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My Husband Is The Heir To A Wealthy Family - 1

Chapter 1: How About a Marriage?
Shen Modi sat in the coffee shop, eyes red.
My father had terminal liver cancer, and time was running out.
Maybe a month, maybe... Less time.
She knew that her father could not let go of two things, one was his brother Light, and the other was her life event.
She'll take care of her brother, but it's a lifelong thing...
In order to make her father feel at ease, she sent her information to the marriage agency and began a blind date.
Not the man who once swore a vow, in fact, married who are the same.
"Hello, Miss Shen. Sorry to have waited so long." A man checked the photos in his mobile phone, sat opposite Shen Modi, and put the BMW key on the table.
"Never mind, I just got here too." Shen Modi quickly gathered his emotions and smiled.
"Miss Shen, I have a general understanding of your situation through the dating agency. Your education and job are OK, and you are just right in my aesthetic, I am very satisfied with you." The man smiled and looked at Shen Modi with satisfaction.
It was the most beautiful woman he had seen since his blind date.
White skin, beautiful appearance, elegant and refined temperament.
Like a bowl lotus, obviously very quiet, but you can not ignore her beauty.
He was so picky about women that he wanted to marry her right away.
'Thank you! Shen Modi smiled politely.
She was also ready to ask the man a few questions, the man robbed the conversation.
The man said, "Miss Shen, you understand my basic situation, right? I work for the Howe Group, $15,000 a month, a four-year house of 170 square feet, a BMW.
When we get married, the house won't be named after you, because it was my pre-wedding property. I'm sure you're a modern woman who doesn't make unreasonable demands.
The bride price, according to the market, I give $88, but now everyone is brought here.
You can either bring the cash directly or buy it as a dowry. Personally, I prefer to buy a dowry, so that the marriage will look more glamorous.
I'm 29 years old, and I'm not in a hurry to have kids. But you are 24 years old, which is actually a very old age for a woman, and it is better to have children immediately after marriage. Otherwise, the body is easy to go out of shape, but also old quickly.
Besides, I'm a single family, and if the first child is a girl, we have to have a boy, which I'm sure you can understand.
Also, now men and women are equal, supporting the family is no longer a man's thing, if you choose to work, I will ask my parents to help take care of the children, you come back after work to change hands.
If you're willing to stay home with the kids, I'll give you $2,000 a month for living expenses, and I won't let you do it for nothing.
I usually work hard, so please do more housework.
I'm a neat freak. I want my house to be clean and tidy at all times.
Besides, it's not easy for my parents to raise me, and they're older, and they should enjoy some blessings, so you follow them more.
Also, your dad doesn't have a job, your brother's young, and I know you used to spend all your wages on your mother's family.
But when you get married, I want you to put your family first..."
Rao is Shen Modi temper has always been very good, now also angry heart ups and downs.
What the hell kind of guy is this?
Men and women should be equal to earn money to support the family, and do housework is you take more responsibility. Your parents didn't have an easy time raising you, and I was raised on the west wind?
Is that a wrapped cerebellum? Trying to get all the good stuff?
She pressed her temper and said quietly, "I'm sorry, it's not right for us."
"I think we are quite suitable, no, Miss Shen, you don't think I don't deserve you?" I earn more than you. I have a car and a house." The man twisted his eyebrows and took another look at Shen Modi, who was really beautiful, and he said, "Miss Shen, you do look good, but you know, a woman's youth is very short." Smart women will take advantage of their own beauty and find a potential man to marry..."
"Ah..." At the next table, there was a sneer.
Attracted the attention of Shen Modi and her blind date.
Shen Modi blind date object very unhappy to see the past.
I saw a handsome man in a white hoodie say to the fashionable woman opposite him, "I am indeed 28 years old and have only a small house with a mortgage and a regular scooter." But I graduated at 26 and only worked for two years. Therefore, I do not agree with Miss Wu that the lack of savings at the age of 28 is a problem of personal ability.
In addition, my monthly salary is 10,000, Miss Wu's monthly salary is 3,000, and I do not think there is a problem with the arrangement of the dating agency.
It doesn't matter if Miss Wu doesn't like me, I didn't like Miss Wu either."
Said, the man has stood up, turned his head to look at Shen Modi's blind date, the sight fell on his hair, meaning that: "women's youth is short, men's youth is not long, after a few years, bald, fat, greasy, the same will not be less."
He accentuated the word bald.
After saying that, he walked to Shen Modi, reached out his hand and said hello: "Hello, my name is Huo Mingze." Why don't we go on a blind date and get married?
After marriage, I pay as much as I can, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't gamble, I keep myself clean, I go home after work and do housework, I have children or not, and your parents are my parents."
Every word smashes Mordy's blind date in the face.
"Who are you? Shen Modi blind date angry, wish to fight with Huo Mingze.
"Blind date." Huo Mingze said.
"Miss Shen was on a blind date with me." Shen Modi blind date feel Huo Mingze too unreasonable.
Huo Mingze completely ignored him, but handed Shen a copy of the information in his hand, saying: "This is my information." Why don't we sit somewhere else for a while?"
Shen Modi see Huo Mingze hands of personal data and she is the same marriage agency, and then think he just said those words with his blind date, how much in the mind.
Equivalent to their two blind dates have not met the right, she met a strange man, he met a gold digger.
Actually, it's okay to talk. The purpose of her blind date is also to find a decent person as soon as possible, and all aspects of the conditions and her similar marriage.
Nodding, she said, "OK."
"Miss Shen, no, wouldn't you be too rude? We're on a blind date, and if you're not happy with the bride price, we can talk about it. If you have to, the house will be in your name, but you have to pay the mortgage." "Said her blind date.
"No, I have no plans to have children after marriage." Shen Modi refused.
As we approached the bar, the blind date man shouted behind us, "Since the blind date didn't work out, I have no reason to pay for your coffee."
"I wasn't going to ask you to pay either." Shen Modi turned his head and said politely, ready to sweep the bar code.
Huo Mingze had already swept the code first: "I'll do it!"
After paying the money, he said to Shen Modi, "Let's go."

Chapter 2 Bad Luck Never loves the dead
Huo Mingze and Shen Modi found a coffee shop not far away.
After sitting down, Huo Mingze ordered coffee.
Shen Modi also handed his personal information to Huo Mingze.
She said, "Thank you for rescuing me. The main reason I'm on a blind date is because my dad is sick and might not last much longer, and I want to reassure him. Of course, I do have the age to get married."
Huo Mingze showed understanding, nodded his head, and also said his own situation: "The reason for my blind date is that I really want to get married."
A man who has been in love for six years will leave the country when he says so, in the way he hates most.
Well, his bride could be someone else.
He can end a six-year relationship, or he can start a new one in six minutes.
Shen Modi added: "The burden on my family will be heavier, my father is sick, and my brother is in a deaf school." If we do get married, I will also need to support my father and brother. But don't worry, I won't touch your wages."
There is no love in a blind date, so it is better to clarify these things first.
Huo Mingze nodded to show understanding: "You can move my salary." I told you, if we get married, your parents are mine. If you don't have any questions, I can get my license anytime. Add a wechat first?"
Not much, but at least she's a dutiful woman.
Filial piety means heart.
How much worse could a woman carry her father and brother on her shoulders?
Besides, he can afford it.
"Good," said Hermione. Shen Modi no twee, took out a mobile phone and Huo Mingze mutual added wechat.
Isn't that what blind dates are all about?
Two strangers, feeling that all conditions are suitable, talk about marriage.
What's more, she wanted to be married herself.
Just add a good wechat, wechat rang up, my brother sent a message: sister, I gave my father to discharge.
Shen Modi heart bang, her anxious fingers tremble, hurriedly type: father's situation is so serious, how can be discharged?
My brother was born deaf, so he can't speak. But my brother is very clever, these years have also been to the deaf school, typing is very agile, sign language is also very good.
Brother reply: Dad insisted on discharge. Sis, let Dad out of the hospital.
Behind that sentence, Shen Modi can even see his brother's desperate and helpless face.
She gets it. She gets it.
Both her father and her brother thought they were holding her back.
My younger brother even went home last month with his bag on his back and refused to go to school.
Shen Modi nose pantothenic acid, immediately call dad.
The other end quickly picked up.
Father Shen Weiguo's voice came, very calm, very warm, but also because of illness, and the tone is slow: "Xiao Di, what's wrong? The discharge thing, I mean, you don't blame light."
"Dad, don't leave the hospital, okay?" Shen Modi's tears brushed down, and there was a pleading in her voice.
She tried to suppress her tears in the presence of outsiders, but she couldn't.
"Xiao Di ah, father this disease, can not be cured, don't waste money." Dad promised you that when you go home, you will have a good rest and try to live a few more years, live until you get married and live until you have children..."
"Dad, the cure for your illness is that it is chronic and will take longer to cure." Dad, the treatments aren't expensive, they're affordable, and Medicare covers a lot of them. We can afford them. Dad, don't leave the hospital yet, I'm coming over now." Shen Modi's eyes were red.
At all costs, she tried to persuade father to stay in hospital.
"Flute, you don't have to come to the hospital. Light and I are on our way home. We'll be home soon."
"Dad... I'm coming back now." Shen Modi choked and her throat tightened.
She was very nervous, she always felt that her father seemed to know his illness.
Because, in his voice as if with unbearable despair and give up.
"Ok, you slow down and be safe." Dad smiled on the phone and hung up.
Shen Modi listened to his father's laughter, and his heart spasms again.
She looked up slightly, trying to push the tears back from her eyes.
But tears rolled down his cheeks.
Huo Mingze handed Shen a tissue the moment she put down the phone.
"Thank you! Sorry, I have to go back." Shen Modi took the paper towel, dont head, quickly wipe away tears, dont want to let Huo Mingze see her embarrassed.
Huo Mingze comforted: "Life is long, there will be difficult times. I'll take you!"
"No, I can go back by myself, thank you!" Shen Modi left with his bag and went to the bar to pay.
Huo Mingze beat me to it: "I'll do it!"
"You already paid for the coffee." Shen Modi insisted on scanning the code.
She has a habit of not wanting to owe anyone.
Mr. Huo reached down and grabbed her wrist to keep her away from the bar, scanning the yardage to pay, saying: "Stay with me, you never have to pay."
Shen Modi looked at his hand on his wrist.
Is she too tired these past few years?
Is she too fragile?
She actually thought that it would be good if she could have a respectful marriage.
Huo Mingze has paid the money, he let go of Shen Modi's hand.
Shen Modi braced himself, said a word and then contact, and then hurried out of the cafe.
She went to the side of the road to drop the car.
Moments later, a Chevy pulled up in front of her.
Huo Mingze lowered the window and shouted, "Get in, I'll walk you."
"No, my car is coming." Shen Modi dont want to trouble Huo Mingze.
"I'm free to give you a ride. You'll have to wait a while for a taxi." Huo Mingze said.
"Thank you for your trouble!" Shen Modi is really anxious to go home, so open the door on the car.
Huo Mingze leans over to fasten Shen Modi's seat belt.
Shen Modi tensed all over.
Huo Mingze helped her fasten her seat belt and drove intently.
Shen Modi breathed a sigh of relief.
Glancing at Huo Mingze, his fingers on the steering wheel are very good-looking.
Long and slender, with distinct bones.
"Where do you live?" Huo Mingze asked.
Shen Modi immediately said his own address: "in the pear garden community."
This house, they rent it.
Once upon a time, his family had a house of their own.
Later, because he found that his brother was born without hearing, his father sold the house and prepared to treat his brother.
But mom took the money from the house sale.
She was 11 and her brother was 2.
The house payment is gone, and my brother's illness is delayed.
At that time, they were still living in Mei Cheng.
After she graduated from college the year before last, they moved from Meicheng to Haicheng to live. It's a rental. It's the same everywhere.
However, bad luck never hurts the poor. She and her father managed to save 170,000 yuan to get his brother a cochlear implant. Dad got sick. Liver cancer was diagnosed.
The doctor said that it had spread, and surgery was of little significance, suggesting conservative treatment, taking anti-cancer drugs, combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
She has been hiding from my father, only said that my father is too tired for so many years, is the injury, live in the hospital for a period of time, will be better.
About her brother's cochlea, she said she wanted to save more money for her brother to replace the imported one, which would be a little more expensive, and wait another year.
Soon, Huo Mingze parked his car at the gate of the community and asked, "Do you want me to go up with you?"

Chapter 3 Think of it as a dowry
"No, thanks for the ride. Goodbye." Shen Modi sincerely thank you.
Huo Mingze nodded: "HMM. Give me your phone."
Shen Modi are ready to push the door off, and handed the mobile phone to Huo Mingze.
Huo used her mobile phone to dial her own private number and said: "This is my number, contact me when you are busy."
He also used his wechat to transfer 200,000 yuan to her, and then clicked on her wechat to collect money.
Shen Modi saw this and was anxious: "How can you transfer money to me?"
That's still a lot of money.
Huo Mingze returned the mobile phone to Shen Modi and said: "If you think we are suitable, this is the bride price, if you think we are not suitable, it is lent to you." There is no hurry to return it, you take care of your family first."
"No, I'll transfer it to you now." Shen Modi quickly transfer money.
Huo Mingze's big palm covered Shen Modi's mobile phone screen.
Shen Modi looked up, on the line of sight of Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze looked at Shen Modi and said: "First deal with your family affairs, send your father to the hospital."
Huo Mingze's eyes are too serious, and there is a natural momentum that makes people impressed.
Shen Modi is also anxious to see her father's situation, she said: "Then I borrow your first, I will return you."
Dad insisted on discharge is also afraid of money is not enough to drag her, she will show the balance to dad, tell dad, rich, all her work to earn, let dad psychological burden a little lighter, so it should be easier to persuade dad to go back to the hospital.
"Yes, go." Huo Mingze said.
'Thank you! Shen Modi quickly got off the bus, looked back and hurried into the community.
Huo Mingze sat in the car, looking at Shen Modi's back.
His eyes glowed deep.
In this world, some women are full of calculation and give up their feelings for profit.
There are women who put it all on their shoulders for their loved ones.
A few moments later, a Maybach slowly drove up.
A man in a suit came down from the car, trotted over, holding a stack of information in his hand, opened the door and respectfully said, "President, your car driver is coming, this is Miss Shen's information."
President blind date, he was in the coffee shop, president with Miss Shen left, he immediately let people investigate Miss Shen.
"Don't worry about it." Huo Mingze got out of the car, did not take the information in the assistant's hand, and went straight to Maybach.
At 22 years old, he can be wrong.
At the age of 28, he already has a sharp eye.
Some people, they don't need to investigate.
Walking to the door of Maybach's car, Huo Mingze suddenly turned to look at his assistant and said: "Give me the data!"
Not to investigate Shen Modi, but to find out more about her.
"Yes." The assistant immediately ran over and handed the information to Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze got into the Maybach and said to the driver in the front row: "Go to the company."
Start the car and head for the Holman Group.
Huo Mingze's bony fingers flipped Shen Modi's data:
24 years old, graduated three years, jewelry designer, monthly salary of 8,000 plus commission, commission less.
His younger brother was born deaf and mute, and his father had advanced liver cancer.
Seeing the words advanced liver cancer, he frowns slightly.
Taking out the phone, he dials a number.
For a while, the other side picked up the phone: "Brother, now I am here at three in the morning, I want to sleep ah!"
"What about the fourth?" Mr. Huo asked.
"Well, it's the same old thing." On the other end of the phone, a sigh, and comfort, "but as long as we have hope in our hearts, maybe we will wake up tomorrow."
"Yes, he will wake up!" Huo Mingze said, and asked, "Late liver cancer, can you treat it?"
"No, I am a doctor, not Nuwa, I can give him a new liver?" The other person is not angry.
"Help keep alive for a while?" Huo Mingze asked again.
The person on the other end of the phone, probably really did not sleep well, complained: "Brother, you came to me half the night to ask me this?" Who the hell is sick? When I came back to China last month, I checked the health of your grandfather and your mother, and they are fine."
"My father-in-law." Huo Mingze said.
The other voice was suddenly indignant: "Are you mad? Yao Yutong has gone abroad, and you still care about her father? You don't really think she went abroad to dream, do you? She doesn't think you can inherit him. Big brother, you sober up, love brain regardless of men and women, all want to dig wild vegetables, okay?"
'Not her!
"Then where is your father-in-law from?"
"My blind date's dad."
"Blind date? Well done! Brother, you finally figured it out. Marry immediately in place, let Yao Yutong eat shit to go. Ha ha, I will return home at dawn. No stop. I'll pack my bags now."
Shen Modi trotted all the way home.
This is a relatively old community, step ladder building, her family lives on the sixth floor.
Because the sixth floor rent is cheaper than the other floors.
As soon as she got up the stairs, the phone rang. As she went up the stairs, she picked it up. "Hello."
"Of course I'm fine. I'm better than ever." Opposite, a female voice, with a strange air.
"Who are you?" Shen Modi frowned slightly.
"Don't you hear? Then you are a very forgetful man." The female voice is still strange.
"Who are you? It's okay. I'm going." Shen Modi was a little upset.
She has a lot on her plate, and really can't afford to play this guessing game, not to mention the other side is still up to no good.
"Don't you want to know why your father left the hospital?" "Said the female voice.
When Shen Modi heard the sound, his heart rose with a burst of anger: "It's you!"
Her mind became extremely sober, heard the other side's voice, and asked angrily: "Song Keying?" "
"Well, did you hear that?" Song Keying laughed over the phone. "I said, why didn't you come to my wedding with the Cullinan? Your father was sick and dying."
"You are dying, Song Keying, my father will live well if you die!" Shen Modi angry heart ups and downs.
"Curse, the more I curse, the happier I am." After all, only people who are having a bad day get angry. Guess how I got your dad out of the hospital? Hee hee, I told him that he had liver cancer, there is no treatment, and then treatment will only make you can not turn over in your life."
"Song Keying!" Shen Modi shouted Song Keying's name in a warning tone, and her voice suddenly became cold and calm, "If anything happens to my father, I will make you regret it!"
"I regret it now, I regret being friends with people like you.
But I can't get the cullinan without being your friend. Shen Modi, you've seen the news. The Cullinan and I are officially married.
Now his career will be transferred to Haicheng, if you understand, immediately take your sick father and mute brother out of Haicheng. Otherwise, there will be consequences!"
"I'm not going anywhere."
"Shen Modi, let's meet. I have something for you. Maybe you'll change your mind if you look at it."
"Tomorrow afternoon, five o 'clock, South Ring Road on the island coffee. I have something for you, too!" Shen Modi coldly finished and hung up the phone.
She has moved from Mei City to Haicheng, Song Keying again to be so aggressive, she is not welcome.

Chapter 4: Dying
Shen Modi stood on the stairs, took a deep breath, collected his emotions, and then went home.
When I opened the door, my father leaned haggard on the sofa in the living room, watching TV.
My brother is in the kitchen.
Hearing the sound of the door opening, Shen Weiguo looked over with a smile: "Xiao Di, come back?"
He wants to sit up.
Shen Modi immediately ran to him: "Dad, you lie down and don't move."
Seeing her father like this, her heart ached and her nose turned sour.
Shen Weiguo smiled: "Silly child, father is fine." Back at home, I feel much more comfortable again."
"Dad, can we go to the hospital? I have money. My designs are selling more and more, and we'll have more money in the future. Look!" Shen Modi squatted in front of his father, red eyes to take out the mobile phone, the balance to his father.
Shen Weiguo looked at the balance of more than two hundred thousand, he said: "Son, you have worked hard."
I know that I may be a serious disease, but I did not think it was late liver cancer.
The moment he knew the truth, he felt that the child was too hard.
Working for him all the time, hiding it from him.
He also hated himself for being useless and his body was not worthy.
He should have borne the burden of this family, but let the child suffer.
In a word, Shen Modi broke the defense again, she reddened her eyes and shook her head, reaching out to grip her father's hand: "No hard, dad, I am not hard at all." As long as you're well and Light is well, I feel very satisfied. Dad, just go to the hospital and live in peace of mind, the current medical level is high, can be cured."
Shen Weiguo touched his daughter's head lovingly and said, "Xiao Di, you are also 24 years old this year, a girl, you have a suitable object, you still want to get married early." Having children early is less harmful to the body."
"Well, dad, I have a boyfriend, is my colleague, we have known each other for more than two years, we have been relatively familiar, he confessed to me yesterday, I really like him." I'll bring it back to you some day, and if it suits me, we'll get married." Shen Modi told a white lie.
Shen Weiguo smiled, sincerely happy for her daughter: "Good, colleagues are good, know a little longer, know everything, better."
"Dad, don't worry about my affairs, I will take care of it. I'm taking you to the hospital now." Shen Modi got up.
Shen Weiguo held her hand and said, "Xiao Di, Dad won't go to the hospital." Don't waste your money on Dad. Get married with money."
Light cochlear thing, he suddenly felt unable to open the mouth, Xiao Di this child, too bitter.
Shen Modi rolled with tears: "Dad, I'm still young, I can make money, I can make a lot of money in the future."
But there is only one father, life is only once, she wants to do her best to let her father live for a while!
"Dad, can you go to the hospital?" Shen Modi choked and trembled all over.
Shen Weiguo can not see her daughter so, he also heart spasm.
He glanced in the direction of the kitchen and said, "Dad is homesick too and wants to stay at home for a few days. The medicine prescribed by the hospital, my father has all taken back, and there are several days of medicine, so that the medicine is finished, we will go to the hospital."
His own body is well aware of itself, and he feels that there are no more days to live. After eating the medicine of these days, he will... Almost.
There are too many reluctant and insecure.
"Dad, the hospital has ct and other tests tomorrow, let's go to the hospital after dinner, OK?" Shen Modi clenched his father's hand and looked at him with pleading eyes.
Even though her father knew about his illness, she still couldn't bear to say the word chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Shen Weiguo dare not look at her daughter's eyes, her eyes red, that firm light let him love dearly.
'Daddy! Shen Modi shouted.
Her tears fell on the back of her father's hand.
Hot tears, burning Shen Weiguo's heart, he red eyes concessions: "Good... Dad's going to the hospital tomorrow. Tonight, Father wants to spend the night at home."
Go to the hospital tomorrow. Keep your daughter at ease.
He's only been here a few days.
It costs money to stay in the hospital, and it puts a burden on Flute.
"Okay, we're staying at home today. I'm going to cook with my brother." Shen Modi was reassured and immediately wiped away a tear and went to the kitchen to cook with his brother.
During this time, her father was hospitalized, and she cooked every day to send to the hospital, the company, the hospital, the home, and the three heads ran. Foreign language part-time on weekends.
She never felt tired, but she was afraid that she could not keep her father longer than she had done her best.
The family is happy and harmonious.
Shen Weiguo's food intake has become surprisingly good.
Not only ate a bowl of rice, but also drank two small bowls of soup.
Modi brother and sister see in the eyes, happy in the heart.
How I wish my father would get better, although I know this is just an extravagant hope.
After the two of them had packed up, they watched TV with their father.
Afraid of father tired, more than eight o 'clock Modi and his brother to support him back to the room to rest.
Early the next morning Mordi got up to make breakfast.
Afraid that her father had something, she got up twice in the middle of the night and quietly went to see her father.
Dad slept well, and so did she.
As soon as I finished frying the omelet, I heard my father coughing violently in the room.
Mordi panicked, immediately threw down the spatula and rushed into his father's room: "Dad..."
What comes into view is a shocking blood stain on the light blue quilt.
"Dad! Modi ran over, shaking hands with a phone 120, "Hello, emergency center? Please hurry up, my father has vomited blood, in the Liyuan community, please hurry up..."
Shen Weiguo reached out to hold Mo Di's hand, want to rob her phone.
Mordi wouldn't let me.
She regretted not taking her father to the hospital yesterday afternoon.
"Flute, child, don't cry, listen to Daddy..." Shen Weiguo leaning on the head of the bed, talking has been some difficult.
"Dad, don't talk, don't talk. Light, I'll call Light." Shen Modi was afraid that his father would be gone.
The house they rented was small, and his brother slept on the balcony of the living room.
Being born deaf and mute, he could not hear.
Modi is ready to rush out of the living room to find brother, Shen Xiaoguang has run over.
He was getting ready to make breakfast, and when he found the room open, he came immediately.
At a glance, I saw the blood, and he was a silent man so anxious that his mouth made a sound.
Shen Weiguo red eyes smiled, toward the light hand.
"Ah... Ah..." The light screamed in pain.
"Son, don't worry, daddy is fine." Shen Weiguo gesticulated with difficulty.
"Whoo, Dad..." Shen Modi choked, she knelt beside the bed holding her father's hand, holding a mobile phone in one hand kept looking at the time, hoping that the ambulance could come quickly.
"Flute, these sufferings, you should not have to endure... Flute, when you graduated from college, Dad told you... You're not dad's. Dad picked you up at the playground. You go to your mother and father..."
"Father, don't say it, don't say it." Shen Modi cried into tears, "In this life, I will only be your daughter."
Her father told her about it when she graduated from college.
Dad found her at the playground and waited there all day.
But no one came looking for her.
So, dad adopted her.
Even in the most difficult times, Dad never left her.
She may not have had a good life growing up, but Dad gave everything he had.
"Silly boy, how can you be so stupid, you should have gone to your parents after college..." Then I won't be dragged down by him!
"Dad, stop talking and save your strength. The ambulance is coming." Shen Modi held his father's hand tightly.
"Flute, stop messing around, Daddy's not going to the hospital... I want to be at home."
"No, Dad, let's go to the hospital. Let's go to the hospital."
"Daddy wants... Look at your boyfriend... Poof..." Shen Weiguo said, vomiting blood again.
He felt like he was dying, and he wanted to see Flute's boyfriend before he died.
If a man does have a soul after death, he must know who he is to bless.

Chapter 5 Dad, the porridge is Getting cold
"Dad..." Shen Modi immediately took a paper towel to wipe his father's blood, blood instantly dizzy open, dyed the whole paper towel red.
Her heart throbbing, quickly take the medicine, twist the bottle cap hand is shaking: "Dad, take the medicine, take the medicine will be better, I let Ming ze come, I let him come."
Brother light red eyes quickly end boiled water over.
Shen Modi fed medicine to dad, and hurriedly call Huo Mingze's phone.
I was worried it was too early, the phone was off or not answering.
I didn't expect the call to go through right away.
"Ho... Ming Ze, do you have a minute? My dad, he... He is not well and would like to see you now." Shen Modi tried to keep herself calm, but her voice had a heavy nasal accent.
She knew it was intrusive, but she wanted to reassure her dad.
"Yes, I'm coming now, wait for me!" Huo Mingze said and comforted her, "You don't worry too much, take care of yourself first to have the energy to take care of your family."
"Well, I called an ambulance. It should be here in a minute. We'll go to the city hospital." Shen Modi said.
We need to go to the hospital. One way or another, we need to get Dad to the hospital.
"Yes, wait for me." Huo Mingze answered and hung up the phone.
Right now, he's in his study doing a cross-country video conference in front of his computer.
It has nothing to do with Hoffmann. It's his overseas business.
They are making final preparations for the bid for the base station construction in the district of Ruiwei in State d.
Huo Mingze stood up and said to Mai: "You discuss, I have something to deal with."
CEO He Yishen said: "boss, this project will start the last round of bidding in the morning, we do not discuss thoroughly, it is easy to lose the project."
"Then it goes with the flow." Huo Mingze said.
He Yishen helplessly reminded: "boss, this project has at least 700 million profits."
"You discuss." Huo Mingze then turned off the camera.
He called his assistant: "Shen Modi's father is seriously ill and called the ambulance of the city hospital, you say hello and ask them to hurry up." In addition, ask an expert in oncology to consult. Don't let Shen Modi know that someone is helping her."
He Yishen, Ke Yuchuan several turn off the camera, the face is not very good.
Not worried about the project, but worried about Huo Mingze.
In front of outsiders, they will respectfully call Huo Mingze boss, and in private, they are brothers with different names who have a long history of friendship.
He Yichen a sad face: "You say, what will be?"
Ke Yuchuan: "What else could there be? Didn't you hear big brother on the phone waiting for him? A love brain like Big brother must be preparing to fly to Country h to find Yao Yutong."
He Yichen: "How can big brother not understand? Yao Yutong is the most realistic woman in the world."
Mussen: "It's clear to the outside world. It took six years."
Pear Garden community.
The voice of the ambulance whoo-hoo rang, leaving the pear Garden community, to the city hospital.
Shen Weiguo finally dont have the heart to look at her daughter cry into tears, agreed to go to the hospital.
Doctors have hooked up Shen Weiguo to a drip, and his face is still very pale.
Shen Modi sat in the ambulance and quickly sent Huo Mingze a wechat message: My father is not in a good situation, I told him that you are my colleague, we have known each other for two years, and we are ready to get married, please help to deceive him. Please, Geralt!
Huo Mingze reply: Good!
Huo Mingze drove Chevrolet to the city hospital, thought of Shen Modi to call him early, may not eat breakfast, he bought a few breakfast on the way.
By the time I got to the hospital, Shen Weiguo had been admitted to the ward.
Afraid of Shen Modi think more, the road assistant let people arrange the ordinary ward.
Soil has come to Shen Weiguo draw blood, also told Shen Modi, the hospital will routinely arrange expert consultation.
Shen Modi learned that experts routine consultation, very fortunate. She told dad there was a specialist consultation and she would be fine.
Shen Weiguo is still hooked up to a drip, and his face is still white.
See Huo Mingze, Shen Modi immediately got up, some worry, want to say pause.
Huo Mingze gave her a reassuring look.
Shen Modi nodded and then shouted with mock familiarity, "Ming Ze, you're here."
Hearing his daughter's cry, Shen Weiguo instantly opened his eyes, and his spirit was obviously better than before.
He struggled to sit up.
Shen Xiaoguang immediately helped him.
Huo Mingze quickly put aside his breakfast and walked over: "Uncle, you lie down, lie down well."
"Well, well..." Shen Weiguo just moved so a little, on some shortness of breath.
He leaned against the head of the bed, gasped and looked at Huo Mingze.
At a glance, I felt that this young man was very good-looking, and Xiao Di was a good match.
You look so smart in a suit.
Good temperament, as good as his flute's temperament.
He held out his hand to Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze immediately took Shen Weiguo's hand.
These are a pair of bony hands, bearing the torments of life and illness.
"Uncle, I should have come to see you sooner..." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi was afraid to wear the help, and immediately said: "Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't let him come."
"I know." Shen Weiguo understands this.
He knows Xiao Di, because he has been hurt in love, so there is no certainty of good things, will not bother others.
"Uncle, I'm sorry I came in a hurry and empty-handed." Huo Mingze said.
"Never mind..." Shen Weiguo looked at Huo Mingze with the eyes of his son-in-law, and he asked, "Xiao Huo, you and my Xiaodi... How long have you known each other?"
Although I feel that the young man in front of me and the little flute are very compatible, I am still afraid that the little flute is to let him rest assured and coax him.
"Uncle, we've known each other for two years. Uncle, you have not eaten breakfast, eat breakfast first, let's eat while we talk." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi thought Huo Mingze was afraid to wear help, immediately cooperate: "Yes, dad, we eat breakfast first."
She hurried to get her breakfast.
Light pushed the small table over, and Shen Modi put the breakfast on it.
Shen Weiguo where there is an appetite to eat, he felt his breath, can not drag too long.
Always wanting to ask more questions, he asked again, "Xiao Huo, are you also a jewelry designer?"
Huo Mingze immediately said: "No, uncle, I am a business."
"Oh, business... Business good, good... You and Flute do not usually work in contact with each other?"
"Uncle, we have a lot of contact."
"And do you know my flute?"
Hear father's words, Shen Modi heart inexplicable a little panic. Afraid to wear help, afraid dad sad.
She said: "Dad, this porridge is just the right temperature, I will feed you."
Shen Weiguo shook his head: "Dad doesn't eat... Not hungry."
He looked at Huo Mingze again.
Huo Mingze looked serious and said: "I have known Modi for more than two years, so I know her better." She is a passionate and kind person who is tough, brave, intelligent, focused..."
Shen Weiguo asked again, "You had dinner together... Have you seen a movie?"
"Well, we often have lunch together." Huo Mingze saw Shen Modi's information, before her father was hospitalized, she worked very hard, all eat work meals in the company cafeteria.
"And you know what Flute likes to eat?" Shen Weiguo asked again.
Shen Modi quickly interrupted: "Dad, the porridge is going to be cold."

Chapter 6 I give you my Daughter
Huo Mingze answered seriously: "She likes to eat hot and sour chicken giblets, stir-fried tripe, tendon and beef, not carrots, Onions and eggplant. She can eat some carrots if they are shredded."
It's all in the file. He saw it yesterday, and he remembered it.
Shen Weiguo eyes light light, who dont want their daughter to find a considerate man.
He did not have more time to examine whether Huo Mingze is considerate, he can only ask him if he does not understand Xiao Di's preferences.
If you don't know your daughter's basic preferences, how can you trust her?
Huo Mingze added: "Uncle, I have known Modi for a long time, and I have always liked her. You may rest assured that I will always be kind to her."
With that, he took out his bank card from his pocket: "Uncle, this is my bank card, all to Modi Tube." From now on, everything in the house will have her name on it."
"Well... All right Take the card yourself... There must be money in a man." Shen Weiguo moved to the eyes are moist.
Then he asked, "Who are the people in your family?"
"My grandfather, my mother and my sister. My sister is in college, and my grandfather is an old man who grows a la carte at home. Don't worry, my family is not very good, but my grandfather and my mother have pensions." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Weiguo heard grandpa Huo Mingze planting vegetables, and pension, really rest assured.
Ordinary family, not very poor, just right.
Unlike the Cullinan, who was originally as common as they were, he suddenly became a young master who cared for his family, and was completely different from them.
It doesn't matter if the Cullinan does the young master, and the little flute lost half his life because of the love.
He turned and asked, "Ho... Do you have any plans to get married?"
"Uncle, I have always wanted to get married, depending on what Xiaodi means." I have no experience, and I will try my best to meet any request you may make." Huo Mingze sincerely said.
"Our family... It's a normal family. And I'm sick, and I'm dragging Flute down... But my daughter is also excellent.
She was the baby I held in my hands all my life... I have no other request, I only ask that you treat her well.
If one day Do you think love, marriage... There's nothing left but chicken feathers. I want you to think about what you said today. You say that she is a person full of enthusiasm for life and kind and upward... She's tough, brave, smart, focused..."
"Don't worry, Uncle, I'll remember it." Huo Mingze promised.
Shen Modi was already covering his mouth and sobbing.
Breathing hard, Shen Weiguo said: "She is young and beautiful now, how you look at it is beautiful... But one day, it will be old. if You'll never remember her beautiful face again... You don't hit her, you don't call her names... You get together and leave... You sent her brother Shine to pick her up...
No matter what time, what place, wind or rain, light will pick her up.
Our family is poor... And we'll love her with all we have... When the time comes, you will go to my grave and tell me..."
"Whoo, Dad, stop it, stop it..." Shen Modi cried until she was out of breath.
Little light could not hear, but seeing the expressions of his sister and father, his eyes were red with sadness, and he hugged his sister and let her lean on his shoulder.
Shen Modi cried harder.
Huo Mingze held Shen Weiguo's hand and solemnly said, "Uncle, you can rest assured that I will never fail Mo Di."
Although it is a blind date, but his bones are very traditional, the marriage is very sacred, once married, will be loyal and guardian.
"Well... Flute..." Shen Weiguo shouted.
'Daddy! Shen Modi will come immediately.
Shen Weiguo took Mo Di's hand and put her hand and Huo Mingze's hand together.
He solemnly said to Huo Mingze: "Today I... I'm giving you my baby girl. Hopefully in the days to come... You guys play nice, run a family... When you are blessed, you enjoy together... When there are difficulties, we also work together to face...
Life is long and there will be many difficulties... Encourage each other, not blame each other."
"Yes! Don't worry, uncle, I will take good care of Mordi." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi heartache tears fell on the back of his father's hand, also fell on the back of Huo Mingze's hand.
Feeling the heat of the tears, Huo unconsciously placed his hand on Shen's shoulder and patted her shoulder.
Shen Weiguo looked at his daughter again.
"HMM." Shen Modi also answered with heartache, "I will try to face the difficulties, Dad, we will be all right." You'll be all right with specialist consultation."
Shen Weiguo smiled.
Ming Ming is suffering from illness, Ming Ming's face is thin and pale, and oxygen is still hanging from his nose, but he smiled from the bottom of his heart and said: "Dad can't see your wedding, but he can see that you are well now... Just happy... Xiao Di, Xiao Guang grew up, he is a man, can support himself... You don't have to take care of him too much.
Ming Ze ah, after you do light's brother-in-law, please don't feel light is a burden... He has strength, heavy work at home that will allow him to do a little more... If he wants to study, you can lend him some money if you have the spare power, so that he can pay it back when he works... If you have no power, take care of your own lives..."
"Dad, I'll take care of Shine." Shen Modi's heart ached so much that he had a little twitch.
In order to let her live well, dad even asked her to leave her brother alone.
Huo Mingze put his hand around her and said, "Uncle, don't worry, Xiao Guang is Modi's younger brother, which is my own brother." I will not let him do heavy work, I will pay for his education, and I will help him more at work in the future. We are a family and will support each other."
"I thank you for Shine!" Shen Weiguo struggled to get up and say thank you.
Huo Mingze immediately held him down: "Uncle, you don't move, you lie down."
At this time, a bald chief doctor with several assistants walked in, looked through the case book, and checked the list of drugs attached to the bottle, and said to Shen Modi: "Family, your father's disease, we have a consultation, out of a new plan for immunotherapy, if you agree, we will start in a moment."
"Doctor, I'm done." When Shen Weiguo heard the words immunotherapy, the first reaction was to spend money again.
"Doctor, don't listen to my father. We'll fix it. As long as there's hope, we'll fix it." Shen Modi said.
The doctor said, "We will try our best to treat it. Besides, the treatment is subsidized and free."
A listen to subsidies, can be free, Shen Weiguo silent, if there is hope, he also want to live well, even if live soon, more time to see the child is also good.
How he wanted to see Xiao Di get married and see Xiao Guang grow up!
The doctor said, "Family, if you agree, sign it and we'll start this afternoon."
"Good," said Hermione. Shen Modi got up and took the pen.
When she saw the risk warning on the treatment consent form, her hand in her pen stopped.
It says, "All treatments are risky...
She took one look at her father's frail body, clenched her teeth, and signed her name.
There's a chance of a cure. If not, there's no hope.
"The patient should not eat, lie down and have a good rest. It is expected that he will enter the treatment room in two hours." 'said the doctor.
'Yes, thank you, Doctor! Shen Modi thanked him immediately.
After the doctor left, Shen Modi suddenly asked Huo Mingze: "Have you brought the household registration book?"
She was so afraid that something would happen to her father's treatment that she wanted him to see her marriage certificate before he entered the treatment room.

Chapter 7: The ex-girlfriend calls
"HMM." Huo Mingze answered.
Actually, no, but he can give it to his assistant.
"Have you decided to get a license with me?" Shen Modi asked again.
Huo Mingze nodded: "Of course!"
"Shall we go and get the certificate now?" Shen Modi asked.
She knew the location of the Civil Affairs Bureau, which was within a ten-minute drive of the city hospital.
"Good," said Hermione. Huo Mingze answered.
"Dad, you have a good rest while I get my license." Shen Modi sat down in front of the bed and held his father's hand.
Shen Weiguo eyes red: "Good, good."
He pulled his daughter's hand tightly and said: "Xiao Di, look forward, and live well in the future, and manage your own small home well."
"HMM." Mordi sobbed in response.
She knew what father meant. Father told her to forget the cullinan.
In fact, she had forgotten.
"Dad, after getting the license, Modi and I will be husband and wife, I will be your son, I have nothing else to do for you, I will not give Modi the bride price, I will install the cochlea for Xiaoguang." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Weiguo's heart was greatly shaken, he immediately refused: "No... No..."
He is moved, even if he can not accept, Huo Mingze can have such a heart, he can rest assured that the flute to him.
Marriage, ah, begins with the level of appearance, and ends with the character.
"Dad, let's go get the license first, you have a good rest, you'll be all right." Huo Mingze added.
"Good, good." Shen Weiguo said two good words in a row.
Shen Modi sign language let light take good care of dad, light hurriedly and sister, said he will take good care of dad.
Modi and Huo Mingze went out of the ward.
When she reached the stairs, she said, "If you get the certificate, it's for life."
"Well, all my life! Huo Mingze reached out and held Shen Modi's hand.
Shen Modi stiffened slightly and did not withdraw his hand.
Huo Mingze led Shen Modi downstairs, their ward on the second floor, there is no elevator.
He said, "Everything I say to you, I will do." I will be faithful to my marriage and I will treat you well."
"Thanks, so will I!" Shen Modi said.
Huo Mingze side head, reach out and rub Shen Modi's head, comfort: "Everything will be fine."
"HMM." Shen Modi's eyes flashed a resolute light.
At the Civil Affairs office, Mordi went to the bathroom.
Lu assistant gave the hukou to Huo Mingze, by the way, the watch was handed to Huo Mingze in front, whispered to remind him: "President, last week about 10 o 'clock and Zheng general contract, only half an hour." You see?"
'You go! Huo Mingze said.
"No, Mr. Zheng is very difficult. He won't agree to the contract unless you go in person."
"Let him, then." Huo Mingze saw Modi coming from the bathroom and immediately greeted him.
Road assistant looking at Huo Mingze's back, the mood is complicated.
The president and Miss Yao have been in love for six years. He is a witness.
The president's favor to Miss Yao can be said to be deep in the bone.
Unexpectedly, the CEO finally decided to marry a stranger.
Huo Mingze and Shen Modi take wedding photos.
The photographer looked at Shen Modi's red eyes, silently thinking in his heart, do not want to get married, you can not get married, why do you cry?
But he didn't say much and took photos of them professionally.
After getting the photo, Huo Mingze and Shen Modi go to the window.
The line for the divorce window is 10 meters away, and the wedding window, there's an empty seat.
The two men went to the empty window.
Huo Mingze's phone rang suddenly.
Caller ID: Yao Yutong!
This is the name Huo Mingze changed after Yao Yutong went abroad.
In the past, the name was Tong Bao.
"Answer the phone first." Shen Modi heard Huo Mingze phone ring, said.
She even retreated to the side of the window, ready to wait for Huo Mingze to answer the phone, they will register.
"An unimportant call." Huo Mingze smiled at Shen Modi and put the phone in his pocket.
"But it kept ringing." Shen Modi kindly remind.
"It won't ring soon." Huo Mingze said.
"HMM." Shen Mo Di answered.
Huo Mingze reached out to Shen Modi's hand and pulled her to the window.
Huo Mingze's mobile phone kept ringing, he took out a glance, lip Angle with a touch of sarcasm, and then shut down.
Six years of feelings, no matter how he insisted on going abroad, and so anxious to call him to do?
He was also watching her leave looking at her back at the moment, suddenly flashed four words in his mind: not too well.
The forms were filled out, signed, photographed, the staff affixed the photos, stamped...
In less than five minutes, two marriage certificates were presented to them.
Looking at the photo on the marriage certificate, Huo Mingze said to Shen: "In the future, we will be husband and wife, and we will be a family."
"HMM." Shen Modi answer, also looked at their hands of the marriage certificate.
A little mixed feelings, never thought that her marriage would start in such a way.
There is always a gap between ideal and reality.
The ideal marriage for girls is to wear a sacred and white wedding dress and run to a person who loves her heart and soul.
But in the real world, you may be separated from the person you love for a variety of reasons, and then find a person who is not so in love, this is a lifetime.
She smiled at the marriage certificate.
Actually, it was better than she expected.
At least, Huo Mingze is not only handsome, not strange character, but also spent money on her.
She's already got a treasure trove.
"Go back to the hospital. When your dad is more stable, we'll go out to dinner to celebrate. Then we'll take you to meet your parents." Huo Mingze said.
Seeing Shen Modi's empty fingers, he said: "Also, we are going to pick out wedding rings." Don't worry about that, your father's business is important, let's go back to the hospital first."
"I'll take care of my dad. If you have a job, do it first. I'll call you if anything happens." Shen Modi afraid to delay Huo Mingze's time.
It's Wednesday, a weekday. He's been delayed all morning.
"We are husband and wife, and your business is my business." Your brother's cochlea. I'll ask you about it in a minute." Huo Mingze said.
He is mainly waiting for the fifth Qiu Zhan back.
Fifth catch an early morning flight. It should be close by now.
"No, I don't need you for cochlea. You've helped me a lot." Shen Mo Di said urgently.
Huo Mingze has a good marriage certificate, his hands on Shen Modi shoulder, looking down at her focus: "In the future, you don't have to carry anything yourself." You can count on me, your husband."
Shen Modi quickly removed his eyes, suddenly a sour nose, eyes are red.
She always thought she was strong.
However, hearing the dependence, her nose was still sore.
She's really tired these days.
"Let's go." Huo Mingze reached out and touched Shen Modi's head, then took her hand and left the Civil Affairs Bureau.
Get to the ward.
Soil just to Shen Weiguo change drip bottle, tell Shen Weiguo, after this bottle, rest for ten minutes, change clothes into the treatment room.
See Modi back, Shen Weiguo Barbados looked at her daughter.
Mordi knew what her father was thinking, and she took the marriage certificate to her father for the first time.
Shen Weiguo dry wood general hand took the marriage certificate.
Looking at the photo on the marriage certificate, his eyes moistened and he kept saying: "Good, good."
He can finally rest easy.
As if the string that had been tight in his heart suddenly dropped, his hand with the marriage certificate suddenly dropped, his body smoked, and puffed out a mouthful of blood...

Chapter 8 Lao 5, Qiu Zhan
"Dad! Shen Mo Di rushed to it.
The light is also anxious, and immediately rushed to the front of the soil in a hurry.
"I'll call the doctor." The nurse rushed out of the ward for the first time.
"Dad, don't scare me." Shen Modi knelt on one knee in front of the bed, reached for his father's hand, and pressed his hand to his face.
"Don't cry, child..." Shen Weiguo difficult to open his eyes, distressed to say.
He looked at Huo Mingze again.
Huo Mingze squatted next to Modi immediately.
"For me... Take good care of your daughter..." Shen Weiguo looked at Huo Mingze eagerly.
"Dad, don't worry. I'll take good care of Mordi and Shine." Huo Mingze promised.
A group of doctors rushed in.
The bald chief doctor immediately looked at Shen Weiguo's eyelids and arranged to say, "Go to the emergency room."
There's dirt on the stretcher bed.
"The family hug the patient." "Said one of the doctors.
Shen Modi is ready to hug.
Huo Mingze beat me to it: "I'll do it!"
He lifted the covers, picked up Shen Weiguo and gently put him on the stretcher bed.
If he did not embrace himself, he really could not think that an adult man could be light to this point.
I wonder if the fifth has arrived yet?
Remember from already or shut down, he turned on while Shen Modi sister and brother sent the stretcher bed to the emergency room.
Shen Weiguo into the emergency room, Shen Modi the whole person are some soft, she saw her brother looking at the emergency room lights, she also strong spirits play sign language comfort him: brother, dad will be okay.
Light nodded hard, he also made hand gestures.
The two comforted each other.
Light regret yesterday agreed to father out of hospital.
Huo Mingze prepared to call the fifth, the fifth's phone first came: "Brother, are you wrong?" Really, you asked me to rush back to rescue people, and then you turned off the phone and disappeared, if I hadn't saved the number of the road assistant, I would have run to your villa, and again and again, the donkey is tired to death."
"Where are you now?" Huo Mingze asked.
"Where else can we go? We're almost at city hospital. Want to eat a meal of Chen Ji pork ribs are afraid to delay your business, by the way, you really get the license?" Qiu Zhan babbled like a talker.
"I took it." Huo Mingze responded, said business, "Fifth, my father-in-law, he went to the emergency room."
"Fuck, wait for me, I'll let the master cross the red light." Ah, I have no time to buy a present for my sister-in-law, let's treat the disease first." Qiu Zhan hung up the phone.
Huo Mingze glanced at the phone, there are more than 30 wechat messages, all sent by Yao Yutong, he clicked Yao Yutong's profile picture, set the message do not disturb.
Why not block it?
He has not yet shown Yao Yutong that he is the heir to the Huo Clan!
Light kept tiptoe to see inside the situation, nothing can be seen, he walked in front of the emergency room.
Mordi saw her brother like this, and she was more anxious.
"Dad will be all right." Huo Mingze walked over to Modi and said.
"HMM." Shen Modi answered.
Her heart is like a saw cutting, it's real pain.
She knew that Dad might... I can't hold it.
This kind of people who see their loved ones vomiting blood in front of their own eyes, personally send their loved ones to the emergency room, feel the passage of life... Unspeakable pain.
A few minutes later, the door of the emergency room opened, and the chief doctor came out first, his face was not very good, and he sighed and said: "Family, we tried our best."
Hearing the sound, Shen Modi knees soft, the body will go down soft, Huo Mingze a hold her.
"Whoo... Whoo..." Shen Modi sobbed bitterly.
She wanted to be strong, she wanted not to cry, she wanted to be brave, but she couldn't control herself.
Knowing that Dad might... May not be able to come out, but, really can not come out, is so cone heart piercing pain.
"Brother, what are you?" Qiu Zhan rushed over, pulling a suitcase, a black hoodie, looks like to travel.
"Quick, help, inside." See Qiu Zhan, Huo Mingze such as lifesaver, while holding Modi, while referring to the emergency room.
Just then, several doctor assistants pushed Shen Weiguo out.
Shen Weiguo lay quietly in bed, without a trace of anger.
"Dad..." Shen Modi stumbled over, Huo Mingze quickly hold her.
"I'm sorry!" The chief doctor sighed again.
They want to save people if they can.
It was supposed to be immunotherapy, but the patient's condition was so bad, they couldn't wait for treatment.
"Please help push it in, please give me a set of sterile clothing, thank you!" Qiu Zhan can not ignore the suitcase, he shouted.
Several doctors looked at him sympathetically, but none gave him what he wanted.
This scene, they have seen a lot, the family members are indeed difficult to accept the death of their loved ones, some family members may know a little first aid, will want to get started.
A doctor could not bear to say: "Family, we have tried our best to save, but also please mourn."
Qiu Zhan also ignore aseptic clothing, his hand has been on Shen Weiguo's pulse.
"CPR." Qiu Zhan said, immediately out pocket.
In the car he had his bag of silver needles ready.
Seeing him pull out a pile of silver needles, several doctors were helpless.
Qiu Zhan decisively in Shen Weiguo's people, under the acupoint of Lao Gong.
He immediately untied Shen Weiguo's clothes and put needles on his Tianchi, Quchi, Neiguan and other acupoints.
Shen Modi eyes red, eyes light hope to look at Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze looked at her and said: "I am a very good friend, he is a traditional Chinese medicine family."
'Thank you! Shen Modi's eyes are more hopeful.
About two minutes later, the person in bed suddenly gave a soft cough.
"Dad! Shen Modi was so excited that he cried again.
She's shed more tears in two days than she's shed in her entire life.
Shen Weiguo opened his eyes, as if a lifetime.
He opened his mouth and was stopped by Qiu Zhan: "Uncle, don't talk, lie down, relax, close your eyes, and breathe evenly."
Big brother told me about his condition, terminal liver cancer.
When he felt his pulse just now, it was a sign that the oil had run out.
Even if he had an emergency needle, it wouldn't be long.
The bald chief doctor looked at Qiu Zhan with shocked eyes and asked, "Young man, are you?"
"I am also a doctor, please help push the ward first, thank you!" Qiu Zhan said.
"Quick, help, push the ward." The chief doctor gave immediate orders.
The assistant doctor and the soil immediately dispersed and pushed Shen Weiguo into the ward.
Qiu Zhan opened the window of the ward, and let the doctor and soil left, he gave Shen Weiguo after pulling the needle, and re-tied a few points.
Shen Weiguo vomited blood again, Shen Modi cried convulsively.
Qiu Zhan comforted her: "This blood spit out is a good thing, good for the body."
He could not say against his will that it would be good, only that it would be good for the patient's health.
"Thank you, thank you! Shen Modi thanked Qiu Zhan and bowed to him subconsciously.
"Oh, no, no, no, sister-in-law, I can't help it, I have to live a long time." Qiu Zhan immediately held Shen Modi.
Then introduce yourself...

Chapter 9: Someone is in a hurry
Qiu Zhan extended his hand to Shen Modi and introduced himself: "Sister-in-law, hello, my name is Qiu Zhan, is a traditional Chinese medicine, and my big brother is a surname brother."
"Hello, my name is Shen Modi." Shen Modi to Qiu Zhan hand.
After holding Shen Modi's hand, Qiu Zhan looked everywhere and thought about it, for what: "I came in a hurry, did not bring a gift, next time make up ha."
With that, he reached out and scratched his head.
"No gift, thank you for saving my father, thank you!" Shen Modi thanked him.
Bringing Dad back from the dead is the best gift ever!
Moreover, Huo Mingze's friends will be her friends in the future, and between friends, they do not need these things.
In addition to grateful Qiu Zhan, she also thanked Huo Mingze, she knew that Huo Mingze let Qiu Zhan come.
"I'll make it up after your wedding." Qiu Zhan said.
'Thank you!
"Why, my own family, don't mention it." Qiu Zhan also picked his mobile phone, "Come, sister-in-law, add a wechat ah!"
Huo Mingze gave Qiu Zhan a warning look.
Qiu Zhan laughed and insisted on adding wechat to Shen Modi.
Oh, my God. He's not gonna say anything.
Shen Modi also immediately took the hand to sweep Qiu Zhan QR code.
After adding wechat to each other, Qiu Zhan said: "Hey, you got the certificate today, do not send the circle of friends official announcement?"
Shen Modi's face flushed, a little embarrassed.
She actually didn't know Huo Mingze very well.
With dad, she didn't want to post about moments.
"Quickly, the first circle of friends to celebrate, and then wait for uncle's condition to have a big dinner to celebrate." Qiu Zhan said.
Huo Mingze took the marriage certificate out of his trouser pocket.
"Sister, quick, yours." Qiu Zhan urged.
Shen Modi also took out the marriage certificate.
"I'll take your picture. I'm a good photo taker." Qiu Zhan, while boasting, took their marriage certificate.
Set up on a small table, he found a good Angle, took a picture, and then added a special effect of roses.
"One more!" Qiu Zhan while saying, while opening two marriage certificates.
After taking photos, he exposed the wedding photos of Huo Mingze and Shen Modi, and coded all the information such as ID cards.
"Okay, I'll send it to you." He looked at the photos with satisfaction and promptly sent them to Huo Mingze and Shen Modi.
Huo Mingze received the photo, ready to post moments.
Qiu Zhan stopped: "Wait a minute, come and take a picture of you holding hands!"
Huo Mingze naturally took Shen Modi's hand.
Shen Modi also held Huo Mingze's hand.
Probably because these two days, he really gave her a lot of motivation and rely on, she held his hand, there is a sense of security in the heart filled with things.
"It feels so good to have your fingers interlocked." Qiu Zhan beaming, half squatting body specially pat Huo Mingze and Shen Modi's hand.
"I'll do a special effect for you first, so you can mend your wedding rings when you're free." Qiu Zhan said and processed the photo.
While dealing with him, he praised himself: "I am really a small picture expert, this ring is really beautiful, you can't see that it is special effects, too real."
Ah, he can't wait to see big brother send friends circle, want to see Yao Yutong eat shit expression.
Just thinking about it, I feel relieved.
Does she really think her big brother wants her?
Big brother is to marry any woman, is stronger than her Yao Yutong.
Huo Mingze received the photo and sent it to the circle of friends with the caption: Hold your hand, grow old with you.
Shen Modi also sent a circle of friends, with the text: Cherish everything, thank you for appearing in my life.
Qiu Zhan can't wait to give them praise.
Then leave a message in Huo Mingze's circle of friends: Wah wah wah, so eager to get married, this is pregnant?
He and respectively Aite he Yichen several people: come and see, there is a person to end the single, we come together to envy him.
He Yishen a few people after five minutes will enter the conference room to start bidding, now see big brother official announcement, one can not wait to leave a message.
He Yichen: Damn, I envy you so much.
Ke Yuchuan: Sister-in-law is really beautiful sky ah, certificate photos are so beautiful. Sure enough, all love is based on color.
Mussen: Jealous!
Qiu Zhan and immediately in the small group of Aite Huo Mingze: married people, send red envelopes!
This small group of eight people, in addition to their six brothers, there are Yao Yutong and Ke Yuchuan's fiancee.
They won't be drawn into a group if they're not married to someone.
Huo Mingze knew that Qiu Zhan did not like Yao Yutong, he glanced at him and said: "Childish."
Then give out red packets in the group.
Qiu Zhan grabbed the red envelope to liven up the atmosphere in the group:
"Good luck! The king of luck!"
"Rob them all!"
"Grabbing red envelopes is not active, there is something wrong with your brain."
He went from one to the other.
Aite he Yicheng after a few people, deliberately Aite Yao Yutong.
At this time, Yao Yutong is waiting at the airport.
She was furious.
Lu assistant called her to say that Huo Mingze was ready to get a license with a strange woman.
She immediately called Huo Mingze, as a result, Huo Mingze did not answer her phone.
She also sent Huo Mingze wechat, he did not return.
She knew he was really angry.
But grandma with her analysis of the Huo family situation, after the death of Huo Mingze father, Huo's many executives turned to support Huo Mingze cousin Huo Zhengqin, Huo Mingze inherit Huo's chance is not big, it is best to wait and see.
Of course she wouldn't have married if she wasn't the heir to the Howe.
So, under the pretext of entering a jewelry design competition, she went abroad.
Huo Mingze told her that if she insisted on going abroad, they would break up.
She told Huo Mingze not to bother, she was just going to participate in the game, not not back.
She thought he was just joking, but instead, he was serious.
She had to go home immediately to keep him safe in case he succeeded him.
Now by Qiu Zhanai, she is bored to death, can only pretend not in.
She really doesn't like these friends of Huo Mingze.
Do not have a good identity, in fact, and Huo Mingze is not quite match. So, although she was in the group, she didn't like contact very much.
In the past, Huo Mingze took her to eat with them, and she was not very happy.
Who's up for it?
He Yichen is an orphan, when in high school and people fight, Huo Mingze helped him, the two people met, and have been friends since.
Mu Sen is Mu family illegitimate son, can not enter Mu family at all.
Ke Yuchuan did have some money, but compared with the family, the difference is too far.
Qiu Zhan is a doctor, or a Chinese medicine, now who still see Chinese medicine?
So, she was really reluctant to engage with them.
Huo Mingze also said that they started businesses abroad.
How can a couple like them start a business?
Can't keep up with the vision and the pattern?
So every time Huo Mingze talks about them, she gently changes the subject.
She turned off her phone and prepared to board the plane as the loudspeaker sounded for boarding.
Go back and let Huo Mingze use some contacts, and first cancel his marriage to that strange woman.
Otherwise, she's really upset.

Chapter 10 Shen Modi, Are you afraid to come?
After Qiu Zhan gave Shen Weiguo a needle, Shen Weiguo temporarily picked up the life.
Qiu Zhan let Shen Modi to do the transfer procedures, said transferred to his hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, next he personally needle every day.
A listen to Qiu Zhan personally treatment, Shen Modi excited immediately to do the settlement procedures.
Qiu Zhan called Huo Mingze to the door of the ward, told Huo Mingze in a low voice the truth, Modi father has little time left.
He was too sick to be saved.
In a good case, maybe half a month, in a bad case, maybe a week or so.
Huo Mingze sigh, let Qiu Zhan arrange as soon as possible to Xiaoguang installed cochlear.
He looked at the light.
Xiao Guang, 15 years old and already a big boy, stood by his bed, his eyes red and he could not hear what they were saying.
Qiu Zhan also took a look at Xiaoguang, withdrew his sight, and said: "After passing the physical assessment, you can do cochlear implant surgery tomorrow." After implantation, it is necessary to keep debugging and maintenance, about a month or so to boot, boot can hear. And then there's language training."
"Better, let my father-in-law see the light and hear the sound." Huo Mingze said.
When you hear the voice, you can do simple language training, even if you only call out your father, your father-in-law will go at ease.
Qiu Zhan nodded: "Good. As soon as possible, they will all be transferred to Pingkang Private Hospital. I will arrange it immediately."
"HMM." Huo Mingze nodded.
Just then, Mordi finished the billing formalities and came over with a few sheets.
Seeing Huo Mingze standing at the door, she said: "It's noon, why don't you go eat something first?"
"Together." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi shook his head and said, "I won't go. I'm not hungry."
Dad's doing this. She really has no appetite. Also, she was not comfortable enough to leave her father in the ward, for fear that he would leave as soon as she left.
In that case, she won't even make it.
"You have to eat enough to be strong enough to take care of Daddy and Shine. By the way, I will perform cochlear surgery on Light tomorrow." Huo Mingze said.
"No, no more of your money." Shen Mo Di said quickly.
Huo Mingze looked at Shen Modi, reached out his hand, and rubbed her green color from staying up late and worrying: "We are married, and what is mine is yours." Let's spend it first, and then we'll try to earn it together."
"Don't worry, the earlier the cochlear implant, the better. Good for Shine, and Dad." Huo Mingze's voice is very soft, and he looks in the direction of the bed again, his eyes tell Modi that your father will also want to see the light implant cochlear.
'Yes. We'll try to earn it together." Shen Modi gritted his teeth and agreed.
She thought that when her father's condition was more stable, she would try to draw more designs and try to tutor more than two homes. Just a little less sleep at night. She's young enough to fight.
"Let's go and eat first." Huo Mingze said.
Look at Shen Modi eyes to Shen Weiguo, he instantly understood, he told Qiu Zhan: "order to eat."
Qiu Zhan dig mobile phone ready to order, just the phone rang, Pingkang hospital over there to pick up people.
He told them to come up.
Hanging up the phone, he said, "Let's go to Pingkang's for a working dinner."
Pingkang Hospital is the most famous private hospital in Haicheng, and it is also his personal business.
He's out there a lot, but Pingkang has a good reputation.
Because he dug up a lot of doctors.
Especially those who have good medical skills but are not used in official hospitals and are suppressed by some old quacks.
"Good," said Hermione. Huo Mingze responded.
Soon, several doctors arrived, carrying stretchers.
Shen Weiguo transferred to the stretcher, a line of people downstairs to the hospital.
After Pingkang hospital, Qiu Zhan personally arranged.
Let Shen Weiguo into the ward, and arrange the doctor to Shen Weiguo drip.
Then arrange the ear, nose and throat department expert team to do the preoperative examination of light.
The hospital canteen sent the meal to Shen Weiguo's ward.
Qiu Zhan while eating and Shen Modi talk about light situation.
After today's inspection, tomorrow morning on the operation, a month after the operation, the machine can hear the sound, and then continue to modulate, the hospital, family members, patients tripartite cooperation, strive to make light early adaptation.
When Mo Di thought of Xiao Guang's chance to hear the voices of the outside world and speak as normal as ordinary people in the future, she cried excitedly: "Thank you, Qiu Zhan, thank you."
"Well, don't mention it, my friend. Help each other. I'll do the operation myself." The more Qiu Zhan see Shen Modi is more comfortable.
He felt that there was nothing wrong with Shen Modi except his poor birth.
Beautiful, kind, affectionate, grateful...
She has these things, throw Yao Yutong 800 streets.
'Thank you! Mordi really didn't know what to say except thank you.
Huo Mingze gave her dishes: "You eat a little more, eat enough to have strength."
"Good," said Hermione. Shen Modi see father quietly transfusion, she also tried to eat a little more.
She needs to take care of her father and brother.
It's about four o 'clock in the afternoon, and all of Light's tests are done.
Qiu Zhan let Mo Di accompany light to the lawn downstairs sunshine, relax, told him that the operation is very simple, don't be afraid.
Huo Mingze know Modi dont trust father, he promised to stay.
Qiu Zhan also said that her father's situation is stable and will get better and better.
Mordi felt relieved and went downstairs to bask in the sun with the light.
The environment of Pingkang Hospital is very good, and many people are basking in the sun at this time.
The green lawn was neatly mowed, and some children were running and jumping.
There are also children with the same situation as Xiao Guang, who have cochlear implants and are actively learning to speak.
More than five o 'clock, Shen Modi is ready to take light back, the phone rang, she picked up.
Song Keying's scolding voice came from the other end of the phone: "Shen Modi, you are weak? Afraid to come? Pull back, little trash."
Shen Modi today finally calm the mood, in hearing Song Keying's voice at that moment, anger crazy upwelling. When she thought of her father's experience from yesterday to today, the death of this, she would like to wring Song Keying's head, her face fell suddenly, and her voice said coldly: "I have something today, tomorrow afternoon at five, we will meet on the South Ring Road island coffee."
"Why do you decide the place? I'll meet you tomorrow at three o 'clock in the afternoon at Qinya Cafe." Song Keying finished, hung up the phone directly.
Shen Modi's heart was still heaving.
She must go to see Song Keying, must!
"Sister, what's the matter?" Light see sister mood is not right, a look of concern, ask in sign language.
Shen Modi exhaled a breath, quickly adjusted the mood, using sign language to appease light: "Nothing, some work things, not important, go, it's late, a little cool, we go back to the ward."

Chapter 11 I Am not Afraid to Wear Shoes in My Bare Feet
The next day.
Qiu Zhan early with the team for light surgery.
In the O.R. at 7:00, out at 10:30.
Qiu Zhan specially to Shen Weiguo ward to tell him, Xiao Guang surgery is very successful. After a month, the cochlea is turned on, and the sound of the outside world can be heard in the light, and the language training can be done slowly.
"Thank you... Thank you!" Shen Weiguo wanted to get up.
Qiu Zhan pressed his shoulder: "Uncle, you are welcome. Just relax and take good care of yourself. Everything will be all right."
Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on strengthening the basic and cultivating the yuan.
Human mood is the source of all diseases.
Liver disease, in addition to genetic factors, has a strong relationship with anxiety.
Shen Weiguo such a situation, is likely to be a heavy burden of the family for a long time, he worries about the child's things, a long time to become ill.
If you relax from now on, maybe you can live a few more days.
"Okay, okay, I'll relax." Shen Weiguo was very excited and happy.
He earnestly looked forward to his heart, he can live a few more days, see the light to speak.
Huo Mingze company has something today, after sending light into the operating room, he went to the company.
More than ten o 'clock, he rushed over again, just in time to pick up light back to the ward.
"You didn't have to hurry." See Huo Mingze rushed over, Shen Modi full of gratitude.
"I should have been with you all the way through such an important operation." Huo Mingze saw that a strand of Shen Modi's hair had slipped down, and he lifted it behind her ear.
Shen Modi suddenly ear root a red.
Huo Mingze looked at Shen Modi like this, slightly pulled up the lip Angle, and reported his own trip: "I have more things today, now come to accompany you for a while, and also look at Dad and light." I can't have lunch with you. I have to meet a client."
Shen Modi immediately said: "You have something to do, you are busy with your business, there is no need to come here."
Huo Mingze smiled at Shen Modi: "We are married, I should tell you the itinerary."
Shen Modi's ears turned red again, a little uncomfortable, and felt a little down-to-earth, even the expectation of marriage life, she said: "No, you have something to do your own first, I can take care of yourself and the family."
"HMM." Huo Mingze smiled at Shen Modi.
Shen Modi immediately removed his eyes, cheeks a little hot.
Confirmed the father and brother are both in stable condition.
At three o 'clock in the afternoon, Shen Modi arrived at Qinya club on time.
This is the most high-end business club in Haicheng.
Many business people choose to talk about work here.
Walking into the clubhouse, Shen Modi saw Song Keying sitting near the window, she took off her coat, wearing a gray cashmere sweater, very figure, she was elegantly drinking coffee.
Seeing Shen Modi come in, she rolled her eyes, lifted her chin, and said contemptuously: "Is this not a coward?"
Shen Modi came over.
Song Keying disdainfully rolled her eyes again, turned to her side to take her bag, pulled out an envelope from the bag, and swagged: "Here is a cheque for 100,000..."
Shen Modi came is a slap in the face of Song Keying.
'You! Song Keying stared in shock.
Shen Modi hit her?
"Bitch, don't you dare hit me!" Song Keying mad, teng got up, picked up the bag crazy hit Shen Modi.
Shen Modi reached out to grab the bag, a pull, and then raised a slap in Song Keying's face.
She looked at Song Keying with cold eyes: "Song Keying, that slap just now is to fight those dirty things you did to me behind the back three years ago." This slap is for what you did to my father."
"What have I done to you? You bitch!" Song Keying's voice was sharp.
"Try one more curse!" Shen Modi warned.
"Bitch, bitch... Ah..."
Shen Modi picked up the coffee in front of her and threw it directly at her mouth.
Coffee spilled all over Song Keying, a face.
Song Keying ah screamed, pulling the clothes on the chest to shake quickly, and immediately draw tissues to wipe.
Shen Modi looked at Song Keying with indifference: "Do you think I have not seen those photos you P?"
Song Keying's eyes flashed guilt-free, and he lifted his chin to deny it: "I don't know what you're talking about, Shen Modi, you have to let me fight back, otherwise, I'll make your whole family unhappy."
"How can I be upset? You almost got my dad killed. Song Keying, I came here today to tell you that I am not afraid to wear shoes in my bare feet. You just bring it on, and I'll frown and I'm not Shen Modi.
If you ever do anything to hurt my father or my brother again, what happened between you and Ding Fan, I will tell the world."
Song Keying rolled her eyes again: "Are you feeling, Ding Fan and I are just ordinary classmates, the whole school teachers and students know."
Shen Modi leaned into Song Keying's ear and whispered, "The night Ding Fan's accident happened, do you think nobody really saw it?"
Song Keying's face suddenly turned white.
Shen Modi pulled back and warned, "Song Keying, if you want to be unknown, you must have done nothing." If you ever disturb my life again, I will send you there. You think you have the connections to cover it up? Song Keying, if you dare to touch my family, even if I cannot send you in, I will surely drag you to death and go to hell together."
"You're a madman." Song Keying angrily stared at Shen Modi.
Suddenly, her expression of resentment faded, she took a pathetic look, staggered back a step, and put her hand over her face.
When Shen Modi saw Song Keying's expression like this, she suddenly realized something. Her back could not help but go stiff.
Her fist, too, was slightly clasped to her side.
As if in this way, in order to give themselves a little support.
But the tips of her fingers trembled slightly and uncontrollably.
Clearly has broken up for a long time, how long, three years, more than a thousand days ah!
On the day of the breakup, his mom asked her to meet him, threw a bunch of photos in her face, and told her to fuck off.
Despite the burning pain of the photo on her face, she explained to her mother that it was a misunderstanding and that the photos were not real.
Her mother said a lot of nasty things, and then she walked away.
How could she not feel wronged after being humiliated?
But, after all those years, she wanted to hold on.
After she swallowed all the grievances and packed up her emotions, she called him and told him that his mother was looking for her, and it was too late to say the photo, he coldly said to her on the phone: "Mordi, let's break up, whether the photo is true or false, it doesn't matter."
At that moment, her heart seemed to be crushed by an invisible hand.
It's broken into glass. There's no way to put it back together.
It's been so long, how can you remember it so clearly?
It's like he just said that to her yesterday.
Three years. She thought she'd forgotten.
But at this moment, her body was too stiff to move.
She clenched her fist and told herself in her heart, Shen Modi, you have to be strong.
What's not to face?
It was Gu Tianxi who broke up, wasn't it?
Years of feelings, lost to a few malicious P photos, give up her, misunderstand her, hurt her... It's Gu Tianxi, isn't it?
Song Keying's voice rang out, delicate: "The Cullinan... Mordi may have misunderstood me. '

Chapter 12: I hope I never see you again
Sure enough, it was Gu Tianxi.
Break up more than three years, meet again.
Shen Modi did not turn his head to look at Gu Tianxi.
She knew he hadn't changed much.
Because he and Song Keying held a wedding a few days ago, which was on the news.
Gu Tianxi went to Song Keying side, facing Shen Modi.
Indifferent said hello: "Long time no see."
"Yeah, long time no see." Shen Modi smiled.
My heart is blocked.
But she tried to remain calm and composed.
"Cullinan, my face, isn't it serious? It's a little hot." Song Keying plays spoiled to Gu Tianxi.
She showed her face to him again.
Shen Modi hit her hard. There's definitely finger marks on her face.
See Gu Tianxi did not care about the appearance, Song Keying eyes quickly slip over unwilling. She added delicately, "Cullinan, Mordi, she thinks I let her father out of the hospital, and I don't even know where he is!"
"Uncle, is he all right? Where is he hospitalized? I want to see him." Gu Tianxi did not seem to hear Song Keying's voice, but looked at Shen Modi and asked politely.
Shen Modi's heart heaved, and she said indifferent, "No, my father is fine." I had something to do, so I left."
Did not say goodbye, hope this life never meet again!
She carried her bag and hurried out of Qinya Club.
Standing on the side of the road, watching the traffic, her mood for a long time can not calm down.
She and Gu Tianxi have been neighbors since junior high school.
At that time, Gu Tianxi was not a young master who cared for his family.
He's just a regular guy like her.
He lived with relatives who were older and vegetarian, and he was often hungry.
Middle school students, long body, long stature, always feel hungry.
His father was always afraid that the Cullinan would not have enough to eat, so he often asked him to come and have dinner with him, and specially added dishes for him.
They go to school together, they come home together.
At the dinner table, his father often said to Gu Tianxi, "Tianxi, Xiao Di is a girl." Take good care of her at school. Don't let her be bullied."
He really defended her all the way, and didn't let anyone bully her.
One spring, she and two girls in her class were flying kites outside the playground.
There are a lot of other classes playing it, too.
Her kite got entangled with the kites of the other boys in the class.
When the boy saw her, he came over with a big smile and said that they had fate and let her be his girlfriend.
At that time, it was only the second day of junior high school, and she was shocked and immediately politely refused.
Did not expect that the boy immediately turned against her, scolded her to face shameless, and did not ask about who he was?
Just Gu Tianxi holding the basketball came to hear, directly hit the basketball in the past, and then rushed to scuffle with the boy.
That one, Gu Tianxi lost.
Got a black eye.
But the other party did not please cheap, hung several color.
In the end, the boy swore a dare, and left.
They never met the boy again.
All the way, Gu Tianxi has been protecting her.
They have been neighbors, friends, and like brother and sister since junior high school.
Gu Tianxi had good grades and good looks, and many girls liked him, but he did not fall in love with any girls.
He always refused others for the same reason as her, wanting to study well.
One month before the college entrance examination, Gu Tianxi suddenly told her that he was going home and would come back to take the college entrance examination.
He told her to fill out the t college anyway, and be sure to work hard to get in.
He said, it doesn't matter, don't give yourself too much pressure, even if not t big, he will find her.
Now the information is developed, they can make phone calls, send emails, send wechat chat qq.
Wherever she is, he'll be looking for her.
On the day of the college entrance examination results, he called her for the first time and asked her, did he get the score line of t big in previous years?
She said it.
He did not know that she was afraid that she could not get the test, and fought her life to review, that month, she slept only three hours every night, and dreamed of brushing the question.
She beat t by 30 points.
He was as happy as a child on the phone, telling her how great she was!
On the first day of college, he stood at the school gate waiting for her, and when he saw her, he excitedly ran over to help her pull the suitcase.
He reached out and took her hand and said to her, "Flute, I have liked you for a long, long time, ever since I first saw you. I was afraid I wasn't strong enough in my feelings for you, so it took me six years to find out. I am sure that in this life, I will always like you alone. Will you be my girlfriend? I want to be with you forever."
He seemed afraid of her rejection and held her hand tightly.
His confession is simple and corny.
But tears welled up in her eyes, and she took his hand and smiled, "All right! You have to keep your word, together for life!"
She knew that his identity was very good, she was afraid that she could not match him, so during the four years of college, she worked hard to learn design, worked hard to choose foreign languages, worked hard to learn various etiquette, and practiced taekwondo with him...
However, once said a lifetime do not separate the people ah, the twinkling of an eye scattered in the horizon.
Shen Modi looked up at the sky, not letting the tears flow down.
She said to herself, Mordi, don't think about it, it's all over.
Misunderstanding or let down, go forward, don't be unwilling.
Life is more important than feelings. Dad and brother are more important than feelings.
Besides, you're married.
Even to think of Gu Tianxi's name again would be disrespectful to the new husband.
"Mingze, don't do this to me." Behind him, a female voice suddenly sounded.
For a moment Mordi thought she was hearing voices, and she turned her head unconsciously.
See Huo Mingze suit straight out, behind him, a temperament of good curly woman carrying Chanel limited bag, on high heels to chase out.
Suddenly, she hugged Huo Mingze's waist from behind and said: "Ming Ze, you have always known my heart."
Shen Modi: "?"
What did she see?
A beautiful young woman hugging her new husband right in front of her?
She suddenly felt that her life was special.
What made her strange was that, seeing Gu Tianxi, her emotions were particularly large and out of control.
But now to see a woman holding her husband, she unexpectedly did not feel too much, not angry, not blocked, not sad, just a little curious.
"Let go! Huo Mingze's voice is cold and his breath is cold.
Shen Modi had never seen such a side of Huo Mingze.
She had known him for three days, and during those three days he was gentle and considerate, and thought of her everywhere.
"I'm not loose." The tone of a woman.
"Get out of here! Huo Mingze growled.
Again do not understand Huo Mingze, Shen Modi also see Huo Mingze angry.
She immediately walked over and said, "Ming Ze, why are you here?"
She says hello, and Huo Mingze will say to the woman that she is his friend or wife, and he will play.
"Wife! Huo Mingze shouted.

Chapter 13 Their past, so similar
Shen Modi heard the sound of his wife, and he understood what Huo Mingze meant.
She immediately lowered her face and asked in a questioning tone, "What are you doing?"
Yao Yutong heard his wife two words, frowning, eyes poor glance at Shen Modi a glance, let go of Huo Mingze.
Shen Modi turned and walked away, an angry appearance.
"Wife! Huo Mingze shouted again and ran after him.
"Ming Ze..." Yao Yutong see Huo Mingze leave, the heart that unwilling.
Huo Mingze stopped.
Yao Yutong heart suddenly a xi.
She knows, how can Huo Mingze give up her?
He had loved her for six years, and in those six years he had doted on her with all his heart, without even a female assistant by his side.
As a result, the next moment saw Huo Mingze directly took off the suit and threw it into the trash can next to it without hesitation.
"Huo Mingze!" Yao Yutong angrily stomped his feet and shouted Huo Mingze's full name.
He insulted her like that. How could he?
Huo Mingze left the club in his shirt and did not look back.
Shen Modi waited for Huo Mingze on the side of the road.
Seeing Huo Mingze wearing only his shirt, she was a little surprised: "Your clothes?"
"Touched, dirty and thrown away by another woman." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi looked at Huo Mingze with complex eyes.
Huo Mingze thought that Shen Modi wanted to ask him about his relationship with Yao Yutong, and he reached out naturally to hold Shen Modi's hand and said: "She is my ex-girlfriend."
"It doesn't matter, you don't have to explain." Shen Modi said immediately.
Who doesn't have a past?
Huo Mingze took Shen Modi's hand and walked forward, passing the floor-to-ceiling window of Qinya Club, and he said, "I am 28 years old, and when I met her, I was 22 years old." At first sight, I liked her."
Shen Modi heard a little sad in his heart.
Because she thought of what Gu Tianxi said when he confessed to her, he said that he liked her at first sight.
Is it true that the people you like at first sight will say goodbye at last?
Huo continued: "The first time I saw her, she smiled at me, and that smile was sweet and charming. Later, we successfully became a couple. I try to be in her circle and pay attention to her likes and dislikes, and I bring her into mine.
She likes the way I work. I work hard. She doesn't like my friends. I respect her.
There are many shining places on her body, beautiful, good figure, charming smile, love reading, taste, mood, will be spoiled, understand current affairs, will finance, other girls have some advantages, she has. She has qualities that other girls don't have.
She also has shortcomings, she is unwilling to deal with people who are inferior to her, she thinks it is a waste of time.
There's nothing wrong with that. Life is not long and there's nothing wrong with wasting time with people you don't like.
We broke up because she wanted to pursue her dreams and I wanted to get married."
Shen Modi regretted for them: "Dream and marriage, can it be both?"
"Yes, you can do both. But with her and me, no." Huo Mingze said.
"I said that after getting the license, I support all her dreams, after marriage, everything is free for her, she can do whatever she wants to do." She said that if she went to get the permit, she would have to change the flight the next day, which would affect the result of the competition." Huo Mingze looked at Shen Modi with a wry smile.
Shen Modi silent, she do not know how to comfort him?
She can't say it against her will, maybe she really is afraid of affecting the outcome of the game. Because, this is too obvious, just don't want to get married.
Huo Mingze said: "Once I was devoted to her, but at the moment of separation, it was all over. You can rest assured that I will be faithful to the marriage and give you my undivided attention. I didn't lie to you today. I did have a date this afternoon. I just ran into her."
"You don't have to explain."
"To explain. I have a family now, and I should report everything to my wife." Huo Mingze said.
Shen Modi listened to the heart touched.
His situation is very similar to hers.
His ideas coincide with hers.
She thinks the same way, the moment we break up, it's all over.
No matter how painful, you have to move forward.
She looked at Huo Mingze and said, "I will also report my itinerary with you in the future."
Huo Mingze took the lip Angle, reached out to touch Shen Modi's head: "HMM."
There was a sudden gust of wind.
Shen Modi felt cold even in her coat. She looked at Huo Mingze's shirt and asked, "Is it very cold?"
With that, she prepared to take off her sweater and jacket.
Huo Mingze looked at her and asked with a smile, "What are you doing?"
Shen Modi said: "My sweater is unisex, quite big, you wear it."
I'm sure it's a little too small. You can wear it.
The smile of Huo Mingze's lips amplified, and he reached out to stop her: "If I wear you will be cold."
"My base coat is thicker and not cold." Shen Modi said.
They only knew each other for three days, but he really helped her a lot.
Huo Mingze reached out to touch her head: "We got the license, you still don't know where I live." I'll take you home now. I'll get my coat. Then we'll go to the hospital."
"Good," said Hermione. Shen Modi answered.
She knows Lanting Garden. It's less than a kilometer from here.
"I'll carry you." Huo Mingze said.
"No, no, no." Shen Modi immediately waved his hand.
"I'm a little cold, not carrying you." Huo Mingze said.
They knew each other for only three days, and he did not have a feeling of love at first sight and excitement for her as he had for Yao Yutong before.
But he knew she was fine.
She knows hot and cold, she's kind, she's simple and tough...
After knowing each other for only three days, he could tell that even if he were broke and poor one day, she would be by his side.
Because, no matter how hard it was, she never gave up on her brother and father.
In her world, feelings are more important than profits.
She and Yao Yutong are people from two different worlds.
"I'll give you your coat." Shen Modi said.
"I'll carry you." Huo Mingze insisted.
"I'm so heavy."
"Thin and weak, how much can it weigh? Come up!" Huo Mingze squatted slightly.
Shen Modi was a little embarrassed.
"Come up, or I'll freeze." Huo Mingze said.
"Good," said Hermione. Shen Modi climbed onto Huo Mingze's back.
Huo caught Shen Modi by the bend of her leg, shrugged her up, and walked on.
Shen Modi lie on Huo Mingze back, nose pantothenic acid.
She remembered that when she had a fever in her sophomore year, Gu Tianxi carried her all the way to the clinic and asked her all the way with concern: "Xiao Di, isn't it very uncomfortable?"
She put her arm around Huo Mingze's neck, hoping that this time, she would not be left behind.
Qin Ya Club.
Just Huo Mingze holding Shen Modi through the floor-to-ceiling window that scene, fell in the eyes of Gu Tianxi.
Gu Tianxi could not help narrowing his eyes.
So that Song Keying told him what, he did not hear clearly.
Song Keying see Gu Tianxi line of sight has been following Shen Modi, she is about to pinch the coffee spoon broken.
She could only call out his name: "Cullinan, Cullinan, are you listening?"
Gu Tianxi withdrew his sight and asked in a quiet voice, "Shen Modi's father was hospitalized in which hospital?"

Chapter 14: Did You choose Sea City because of Mordi?
Song Keying guiltily flashed her eyes and said, "I don't know!"
Gu Tianxi took a look at Song Keying, pulled a mobile phone to dial a phone to the assistant: "Check Shen Modi father in which hospital?"
Song Keying bit her lower lip aggrieved and asked softly, "Tian Xi, did you choose Haicheng because of Modi?"
Gu Tianxi looked closely at Song Keying and asked, "In your eyes, am I so shallow?"
"That's not what I meant, but..."
Gu Tianxi interrupted: "Haicheng is the largest economic center of China, the economic volume is several times that of Meicheng, if there is an opportunity, who does not want to seize the market of Haicheng?"
"HMM." Song Keying answered.
Gu Tianxi added: "My breaking up with Shen Modi is a matter between me and her. Her father, who used to take care of me, is ill, and I should go to see him. '
"Well, I'll go with you." Ms. Song said.
Gu Tianxi raised his eyelids and peered at Song Keying and asked disapprovingly, "So, are you monitoring my whereabouts?"
"No, Cullinan, do not misunderstand me, I..."
"I didn't have a relationship with Shen Modi three years ago. I know what I'm doing." Gu Tianxi looked at Song Keying and warned, "Don't disturb Shen's father's life, or I will be rude to you."
"The Cullinan, I have not."
"It better not be! Gu Tianxi said, and walked out.
"Where are you going, Cullinan?" Song Keying immediately took the coat and bag to catch up.
Her face was still covered with fingerprints, but she could not care less.
Gu Tianxi impatiently turned his head to Song Keying: "Is it true that I have to report to you wherever I go?" How about you hire someone to watch me 24 hours a day?"
"The Cullinan, you know that's not what I meant. I just care about you." Song Keying heart very uncomfortable.
Three years, although she took him from Shen Modi side over, but a day can not cover heat.
"I'm very busy, and I see a lot of clients every day. If you are too free, go back to Mei Cheng more often to accompany your mother shopping." Gu Tianxi went out.
"I see." Song Keying looked at Gu Tianxi's back, eyes are full of unwilling.
She knew that although Gu Tianxi believed Shen Modi betrayed him, he broke up with Shen Modi in a fit of anger.
But in his heart, he always carries Shen Modi.
These three years of living in Mei City, she still does not feel anything.
Now Gu Tianxi branch office opened to Haicheng, she was very panicked.
She must change this passive situation.
But how can I change it?
Shen Modi that bitch is not easy to handle, refused to leave the sea city, but also take Ding fan things to blackmail her, really make people angry, if dead is good.
When Song Keying flashed this word in her mind, her eyes flashed a cruel light.
The pace of modern life is fast and people die unexpectedly every day.
Or died in a car accident, or died in a fall, or because of the burden of life, suicide...
Shen Modi father is dying of illness, brother is a disability, she lived very tired these years, but it is really possible to 'commit suicide'.
Thinking, the phone rang, the bell interrupted her thoughts, she impatiently picked up the phone.
It was Gu Tianxi's mother.
She immediately changed a gentle face, picked up the phone, cleverly shouted: "Mom."
"Keying, are you all right in Haicheng?" Mother Zeng Huizhen asked.
"Good, Ma."
"Good, we are not in Haicheng, you must take good care of the Cullinan's life." He forgets to eat when he is busy with his work. Keep an eye on him." Zeng Huizhen explained.
"Don't worry, Mother, I will take good care of the Cullinan."
"You're here, Mom. But, Ying, you and the Cullinan are no longer young; you are married, and it is time to have children."
Song Keying blushed and shyly said, "Mom, I know."
Thinking that Gu Tianxi didn't want to have sex with her at all, she grits her teeth and cheekily says, "Mom, Tianxi is too busy with his work." Then, we don't have much time together. The baby thing... You know, Mother, I can't rush things like this alone."
On that end, Zeng Huizhen was silent.
Song Keying heart more anxious.
I heard Zeng Huizhen say earnestly, "Keying, for us women, children are more important than husbands." Do you understand what Mom means?"
"I know, but Mother, the Cullinan is too busy." Song Keying's brow was almost knitted into a twist.
She doesn't want kids?
Gu Tianxi never gave her a chance.
Zeng Huizhen sighed and said: "Keying, sometimes, you can also use some extraordinary means."
Song Keying deliberately showed weakness: "Mom, I... I don't dare. The Cullinan never liked me very much, and I was afraid he'd find out and never want to talk to me again. Mother, I do love the Cullinan."
She once added something to Gu Tianxi's milk.
Gu Tianxi was in the trick, she was full of thought can cook rice mature rice.
As a result, Gu Tianxi locked himself in his room and called a doctor.
After that, Gu Tianxi treated her even more coldly.
"Dear boy, don't cry, Mother knows you are true to the Cullinan, Mother knows it, Mother will help you." Next Sunday Xi's birthday, Mom will come to help him celebrate. When the time comes, you have to seize the opportunity." Zeng Huizhen said.
"Well, thank you, Ma, thank you."
I hung up the phone when it suddenly rained outside.
Song Keying for fear Gu Tianxi rain, immediately out of the Qin ya club.
Huo Mingze carried Shen Modi forward.
Shen Modi lay on Huo Mingze's back, his hands around his neck.
Two cars followed them, not too far behind.
Yao Yutong could hardly believe her eyes.
So, Huo Mingze can be good to her, also can be good to others?
Or did you know she was there, and you pissed her off?
In the other car, Gu Tianxi looked at all this with deep eyes.
His hand on the steering wheel couldn't help but tighten.
"It's raining. Put me down. Let's find shelter." Shen Modi said to Huo Mingze.
"Coming soon." Huo Mingze carrying Shen Modi to speed up the pace to go to Lanting garden.
The rain fell more heavily.
Huo Mingze trots on Shen Modi's back.
Within a few minutes, they were completely wet.
Huo Mingze carrying Shen Modi rushed into the unit building.
Put down Shen Modi and the two wet people took the elevator to the 12th floor.
Room 1203.
This house is blind date day Huo Mingze arranged road assistant to buy, buy a hardbound second-hand house.
He replaced all the bedding, curtains, etc., with his assistant.
No matter how ordinary he is, he can't stand what other people have used.
In addition to the bedding, he also asked the road assistant to prepare some ordinary clothes for him.
The door is a new combination lock from the road assistant.
In case it's hard to remember, set the password to 123321.
As he typed in the password, he told Shen Modi: "The password is 123321, and this is your home from now on."
He looked sideways at Shen Modi, her hair completely stuck to her face.
Beads of water rolled down her hair and cheeks, down her neck and into her clothes...
Huo Mingze eyes suddenly hot.

Chapter 15: Putting On His Shirt ✘ľ
Enter the code and the door opens.
Huo Mingze pulled Modi into the room.
He closed the door and looked at her with burning eyes.
Shen Modi on Huo Mingze's line of sight, cheek instant hot, she quickly bowed her head.
Her jaw was picked.
Huo Mingze's kiss fell on her lips.
He still loves Yao Yutong, but his wife is Shen Modi.
It's the woman who's working so hard for her family.
Everything he has in the future, he shares with her.
And he would try to love her.
His kiss, a little deeper.
Mordi was bewildered.
She had a big shock today.
She always thought that she forgot Gu Tianxi, forget that once that unforgettable and heart-wrenching feelings.
Seeing Gu Tianxi today, she found herself still very hurt.
Perhaps, is not reconciled.
Not willing to be broken up, not willing to be misunderstood, not willing to be wronged.
The most unwilling is that he is not willing to give her even a chance to explain.
Years of love, not a few photos.
So, when he broke up on the phone three years ago, she didn't say a word to stay, only said a "good" word and hung up the phone in a hurry.
She did not let him know, after hanging up the phone, she crouched on the ground and cried like a dog.
She quickly moved away from Mei Cheng and started a new life.
I never thought I'd run into him again.
Just a shower, the whole body is cold, but feel that the heart is not so stuffy.
She reached out and hugged Huo Mingze's neck on a little tiptoe.
He said that day that she could count on him, that he was her husband.
And they say, once you're licensed, it's a lifetime deal.
Sensing Shen's response, Huo Mingze's kiss deepened.
After a few moments, he released her, looked at her with tender eyes, rubbed his thumb gently against her cheek, and smiled, "We have a lifetime to develop a relationship." Take a bath before you catch a cold. You go to the master bathroom, I'll go to the guest bathroom."
"... Yes." Shen Modi suddenly got into trouble.
Now that she's all wet, she can take a bath, but she doesn't have any clothes to change.
Huo Mingze took a look at Modi's clothes and said, "Wear mine first, come on!"
He went into the master bedroom.
Shen Modi followed.
For Huo Mingze, this house is simply called a small house, small and ordinary.
But for Shen Modi, it was already a big house.
She's starting to have an inferiority complex.
Huo Mingze is really excellent in all aspects, especially the house is so clean and tidy.
But she also thought that she could pay the mortgage with Huo Mingze in the future.
It makes me feel a little better.
Huo Mingze took a new shirt to Modi: "Put it on first, you will change the clothes at the door, I will put it in the washing machine, wash it, you can wear it, and then we go to buy clothes for you."
He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and the washing machine was just learning to use.
"No, no, I'll come out later." Shen Modi said immediately.
She doesn't have the nerve to let Huo Mingze do her laundry.
"Good," said Hermione. Huo Mingze responded gently.
Shen Modi took Huo Mingze's shirt to the bathroom.
Just after closing the door, Huo Mingze knocked on the bathroom door.
Shen Modi jumped up in fear.
Huo Mingze said through the door: "Wife, there are new towels and other items in the bathroom cabinet, there are slippers below, women's style is new."
At that time, a blind date was a decision to get married, so the assistant bought two copies of many things.
I did not buy clothes for Modi because I did not know who the blind date was or what size clothes to buy.
"Okay, okay." Mordi answered immediately.
Hearing Huo Mingze's footsteps leave, she breathed a sigh of relief.
She lips a smile again, are married, pretentious what, even if he really want to do something, it is reasonable.
Bitterly cold, she quickly took off her wet clothes and turned on the shower head.
Just for a moment, I felt the steaming water dripping onto my body, and this heat diluted the cold of my body and diluted my sad mood.
She became optimistic again.
His father was rescued by Huo Mingze's good friend, and his brother was successfully fitted with cochlear implants.
Maybe Dad will get better and stay with them for a long time.
The younger brother will also hear the sound a month later...
Shower and get dressed.
It's hard again.
Just the shirt.
She did not dare to change the small inside, and fortunately it was not completely wet, so she will wear it first.
She rubbed her hair with a towel, no more dripping, and she quickly came out to wash her clothes.
Huo Mingze just came out from the guest Wei, he saw Modi holding clothes out.
She was wearing his white shirt and her straight white legs were visible.
He knew she was pretty and had a good figure.
But now look, pure and desire, water lotus four words can not describe her beauty.
His eyes were a little hot again, and he said, "My clothes have also changed, can we wash them together?"
His hair was simply blown out, fluffy and natural, adding a bit of handsome and gentle.
"Yes, of course." Modiwei squatted down to open the washing machine, put his own clothes in it, and then stood up and said, "Are your clothes in the guest Wei?" I'll get it."
She was wearing his shirt and her legs were bare, and she felt uncomfortable.
Passing by Huo Mingze, he reached around her waist and pulled her into his arms.
She was fully aware of his breath and his body.
Her heart beat like a drum, and she was too nervous to look at him.
"Don't be afraid of me. I'll take care of your life forever." Huo Mingze looked down at Shen Modi, his eyes soft and deep.
Maybe not, but he knew he wanted to do something.
"I know, I know you're fine." He's been there for her. She knows it.
Seeing the gratitude in Modi's eyes, Huo Mingze reached out and rubbed Modi's face.
He saw in her eyes a touch and a stoicism that made him think he was taking advantage of her by trying to move her now.
It's okay. We've known each other for a short time, no feelings, and that's understandable.
He has a lifetime to develop a relationship with her.
With a smile, he released her.
Mordi said immediately, "I'll get my clothes."
She hurried off to the Kewei to get his clothes.
Huo Mingze sat down in the sofa, took a mobile phone to call, arrange someone to send clothes.
He owns a regular clothing chain and high order.
In case Mordi was under pressure, he had ordinary clothes sent over.
The price is within a thousand yuan.
He made a rough estimate of Modi's size and asked for five sets, including the one underneath.
Modi took Huo Mingze's clothes out, put them into the washing machine, and immediately went to pour water and poured a cup to Huo Mingze.
'Come here! Huo Mingze said.
Mordi: "!"
She's so panicked.
For fear that the indescribable would follow.
Although she is a husband and wife, although she knows that the refusal is very pretentious, although she knows that it will happen sooner or later, she is really not ready.
She took a breath, or came over, nervous sitting not far from Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze helplessly looked at Shen Modi, said: "The hair dryer can not reach, sit over a little."
I don't know when, he brought the hair dryer.
Seeing the hair dryer, Mordi's heart was full of emotion.

Chapter 16 Is Somehow cute
Turns out he just wanted to blow out her hair.
"I'll do it myself." Shen Modi said.
"Come here." Huo Mingze shouted softly again.
Good intentions are difficult, Shen Modi sat beside Huo Mingze.
She always felt that her shirt was too short to cover her legs.
She wanted to pull her shirt down, but she was afraid the neckline would be too low.
She had to sit with her legs together, very uncomfortable.
Huo Mingze took a look at Modi this look, inexplicably feel a little cute.
He smiled and turned on the hairdryer to blow out her hair.
His movements were gentle and his look attentive.
Mordi relaxed a lot.
"After you take a shower, blow dry your hair, and then do something else. Girls can't get cold, they get cold when they're young, and they get rheumatism when they're old." Huo Mingze said.
"HMM." Mordi's heart was touched again.
"I'll keep watch at the hospital tonight. You stay at home and have a good rest." Huo Mingze said again.
"No, I can do it." "Said Mordi at once.
"You need to rest."
"It doesn't matter. I sleep in the hospital, too." Mordi insisted.
In fact, during this period of time when her father was in the hospital, she and her brother took turns keeping vigil every day, afraid that her father was gone.
Her work was also greatly affected, the director was very dissatisfied with her, but also for the sake of her being able to hand in more design drafts, she was allowed not to go to the company.
However, the salary is only paid at the usual 80%, saying that in order to let other colleagues psychological balance.
Her father's health is so bad that she doesn't care about the 20% of her salary.
In addition, she found part-time tutoring work she also voluntarily stopped, afraid of affecting other people's children's learning.
These days, she is the most tired most tired.
But her heart was full of hope, and she felt she could carry it.
Huo Mingze reached out and rubbed Mo Di's head and said, "Then I will accompany you."
"... Yes." Modi originally wanted to refuse, and feel that has refused Huo Mingze's kindness, appears ungrateful.
Huo Mingze put down the hair dryer, took Modi to his arms, let Modi lean on his leg: "You sleep for a while, the clothes are washed, we will go to the hospital."
"Good," said Hermione. Modi leaned on Huo Mingze's leg.
A little nervous and uncomfortable at first.
But Huo Mingze's hand gently patted her head, again and again.
She gradually relaxed.
May be really tired these days, may have seen Gu Tianxi's impact on her too much, hurt the spirit, may also be with Huo Mingze stay together have a sense of security, only a moment she felt dizzy.
Huo Mingze looked down at Modi, touched her hair again, reached out and pulled the blanket over her.
Now is the beginning of winter, there are only seven or eight degrees outside, the road assistant at home that day to bring people to arrange on the heating, there is 20 degrees, is the most comfortable temperature.
About half an hour later, the washing machine came ding ding ding three sounds.
Mordi got up with a shudder. "Finished? "
Huo Mingze helplessly said: "You can sleep for a while."
"No, I'm in good spirits." Mordi was a little annoyed that he had been completely asleep.
Yeah, but I'm feeling pretty good right now.
I feel so alive.
She got up to get her clothes.
Huo Mingze reminded her: "The clothes are hot, hang them first, and then wear them later."
"Good," said Hermione. Modi mouth promise, heart already can not wait to change their own clothes.
Just then the doorbell rang.
Mordi was so frightened that he wanted to drill into the room.
Thinking that she had taken her clothes out, she immediately tied her sweater and jacket around her waist, covering her legs, and she suddenly felt much more at ease.
Huo Mingze, of course, did not want outsiders to see Modi like this, he gently said: "You go to the room to rest for a while, I will open the door."
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi ran as fast as he could.
Huo Mingze smiled again and answered the door.
Outside the door, the general manager of the brand clothing chain personally brought two store managers to send a dozen sets of clothes.
Although Huo Mingze phone only five sets, but they dare to neglect?
Regional Director Yu Meihua is here in person.
Seeing Huo Mingze, she was very respectful: "General Huo!"
The two store managers were immediately ready to greet respectfully.
Huo Mingze raised his hand to stop.
The two store managers were immediately silenced.
They looked into their eyes, and there was nothing but wonder in them.
I can't believe Huo showed up in a small place like this.
So, General Huo is chasing girls?
This is a girl's home?
They are more curious, one by one to poke their necks, want to see what the girl that Huo likes looks like.
They usually in addition to selling clothes is to talk gossip, they all know Huo Huo Mingze and Yao's daughter Yao Yutong is a pair made in heaven.
Now Huo is even buying clothes for other girls, and ordinary clothes.
Miss Yao used to dress to order.
Yu Meihua was also curious, but she did not dare to ask or look much.
She immediately asked politely, "Mr. Huo, take a look at these clothes. Which styles and colors do you like?"
As soon as she spoke, the two store managers behind her unrolled their clothes.
They're all on hangers. You can see the style when you unfold them.
"Put them all on the sofa and you can go." Huo Mingze said.
"All right." Yu Meihua made a look.
Two store managers immediately went in to put away the clothes and quickly left.
No sooner had the three men left than Mordi changed his clothes and came out.
She originally thought it was Huo Mingze's friend, so she changed her clothes and prepared to come out and say hello.
"I bought you some clothes, do you like them?" Huo Mingze see Modi out, gentle way.
"Buying clothes? When did you buy it?" Modi thought Huo Mingze ordered it for her online.
"Cross-town delivery, here, you see." Huo Mingze said.
Modi saw the sofa was full of clothes, shocked: "You bought so much?"
"Well, it's not expensive, but I picked out a few extra suits, but I'm going to wear them anyway." Huo Mingze said.
"That's too much, can you return some?" 'asked Mordi.
Huo Mingze looked at Modi, walked over, reached out and pulled her to the sofa, and said: "Come on, try! It's not expensive. We're getting married, and I haven't bought you anything or given you a dowry."
Maybe people really need to compare, in order to see how hard.
He used to buy clothes for Yao Yutong, and she would only think that some of the clothes were too ordinary.
"You've spent a lot of money on me." Mordi thought, this money, has been so much that she needs to work very hard to pay it back.
"It's not expensive. Here, try it." Huo Mingze took a set for Modi.
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi took it.
Then, under the clothes, there were sets of underwear.
Her face turned red with a brush.
It was really embarrassing.
Huo Mingze instead calm, he picked up a set, handed to Mo Di: "try together, do not fit can change."
Mordi's face grew redder.
It's so red you're looking for a crack in the ground.
Huo Mingze looked at Modi's blushing appearance, and his lips could not help but pull up.
Today's mood was a little depressed, now suddenly feel happy.
Once more he saw Modi running fast with his clothes in his arms.