank pulled by a nerd student."

Bethany :- "Do you have any objections for a young woman being a Vice Chancellor of this university."

Kyle :- "No, Sorry mam."

Bethany :- "Just call me Bethany. Kyle, I am really happy to meet you."

Bethany seemed very happy to meet Kyle. Kyle didn't understood that glow in her face.

Kyle :- " I am sorry Bethany, But have we met before somewhere. I don't know why but i have a feeling that we have met before."

Bethany :- "Kyle, Are you trying to flirt with your superior".

Kyle :- "No no.., Bethany."

Bethany :- "Relax kyle, I'm just joking. I have seen you in morning what you did to the bully's. Actually we don't interfere with student issues. But you were amazing today."

Kyle :- "Thanks Bethany."

Bethany :- "Are you free today evening. Can we go for dinner tonight if you don't have any other works."

Kyle was suprised, He's not getting any words from his mouth. He took and drank some water.

Kyle :- "Of course, Actually I've never been asked for a dinner by women before. It's really happy for me to go out with a beautiful women."

Suddenly the bell rang again

Bethany :- "Oops, This is your first class lecture and I spoiled it. Hope you don't mind it."

Kyle :- "It's Alright, I have met you. It's more than enough for the first day. I'll come and pick you up at 7'o clock. Bye."

Kyle thinking "why did she invite me to dinner that quickly, we just met on today. Does she got a crush on me, She's beautiful though." Suddenly someone put a hand on Kyle's shoulder. When kyle turned it's Brad and dexter.

Kyle :- "Guys what are you doing here, What if anyone saw us together."

Brad :- "Don't bother about it kyle, No one knows about us or maybe know about us."

Kyle :- "What the Hell are you talking about brad?"

Dexter :- "you remember the Werewolf girl that you, Victor and sara fought two weeks ago. She was a student here."

Kyle :- "What?"

Brad :- "Yes, we thought some of her friends may still here in this university. We couldn't able to find any details of her friends or family. But we found you here."

Dexter :- "And we found something, When she came into one of our satellite areas. She didn't wanted to come for us. She's trying to Run away from something. We've tracked all her past movements before she tried to lure us out."

Kyle :- "What? She's an werewolf. She can kill anyone, She can do whatever she wants. What She's been trying to run away. what should be she's afraid of?"

Brad:- " Probably their own kind. We went to check all the places that we've tracked from her tracking device. We didn't get any clues. But the last one we checked we got some footprints and Fur. So we contacted Caroline and Sarah to cross check. They confirmed it's an alpha."

After hearing that at once Kyle's eyes clouded with pain and rage.

Kyle :- "We need to find it and kill it as soon as possible".

Brad :- "Kyle we still don't know yet if this one killed your family or not. Even it's not the one, we have to eliminate this threat. But it's an alpha we need to think for a plan to kill it, if you rush over there with your anger you're gonna die. We need to gather the team at base then we'll discuss about the plan. Report to base before 7'o clock."

Bethany is getting ready for the dinner at her home. When she checked the time it's 7'o clock.

Bethany :- "Oh my god, I am already late to my first date. He said he'll pick me up. I should get ready before Kyle come here."

Bethany got ready and waited for some time for Kyle and tried to call him.

Brad and his team assembled at the base. Brad explaining them the plan and situation.

Brad :- "It's an alpha, It's stronger than a normal one. I think no one has here encountered an alpha before, except me."

Victor :- "So, what's the plan?".

Brad :- "Sarah and Caroline will set the traps and will be snipers in this mission.
Victor and dexter will attack from the Frontline, Kyle and me will cover from. Wait... where is kyle ?"

Dexter :- "He's the one who came here first. But i didn't seen him since an hour."

Brad :- "What the Fu*k, We need to save kyle first".

Kyle is going on a motorcycle with weapons. He stopped at somewhere and took his tracking monitor and checked the location.

Kyle :- "Maybe this could be somewhere nearer to the location that Brad and dexter told."

Sarah and Caroline tried to call Kyle.

Victor:- "He leaved his mobile here, someone is calling to kyle from a long time".

Brad :- "Maybe we aren't the only one he leaved."

Bethany still trying to call him at her home.

Bethany:- "Why he isn't answering his phone calls. I think he got afraid. I shouldn't have asked for dinner this soon."

Kyle finally reached nearer to that location. It's on a mountain. He leaved his bike in bushes and started to climb the mountain. When he finally climb up the mountain. He saw an old mansion. He took out his shotguns with his two hands and loaded silver bullets.
He entered the mansion with so silent. It's all dark in there. He took out a torch and looked around

Suddenly someone jumped on Kyle's back and Chokeholded him tightly and said "I don't know who you are. But if you come here to kill me i assume you are a Twilight Hunter".

Kyle turned his Shotgun and shot him in stomach. He backed away few steps and turned into a furious Werewolf. The Werewolf seems to be bigger and stronger than the Normal one. The Alpha werewolf then suddenly jumped on Kyle.