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A Visit to the Super-Specials - 1

Weary and longing

I was tardy for work that day. Both mentally and physically, I was exhausted. My bag was set aside. Much got done that day. While physically present, I was emotionally absent as I ate dinner and watched television. I was pleased with my work, but I missed the simple freedom that my inner kid was experiencing. I was yearning to hear something pure and exciting from that child. I longed to be among my tiny pals again; I wanted to yell, play, chat, and get into some foolish mischief. Thus, my thoughts were consumed by my cherished pillow and adorable bed. The night was cold and gloomy, in the middle of winter. On a dark, massive IMAX screen, a brilliant face grinned, its light beaming out in all directions as a sprinkling of stars twinkled joyfully in harmony with it. Appreciated this beauty for a bit before giving in and going to sleep. Even when I was asleep, my mind was racing with thoughts of peace and quiet as I replayed the events of the day.

A Celestial Encounter

I was startled to hear some gentle chuckling. I rationalized it as a delusion. Again the voice was reckoned. As a result, I rose from my bed and peered out the window. It was probably about two o'clock by now. Who could it be? As I turned to survey my surroundings, the same voice, speaking in a nostalgic tone, asked, "Hey, where are you looking?" Here I am. The Moon appeared to be grinning as I gazed up at the sky. I was dumbfounded. Am I hallucinating? [I also did not have a totem to turn to in case I am dreaming ;)]


Me: “Hey is it you? you scared me for a while, you know?”

Moon: “How my soft voice can scare you? I was just kidding. Long time no see, dear, huh?”

Me: “Yes, I was quiet busy. Uummm I don’t know why it seems I know you very well. It’s been ages since we met.”

Moon: “Yes, last time we met when your close and beloved friend Krishna did reestablishment of humanity on Earth. You were so happy and excited. We had wonderful party together.”

Me: “Yes, I can just recall a little. But what happened to you? Why you got dark pimples?”

Moon: “Nothing… It’s just sadness came out on my face because of degradation of humanity on Earth. It’s been changed a lot since we met last. I have been moaning being helpless witness of increasing materialism, ignorance towards nature, hypocrisy towards some natural gifts like Sex, no appreciation of creativity due to performance pressure. Parents are trying to fix their kid into some bullshit social frame rather than motivating them to breathe freedom and to discover their own passion, interest. Well, it’s just a temporary. When you guys will turn back to original human rather than “flavored” objects categorized based on their color, ethnicity, religion, and affluency; when you will respect each other’s freedom and interest, pimples will automatically disappear. Anyways, since we met after so long, let’s hang out together. Let’s plan a trip. What say?”

Me: "I think that would be a really cool idea. However, where exactly?"

Moon: "We'll get the chance to catch up with some of my loved ones. It will be an amazing time."

Me: "Alright. I don't know how to find you, though."

The Invitation Accepted

Arecibo, her stepbrother, organized a luxurious tumbler, and in the blink of an eye, I was smitten with my stunning companion. Mischievously charming, her smile added to her already stunning appearance in her moonlight-colored, silky dress. We embraced tightly for a while.

"Sounds exciting!" I exclaimed. "But where would we even go?"

"We'll be meeting some of my celestial kin," the Moon explained. "It'll be a blast."

"And how do I get there?"

"Don't worry," the Moon chuckled. "I've arranged for my step-brother, Arecibo, to send a special chariot to pick you up. It should be here any moment."

A Sumptuous Journey

Shortly after, a stunning, plush spacechariot appeared—a present from Titan, the moon's cousin, in celebration of a successful lunar event (maybe an eclipse?). "Solarster", the Moon boasted.

"Congratulations!" This made me smile. "But is it eco-friendly?"
A playful scowl emitted by the moon. "We take far better care of our Universe than you humans do of your own Earth. We utilize dark energy, the very essence of the cosmos, for fuel – unprocessed, unpolluted. Our car's engine utilizes this energy efficiently, without waste. And for good measure, a dark energy chamber at the back recycles any output, returning it to the tank. A self-sustaining system. The Universe doesn't need to credit us for returned dark energy."

"I get it", I conceded. "Even small, sincere efforts can multiply and make a positive difference."

"Precisely" the Moon agreed. "Now, get in! You're in for quite an adventure."

To be continued...