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Stowaway Soul - 1

A high-speed chase was underway on the bustling roads of Rajpur which was a small town at the Kachchh border of Gujarat. Screeching tires, blaring horns, and dangerous turns punctuated by occasional curse words filled the air. Inspector Suryapratapsinh pursued a group of bank robbers on his motorcycle. The robbers, driving an SUV at a perilously high speed, endangered their lives and those of countless others. Surya drove more cautiously but had to stay close to the SUV, navigating through the crowded roads. The gap between the SUV and his bike gradually decreased, and the long arm of the law was about to catch up with the criminals. Then, the situation took a dramatic turn.

One of the robbers started shooting wildly in Surya's direction, attempting to deter him without the intention of killing. They just needed him to back off long enough for them to escape. Surya now faced two challenges: maintaining the chase while avoiding the bullets, and ensuring no innocent bystanders or drivers were harmed. A dangerous curve with a severe blind spot lay 700 meters ahead. Surya spotted a narrow escape route that rejoined the main road after a kilometre. Quickly calculating his chances, he decided to take the narrow lane, avoiding the main road.

This move solved two problems: he didn't slow down, and he was no longer an easy target for the robbers. Skilfully manoeuvring his bike, Surya navigated the turn with expertise. Although he had to reduce his speed due to the lane's narrowness, he was confident he could catch up. He kept an eye on the SUV, now visible on a parallel road, and carefully drove through the forested area, aware of the potential presence of animals. His focus remained on the SUV as he calculated his speed to intercept the robbers before they vanished.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. A deer grazing nearby was startled by the sound of Surya's bike. Instead of fleeing into the forest, it ran frantically toward him. Surya couldn't control the bike at such a speed and reflexively applied the brakes. The wheels skidded, throwing him off the bike and into a hedge of poisonous plants. The bike landed on Surya's leg, breaking it instantly. Overwhelmed by pain, Surya blacked out.

Surya awoke to a heavy sensation on his eyelids, as if they were weighed down by rocks. His eyes slowly adjusted to the surroundings, revealing an all-white room. For a moment, he thought he was dead and in heaven. His mind raced to clear the confusion, and he soon realized he was in a hospital. A beautiful girl sat next to his bed, reading a book. Her face seemed familiar, but he couldn't place her. Struggling to remember, he lost consciousness again. After seven days, he regained consciousness, more aware but still unable to recognize the girl who remained by his side.


The girl was ecstatic to see Surya awake and called for the doctor with a loud scream. The doctor and nurses rushed in, asking the girl to leave the room. They thoroughly examined Surya and asked him some questions. Though his speech was unclear, they understood him and were pleased with his progress. The doctor exited the room, and the girl bombarded him with questions about Surya's condition. How was he? Did he wake up for real or like last time? Was he going to be alright? Was the damage permanent? The doctor smiled, reassuring her that Surya was out of immediate danger. He explained, "Due to significant blood loss and multiple surgeries on his right hand and brain swelling, his recovery will take longer. But there's no need to worry for now. His memory might be affected, so don't push him too hard for details." The girl returned to the room, and Surya looked at her, puzzled.


Had that turn been the worst decision of Surya's life? Why had the deer run towards him? To find out the answers, please wait for the next episode.


Dear readers, this is my second novel. Thank you very much for the overwhelming response to my first book, "The Revenge of the Ghost." I hope you enjoy this one as well. Please read and share this book. Thank you for supporting me on this amazing journey.