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The Mystery Of Kalasgiri - 1

Chapter 1: Meera's Disappointment


                 Meera, a bright 12th class student was eagerly awaiting the summer vacation with her parents. Her father, Dr. Sanket worked tirelessly as a doctor, he is well known Doctor at a government hospital in Pune and her mother, Anvi worked as a fashion designer, she run her own firm as a designing cloths and aceesaries. Meera was known for her intelligence, confidence, and strong girl since childhood. She had a knack for solving mysteries, traveling ancient places visiting curious sides. She loves to read especially horror books, mythological, suspense and mysteries kind of books. Her thirst for knowledge led her to explore the world around her with curiosity. 


                 (Meera love horror, mysterious, god believing kind of things because of her grandmother she always telling different kinds of stories from childhood to Meera that make her curious, her grandmother always told her that when she is a kid she lived in village where she facing horror experience and her uncle help her to overcome from that experience and removing that black crust from her Meera love to hear that things. She born with all this kind of things she listen from her grandmother, her grandmother always told her gods power is more than everything In this world that make you strong to face any kind of issues.)


               As the school year came to an end, Meera's excitement soared. She had plans to travel with her parents to visit hampi this summer, but everything changed when her father received an urgent call. A government camp was set up in a small village in the Kokan region, and Dr. Sanket was required to conduct medical check-ups there for two weeks. Meera was devastated that their vacation plans had to be cancelled.


In the midst of Meera's disappointment, her father proposed an alternative plan to Meera. It was Anvi, Sanket's wife, who first suggested the idea of accompanying him to the village in Kokan. Anvi, a supportive and adventurous woman who is passionate regarding her and her husband work as well, saw the opportunity for a unique family adventure in Kalasgiri. Intrigued by the idea, Meera's disappointment began to fade, especially with the support of her mother. On the other side Anvi suggested that to ask his friend to come with his family.


Dr. Sanket and his childhood friend Dr. Yash, had always shared a deep bond from the school life. They are the co-doctors now in the same hospital. Yash, along with his wife Apurva, and their children, Jayesh, and Supriya, readily agreed to join the expedition to Kalasgiri. Meera's excitement grew as she realized that not only would she get to explore a new place, but she would also be accompanied by her close friends Jayesh, and Supriya they are nearly same age as her and they know each other’s from their childhood.


Meera envisioned the fun they would have like exploring the hills and jungles of Kalasgiri together. Going out to beach with her friends doing adventure and all. The prospect of embarking on this adventure with her family and friends filled her with a sense of anticipation and excitement.