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My Husband Is The Heir To A Wealthy Family - 9

Chapter 189 Mr. Gu passed away

Gu Tianxi walked to the table and poured a glass of water.

Hearing the movement, Zeng Huizhen immediately poked her head out of the kitchen with a smile on her face: "Tianxi, are you done?"

"Uh-huh." Gu Tianxi answered.

Zeng Huizhen took out a plate of freshly fried tofu balls from the kitchen and smiled, "Mom fried it myself. Try it."

"Mom, it's enough for servants to be busy with these things." Gu Tianxi took the plate and said.

Let's talk about it after the Spring Festival tomorrow.

Grandpa wants to spend the last lively New Year.

He took the chopsticks handed over by his mother and ate them with tofu balls, but it was no longer as warm as before.

Seeing Tianxi eat a plate of tofu balls, Zeng Huizhen breathed a sigh of relief again.

More than half an hour later.

The doorbell rang.

"Is the young lady back?" The servant who didn't know the truth immediately opened the door happily.

At the door, Yang Tong, Gu's legal adviser, was straight in suit, carrying a briefcase, and sprinkled a little snow on his head. He said politely, "The old chairman asked me to come over."

"Uh-huh, please come in." The servant was busy getting slippers for lawyer Yang.

Lawyer Yang professionally took out the shoe cover from his pocket, put it on the shoe and came in.

Exactly, Uncle De, the housekeeper, helped the old man downstairs.

The old man is too weak, skinny, coughing and afraid of the cold. Even if the heating at home is more than 20 degrees, he still wears a big coat.

"Coming, cough..." Seeing lawyer Yang, the old man said hello.

"Yes, chairman, I'm coming." Lawyer Yang looked at the old man and couldn't help sighing.

I haven't seen you for a long time. Why did you lose weight so fast?

People really can't get sick. Once they get sick, their physical strength and energy will be weak in all aspects, and people will become weak at a rate visible to the naked eye.

"Cough...Ade, pour me a glass of water." The old man ordered.

The servant immediately poured the water first.

"Drug, cough..." the old man said again.

Uncle De frowned: "Sir, I've just taken this medicine for a while, and I can't take it anymore."

"It's a bad cough. It has to be pressed. Otherwise, cough... I can't hear the will clearly..." The old man said as he coughed.

As soon as Uncle De listened to the word will, his heart was pumped again.

I have been with the old man for many years. I'm not a relative, but better than a relative.

But he knew that the old man had only half a year, and the will would be made sooner or later.

He took out the medicine and poured a pill on the old man.

After taking the medicine, the old man looked up and swallowed it with the water handed over by the servant.

This medicine can temporarily suppress a cough.

The old man took the medicine and drank half a glass of warm water. Sure enough, he coughed less.

In addition, he forcibly restrained himself and hardly coughed.

Lawyer Yang took out the mobile phone stand, turned on the camera, and asked the old man to make a will.

The old man's mental state was already very bad. He still forcibly cheered up and said to the camera, "I'm Gu Changhai, chairman of Gu's Group. I lost my son 16 years ago and my grandson 7 years ago. Now I will die soon due to the late stage of lung cancer..."

Gu Tianxi heard a few words about Grandpa's late lung cancer, and his hearts were pulled together.

The old man also said, "The special will is as follows. I have 53% of Gu's equity under my name.

Inherited by my grandson Gu Tianxi. 55% of my trust funds were inherited by my grandson Gu Tianxi, and the other 45% were inherited by my housekeeper Wande.

The housekeeper burst into tears.

He knew that the old man would leave him something, but he didn't expect that the old man would leave so many things for him.

The old man's trust fund has a dividend of 200,300 million yuan a year, and 45% is at least 100 million yuan.

He doesn't want to repay him!

The old man continued, "The property in my name, located at No. 74 Qingyuan Road, was inherited by Wande, and the rest of the house was inherited by my daughter-in-law Zeng Huizhen..."

There was really no strength to make a will. He asked the housekeeper to help him upstairs, and Gu Tianxi immediately helped him.

The old man asked Zeng Huizhen to go up again.

Ask the housekeeper to send each servant a 500g gold bar. They are all servants who have worked in Gu's house for many years.

In the room full of strong medicinal flavors, only the old man and Gu Tianxi's mother and son were left.

"Tianxi, I officially gave it to you. In the future, you should protect Gu. Cough... Ade is old. Please take care of me. Cough..." The old man couldn't help coughing again.

"I will. Don't worry, Grandpa." Gu Tianxi, who had been crying, turned red and followed his heart for his grandfather.

"Huizhen, the Gu family is sorry for you... cough..." There is still a lot to say later, and Mr. Gu still swallowed it.

Zeng Huizhen said, "Dad, take good care of yourself. Now that you have good medical skills, you will be fine."

"Well, cough..." The old man coughed again.

"Well, the Spring Festival is coming tomorrow. We are lively, cough..." The old man waved his hand and asked them to go out.

There is still a lot to say, but I can't say it.

He couldn't tell Tianxi that it was your mother who planned to kill your brother's girlfriend, and your mother was murderous to Shen Modi again, so I forced you to break up...


The next day.

New Year's Eve.

Uncle De, the housekeeper, posted couplets with servants.

"Uncle De, I'll do it." Gu Tianxi said.

Uncle De repeatedly said, "Okay, paste couplets, welcome the New Year, except for the old year, and the new year. May the family be prosperous, and everyone is safe, healthy!"

He added silently in his heart: Especially the old man, he is healthy and safe, and lives for a few more years. At least wait for the young master to have a child!

Gu Tianxi posted a couplet.

The housekeeper took the servant to deliver the breakfast to the old man's room.

Suddenly, the housekeeper stumbled downstairs shouting and cried bitterly: "Young master, old man, he...he is gone..."

After saying that, the housekeeper cried bitterly.

Gu Tianxi's whole body stiffened, as if he had been electroshocked, trembling all over.

After reacting for two seconds, he quickly ran upstairs.

He rushed into Grandpa's room and touched Grandpa's face, which was frozen.

His tears fell on Grandpa's face.

He was unfilial and didn't even deliver the clock.

Knowing that Grandpa's life is not long, he should sleep in Grandpa's room.

"Young master, my condolences!" The housekeeper also followed in, and tears fell down.

Today, during the Spring Festival, he has arranged for the servant to prepare 24 dishes to take the meaning of moon red.

Several dishes were designated by the old man, saying that he missed the previous taste.

As a result, he didn't take a bite.


Don't cry. Let your grandfather leave at ease. Zeng Huizhen saw her son kneeling on the ground and comforted him.

Gu Tianxi raised his tears, and there was no tear on his mother's face.


The Gu family is destined to have no way to have a good New Year.

The old man passed away.

Gu Tianxi personally scrubbed the old man and put on a shroud for Grandpa with the housekeeper.

Let's have a funeral together.

He knew that Grandpa couldn't do it, and he never thought it would be so fast.

It's almost time for him to ask something clearly.

Chapter 190: My Wife, I love you
Grandpa Gu passed away.
The whole family is filled with haze.
The butler pulled down the red lanterns and couplets, and asked people to decorate the funeral hall.
One moment was jubilant, this moment has been sad.
The snow that had stopped began to fall again, small, quiet, but bitterly cold.
As soon as the funeral hall was ready, all the family members arrived.
The butler put the hyopa on them, and the wailing went on and on.
As if the cold family became lively again.
Gu Tianxi had been kneeling in front of the brazier to burn paper for his grandfather.
Silently read in my heart: Grandpa, I am unfilial, did not accompany you. I know you are not well, I should have found you a better doctor sooner...
The first time he called, he realized that his grandfather's health was not good, but he didn't even say anything about it.
He always carries resentment in his heart.
Blame grandpa merciless kill brother girlfriend, indirectly lead to brother suicide.
I also blame Grandpa for forcing him to separate from Flute.
Complaining grandpa's heart only interests, forcing him to Gu's market value of 800 billion.
"Don't be too sad, Cullinan, for grandpapa will be unhappy to go." Zeng Huizhen see son has been kneeling, can not bear to, whispered to persuade.
Gu Tianxi did not move and continued to burn the paper.
I don't know how much time has passed, and there are arguments outside.
Uncle De, the housekeeper, said, "Mr. Song, we are having a family funeral. Let's talk about it later."
"What's the matter? Who's gone? We'd like to meet Grandpa Gu, just for a few words." Song Bohui squeezed inside.
Zeng Huizhen's face sank: "to do the funeral still do not stop."
She got up and walked out angrily.
Gu Tianxi turned his head.
Soon the mother's shrill voice came from the door. "What are you doing here? Ade, call me out."
Song Bohui sighed and said: "In-laws, don't get excited, let's go, let's go."
Song Bohui hurriedly pulled Li Yuqin left.
Li Yuqin complained again: "Why, if she had not encouraged us, we Keying would not have done such a stupid thing..."
Gu Tianxi startled for a moment and continued to burn the paper.
Song Bohui pulled Li Yuqin to leave, sigh after sigh: "Alas, alas, this Gu Changhai also died." We've got nothing left to live for, oh..."
With a sigh, he suddenly felt sad and his eyes turned red.
Li Yuqin saw Song Bohui's eyes red and cried: "Old Song, we have nothing, the house has been sealed up, how can we do in the future life..."
"Alas..." Song Bohui in addition to sigh, he did not know what to do.
The purchase of the two mines all the wealth into, Huo Mingze and pull out of the bottom, they not only have no money, but also face several hundred million tax fines.
If the fine doesn't come together, he'll go to jail.
"Well... Alas..."
"Whoo whoo..."
Sighs and cries rang in the car.
Some rejoice and some worry.
Haicheng Huo House, it's busy early in the morning.
Although the Huo family was not prosperous, it was much better than the Gu family.
Big room Huo Zhenye family of five people, Huo Zhengqin married Yao Yutong, this is six people.
Four on Huo Mingze's side, plus five on Xiao Guang.
Everyone eats in the main building of Huo Mansion.
With Grandpa Huo, the housekeeper and the servants, there were more than twenty people in the family.
The butler and the servant took two big red firecrackers, and Mr. Huo himself lit a few pieces of money paper, and after worshiping the God, the butler and the servant lit the firecrackers.
The sound of firecrackers sounded, and there was a rich New Year flavor.
Light or the first time to hear the sound of firecrackers, he looked at the firecrackers, listening to the sound, the eyes are full of gratitude and happiness.
Huo Mingze smiled, "We set off fireworks together in the evening."
"Good," said Hermione. Light eyes look forward to.
Huo's house is now covered with snow, and many trees are hung with colorful lights, which makes the scenery more beautiful at night.
"Good luck!" In the big living room, Grandpa Huo is dressed in a bright red cotton-padded jacket, holding a red envelope in his hand, and handing out a compress bag to everyone.
Everyone says lucky things.
Smiling, the servant brought the dishes to the table one by one.
The rich dishes make people's appetite whet.
This moment, great harmony.
Everyone ate happily and said blessing words.
The old man looked at the harmonious scene and wished that time would stay in this moment forever.
There was a shrewd gleam in his eyes, and the succession must be settled.
Only iron can reduce the infighting.
People only get excited about what they hope for.
After the Lantern Festival, he held a big birthday, just by the birthday opportunity to announce the heir.
That's all there is to test.
In general, Zheng Qin more eager for quick success, and Ming Ze more integrity and stability.
"Come on, eat more." Grandpa advised the dish.
To Ming Ze this year the performance of the whole year, he inherited Huo Shi, officially served as Huo Shi president, big room is nothing to say.
After the New Year's Eve dinner, each returned to his own yard.
Huo Mingze carried fireworks in the back yard with light.
Mordi tried to help, holding two cannons in his hand.
Huo Mingze was startled, immediately took the fireworks in her hands, helplessly said: "Wife, you can't take anything."
Modi looked at be Huo Mingze took the past two plate flower cannon, laughing and crying.
Together, these two small cannons weigh less than two pounds.
"Elder sister, you listen to your brother-in-law, you are to raise the baby well, don't take anything." Light smiled.
"Yes, sister-in-law, your task is to raise the baby well." Huo Xinyao out of the bathroom, chagrin himself has not been guarding sister-in-law.
The servant also rushed to help carry the fireworks.
Soon, there was a bunch of fireworks in the corner. 𝙓 ᒝ
At night.
Fireworks shot into the air from different yards in Huo Zhai.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
The sky opened one after another dazzling fireworks.
Huo Mingze wrapped Modi down jacket, and opened their own big down jacket, will Modi wrapped inside.
He hugged her and gently said in her ear: "Wife, happy New Year!"
"Happy New Year!" Mordi's ears were burning and his lips were smiling.
"Today is our first year together, and we'll be together every year to come." Huo Mingze hugged Mo Di said.
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi answered.
Huo released Modi and held out his little finger.
Modi smiled knowingly and held out his little finger.
The two hooked like children, but the eyes were very serious and focused.
Huo Mingze took a look at Modi's belly and smiled softly: "Next Chinese New Year, we will be even more lively."
"HMM." Mordi answered.
Huo Mingze hugged Modi again like just like the posture.
Looking at the bright fireworks in the sky, Huo Mingze said softly: "Wife, I love you."
"Me too." Modi also looked at the fireworks in the sky, her lips Angle a happy smile.
Never thought, this life, will be happy again.
Huo Xinyao and Xiaoguang two people excitedly put fireworks, from time to time to look back, see Huo Mingze and Modi embrace together, they put fireworks more vigorous...
At this moment, in Meicheng Gu Tianxi finished the bathroom, listening to the noisy firecrackers outside, fireworks, pain in the heart.
He clicked on his address book, clicked on Mordi's phone, and there were two numbers in it.
One was the old one, and the other was Mordi's new number he got.
He could not resist sending a message to Mordi: Little Di, my grandfather has passed away, I have lost another family member. Flute, happy New Year!
His finger hesitated for a long time, and finally sent to the old empty number.

Chapter 191: Here comes Mr. Pedder
The next day.
As soon as Mordi opened his eyes.
Huo Mingze's kiss fell.
He is full of spirit, eyes soft: "Wife, happy New Year! Here you are!"
He gave Mordi a big red envelope.
"What is it? Mordi smiled on the corner of his lips.
Last night Huo Mingze gave her a press package, is a new car procedures and car keys.
Today I gave red packets again.
"Open it and see." Huo Mingze kissed Modi on the lips again.
"HMM." Modi answered and opened the red envelope.
A business license for a company called Aidi Jewelry suddenly appeared.
Legal representative: Shen Modi.
Registered capital: 199 million.
"This?" Modi looked at Huo Mingze in surprise.
Her heart was pounding.
She guessed, Huo Mingze sent her a company.
"For you, I will help you manage it first, and then you will manage it yourself when you are free." Huo Mingze encouraged the eyes looked at Mo Di.
Mordi has a deep sense of inferiority. "Maybe I can't," she says.
Huo continued to encourage her: "You can! You don't know how good you are. Don't be under pressure, you try it then, working for others is also work, working for yourself is also work. Of course, if you're really stressed, I'll just find someone to take care of and you can be the boss."
"Good," said Hermione. Modi looked at Huo Mingze.
Not moved is false.
It's a lie if you don't.
She wanted to try it.
In case the management is not good, there is still Huo Mingze.
She held the big red envelope and said apologetically, "I didn't prepare a red envelope for you."
She has prepared a New Year gift for him, gave him last night, she woven a neck, Huo Mingze from yesterday received her gift has been wearing neck.
But compared with Huo Mingze's gift, her gift is too shabby.
Huo Mingze gently scratched Modi's Joan nose and gently said, "Fool, the gift you gave me is no better than that." Whether it is a neck or a child, in my heart, they are priceless, the most precious thing in the world."
Modi moved to look at Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze's heart moved, bent down to kiss.
Oh, it's delicious. It's hard to bear. But when you think of the pregnancy Mordi was going through, his impatience was nothing.
After washing, go to grandpa there too early, by the way to grandpa worship in the early years.
Everyone was saying congratulations.
Then sit down at the table for breakfast.
Huo Zhengqin smiled and said, "Old third, will you also go to the temple fair with Mr. Pede?"
He had heard the news that Mr. Pedder had made an appointment with not just him, but the heads of four jewelry companies.
Peder and his party came here last night, rested for a night, and prepared to visit the temple fair in Haicheng today. Let's talk business, by the way.
Mr. Pede is the largest jeweler in Spain, which did not do the Chinese market before. With the rapid development of China, many international giants have set their eyes on the Chinese market, and Mr. Pede also plans to expand the Chinese market.
He spent a lot of time studying Mr. Pedder's preferences.
Mr. Pedder's mother is a native of China and his wife is a Chinese-Spanish hybrid.
The culture of h and China is very close, so although Pede has been growing up in Spain, he has a strong sense of family.
He believes that a man who treats his wife well will be more responsible. Responsible men are responsible for their partners.
So when Mr. Pedder is looking for a partner, he's always looking at families.
Huo Mingze peeled the eggs for Modi, while casually replied: "HMM."
"You're taking Mordi with you?" Huo Zhengqin asked again.
"Is there a problem? Huo Mingze looked up at Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin smiled: "Of course, no problem, I will casually ask, just together for a while."
Huo Mingze did not speak again.
After too early, Huo Zhengqin and Huo Mingze greet: "Old third, together ah!"
"You go first, I'll get my wife's dress." Huo Mingze said.
"Ok." Huo Zhengqin smiled, as if there had never been a contradiction with Huo Mingze.
Huo Zhengqin took Yao Yutong out of the living room, and turned to Huo Mingze and said: "By the way, third, Mr. Pede pays great attention to appearance, he likes women to wear beautiful soil."
With that, he left with his arm around Yao Yutong.
Peder does like women to dress well.
This, as long as Huo Mingze inquire will know.
However, once Shen Modi really dressed nicely, wearing a skirt and high heels and so on, he took the opportunity to tell Mr. Pedder about Shen Modi's pregnancy, and then suggested to Pedder that Huo Mingze had completely ignored his wife's body in order to please him.
After all, it's freezing outside on New Year's Day.
Huo Mingze took Mordi back to their building.
After a moment's thought, he said, "Momo, otherwise you don't go." It's cold outside."
There is no snow today, but the temperature is -2 degrees below zero.
"It's okay, I want to go." 'said Mordi.
Talking to the jewelers, she wanted to visit, maybe help a little bit.
Because it's her area of expertise.
"Yes, wear more." Homingzelramodi went to the cloakroom and got her some clothes.
This is the first business in the name of Aidi Jewelry company, and it is good for her to participate in it, whether it is negotiated or not, so that she can accumulate a little experience.
"Do you want to look better?" 'asked Mordi.
"No, just keep warm."
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi picked out his clothes, then his shoes.
Modi picked out a pair of sneakers, and Huo Mingze picked out a pair of snow boots for her.
"It's not very pretty." 'said Mordi.
"Warm first, it is cold outside, the feet are easy to stiff, wear this." Business is about real money, clothes don't matter, just respect." Huo Mingze took Modi to sit, squatting down to put on her shoes.
"You're right." Mordi laughed.
The temple fair is not far from Huo Mansion, more than 20 minutes by car, to the largest temple fair in Haicheng.
Huo Zhengqin is already here.
A few moments later, two more luxury cars pulled up.
A middle-aged man with a tall nose, blond hair and blue eyes got out of a car, followed by a woman.
"She looks like Susan." Modi saw it from a distance and said to Huo Mingze.
Huo Mingze also looked over.
Huo Zhengqin has taken Yao Yutong in the past to say hello.
Yao Yutong wears very fashionable, winter dress, high boots, carved clothes, looks outstanding temperament, decent and rich.
In contrast, Mo Di, white down jacket, snow boots, in fact, also beautiful, but compared with Yao Yutong's clothes, there is really no point.
Huo Mingze smiled and touched Modi's head and said, "You are the most beautiful." Let's go and say hello too."
Modi smiled and took Huo Mingze by the arm.
Yao Yutong knew that Mr. Pede was Spanish, and immediately greeted him in fluent Spanish: "Hello Mr. Pede, I am Yao Yutong, Zhengqin's wife, welcome you to Haicheng."
After greeting, she cast a contemptuous glance at Shen Modi.

Chapter 192: I Can't Help It. Mordi Just knows
"Thank you! How beautiful Mrs. Haw is!" Listen to Yao Yutong speak fluent Spanish, dressed in fashion and noble, the first impression of Yao Yutong is very good, very gentry land and Yao Yutong hug, and then hug Huo Zhengqin, say hello.
Yao Yutong also warmly hugged Mrs. Pede. Then he complimented Mrs. Peder on her good eyes, and on her beautiful clothes and jewelry.
Mrs. Quade Peder smiled, too.
Huo Mingze took Modi came over and politely greeted Pede husband and wife.
He speaks perfect Spanish.
Modi listened to Huo Mingze's pure Spanish, lips with gentle corners, eyes full of appreciation.
See Shen Modi such eyes, Yao Yutong more contemptuous.
See, that's the difference between a virgin and a virgin.
Say something in Spanish that she'll envy.
Which rich family's young master daughter is not proficient in several foreign languages?
Huo Mingze and Pede after greeting, also explained: "My wife is pregnant, I am afraid of her catching cold, so let her wear more rough, not ignore, but also ask Mr. And Mrs. Forgive."
"Pregnant? Congratulations, then." Pedder was all smiles.
Mrs. Peder also smiled and said in Chinese, "Congratulations, congratulations!"
Her name is Suna. She's Susan's sister. Their father is Spanish and their mother is Chinese.
Susan came by last time to sign the car contract, and she found out about the Howe family. Tell her Huo Mingze's wife Shen Modi is excellent.
So she is very friendly to Shen Modi.
"Thank you, madam." Mordi saw Mrs Pede and spoke Chinese to her, and she spoke Chinese too.
Yao Yutong heart again disdained a sentence: bumpkin.
"Oh, what is this? It's so nice!" Mrs. Pedder looked at a little stall selling red baubles and immediately pulled Mordi over.
Yao Yutong also rushed to the past, in fluent Spanish, introduced: "Madam, this is a peace blessing card, are the temple monks opened the light, bless the edge of the Lord peace and health."
"Then I'll buy some." 'said Mrs Pedder.
Yao Yutong smiled and told Mrs. Pede in a very professional tone: "Madam, we don't say buy this kind of thing, we say please." Later we will burn incense and say please."
"Good," said Hermione. Mrs Pedder replied with a smile.
She immediately paid for Fortune.
Her mother is from China and her mother-in-law is from Country h, so she knows more or less about the traditional culture here.
"Look, madam, there are many lanterns over there." Yao Yutong pointed not far away said.
Mrs. Pedder's eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "How beautiful!"
"Let's go and take some pictures." Yao Yutong proposed.
"Can I film it?" asked Mrs. Pedder.
She knows there are some taboos in places like the Chinese Buddha Temple.
"You can film it." Yao Yutong smiled warmly.
The three women walked towards the lantern together.
Huo Mingze and Huo Zhengqin accompanied Mr. Pede from left to right.
Huo Mingze from time to time to look at Modi a glance, has been concerned about her trends, afraid of her out of their own sight.
Peder laughed: "We also go there, they play their own, we casually talk about the development of China in these years."
Three men stood talking not far from the lantern.
Soon, two other jewelers arrived.
It seems that everyone has figured out Peder's temperament, and they all come in pairs.
One is the president of Hiroshi.
One is the founder of Sea City ds Jewelry.
Although the size of ds jewelry can not be compared with Huo's, it is very important in the jewelry industry.
They are nearly forty years old, and look more stable than Huo Zhengqin and Huo Mingze.
The men soon chatted.
The women are taking pictures at the lantern.
Yao Yutong enthusiastically help Mrs. Pede to take photos, her photography technique is very good, composition is very beautiful, and good at using beauty, Mrs. Pede shot appearance level and gas value.
Mrs. Pedder looked at the picture with great satisfaction.
Yao Yutong see Mrs. Pede happy, also quietly toward Huo Zhengqin than an ok gesture.
Huo Zhengqin is also very satisfied with Yao Yutong's performance, lips always smile, he also tried to talk with Mr. Pede about the history of domestic business development.
"These lanterns, do they all have a story?" 'asked Mrs Pedder suddenly.
The two new wives responded with laughter: "Yes, every lantern has a traditional story."
Yao Yutong also smiled and said, "Yes, in China, all the lanterns have beautiful stories behind them."
"Is this the birthday boy?" "Said Mrs. Pedder, pointing to the shape of a lantern holding peaches.
"Yes, ma 'am, he brought the peach. Even now, we will make a plate of peaches to wish the birthday boy health and longevity." Yao Yutong said in fluent Spanish.
The two new wives were envious. Chagrin their own time are taken to play cards skin care, should learn foreign languages, let yourself a little culture ah, see, this is not the book to the time square hate less typical example.
"Who is this? "Asked Madame Pedder, pointing to a flying pig riding above the birthday girl and holding a dusty lantern.
Yao Yutong: "..." Isn't it difficult?
How am I supposed to know who he is?
I'm about to search the Internet.
Modi smiled and said, "Madam, this is Tianyi noble man, the greatest god of luck in the legend." Good luck, good health, good popularity. It is said that a person who lives with a Tianyi noble person will be healthy and safe all his life, and will not be invaded by any misfortune."
"And this?" Mrs. Pedder was very interested in these traditional things.
Yao Yutong: "..." She couldn't answer again.
She thought there was something wrong with Mrs. Pedder. Why didn't she ask the gods around the birthday boy? She knew it was the gods of fortune and Fortune.
With a smile on his lips, Modi said without haste: "This is the old man, the God of marriage." In his left hand is a marriage book, and legend has it that he would look through the marriages of his past lives, and then tie a red line for the destined man and woman to make them love for this life."
Mrs Pedder looked at Mordi with admiring eyes, walked on, pointed to a lantern and asked, "What is this?"
"Madam, this is Wenqu Xingjun..." Mordi tells Madame Pede what Wenqu star Jun is in charge of the world.
The more she listened, the more interested she became, she took Mordi's hand and walked on, letting him tell her all the way.
Mordi also introduced each one to Mrs. Pedder.
The two newly joined wives were very envious, blaming themselves for not learning foreign languages, why not read a few books of traditional culture?
Yao Yutong rolled his eyes and sniffed in his heart: How about some traditional culture, and not a bumpkin? Mrs. Pedder wouldn't give you the project just because you told a few lantern stories, would she?
After seeing the lanterns all the way, they went to ask incense to burn incense.
Mordi went on to tell Mrs Peder what she was forbidden to do.
Like a man on the left and a woman on the right, like not touching the threshold.
The more Mrs. Pedder looked at Mordi, the more she liked her. The little girl really knew a lot at her young age, and she was calm and humble and full of meaning.

Chapter 193: How Can Shen Modi Speak Spanish?
Seeing Mrs. Pede more and more appreciate Shen Modi, Yao Yutong secretly scolded Shen Modi on the table, do not know where to learn these feudal superstitions?
Afraid to provoke Pedede lady unhappy, Yao Yutong face always with a generous decent smile.
Mrs. Peder also had a good impression of Yao Yutong.
The other two wives, in addition to playing cards these years is shopping, doing beauty, completely can not get a word in. Can only follow the foil.
There are more than 300 Buddha statues in the South White Temple, and Modi talks about what God is and what he is in charge of.
Mrs Pedder listened with great interest.
Before you know it, everyone has been walking for more than an hour.
Huo Mingze afraid of Modi too tired, proposed to rest.
"It's time for a break. Let's find a place where we can have lunch, some fruit and pastries, and you can talk about your work." Mrs Pedder agreed with a smile.
She can walk around. Shen Modi's pregnant.
Yao Yutong immediately smiled and said, "It is good that there is a western restaurant seven or eight kilometers from here."
It's finally her home court!
She cast another disdainful glance at Shen Modi.
While eating Western food, she waited to see Shen Modi prudish and embarrassed.
Shen Modi pretend not to see Yao Yutong proud and contemptuous eyes.
In fact, she had introduced Mrs. Pedder to those things only because Mrs. Pedder was interested in them, and she happened to know them.
The party drove to the restaurant.
There were lanterns all the way.
Mrs Peder lamented: "I haven't been back for many years, and the changes in China are really too great." There used to be a lot of small roads, but now it's wide everywhere. With the development of industry, the city looks good, and there is a lot of scenery everywhere."
"It will get better." 'said Mordi.
Huo Mingze heard Modi's words, lips Angle giggly.
Yeah, it's gonna get better!
Soon arrived at the western restaurant.
Although today is the first day of the first lunar month, the business of this western restaurant is very good, many young couples come to eat Western food.
The specifications of this restaurant are very high, it is said to be foreign investment, restaurant waiters are mostly from abroad, are handsome and tall little brother.
Yao Yutong walked into the restaurant and, speaking fluent English, told the waiter, "Hello, prepare the best table for us."
The waiter immediately led the party inside.
A long square table was placed in a fine room. Western tableware is neatly placed above, and the dining room is folded into white roses, looking very elegant.
Yao Yutong in fluent English told the waiter: "Menu."
The waiter immediately handed the menu to Yao Yutong.
Yao Yutong walked over to Madame Pede and asked her again in Spanish: "Madam, what flavor of cake do you like?"
"This." "Said Mrs. Pedder, pointing to a flavor of cake.
"Yes, ma 'am." Yao Yutong is very polite, and asked Mr. Pede.
"I can do either." Mr. Pedder said.
Yao asked other jewelers and Huo Mingze and his wife in Chinese.
With her self-assured demeanor, it's hard to be impressed by her.
Everyone says it's casual.
Yao Yutong smiled and said, "OK."
Yao Yutong finished and English replacement waiter to prepare.
The waiter goes out and talks to another waiter in French.
Probably missing something, Yao Yutong smiled and said to them in French, "Our wife's portion needs honey."
Hearing Yao Yutong can speak French, Mr. Pede's eyes are bright again.
He said to Huo Zhengqin: "Your wife is not only beautiful, but also very excellent, with her as your assistant, your future development will be better and better."
Huo Zhengqin smiled and said, "You are too generous. But we do have an old saying in China that behind every successful man there must be an excellent woman."
When Pede heard Huo Zhengqin's words, he immediately shook Mrs. Pede's hand and smiled, "You are right." My wife is also the woman behind me, and she has helped me get to where I am today."
They were speaking Spanish.
The president of the Guangcheng Division and the founder of ds one can speak Spanish, one can understand Spanish, they listen to Mr. Peder's words, are envious of Huo Zhengqin.
Who doesn't want their wife to be beautiful and wonderful.
In fact, their wives are relatively good, are married, but compared with Yao Yutong, the difference is too far.
Look at this journey, Yao Yutong is stealing the show.
Soon, the waiter came in with a cart and placed portions of pastry in front of everyone.
Yao Yutong got up and personally put the pastry with honey and different flavors in front of Mrs. Pede.
'Thank you! Mrs. Pedder said thanks.
"You're welcome." Yao Yutong said politely.
Everyone sat down to eat.
Modi ate slowly.
"Have you lost your appetite?" asked Mrs. Pedder.
Modi smiled and shook his head. "Madam, I ate a little too much this morning. I'm not very hungry now."
Mrs. Pedder laughed and said, "If you can eat, you can eat more, and if you don't want to eat, you don't eat. We have to do what we want."
"Well, thank you, ma 'am." Mordi smiled and thanked him.
Ming Ming Mo Di and Mrs. Pede both spoke Chinese, Yao Yutong said in Spanish: "Madam, Xiaodi she may be a psychological effect, seeing food always habitually want to vomit."
She said the word vomit on purpose.
Sure enough, Mrs. Pedder frowned unconsciously, and her appetite was affected.
Huo Mingze is about to speak.
Modi spoke and said in fluent Spanish, "Madame, my symptoms of pregnancy reaction have always been mild, that is, when I see greasy things, I lose my appetite, nothing else." I don't want to eat this cake because I'm fuller."
She took the apple juice and took a sip.
He added in fluent Spanish, "This apple juice tastes good, madam."
After saying that, she looked at the eyes of the mentally handicapped and glanced at Yao Yutong.
Yao Yutong was almost mad.
This bitch, why does she speak Spanish?
From such a humble background, she can speak English and already burn high incense.
This bitch speaks Spanish and she keeps talking, treating her like a clown?
Huo Zhengqin was also stunned.
He has always felt that although Shen Modi looks beautiful, although the design talent is good, but in other aspects there is no way to compare with Yao Yutong.
As a result, she speaks Spanish as well as English.
Huo Mingze is not too surprised, but a little surprised.
His wife really surprises him at any time, like a heavy book, each page is new content.
Mrs. Peder also froze for a moment, and then preferred Shen Modi.
Who doesn't love a good, reserved kid.
No wonder her sister Susan is full of praise for Modi, saying that Modi is humble and low-key, with unique vision and rich knowledge.

Chapter 194: Shen Modi comments
As they ate their pastries, Mr. Pedder turned the conversation to jewelry.
Peder asked everyone, how to think about the next international jewelry market?
Guang city division president finally ushered in the opportunity, he talked about the international jewelry situation.
He believes that diamonds are very profitable, but the market is becoming saturated, and more and more people prefer crystals, jade and pearls.
Huo Zhengqin also believes that the next jade and crystal market will be better.
He also let Yao Yutong say their views.
Yao Yutong, herself a jewelry designer, immediately said her own opinion: "I agree with my husband and President Si's view, and I would like to add that I think gold jewelry will become popular next." Because it's not just jewelry, it's hard currency. A lot of people think that when the economy is good, it is an ornament, and when the economy is bad, it is a coil."
Mr. Pedder nodded appreciatively and looked at Huo Mingze again.
Huo Mingze looked at Modi encouragingly and said, "Wife, you tell me."
Modi smiled and said: "I think the jewelry market itself is a diversified market, and different customer groups will have different needs."
Young couples still choose diamonds, believing that love is stronger than gold.
Older customers, will pay more attention to the value of jewelry. From the point of view of preservation, they prefer to choose gold.
The prices of jade, crystals, pearls and some rare gemstones will continue to go up because good jade mines, crystal mines and natural pearls are selling for less than one thing."
Yao Yutong listen to the words of Shen Modi, the heart snorted, without a trace of their own point of view, behind their ass to pick up ready-made.
Listening to Shen Modi said: "Ordinary customers are more willing to choose gold, because gold jewelry is clearly priced, recycling also has a fixed price, customers do not have any pressure to choose, do not worry about being cheated and pit."
Jade, crystal, pearl this kind of things, in fact, there are many customers like, even just out of school students, will want to have a crystal or jade of their own. But the moisture of this kind of jewelry is too deep, and many people do not dare to try it easily.
Therefore, I think the integrity of business to build a reputation is very important. If we can put the price of jade, crystal, pearl and other jewelry as clearly as gold, I believe that although the profit of the individual product is less, but the total profit will not be reduced.
I also want to talk about diamonds, diamonds are actually sold as concepts. We can also create new concept jewelry."
"It's a good point, but it's all just on paper and not realistic." Yao Yutong could not resist saying.
Huo Zhengqin immediately pulled Yao Yutong a.
Yao Yutong shut up.
They all know that Mr. Pedder hates infighting more than anything else.
Huo Mingze listened to every word Modi said.
All of Modi's ideas, he felt, were particularly good, especially the concept.
Today's merchants, who is not creating concepts?
38 promotion, beautiful name of the goddess festival.
The jeweler said the goddess should have her own jewelry.
The flower seller said that women should have flowers on Goddess Day.
The bag seller said that the goddess should have her own personality bag...
Huo Zhengqin looked at the time, it was more than eleven o 'clock, he proposed to eat lunch.
Yao Yutong arranged steak for everyone, and ordered caviar, foie gras...
She ordered the caviar on purpose, because she was sure a native dog like Shen Modi wouldn't eat it.
After serving the food, Mordi did not want the couple to see that they were at odds, and it was standard to pick up a knife and fork and cut the steak honorably.
Her every move is perfect.
These things, when she and Gu Tianxi fell in love, Gu Tianxi specially asked the etiquette teacher to teach her.
She lowered her eyelids as she cut the steak.
Once said never separate people ah, after all scattered in the end of the world.
And when she thought of Gu Tianxi again, she did not have the pain of tearing the heart and splitting the lungs.
See Shen Modi every move are calm and confident, Yao Yutong heart hold a breath, extremely unhappy.
She reached out and squeezed Huo Zhengqin's leg.
Huo Zhengqin looked sideways at her.
She immediately nodded in the direction of Mr. Pede, meaning that Huo Zhengqin quickly strive to take down the project.
As the president of the international jewelry giant Karin Mei Group, he has a lot of jewelry resources. As long as they take it off, they will weigh more heavily at Grandpa's.
Huo Zhengqin smiled and clapped his hand on Yao Yutong's thigh, meaning to let her calm down.
Everybody's eating. Nobody's talking.
After lunch, everyone took a break and began to chat, Huo Zhengqin immediately said the business: "Mr. And Mrs. Pedder, why don't we go to the Huo Group to visit?"
'All right! Mr. Pedder would love to.
Huo Zhengqin and Huo Mingze now although in different companies to talk business with him, but are associated with Huo's company, he also just want to see Huo's office building.
The founder of ds Group secretly thought that after a visit to Huo's, he also invited Mr. And Mrs. Pedder to visit ds.
Anyway, they're all about jewelry.
Today is the first day of the first lunar month, everyone is not working, including the Huo Group.
Huo Zhengqin arranged people to open the door, he personally do the guide, with a group of people to visit the Huo Group.
Huo's office building, Huo's canteen, sports room, library, infirmary...
Every corner of the Huo Group is clean and tidy, which makes people look very comfortable.
Peder already had an idea in mind.
Even based on her husband's cooperation with the Khoo family, he will consider the Huo Group first.
What's more, the Huo Group itself is the leading group in Haicheng, and the Huo family is so excellent, he has no need to consider the other two companies.
At that moment, Huo Zhengqin mentioned: "Mr. Peder, I sincerely hope to reach a cooperation with you."
The president of the Guangcheng Division also immediately fought for: "Mr. Peder, we also hope to get the opportunity to cooperate."
The ds founder is about to speak.
"I'll think about it," said Mr. Peder. "Thank you for your hospitality today. When you're in Spain, call me and I'll be sure to guide you myself."
It's not settled yet.
We all know that when we talk about such things as projects, the first thing is to investigate, and it will not be settled at once.
Make a good impression, and then, if Mr. Pedder is interested, we'll get into the details.
Of course, they can continue to fight for it later.
As long as they don't sign, everyone has a chance.
Sent Mr. And Mrs. Pedder away.
After Huo Zhengqin and Huo Mingze said hello, also let the driver drive away.
Huo Mingze hugged Modi back to the car.
"Exhausted, aren't you?" he asked with concern.
Modi shook his head: "No, not tired. The temple fair was fun. I just don't know who Mr. Pedder will choose in the end? Did I say too much earlier?"

Chapter 195 Prefers Shen Modi
Huo Mingze looked at Modi gently with his eyes.
Seeing that he did not speak for a while, Mordi became more anxious: "I knew I had said too much, I should have restrained myself."
"No, you said it very well." Huo Mingze full of appreciation and encouragement, "the new jewelry company, according to your ideas to operate, Mr. Peder's project to us or not does not matter."
"It can't be what I think, theory is theory and practice is practice." Out of all the jewelry companies out there, none of them are doing this, which means it's not going to work." 'said Mordi.
She felt that she had been impulsive and had spoken nonsense on a whim.
She is a layman, if these things are really useful, other people can not think?
"Let's try." Huo Mingze smiled.
"No, the company will still be run the same way you were." "Said Mordi at once.
Huo Mingze held Modi's hand and smiled at the corner of his lips: "Don't worry, I will operate first, and when you have your child and raise your health, you want to work again."
"Good," said Hermione. Listen to Huo Mingze first operation, Modi also put down the heart.
"Sleep with me for a while." Huo Mingze let Modi lean on his shoulder.
"HMM." Modi smiled and leaned on Huo Mingze's shoulder.
It was just for a moment, but I fell asleep.
Huo Mingze reached out and pulled the blanket over Modi.
Afraid that she would slip, he kept his hand on her.
Seeing her asleep, his eyes were doting and tender, and he could not help kissing her smooth forehead.
The other car.
Mr. And Mrs. Pedder back to the hotel.
Mrs. Peder, Suna, smiled and asked, "What do you think, my dear?"
Mr. Peder said with emotion: "There is a saying in China that the future is awesome, and I have seen it today. Young people dare to think and do, thinking unimaginatively, really excellent.
In the past, when we old friends got together and talked, we would often discuss, which country has the most talents? China, no doubt. Almost all the R&D teams of large international enterprises have core R&D personnel from China.
At the time, I thought they had better genes. Now I find that it is the environment. They work harder and think bigger than everyone else.
People in their early 20s, while everyone else is still enjoying their youth, are already working on business models."
"Yes, the Huo family has such excellent students, no wonder they will become the first in Haicheng." Su Na asked again, "I don't know if you are more optimistic about Huo Zhengqin or Huo Mingze?"
"Huo Mingze!" 'said Mr Pedder.
"Oh? Why?" Suna asked with an amused smile.
Peder said: "If I was the temperament of 20 years ago, maybe I would choose such a radical Huo Zhengqin." Now, I prefer to choose the calm and restrained.
Madam, you are right, not a family, not a house. Huo Zhengqin and his wife were radical people.
Yao Yutong is indeed excellent, but everywhere active performance, and her excellence is with aggression. On the other hand, Huo Mingze's wife is obviously excellent, but she is humble and low-key."
Suna eyes light Jiongbright: "Yes, I also prefer Shen Modi." Susan also said that Shen Modi was a very good girl. Susan says she has a very good eye for jade."
"So much the better." "Peder said.
Suna smiled and asked, "Honey, is it settled?"
Peder nodded, "Yes. In addition to believing what we see, we should also believe what Mr. Ho sees. The old people in China are all very wise."
Yao Yutong and Huo Zhengqin's car.
Yao Yutong asked Huo Zhengqin: "Zhengqin, do you think we have an advantage?"
Huo Zhengqin concentration: "Hard to say."
Shen Modi is excellent beyond his imagination.
A woman from a poor family, not only good English, Spanish is good, and not stage fright. Instead of slowing down Huo Mingze, it added to his cake.
Yao Yutong tightknit his eyebrows: "If we can not get this project, it is best not to fall into the hands of Huo Mingze, otherwise, grandpa's side we will have no advantage."
Huo Zhengqin warning eyes looked at Yao Yutong a glance.
Yao Yutong immediately shut up.
Huo Zhengqin told the driver: "Pull over."
The driver quickly pulled over.
Huo Zhengqin took out two hundred yuan notes from the wallet and handed them to the driver: "You take a taxi back to Huo's house, I will go to Yao's house to pay New Year's greetings."
"All right, young master." The driver answered again and again.
Back in the car, Huo Zhengqin drove, he turned at the front intersection.
"To my house?" Yao Yutong asked.
"HMM." Huo Zhengqin answered.
"Happy New Year?" Yao Yutong asked.
"Well, talk to my father-in-law about something." Huo Zhengqin answered while driving.
Yao Yutong asked: "The last time we planned to put the pot on Huo Zhendong's head, has not been done?"
"Almost. I'm just going to talk to your father about it." Huo Zhengqin said.
Yao Yutong slightly relieved: "I hope everything goes well!"
She really did not want to see Shen Mordi's disgusting face again.
Over and over again, she was crushed by Shen Modi and laughed at by Shen Modi, and she was really fed up.
She was worried: "Just afraid of Pede to give the project to Huo Mingze, when the time comes, even if we put the pot on the head of Huo Zhendong, the old man still insisted on giving Huo to Huo Mingze."
Huo Zhengqin lip Angle with a feminine smile: "Pede to give the project to Huo Mingze, will be more beneficial to us."
It just came to him in a flash.
He talked to Peder about the project in the name of Huo's branch, and Huo Mingze was in the name of a new company, Aidi Jewelry. Just, he was the evidence of Huo Zhendong dereliction of duty to grandpa, then buckle Huo Mingze a dereliction of duty hat.
As the head of Huo's, taking the project to another company, what is the intention of this?
More than half an hour later, they arrived at Yao's house.
Take a gift from the trunk, Huo Zhengqin and Yao Yutong into the room.
Yao's Spring Festival this year is not as lively as in previous years.
Because Yao's live broadcast has been suppressed by Huo Mingze during this period, it has lost money for two consecutive months.
However, no longer lively, there are seven or eight servants in the house to handle the housework.
Old Lady Yao is still burning incense and chanting in the Buddhist hall.
Yao Yutong and Huo Zhengqin went to see the old lady, Huo Zhengqin and Yao Xian went to the study to talk business.
Yao Yutong was led to the bedroom by the old lady, the old lady asked the situation of the Huo family now.
Yao Yutong also said with the old lady to arrange Mu Tingting to take advantage of things.
The old lady habitually twisted the Buddha beads in her hand and recognized: "Yu Tong, you have grown up." If you were willing to use these ideas, you would not have taken these detours. Still, it's not too late. Since and Zheng Chin married, husband and wife, consistent external, early to take down the Huo. After all, Jeong-heum is the eldest grandson."
"Yes, Grandma, I think so too." Being affirmed, Yao Yutong became more confident.
The old lady glanced at Yao Yutong's stomach again and said: "A rich family, the son is very important, you have to fight for this stomach." Shen Modi is pregnant with twins?"

Chapter 196: In Front of Her
"Yes." Yao Yutong heavy voice response.
That bitch, that's a blessing.
The old lady's eyes sank: "Children such things, to be born to count."
Yao Yutong understood and whispered, "Grandma, I understand." Things have to be done one by one, the old man's birthday party at the end of this month, we have to hurry before the party to make the old man believe that the dereliction of duty is Huo Zhendong."
The old lady narrowed her eyes and said: "Now Huo Mingze thunder is flourishing, afraid of successful whitewashing Huo Zhenye, Huo old man will not use Huo Zhenye again."
"It doesn't matter, we will step by step and try to get Huo Zhenye back into the Huo family, even if he is deputy first." Yao Yutong said.
Her heart is angry, had it not been for grandma's sudden text message, she would not be so passive now.
The old woman nodded: "You think so is right, slowly drawing it."
Huo Zhengqin and Yao Xian stayed in the study for more than an hour, and the two people re-wrote some details.
Huo Zhenye malfeasance, first had an affair with the secretary, then the secretary's two younger brothers were recruited into the company for core positions, and then, the two younger brothers of the secretary joined forces to sell the company's Al chip.
At that time, Mr. Huo lost his temper and directly removed the president of Huo Zhenye, helping Huo Zhendong to rise.
They found the secretary and her two younger brothers during this time, after doing ideological work and promising to give money, they have agreed to testify that Huo Zhendong framed Huo Zhenye.
In addition, Huo Zhengqin and Yao Xian have been forging emails and text messages during this time.
After reordering, they went to dinner.
During dinner, a servant accidentally spilled a few drops of soup on Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin immediately stood up.
The servant quickly wiped Huo Zhengqin's thigh with his hand and said nervously, "Uncle, I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean to."
"Never mind." Huo Zhengqin smiled magnanimously.
Last time I was here, the maid was sloppy.
"Miss, I didn't mean to, or else, you take my uncle to change?" The servant looked to Yao Yutong for help.
"Yu Tong, go." Yao Yutong's stepmother said.
Yao Yutong's face doesn't look good. What the hell? Order her?
She rebuked the servant: "You go upstairs and bring down the clothes for my uncle to change."
Huo Zhengqin saw Yao Yutong and her stepmother at war, he smiled to the servant: "This is not good to change, you take me to go."
"Yes, uncle." The servant answered respectfully and took Huo Zhengqin upstairs.
In fact, it is to Yao Yutong's room, Huo Zhengqin also lived here, know where.
Push Yao Yutong room, servant led Huo Zhengqin to the cloakroom.
When she reached the cloakroom door, she stopped deliberately and then staggered back.
"Be careful." Huo Zhengqin supported the servant.
Servant see Huo Zhengqin did not refuse, is directly to Huo Zhengqin arms drill.
"How old is this year?" Huo Zhengqin smiled and looked down to ask.
"I'm 21 years old." 'whispered the servant.
"Like me?" Huo Zhengqin asked.
If it doesn't show, he's living for nothing.
"What do you like about me? Huo Zhengqin is very interested.
The servant bowed his head, bit his lips, and sounded like a mosquito rope: "You are handsome and magnificent, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, but I can't control myself."
"I'm married." Huo Zhengqin said.
"I know, I didn't mean to sabotage you, I... I simply like you." With that, the servant turned to hug Huo Zhengqin's waist and said, "I can hug you like this, this life will be satisfied."
She hugged Huo Zhengqin at the same time, and rubbed against him.
Huo Zhengqin hook lip Angle, this Yao home servant, really interesting.
He reached out his hand and picked up the servant's chin: "Not afraid to be Yu Tong found that she fired you?"
The servant shuddered and whispered, "I'm afraid."
With that, her tears rolled down and she whispered, "I don't want to like yours either, I know it's immoral." I'm sorry!"
Said, she reluctantly looked at Huo Zhengqin a glance, let go of Huo Zhengqin, go to Huo Zhengqin to take clothes.
She pushed open a closet door, on tiptoe to the above folded trousers, a hand, revealing a waist.
Huo Zhengqin eyes deep light, said: "I come!"
He reached for his trousers and took the servant's hand.
The servant pulled his hand away and did not pull it out.
Huo Zhengqin leaned down and looked at the servant tightly: "Can you?"
The servant felt delighted and whispered, "But... Yes."
Huo Zhengqin asked again: "Clean?"
The servant blushed and whispered, "HMM."
Huo Zhengqin smiled, "I like clean girls."
He reached out, seized the servant by the waist, and carried her in his arms.
He laughed again. "I changed my pants."
With that, he took her hand and put it on the buckle. "Change it for me."
"I..." The servant blushed, stretched out his hand, pressed, and with a bang, she helped him unzip.
Slip your pants down.
Inside, flat pants.
It's very juicy.
The servant looked red.
Huo Zhengqin smiled, pulled the servant, circled her from behind, hands up from the waist.
The servant snorted.
Seeing Huo Zhengqin took off her pants, she panicked: "Didn't lock the door!"
Huo Zhengqin pushed the servant down on the leather bench where he changed his shoes: "Leaving the door unlocked is exciting."
"But, but it will be discovered... Yaaawn... Well..."
"Afraid to be found like this..."
Huo Zhengqin satisfied with the servant's response, selflessly into it.
Yao Yutong's stepmother looked in the direction of the stairs and smiled: "How can you change your pants for so long?" Yu Tong, you go and have a look."
"No need." Yao Yutong wanted to go to see, but did not want to be dominated by the stepmother.
After a few minutes, she put down her chopsticks and said: "I finished eating, go back to the room to rest, you eat slowly."
She got up and went upstairs.
As soon as I reached the door, I heard voices coming from inside.
She froze.
The fire was rushing upward.
The dog man and woman.
It started without even closing the door.
She rushed in.
Huo Zhengqin looked over and said, "I'll be right away."
Yao Yutong more angry, rushed over a kick in the servant body.
The servant was kicked and screamed.
"You shameless thing, get out of Yao's house immediately." Yao Yutong angrily shouted.
What do they take her for?
The servant quickly put on his trousers and ran out.
Yao Yutong looked at Huo Zhengqin with disgust: "Huo Zhengqin, you are like this to me?"
"She throws herself at you, and no man can handle that." Huo Zhengqin said.
He added, "I don't feel good. I don't feel comfortable with you."
'Shame on you, shame on you! Yao Yutong angry want to give Huo Zhengqin slap.
Huo Zhengqin grabbed his hand in mid-air.
"I have good news for you," he said. "All the details have been worked out to whitewash my father's accusation against Huo Zhendong."

Chapter 197: The Stepmother's Revenge
"Can wash your father, you do this to me? Huo Zhengqin, do you have a conscience? We Yao family worked so hard to help you, and you treat me like this? Are you still human? Huh?" Yao Yutong shouted at Huo Zhengqin.
She felt like her lungs were going to explode.
It's a real physiological reaction.
There is a real fire burning in my heart, and this fire is rushing to my head.
Huo Zhengqin loosened Yao Yutong's hand and apologized without pain: "Well, this thing is not right for me, it is that I can not withstand the temptation to hold it, I will pay attention to it in the future." But men are really not focused on this kind of thing, you tell Mu Tingting to hold fast."
Yao Yutong's face is more ugly than eating shit, she laughed: "Oh, so, you take me as what?" Huh? What do you take me for?"
"My wife, of course, my partner." Huo Zhengqin smiled at Yao Yutong, "You rest assured, the people outside I am walking kidney not walking heart, you are my marriage, your identity as the mother, no one can shake."
Yao Yutong heart sharp ups and downs, evil stare Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin looked at Yao Yutong, comfort her: "Well, dispel anger."
Yao Yutong took a few deep breaths and gritted his teeth: "You'd better take the position of heir in one fell swoop."
Then she stormed out of the cloakroom.
In her mind, she kept flashing the picture of love with Huo Mingze.
How nice he is to her!
Every detail, gentle, clean.
Huo Zhengqin can't even match his toe.
Don't know when, her tears have covered the whole face.
Stepmother Luo Xinxin just upstairs, two people met in the corridor on the second floor.
Luo Xinxin looked at the play with a smile: "Why are you crying? There is no time to cry on this New Year's Day!"
Yao Yutong glared at Luo Xinxin viciously: "You did it?"
Luo Xinxin smiled at Yao Yutong: "What is it? I didn't do anything, so don't say that."
Mouth said so, her eyes told Yao Yutong: I did it, you bite me!
'You! Yao Yutong gas knot.
Luo Xinxin smiled and said, "Angry? What's the saying? The way of heaven is good. When I was pregnant six years ago, you set your dad up with bitches, remember?"
"It was you, I knew it!" Yao Yutong see Luo Xinxin this pair of gloating face, want to rush up to tear her face.
"Oh, I didn't do anything. I just think, God is more open." Luo Xinxin smiled triumphantly.
"Aren't you afraid I'll tell my dad?" Yao Yutong gritted his teeth.
"Oh, it has nothing to do with me. Don't bite like a mad dog." Luo Xinxin smiled and yawned languidly. "I'm going to bed. Good night, my big girl."
Then she went to her room.
In this family, she hates Yao Yutong most.
Yao Yutong's mother died ten years ago, was ill, at that time she did not know Yao Xian.
Her family is very poor, but she worked hard to finish the graduate school, and later joined the Yao family as Yao Xian's secretary.
She is 22 years younger than Yao Xian and would not have married him if she had not come from a poor family.
She married Yao Xian for Yao Xian's money. 𝓍 ł
She wanted to make things better for her parents, to give back to her family.
After marriage, she had no children for three years.
She thought she was infertile, and went to the hospital to check, and the doctor said she was healthy.
It was only then that she began to suspect a dietary problem, and when she found out that Yao Yutong had arranged for her maid to add contraceptives to her diet, she was furious.
This woman, for her age, is too vicious.
When she married Yao Xian nine years ago, Yao Yutong was only 17 years old, and at 17 years old, she was already very vicious.
She guess Yao Yutong is afraid she gave birth to children rob Yao family property.
At first she did not think about these things, because her parents and younger brothers and sisters are well off, Yao Xian is also good to her, she also works in the company, life is full and satisfied.
She was furious when she learned that Yao Yutong had had birth control pills added to her diet.
She's not a mistress, she's married, why can't she have children? Why can't her children claim the family property?
Therefore, she immediately changed her post to the old servant, re-cultivated her own confidant, strictly checked the diet, and ate traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the body, and then successfully conceived a child.
After pregnancy, she was afraid of Yao Yutong secretly harm her, she everywhere guard.
As a result, she found Yao Yutong to Yao Xian to find a woman.
Seeing what happened between Yao Xian and another woman, she threw up at that time.
If she hadn't been six months pregnant at the time, she might have gotten divorced in a fit of anger.
Then I calmed down and thought, it's all about one head.
From then on, she asked Yao Xian to give her hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.
She should eat, she should spend, she is willing to raise children. I also quietly saved a lot of money, the filial piety did not fall.
But every time I see Yao Yutong, I still feel sick.
This tone, now finally out ah, really relieved gas!
"I'm going to tell my father now!" Yao Yutong gritted his teeth angrily.
Luo Xinxin yawned again and smiled: "Go and tell your father that your husband cheated on you in front of you." You'd better tell your father not to get involved with the Huo family, so as not to involve the Yao family."
These two months, the branch's live income fell crazy, she asked Yao Xian, because Huo Mingze there has been suppressing Yao.
Why did Huo Mingze suppress Yao's family, it is not because Yao Yutong made heaven and earth.
If you were married to Huo Mingze in the first place, why would this shit happen?
She also tentatively communicated with Yao Xian, let him not be Yao Yutong led by the nose. Yao Xian let her take care of.
Fine, then she'll stay out of it.
Yao Xian and Yao Yutong prosperous family or lost family, she fixed every month a hundred thousand, alone.
If Yao Xian prospered, her son would inherit half the property.
If Yao Xian because Yao Yutong lost all the family wealth, she saved money alone is enough for their mother and son life.
Her idea now is that she does not provoke anyone, but she does not coddle anyone.
Yao Yutong listened to Luo Xinxin's words, more angry, she stared at Luo Xinxin bitterly: "Luo Xinxin, this account I wrote down, we will see."
Luo Xinxin rolled his eyes dismissively: "Don't rush to deal with me, you take care of yourself first."
With that, Luo Xinxin decisively returned to the room and slammed the door.
Yao Yutong a pair of eyes to watch Luo Xinxin door, want to use eyes to shoot through the door and then shoot Luo Xinxin.
At this time, Yao Xian also came up, seeing Yao Yutong's face was not good, he asked: "What's wrong?"
"Dad, it's okay." Yao Yutong quickly forced out a smile.
"This New Year's Day, fine. Change your temper, husband and wife should be united." Yao Xian lectures.
"I know, Dad."
"Well, go to bed early. I got up early today. I'm going to bed first." Yao Xian also went back to the room.
Yao Yutong angry to scold at the door: "bitch, rotten hooves, fox spirit..."

Chapter 198: Happy and Sweet
Yao Yutong stood in the corridor for more than an hour, his legs were stiff.
Finally waiting for Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin has taken a bath, he came out in his pajamas, as if nothing had happened, he smiled: "Well, it's not early, sleep."
Yao Yutong ignored Huo Zhengqin and turned his back.
Feeling oppressed, angry, angry, angry... All kinds of negative emotions flooded her.
Huo Zhengqin walked to Yao Yutong's side, held the railing and said: "Just received the news, Pede's side has settled down." You don't want to know who Mr. Pedder chose?"
Yao Yutong twisted her eyebrows, turned sideways to look at Huo Zhengqin and asked curiously, "Who did he choose?"
See Huo Zhengqin did not speak, her eyes suddenly with a hint of surprise: "Did you choose us?"
Huo Zhengqin smiled: "He chose Huo Mingze."
The smile on Yao Yutong's face disappeared in an instant, and the anger came up again: "You chose Huo Mingze, what are you happy about?"
I'm so sorry.
The heart suffocates with regret.
If time goes back, she will not go abroad, she will decisively choose to marry Huo Mingze.
"What is Huo Mingze talking about with Peder in the name of Aidi jewelry, not dereliction of duty? In this way, when I put a label on his father Huo Zhendong's head, I will have more credibility with my grandfather." Huo Zhengqin smiled softly.
"When will this be done?" Yao Yutong asked.
She found that she was forced by Huo Zhengqin more and more anxious.
She now desperately wants to sit in the seat of the Fok family's head, only in this way, she will not be laughed at by small people like Luo Xinxin.
Huo Zhengqin reached out to Yao Yutong's waist, lip Angle hook: "A few days before Grandpa's birthday, during this period, you just give Mu Tingting more opportunities to create." You've seen how men can't help themselves when women throw themselves at them."
Yao Yutong's face suddenly sank.
She pushed Huo Zhengqin away and went back to the room to take a bath.
After taking a bath, Huo Zhengqin was already lying in bed.
Yao Yutong very dont want to sleep in a bed with Huo Zhengqin, reason and tell her, some of the road went wrong life can not go back.
She and Huo Mingze impossible, if she and Huo Zhengqin break off again, Haicheng no one is willing to marry her. Even if I did, I wouldn't value it. It is better to take some things lightly and row a boat with Huo Zhengqin.
A surname.
Huo Mingze got a call from Mr. Pedder.
Peide told Huo Mingze on the phone that he was optimistic about love Di jewelry, and hoped to talk about the details of cooperation with Huo Mingze tomorrow.
Huo Mingze and Pedder made an appointment to talk about cooperation details tomorrow morning.
When he hung up the phone, he immediately told Mordi the good news.
Mordi asked in surprise, "So, is it settled?"
Huo Mingze smiled and nodded: "Basically it is decided." Sign the contract tomorrow and there will be no more changes."
"That's great! Mordi was happy.
Huo Mingze eyes light gentle lips Angle smile, looking at Modi: "This project can talk down, all thanks to you."
Mordi's face flushed: "No."
She is really happy in the heart, who does not want to do a little.
Mr. Fok reached out and gently rubbed his thumb against Ms. Modi's cheek. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.
Mordi's face went red again.
Huo Mingze kissed Modi again, took her into his arms, and whispered in her ear, "I miss you."
Mordi's face was redder and burning hot.
And a little confused.
"Wife, don't move." Huo Mingze's voice hoarse in her ear.
Mordi's body froze with fear, and he dared not move.
Huo Mingze smiled and let go of her, a pair of eyes deep and gentle look at her: "Compared with your hard work, I am not worth mentioning."
He reached out and touched her head. "Go to bed early. I'll take care of some work."
"Well, don't work too late either." 'said Mordi.
Huo Mingze smiled and replied, "Don't worry."
Then walk out.
Mordi reached out and took his hand.
Huo Mingze turned his head and smiled at Modi.
Modi gave Huo Mingze a gentle tiptoe kiss on the cheek.
Huo Mingze suddenly lip Angle like a fool, he embraces Modi, presses her head in his arms, kisses her hair.
She was pregnant, and he didn't dare hold her too tight. It was too hard.
He sighed helplessly and said, "After giving birth to this baby, we will never give birth again."
Modi could not help laughing at Huo Mingze's childish words.
Huo Mingze kissed Modi's heart again, just let go of Modi, and told Modi to sleep well for a while, he went to the study to work.
After Mordi got out of the shower, he leaned on the bed and played with his phone.
Huo Mingze went to the study.
Click on the wechat that Xiao Mu sent him.
There are several recordings in there.
Years ago Song Keying sick to the hospital, he let Xiao Mu over there and the health bureau contact, arrange people in Song Keying ward put a recording pen.
Song Keying in the ward has seen Gu Tianxi, Song Bohui husband and wife and lawyers.
Click on the recording, which came Song Keying and Song Bohui dialogue:
Song Bohui: "How could you be so stupid? Huh? Good Mrs. Gu, you should not do this illegal and criminal thing, I will be angry with you."
Song Keying: "Dad, don't scold me anymore, I was forced."
Song Bohui: "Who forced you? Huh? Who can make you? Huh?"
Song Keying: "Huo Zhengqin."
Song Bohui: "He told you to kill, you killed, you don't have a brain?"
Song Keying: "No, the last time Shen Modi came back from the village, I let people make a car accident was discovered by Huo Zhengqin, he has been using this to blackmail me, I also have no way to do so." I didn't want to mess with Shen Modi anymore."
Song Bohui was so angry that he vomited blood: "Car accident, Song Keying, how could I give birth to such a stupid person as you?" Huh? You and Gu Tianxi have been living peacefully, why do you want to provoke these things..."
Song Keying: "I saw the Cullinan's concern for Shen Modi in the village before, and I couldn't stand it anymore. But I don't want to deal with Shen Modi anymore. Dad, I'm wrong, so stop scolding me and think of a way to get me out of here. I'm tired of living without freedom."
"Hehe!" Huo Mingze sneered, and his face was horribly cold.
Get her out of here?
At such a time, Song Keying even thought she could be free.
Are you too privileged to think you can do anything you want?
He's gonna let her rot in jail.
Or I'm sorry Momo got cut in the hand.
If Momo hadn't happened to have some skill, he would have lost his wife, child and sister on his wedding day.
The more he thought about it, the colder his face became.
He thought that the last car accident was done by Huo Zhengqin, and the things on the wedding day may have little to do with Huo Zhengqin, at most he is an accomplice.
Unexpectedly, although the last car accident has nothing to do with Huo Zhengqin, the wedding day, Huo Zhengqin is the mastermind.
It was all murder, but the wedding day was worse.
"Huo Zhengqin, since you do not care about the family, then I do not need to care!"

Chapter 199: Grandfather, You are not fair
The second day of the first lunar month.
Huo Mingze took Modi to see the couple, the two sides formally signed a cooperation agreement.
The third day of the first lunar month.
Huo Mingze took Modi to several aunt's home to pay New Year's greetings, second aunt grandma left Modi at home for three days.
The sixth day of the first lunar month.
Huo Mingze and Modi back to Huo house.
Huo Zhengqin holding wine standing on the second floor of a building, see Huo Mingze's car back, his lips Angle with a smile: "Really have leisure and easy ah!"
Yao Yutong jealously looked at Huo Mingze there parking lot, Huo Mingze considerate to help Modi off.
This life, originally all belonged to her.
"Regret it?" Huo Zhengqin looked at Yao Yutong with amusement.
Yao Yutong cold ridicule: "than love, I want to be the master."
"Just know what you want." Huo Zhengqin threw down a word, put the wine glass into Yao Yutong hands, he went to find grandpa.
Ten minutes later...
Pops's study.
Huo Zhengqin argued with his grandfather: "Grandpa doesn't think Ming Ze gave such a large jewelry project to a new company that has no connection with Huo is malfeasance?" Assuming the project makes a profit of $1 billion a year, it means that Huo lost $1 billion a year."
Huo old tone serious: "The new company Modi is a legal person, Ming Ze in order to exercise Modi's business ability, registered a new company independent operation of what problems?"
Huo Zhengqin's face was very bad: "Grandpa, you are not fair."
"How is it unfair?" The Don remained serious.
Huo Zhengqin defended: "Ming Ze used the company's resources to fight for his wife's project, damaging the interests of the entire Huo family." If what he did was reasonable, then what happened to my dad wasn't malfeasance."
Huo Lao was so angry that he smashed the brush on the table and the ink splattered everywhere.
He said seriously, "Don't you know what your father did? He had an affair with his secretary, an affair, an infidelity to his marriage, to his family. After the project to the secretary's brother, they stole the core chip of the project to sell, they have what qualifications to sell Huo family things? They are thieves, they are thieves, and your father's actions are accomplices and malfeasance!"
Huo Zhengqin argued: "Then Shen Modi has what qualifications to take the resources of the Huo family?"
The old man was so angry that he slapped on the table: "What is the resource of the Huo family?" Did they hurt the Hodges? Huo family has always been based on electronic products, real estate, foreign trade and entertainment, said before to set up a jewelry company has not done. Now Mordi's running the jewelry company. What's the problem? What son of a Huo doesn't own an independent company? Did I say you?"
Huo Zhengqin was unhappy: "Grandpa, you don't get angry, I just talk about things." You said that they did not harm the interests of Huo. That is not true. Mr. Peder's Karinmei jewelry is an international well-known brand, such a project pulled over, should have given Huo, for Huo's income. Now to give it to Shen Modi's independent company is indirectly damaging Huo's interests."
"You're just messing around, you went to talk to Mr. Pedder about the project, isn't it also a new company?" I have been teaching you to open the pattern, to open the horizon, you did not get the project so ugly?" Grandpa Huo frowns and looks at Huo Zhengqin.
He has always felt that is chin's ability and mind are good, did not think that now even for a project urgent.
Huo Zhengqin said, "Grandpa, my newly established jewelry company was established in the name of Huo's branch."
Just then, Huo Mingze's voice sounded: "Big brother how do you know that I set up Aidi jewelry is not in the name of Huo's branch?"
While speaking, Huo Mingze went into his grandfather's study.
He coldly glanced at Huo Zhengqin and threw the documents in his hand directly on the sofa beside Huo Zhengqin.
'What do you mean? Huo Zhengqin grumpily looked at Huo Mingze.
"See for yourself! Huo Mingze said.
Huo Zhengqin angrily picked up the document, ah: "Afraid of falling handle, temporary the new company and Huo's associated together?"
"If you're so blind you can't read the date, I have nothing to say to you." Huo Mingze not kindly against the way.
Huo Zhengqin frowns back: "Old third you eat the gun medicine?" It's such a rush for the New Year."
Huo Mingze did not answer to Huo Zhengqin, but handed the other documents to his grandfather, and said: "Grandpa, this is Huo Zhengqin's gambling records over the years!"
"Huo Mingze, you!" Huo Zhengqin face change, miso from the sofa, want to rob grandpa hands of information.
Grandpa's face sank, flipping through the data.
"Huo Mingze, you investigate me?" Huo Zhengqin angry, a pair of eyes staring at Huo Mingze.
"I just saw it by the way, but I don't know how many other dirty things you've done besides gambling." Huo Mingze looked at Huo Zhengqin cold, meaning something.
Huo Zhengqin's pupils shrank for a moment, then narrowed his eyes, opened them again, and said: "What are you doing in the old third?" I just played a few games of cards with a few bosses when I was talking about a project."
"Oh? Three months in a row, how many games?" Huo Mingze sneered.
Huo Zhengqin chin slightly lifted, fixed voice: "At that time in order to take the project, I did play with several bosses for a while, and finally the project was not taken down?" What's more, this happened a long time ago, I haven't played cards for a long time, and I'm not even interested in fighting the landlord at home during the Spring Festival."
"Fighting the landlord is of course not interested, who has gambled a lot of money can still play small cards?" Huo Mingze glanced at Huo Zhengqin and took back his sight.
Huo Zhengqin explained to his grandfather: "Grandpa, my that is not gambling, I do not have gambling addiction." You once said that the children of the Huo family should not gamble, and I have always taken that to heart. You said it was good to sit at the table and be able to leave whenever you wanted."
"Grandpa, I came here for these two things. That's all. I'm going to stay with Momo." Huo Mingze said.
"HMM." Huo Lao answered.
When Huo Mingze left, he coldly glanced at Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin frowns.
He always felt that Huo Mingze was not the same as before.
There had been quarrels between their Cousins before, but Huo Mingze would not have had such deep animosity towards him after the quarrel.
What did you find?
He was relieved at the thought.
So what? All the evidence.
If Huo Mingze had evidence, he would have brought it out already, why wait now?
Huo Mingze left, Huo old shake the documents in his hand, looked coldly at Huo Zhengqin: "This is to take the project to accompany people to play cards?"
"Grandpa, I did play cards with them. You see, except for those three months, I never gambled again." Huo Zhengqin was afraid that grandpa would not believe, and raised three fingers to swear, "Grandpa, I swear, I really was to do the project to accompany people to play cards."
Grandpa looked deeply at Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin and grandpa look at each other, the eyes do not hide.
Grandpa sternly said: "In the future, even in order to take the project, can not be gambled."
His heart has set a successor, also can not bear to be too harsh on chin.

Chapter 200 Give the Recording to Grandpa
"Yes, grandfather, I remember." Huo Zhengqin answered.
Huo pointed to the documents on the sofa and said: "Mingze's newly registered jewelry company is a branch of Huo's, as you can see."
"Grandpa, I see it." Huo Zhengqin heart unhappy.
Huo Mingze is too treacherous, afraid of falling into the handle, not only in advance to make the company into a branch of Huo, but also investigate him, shameless things.
"Zhengqin, you are all the descendants of the Huo family, and your goals should be the same, and you have the strength to go to the same place." No matter who is at the helm of Huo in the future, everyone else has equity in their hands. You are not only relatives, but also a community of interests. You should tolerate each other, not tear each other down." Huo Lao taught with a sigh.
"Grandpa, I know." Huo Zhengqin admitted his mistake.
It doesn't matter. I got what I wanted for today.
He himself does not expect Huo Mingze to set up a new company with such a small project to bring down Huo Mingze. He came to tell grandpa about it just to lay the groundwork for the subsequent whitewashing of his father.
"Ok, the family should be harmonious, go, there is a party at home tomorrow, everyone have a good time together, the day after tomorrow officially started, all work hard." "Said Huo Lao.
"Okay, see you, Grandpa." Huo Zhengqin left his grandfather's study.
Huo Lao telephoned the housekeeper and asked him to arrange for the servants to come and clean the study.
The servant immediately came and wiped the ink off the table, then dried it with a dry towel and spread clean rice paper on it.
Pops had lost interest in writing.
He left his butler, Uncle Wang, with him for tea and chat.
"Awang, come on, we haven't sat down together for a long time." Huo Lao kin self-supporting Wang uncle pour tea.
"Sir, I'll do it!" Uncle Wang took the teapot.
"Throughout the ages, everything has been justified. Had it not been for malfeasance in the industry, he should have been in charge." Huo Lao took a cup of tea and drank it.
Uncle Wang continued the tea to the old man and said: "Yes, later he dereliction of duty, Huo handed over to the second room management, the second room management is very good, but unfortunately Master Zhen Dong died." Sun master Zheng Qin and Ming Ze, Zheng Qin as the eldest grandson, is indeed more justified, but Ming Ze more stable and correct."
"Do you think Mingze is more suitable?" "Asked Huo.
Uncle Wang opened his heart and said, "Master, discerning people can see that Master Zhengqin is indeed more eager for success than Master Ming Ze."
"HMM." Huo Lao answered.
How could he not understand what the butler knew?
But, he now found that Zheng Chin has a heart is not right, do not know his own character is not raised well, or by the influence of Yao Yutong?
He was afraid he helped Ming ze on, is chin heart dissatisfaction, play Yin behind.
The thing he's most afraid of in his life is sibling violence.
"Sir, this matter must be settled." Uncle Wang said.
He's been a master and servant for decades, and he knows what Pops is thinking.
What kind of double Dharma is there in this world?
You gotta let one down.
"Yes, it's going to be settled." The Don drank another cup of tea.
Uncle Wang did not pour the old man any more tea, and said, "Master, you can't drink too much tea, lest you can't sleep at night." Tomorrow's family dinner, I will go and see how they have prepared?"
"Yes, go." The old man put down his teacup and was persuaded not to drink any more.
Uncle Wang left the study and saw Huo Mingze coming, he immediately said hello: "Third young master, looking for the old man?" He's in there."
"Uncle Wang, you are busy!" Huo Mingze said hello to Uncle Wang and walked into Grandpa's study.
Grandpa looked up and said, "Ming Ze, is something wrong?"
Just come, now come again, just did not say, it should be related to Zheng Chin.
"Grandpa, this is serious! Huo Mingze said.
Huo Lao's face suddenly became serious: "What is it?"
Huo Mingze placed his phone next to the tea tray and clicked on the recording.
The phone came Song Keying and Song Bohui dialogue.
The more Huo Lao listened, the darker his face became.
His wooden hands clenched into fists, angry as they had not been for a long, long time.
He has been educating the people of the Huo family can never hurt their own family, is chin actually behind to do such a thing.
It's outrageous!
No wonder he's been having trouble with his mind lately.
"Grandpa, I'm not telling you this because I'm not telling you anything." Huo Mingze said.
Grandpa looked at Huo Mingze in surprise.
Huo Mingze looked cold: "Huo Zhengqin secretly revealed my bottom label to competitors before, I only regard him as malicious competition, but planning to buy murder this kind of thing, is already inhuman."
Grandpa, you once said that the heir to the Howe would need to be both virtuous and talented. Do a person in advance, after the people do a good job, who's better performance, who inherited Huo's.
Now I have been acting for Howe for more than a year, and in this year, Howe has reached a new level.
So, I hope Grandpa can decide the heir as soon as possible..."
Grandpa Huo interjected: "Ming Ze, after you become Huo's successor, what are you going to do about Zhengqin?"
Huo Mingze hushed: "I will gradually vacate his position, let him leave the Huo Group, he holds the equity in his hand to enjoy the dividend."
"What if he could buy a murder and do it again?" Grandpa Huo asked.
"Only a thousand days to be a thief, and no thousand days to prevent a thief." I should have sent him to prison this time, but I didn't, because you and your uncle are old and don't want to see such things. I won't give him another chance to kill someone." Huo Mingze speaks his mind.
Huo Zhengqin thought he could do nothing without evidence.
If he really wanted to send him to prison, he would have found a way to get him there.
He just thought of something more painful than putting Huo in jail.
Huo Zhengqin threat Song Keying buy murder, is not in order to compete for succession?
Well, he'll take this seat.
After he inherited Huo's, a little bit of overhead Huo Zhengqin, let him feel a little bit of the taste of loss.
If the loss is pain, he will always let Huo Zhengqin pain.
"Why not give him a chance?" Grandpa Huo asked.
"If I succeed him, I will let him do projects abroad. He can always enjoy his life abroad, and I will cut off resources at home. It may be cruel, but it's the safest way. Maybe in a couple of years his mind will change and then consider bringing him back." Huo Mingze said.
Huo Lao let out a long sigh.
Yeah, it's a good idea to arrange a trip abroad.
Cut off domestic resources, Zheng Chin will have no chance to do crazy things.
It's cruel, but it's good for everyone.
What's more, in addition to the unfamiliar environment, foreign countries can live very well.
Nodding, he said, "That's the arrangement. At my birthday party, you will be announced as Huo's heir."
"Thank you, Grandpa!

Chapter 201: Go Sing and be merry
The next day.
The seventh day of the first month.
Huo Zhai Family Banquet.
Because the New Year, than the previous family banquet is even more lively, the last family banquet several aunts only brought their daughters-in-law and grandchildren to come, this time, several aunts' sons and daughters-in-law, daughters and sons-in-law all came.
Three large families together, plus more than seventy servants.
Even the largest table could not fit, and Uncle Wang arranged four tables in Huo Lao's big living room.
Like a feast, it was very lively.
Everyone ate, drank, talked and laughed.
The third aunt mentioned the matter of the heir: "Big brother, it is a New Year, this year will settle the matter of Huo's heir?"
"Yes, it's settled. I'll announce it at my birthday party at the end of the month." "Said Huo Lao.
The third aunt immediately asked gossip: "Big brother, Zhengqin set?"
The second aunt's face sank and shouted: "Eat your meal, brother's birthday was announced, what are you inquiring about now?" A girl who has been married for decades still wants to meddle in the affairs of her mother's family, what kind of words?"
The third aunt was angry to death: "Second sister, I just ask casually."
She literally felt like her lungs were bursting.
If it wasn't for Chiu's family, she would have gone ballistic.
"Everyone eat, and no one pry." The second aunt looks serious.
Huo Zhengqin squinted his eyes and ate slowly.
He guess, grandpa this is set Huo Mingze as the heir.
Never mind, when Grandpa's birthday was approaching, he showed him all the forged evidence.
He's got something else going for him besides that. Thought, a dark twinkle in his eyes.
Yao Yutong while eating a meal, while planning a moment Mu Tingting came to her how to give Mu Tingting to create opportunities?
See Huo Mingze does not touch alcohol, she immediately winked at Huo Zhengqin.
Huo Zhengqin understands.
Picking up the glass, he stood up and smiled: "Come, we all have a cup, I wish you a smooth and prosperous New Year, work like a tiger, and learn the golden list." Serve wine if there is wine, and replace it with juice if there is no wine.
Their table, are the young people of this generation, Huo Mingze husband and wife, Huo Xinyao, Huo Zhengqin husband and wife, Huo Zhengqin brother Huo Junyan, sister Huo Xiaoya, plus two grandchildren of the second aunt, four grandchildren of the third aunt and two grandchildren.
'Cheers! Yao Yutong, Huo Junyan and Huo Xiaoya got up and clinked glasses with Huo Zhengqin.
The grandsons of the third aunt also cooperated enthusiastically.
"The third." Huo Zhengqin looked at Huo Mingze, smiled, "New Year new atmosphere, dry cup."
Huo Mingze gave Huo Zhengqin a glance and picked up the cup.
With all the relatives here today and the first big family gathering of the New Year, there's no need to make it ugly.
Mo Di and Huo Xinyao also picked up their cups.
Huo Xinyao drinks red wine, Mo Di drinks juice.
We had a drink. We had a drink.
Yao Yutong picked up the white wine cup and stood up and said, "Come, I will also toast to everyone." Sometimes I feel that fate is wonderful, going round and round, I am probably destined to be the daughter-in-law of the Huo family. In the future, please pay more attention, I did, everyone feel free."
After saying that, Yao Yutong finished the liquor in the cup.
Huo Mingze symbolically held up the goblet.
Huo Zhengqin laughed and said, "Second, third and Siyang, what are you doing?" Rain Tong drink white, you drink red? All white."
"Zhengchin brother, I have an appointment with a friend to sing later." "Said Qiu Siyang, grandson of the mistress.
"Why don't we sing at home? It's rare for everyone to get together like this. There will be children in the future, and it will be more difficult to get together." Huo Zhengqin proposed.
Huo Xiaoya immediately agreed: "Yes, yes, I will enter the group tomorrow and will not come back for a long time." We sing a lively, let red aunt they prepare some snacks. Sing and relax at home without worrying about being photographed by paparazzi."
Qiu Siyang smiled: "Xiao Ya you are now coffee, is to prevent paparazzi." Go out and play a song, and the paparazzi can make up a hell of a story. Wait a minute to say that you give people when three was found, the gold owner helpless and you break up, you buy drunk alone..."
"Fuck you." Huo Xiaoya giggled and added, "Who dares to mess with me? But it doesn't look good to go out drinking and be photographed, we sing at home!"
The third aunt's two granddaughters immediately supported: "We want to sing, too."
They're 16 and 19, and they're not allowed to go to bars or anything like that.
"Okay, I'm turning that down." Qiu Siyang is ready to make a call.
"If you have friends, you can also call over and have fun together." Huo Zhengqin said.
Qiu Siyang eyes light light: "Yes, Zhengqin brother your side specially made the cinema, dozens of people completely no problem ah!"
With that, he called some of his brothers to come along.
"My name is Tingting, too." Yao Yutong immediately said with a smile.
Everyone went on eating and drinking.
After dinner, Huo Mingze will take Modi back to their building to rest.
Huo Zhengqin said to him: "Old third, rare noisy, together ah!"
Huo Xinyao is ready to move, Ramodi's hand: "Sister-in-law."
She wants to sing too. She wants to be crazy.
"Turn the stereo down a little bit later." Huo Mingze said.
He saw Mordi and kind of wanted to go.
"Rest assured, everyone will take care of the pregnant woman knowing that Mordi is pregnant." Huo Zhengqin laughed.
So, everyone got up and went to Huo Zhengqin's cinema.
To the cinema, Huo Zhengqin let servants get equipment.
The two granddaughters of the third aunt's family were very excited: "How beautiful, this crystal chandelier is so bright!"
"Wow, these decorations are so exquisite, this sofa, the texture is so good!"
"It's so much better than a bar experience. Brother Jung Chin, can we sing here more often in the future?"
"Of course, you're always welcome." Huo Zhengqin smiled.
Everyone find a place to sit down, Yao Yutong told the servant to prepare juice for everyone, and on a lot of wine.
Beer, red, white, and cider.
"By the way, Jung Chin, don't you know how to make cocktails?" Yao Yutong said with a smile.
Huo Zhengqin raised his eyebrows: "OK, I will mix drinks for everyone."
With that, he went to fetch the shaker, then asked the servant to prepare something, and sat down on the sofa to mix the drink.
"Whoaa! Brother Jung Chin, do you still know this?" The two granddaughters of the third aunt's family looked adoring.
Huo Zhengqin laughed: "When nothing to learn to play, will only tune simple, come, taste!"
"It's so blue." The third great-aunt and granddaughter Li Shiman took the cocktail and took a sip.
"Xin Yao, for you." Huo Zhengqin passed a cup to Huo Xinyao.
'Thank you! Huo Xinyao took the wine.
She sat next to Mordi, watching the maid install the equipment, she said: "Sister-in-law, we will sing together later, what song do you like to sing?"

Chapter 202: The Voice of God
Modi smiled and shook his head: "You can sing, I can't sing."
She is actually to see the heart Yao want to come, so accompany her to come.
"Let's sing together. We've never sung together." Huo Xinyao acts like a spoiled girl.
"I really don't know." 'said Mordi.
Yao Yutong sat opposite Mo Di and smiled: "Mo Di, it doesn't matter, we are all family, it doesn't matter if you sing ugly, everyone won't laugh at you."
Mordi: "..."
How hostile is this woman to her?
How does she know she sounds bad?
Huo Xinyao a listen to Yao Yutong this will quit, a roll of the eyes, against: "Yu Tong sister, singing is relaxed, who will joke ah? It's not like you're on The Voice, you have to sing? I like to listen to my sister-in-law even when she sings about reading."
Ha ha ha, after a few days of practice, he turned himself into a dish, stupid!
"Yes, I mean to make Modi relax." Yao Yutong heart would like to tear Huo Xinyao, face does not show.
There's more to come. She can't!
Huo handed a cocktail to Huo Mingze, who took it and placed it on the coffee table, then picked up a bottle opener on the table, opened a beer, and poured a glass from an empty glass.
Huo Zhengqin eyes suddenly slip through the glimmer of success.
He specially asked the servant to put several problematic cups in front of Huo Mingze, no matter which cup he took, there was a problem.
Of course, there's no problem with beer.
He just guessed that Huo Mingze was too suspicious to drink the wine he handed him.
So, he deliberately handed Huo Mingze cocktails, in fact, there is nothing wrong with the cocktail.
"Here we go, here we go, bubble, who's singing?" Li Shiqi asked excitedly, holding the microphone.
Yao Yutong was about to speak when Huo Xiaoya said, "I'll do it."
Li Shiqi immediately held the way: "Yes, Xiao Ya sister you come, you are a big star, the opening song must you come."
Huo Xiaoya laughed: "Where there is any star at home, we just sing casually."
As the prelude ends, Huo Xiaoya sings: "The bubbles in the sun are colored..."
As soon as she opened her voice, the whole audience fell silent, because her singing was so infectious.
Qiu Siyang has always liked singing, listened to Huo Xiaoya's song, slowly closed his eyes to enjoy the music, because Huo Xiaoya sang too much like the original.
Full mood, relaxation degree, let pores relax.
After a song, the auditorium rang out warm applause.
"Xiao Ya sister's song is so good!" Huo Xinyao sincerely said.
Said also deliberately glanced at Yao Yutong a glance.
This bitch is churning things around like a shit stick every day.
"Sister Xiao Ya, one more." Li Shiman urged.
"The stars do not fall, Xiao Ya sister, you sing another one." Li Shiqi is choosing a song.
"Then I'll sing another one." Huo Xiaoya smiled and continued to sing, holding the microphone, "You always say that the moonlight will not hide, the stars will not fall..."
Halfway through, five of Qiu Siyang's friends came over and moved their seats.
Qiu Siyang is the eldest grandson of the Qiu family, the appointed heir of the Qiu family, personal ability is very strong, and the friends around him are basically career-minded rich second generation.
Sometimes we talk about projects over dinner and singing together.
Seeing the design and layout of the cinema, several friends of Qiu Siyang were full of praise:
"This design is really fashionable, Siyang, then let your brother push the designer to me!"
"Siyang, you also get one, we'll go directly to your place to sing."
"Good idea!
"I love this chandelier, it's too big, it's grand!"
Huo Zhengqin smiled and mixed drinks for them.
"Can Master Huo still do this? Impressive!" Qiu Siyang's friends laughed.
"Can't take it, see!" Huo Zhengqin also laughed.
Huo Xiaoya sings "The stars do not fall", to "plum sauce".
Yao Yutong took the microphone from Huo Xiaoya and sang a black plum sauce: "Lean back on the branch, the dragonfly falls next to the dew to cool... Your shallow smile, like umme sauce..."
Yao Yutong in the end is practiced, singing unexpectedly not worse than Huo Xiaoya.
Qiu Siyang's cousin Qiu Jingshu joked: "Darling, this one by one, is comparable to the good voice audition scene, who dares to sing ah!"
"Here, let's sing a chorus, the main is a dry cry." Qiu Siyang took the microphone, handed a cousin Qiu Jing book.
"Ok." Qiu Jingshu took the microphone and sang "Little Dimple" with his cousin Qiu Siyang.
Qiu Siyang: "I am still looking for a support and a hug..."
Qiu Jingshu: "Happiness began to have an omen, fate let us slowly close to..."
Qiu Siyang looks talented, temperament is excellent, impeccable, but his singing is really not flattering.
Almost every sentence is out of tune, and the end of each sentence is stretched out to make everyone happy.
Qiu Jingshu singing standard, not particularly outstanding, but all in tune.
One of Qiu Siyang's friends, Shu Jinchuan, the father-in-law of Haicheng's second richest family, took the microphone from Qiu Siyang with a smile and said, "I can't listen anymore."
Shu Jinchuan took the microphone and Qiu Jingshu chorus, the song suddenly became harmonious up.
"Little Dimples" had not finished singing, Mu Tingting, Mu Tao brother and sister also came over.
Everyone is more crowded, Mu Tao sat next to Huo Xinyao.
Huo Xinyao is bored to death.
Clearly there is no place, Mu Tao is forced to squeeze in the middle of her and Shu Jinchuan.
Mu Tingting sat next to Yao Yutong.
"Sister-in-law, you wait for me to sing a" human "we will go ah!" Huo Xinyao said.
There are many popular songs every year, but she only loves the songs of Queen Queen.
"I'll sing with you." 'said Mordi.
Good thing. She loves "The Living" too. Originally was not going to sing, but she saw Yao Yutong proud look is not comfortable.
"Yes, yes, yes! Huo Xinyao is overjoyed.
She felt like her sister-in-law was ready to punch someone in the face again.
Someone gets punched in the face by her sister-in-law every time.
Her sister-in-law is really too powerful, the last time to accompany Susan to pick jade, Yao Yutong's face is simply pressed on the ground by sister-in-law friction.
Brother signed the contract with Mr. Peder in the second day of junior high school, and she pestered her brother and asked Mr. Peder why the contract was signed to their registered new company?
My brother said that because my sister-in-law is strong, she not only understands jewelry but also has a good understanding of traditional culture, and speaks fluent Spanish.
She was shocked at the time, and her admiration for her sister-in-law became even more overwhelming. ✘ ᒐ
Took the microphone, she passed a to Modi, just before the end, the voice of the two people sounded: "After the storm does not necessarily have a beautiful sky, not sunny there will be a rainbow..."
Two female voices, like the sound of nature.
Huo Xinyao was startled when she heard her sister-in-law's voice.
Sister-in-law's voice is as ethereal as the original singing, the sound line is generally graceful and moving.
Huo Xinyao lowered her voice immediately.
'Sing! 'said Mordi, taking the microphone away.
"Sister-in-law, I can't sing in the middle, you sing." Huo Xinyao said.
Mordi went on to sing, "... May your eyes only see smiles..."
Because Huo Xinyao's microphone was taken away and her mouth did not move, everyone knew that the song was Mo Di singing, and everyone's eyes fell on her.

Chapter 203: The chandelier fell
The whole room became very quiet, only Mordi's singing sound was flowing.
Everyone's eyes fell on Mordi, as bright as the crystal chandelier on the roof.
Huo Mingze listened to Modi's singing, his lips can not help but raise, his wife is really a treasure, everywhere to surprise him.
Knowing how to sing is no big deal, but who doesn't love beautiful things?
Usually, he just felt that his wife's voice was gentle and pleasant, and the singing state really surprised and surprised him.
Huo Xinyao looked at Yao Yutong with a smile on her chin, she also did not speak, so smiled to see Yao Yutong.
It's the silent punch to the face that kills.
A sarcastic smile is more damaging than a few words against her.
The smile on Yao Yutong's face could not be maintained, and it was more ugly than eating shit.
She led the applause and said, "That was great!"
Huo Xinyao immediately cast a roll of the eyes to Yao Yutong, the roll of the eyes as if to say: want you to brag?
Yao Yutong: "..." Huo Xinyao, you little bitch, can't I praise her?
Huo Xinyao did not respond to Yao Yutong, but called Li Shiqi cut songs: "Shiqi, point a sweet honey to my brother and sister-in-law to sing ah!"
"Ok, the next one is, this one is possible, whose?" Although Li Shiqi is three aunt a pulse, is to support Huo Zhengqin, but on the heart Yao is very polite.
"Mine, I can't sing well, so don't laugh at me." Mu Tingting said.
Just on her way, she asked Yao Yutong to help her first point a "possible".
"Don't worry, everyone just wants to have fun." Yao Yutong said.
Huo Xinyao handed the microphone to Mu Tingting.
She had a very bad impression of Mu Tingting. Birds of a feather flock together, people flock together, hate Yao Yutong, she naturally did not have a good impression of the people around her.
At the end of the prelude, Mu Tingting sang: "Maybe the sun in the south shines on the wind in the north... Perhaps on the city wall of Xi 'an, someone vowed to make no distinction..."
Shu Jinchuan listen straight frown, wish to cover their ears.
This is simply a magic voice, not a word in tune even, she is completely in the top of her voice in the dry howl, the key, she sang it herself. X ľ
Qiu Siyang laughed his head off, finally someone as bad as his singing, ha ha!
Huo Mingze drank wine during dinner, came and drank two glasses of beer with Siyang, and now he wanted to go to the bathroom, he stuck in Mo Di's ear and whispered: "Wife, I will come to the bathroom."
"Well, slow down." Mordi answered.
Huo Mingze gentle smile, and account of heart Yao: "Heart Yao, take good care of your sister-in-law."
Then he got up and went to the bathroom.
Huo Mingze went for a while, and Modi also felt himself urinating urgently.
See Mu Tingting is still singing, she whispered to heart Yao said: "Heart Yao, I also want to go to the bathroom."
"Go on, you can't hold it in. Go, I'll go with you." Huo Xinyao immediately helped Mo Di to get up.
Yao Yutong immediately winked at Mu Tingting, meaning that she would seize the opportunity for a while, and wait for Huo Mingze to come back and help Huo Mingze to rest.
Huo Mingze has been recruited, and usually hold it badly, with Mu Tingting throwing himself at him, he absolutely can not restrain himself.
A dry wood must burn brightly.
If she leads everyone to a crime scene, Huo Mingze will be finished.
This kind of thing is dirty, and the signs of framing are obvious, but it works!
Mu Tingting while singing to Yao Yutong nod, said she knew.
Then Mu Tingting winked at a servant.
The servant is she bought in advance, she did not plan to follow Yao Yutong's plan.
Mo Di and Huo Xinyao got up to go to the bathroom, bypassing the coffee table and then passing the crystal chandelier.
As soon as Xinyao got up, she took Mo Di's hand and said excitedly in a small voice, "Sister-in-law, how can you sing so well?" Why are you so versatile? So tell me, what else can't you do? How did you get so good at it?"
Although said quietly, but Yao Yutong still can hear, Yao Yutong face is very ugly, eyes also flashing a calculation of the dark light, capable and how? When Mu Tingting and Huo Mingze get dirty together, how can their marriage be maintained?
Even if Shen Modi scheming deep, pull the identity of Mrs Huo not divorce, Mu home will find Huo Mingze to a large amount of compensation. If they put more pressure on Grandpa, Huo's succession will have nothing to do with Huo Mingze.
By then, she'll be the mother. Shen Modi still has to take her breath away.
"Be careful --"
Suddenly, there was a shout.
Baaaah --
With a loud bang, the huge crystal chandelier suddenly slammed down.
The sudden change made everyone's eyes wide open, and their breathing almost stopped.
It was as if time stood still at this moment.
"Sister-in-law, how are you?" Huo Xinyao was frightened and cried, her body kept shaking, and her mouth was trembling.
Mordi's legs were stiff, as if they had been filled with lead.
The crystal chandelier fell on her leg, and if someone hadn't just pushed her, she might have... It's probably gone.
Such a big lamp fell down, straight to the head, she could not imagine...
Suddenly, she quickly looked over and saw Mu Tingting lying on the floor, her legs covered in blood, and part of the crystal chandelier had fallen on one of her legs.
Mordi heart pumping, quickly back to God, squatting to move the crystal chandelier.
Huo Mingze rushed over, grabbed her and held her in his arms.
"Save people, what are you doing?" Huo Mingze shouted.
The scene of the talent reaction, Mu Tao, Qiu Siyang several men rushed up to move the crystal chandelier.
Huo Mingze while protecting Modi, while calling the family doctor to come immediately.
Then called Qiu Zhan, let Qiu Zhan personally rushed over, and sent the hospital ambulance.
Feeling that Modi was shaking, Huo Mingze kept rubbing Modi's arm: "Don't be afraid, are you hurt?"
He had just finished using the bathroom and came quickly, when he came to see Mu Tingting pushing Mo Di away, and then the chandelier fell.
"I didn't." Mordi said, tears brushing down, "Let's see how Miss Moo is doing."
Huo Xinyao also froze, she didnt expect Mu Tingting would save people in such a case.
None were more shocked than Yao Yutong and Huo Zhengqin.
That's not the plan!
Also, why did the crystal chandelier fall when it was fine?
Now do not think about why the chandelier fell down, can only save people first.
"Hold on, Miss Mu." Modi squatted next to Mu Tingting.
Looking at Mu Tingting's leg, she wanted to bandage her, but did not dare to move.
In addition to blood on Mu Tingting's leg, there were crystal fragments from the chandelier.
"Medicine chest! Huo Mingze shouted.
Yao Yutong hurried to take medicine box.
The family doctor arrived just as the medicine cabinet was being brought.
The last family doctor was replaced by Huo Mingze, and the current family doctor is a senior doctor of Qiuzhan Hospital.

Chapter 204 Yao Yutong Suspects Mu Tingting of directing herself
"Look at that! Huo urged the doctor.
He sat down on the sofa with Modi, and examined her legs.
It was found that Modi also had two blood holes on his legs, which were stabbed by crystal chandelier fragments.
I think the chandelier fell with so much force, the shard bounced right into Mordi's leg.
"It's bleeding." Huo Mingze said distressed.
His eyes were dark and guilty.
The last time I vowed to protect her, not to let her suffer any harm, this is only a long time, hurt again.
"I have no pain." Mordi, too, looked down and saw the wound on his leg.
Small cut. She doesn't care about the pain.
She is now earnestly praying that the doctor can tell her that Miss Mu is only skin trauma, no big problem.
Thinking about it, I heard the doctor say: "The injured person is losing blood too fast, I will stop the bleeding first and then simply clean the wound." I still need to go to the hospital for a thorough examination."
"You deal with it." Huo Mingze and Mu Tao spoke at the same time.
Modi wants to get up from the sofa. She wants to go and watch Moting Ting.
Huo Mingze did not let her move: "Don't move, you are also hurt." You rest assured, Miss Mu's injury, I will let A Zhan personally cure."
"HMM." Mordi answered.
"Xinyao, take care of Miss Mu." Huo Mingze commanded.
"Uh-oh." Huo Xinyao returned to her senses.
She was really scared.
"No, I'll take care of my sister." Mu Tao's eyes were red, and now his whole body was full of the anger of a hen protecting her chicks.
Huo Xinyao said softly, "Sorry, we didn't expect this."
Mu Tao's face softened a lot and he did not speak.
"Brother, I'm fine, don't lose your temper, no one thought the light would fall down." Mu Tingting is still lying on the floor as doctors apply a tourniquet and clean the wound.
Her main wound is in the lateral bend of the knee.
"Here, take this lamp." The doctor saw Huo Xinyao past and handed her a flashlight.
Huo Xinyao immediately helped hold the flashlight.
The doctor took the scissors to cut off Mu Tingting's pants at the position of her thigh, and when he opened it, he pulled Mu Tingting's wound. Mu Tingting was crying and exhaling in pain, and her face was white.
Huo Xinyao immediately held Mu Tingting's hand in one hand: "Miss Mu, shout out when you are in pain."
She couldn't help. She was dying.
The doctor took tweezers to clean up the crystal fragments in Mu Tingting's wound bit by bit. The crystals had burrs, and some small crystals were very troublesome to clean up.
The doctor had been very careful, but Mu Tingting was still suffering from 䀝.
Mordi couldn't sit still. She got up from the sofa.
Huo Mingze helpless, holding Modi.
She also has a wound on her leg, although it is a small wound, and she needs to be cleaned by the doctor soon to see if there are any crystal fragments left, and she needs to bandage it.
Mu Tingting looked very ugly lying on the ground, but no one laughed at her.
Yao Yutong look at Mu Tingting's eyes is very complex, with a look and review.
Is this the work of Mu Tingting?
If Mu Tingting really did it, this woman is too ruthless, this kind of thing is not done well, you will lose your life.
What's more, this is the Huo family, and Mu Tingting's hand cannot reach so long.
If it is not Mu Tingting's handwriting, it is just a coincidence that the crystal chandelier falls down, why should Mu Tingting save Shen Modi?
The family doctor took more than half an hour to clean up only Mu Tingting's major wounds.
He stood up and moved his arm, and went on to clean other small cuts on Mu Tingting's leg.
Huo Xinyao a ten fingers do not touch Yangchun water daughter big miss, never eat bitter, today to help hold a flashlight, no hum.
She was tired, too, but when she thought that Mu Tingting had saved her sister-in-law, she was filled with gratitude and guilt.
The doctor cleaned up the wound for more than ten minutes, and finally treated it well, then disinfected, medicated and bandaged it.
When he had wrapped it up, he said, "Get a blanket."
"I'll get it." "Said Mordi at once.
"Sister-in-law, I'll go." Huo Xinyao said.
"No, here it is." Yao Yutong immediately hugged a blanket over.
The doctor took the blanket and put it over Mu Tingting's leg. "I'm not sure if your leg is broken," he said. "Don't move.
"HMM." Mu Tingting's face was pale, her forehead was dripping with sweat, and her teeth were clenched in pain, even chattering a little.
Mordi saw that the wound was now cleaned up. She immediately looked around and saw a water fountain. She wanted to go to it.
'I'll do it! Huo Mingze knew that Modi was going to pour water for Mu Tingting, and he said immediately.
"Third brother, I'll go." Qiu Siyang immediately went to pour water.
He squatted in front of Mu Tingting with the water in his hand and said gently, "Miss Mu, here, you drink some water."
'Thank you! Mu Tingting thanked Qiu Siyang and drank a little water with his hand.
Her tears were pattering down her face, her makeup was running, and she looked very embarrassed.
Qiu Siyang is a face control, rare not because of a woman's makeup and disgust.
He is very touched by the heart, has not looked up to Mu Tingting, after all, they all know in the top circle, Mu Tingting is the daughter of Mu family, but in fact she and Mu Tao are small three out.
Also Mu Tianhe ex-wife gave birth to Mussen died in childbirth, their mother Wang Lili is now successful, everyone is a little better to them, and even someone called Mussen illegitimate son behind.
He guess about the rumors of Mussen illegitimate children, high probability is arranged by Wang Lili, said Mussen mother was outside the wild with Mussen.
They're dead anyway. They're not coming back.
Mu Tianhe is indeed not very good to Mu Sen, and everyone is when Mu Sen is a bastard.
But in this world, there are always sober people. If Mu Sen really was born by his mother and someone else, how can Mu Tian he keep him?
"You're welcome." Qiu Siyang smiled at Mu Tingting.
Today he met a different Mu Tingting.
He suddenly felt that it did not matter whether people were born privately, the most important thing is character.
Qiu Zhan finally came over, is still a motorcycle suit, his motorcycle would like to enter the cinema.
As soon as he stopped the motorcycle, he took off his helmet and rushed to the cinema with his medical kit on his back: "What is the situation, how is sister-in-law?"
Look at Modi nothing, lying on the ground is Mu Tingting, Qiu Zhan action slow down a lot, he asked the family doctor: "Old Guo, how?"
Dr Guo said: "The wound was treated briefly and we had to go to the hospital for further examination."
Qiu Zhan nodded: "Well, the ambulance will be here soon."
The sound of an ambulance sounded outside.
Later, several doctors arrived with a stretcher. They carefully lifted Mu Tingting onto the stretcher and then into an ambulance. 𝓍 ᒑ
"We'll go too!" Modi said to Huo Mingze.

Chapter 205: Three surgeries required
Mu Tao went to the hospital with the ambulance.
Huo Mingze, Mo Di, Huo Xinyao, Qiu Zhan in a car.
Qiu Siyang had nothing to do, but also drove with several friends to the hospital.
This side of the theater is mostly empty.
Yao Yutong hesitated and went to the hospital with Qiu Siyang's car.
After the hospital, Qiu Zhan arranged for the doctor to do a general examination of Mu Tingting.
He attended to Mordi's wounds himself.
Mu Tingting brain, electrocardiogram and other normal, X-ray showed that Mu Tingting right leg comminuted fracture.
It is a more serious injury, but such a large chandelier fell down, can not hurt other places have been lucky.
Qiu Zhan after reading the results to determine the treatment program, tell Mu Tingting, have to do three operations, but also do rehabilitation.
Hearing the follow-up to do two or three operations, Mu Tingting choked and said to Qiu Zhan: "Doctor Qiu, thank you!"
"Miss Mu, I'm sorry!" 'said Mordi sadly.
Mu Tingting grimaced and shook her head, "Mrs. Huo, you don't say that, the result is the best, I am not seriously hurt."
She was still scared to think about it. It was too risky.
But she doesn't regret it.
The bureau was, on the whole, quite successful.
She will not listen to Yao Yutong to Huo Mingze throw herself into arms.
She saw that Huo Mingze's moral bottom line was very high, and he wouldn't give her a chance.
Even if she did, to say the least.
Huo Mingze will divorce and marry her?
It won't!
Huo Mingze even Yao Yutong this love for six years to throw oneself at the lover will mercilessly refuse, she with what success?
In addition, with Yao Yutong's temperament, all the responsibility will be put on her.
When the time comes she is both lost and back pot, also be Huo Mingze resentment, infuriated Huo Mingze may take Mu's operation.
Huo Mingze and Mussen have a good relationship, but he is not friendly to Mussen. In the past few years, there were several cooperation projects between Mu and Huo. In recent years, Huo Mingze managed Huo, and all the projects with Mu have not been renewed.
Therefore, this bureau she did not according to Yao Yutong's meaning.
Huo Mingze attaches importance to Shen Modi, she started from Shen Modi, do Shen Modi lifesaver.
She is also the day Yao Yutong took her to see the cinema situation, they discuss how to let Huo Mingze, how to help Huo Mingze go to the lounge...
She just saw the huge chandelier on the roof, and thought that there had been an accident when the star concert before, she planned to.
This thing is actually not easy to do, to the right time and place, to let the chandelier fall down at the right time, she also use the fastest speed to save Shen Modi, and then let themselves properly injured.
Everything had to be in place, and she hesitated for a long time before deciding to take the risk.
She bought a servant on Huo Zhengqin's side, let him loosen the chandelier, and then tied a fishing line on the chandelier, and pulled the chandelier down when Shen Modi passed the chandelier. The line is clear and strong, so it's easy to hold.
If it doesn't work out, try again later.
Unexpectedly, it was a success.
She pushed Shen Modi at the same time, with the intentional use of inertia to fall, avoid the key at the same time just let the chandelier hit the leg.
"Miss Mu, thank you!" Mordi thanked him again sincerely.
After such a thing happened, they could not help other than to ask A Zhan for treatment.
"You're welcome." Mu Tingting smiled, her face pale with blood loss, shock and pain from her wounds.
Mu Tao kept a cool face.
"With the best treatment." Huo Mingze said to Qiu Zhan.
Qiu Zhan nodded: "Rest assured."
He also heard on the way here that Mu Tingting was injured because she saved Modi.
He found it incredible that Mu Tingting, a woman who had been mixed with Yao Yutong for a long time, could be so kind.
He felt that it was necessary to check the scene, why did something so large as the chandelier fall?
Even if it was an accident, what's the coincidence? Not early or late, but when Mordi was standing under the chandelier?
After arranging the ward for Mu Tingting, Qiu Zhan told Mo Di: "Sister, you should also rest more, although the wound is small, you should also pay attention not to touch the water."
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi answered.
Mussen heard what had happened in Huo's house and hurried over.
"Brother, I'm fine." Mu Tingting was sitting on the bed with a needle in her hand. When she saw Mu Sen coming, she said hello.
Mussen glanced coldly at Mu Tingting, all eyes on Modi.
Years ago, big brother arranged him to protect Modi, he left Huo house the day before New Year's Eve.
He did not spend the Spring Festival in Mu's home, but went abroad to accompany the fourth brother.
The fourth brother woke up on the day of the eldest brother's wedding.
After the physical examination, some indicators are slightly worse, but the overall state is good, that is, lethargy. Sleep more than ten hours a day, wake up less time.
Every time I wake up, I eat something, sit for a while, lean for a while, chat for a few days and sleep, the whole person seems very tired.
Five elder brother said that this is a normal phenomenon, to wait for the body to slowly recover.
He and five elder brother is the fifth day of the first month to return home, because five elder brother to give Modi medicine.
"Is sister-in-law all right?" Mussen asked Huo Mingze.
"It's all right." Huo Mingze said.
Mussen breathed a sigh of relief. "It's okay."
Big brother asked him to protect his sister-in-law, and he bore this responsibility in his heart. In addition, from the first time he saw Modi, he had a particularly good impression on her, and unconsciously wanted to be close to and protect.
There was a noise outside.
Then, Mu Tianhe and Wang Lili husband and wife came in.
Wang Lili cried at the door: "How is my Ting Ting?" Ting Ting, baby, how are you? Don't frighten mother."
"Mom, I'm fine." Mu Tingting said.
Wang Lili cried even harder: "This is still okay, I haven't seen you for a few hours, and your face is as pale as this. Let me look at your legs."
"Mom, I'm really fine." Mu Tingting stretched out her hand to press the quilt not to let Wang Lili see.
Wang Lili forced the quilt back and saw Mu Tingting's legs covered with gauze.
"Whoo..." Wang Lili cried so loudly.
She cried again and asked Qiu Zhan, "Doctor Qiu, is my daughter's leg still okay?"
"Yes, three operations, good care, six months to a year, can be fully recovered." Qiu Zhan said.
Mu Tianhe breathed a sigh of relief, held Wang Lili's shoulder and said: "It is good to recover, it is good to recover." Lily, don't worry too much."
"Whoo..." Wang Lili cried again.
Modi saw Wang Lili crying like this, the heart was tight.
She felt sorry, but also envied other people's mothers to be so good.
I wonder why her mother didn't want her?
She wanted to talk, but Huo Mingze held her back.
Huo Mingze said: "Uncle Mu, aunt, such a thing happened, none of us want to, I would like to solemnly thank Miss Mu for saving my wife." If Uncle Mu needs me in the future, just ask."
"Mingze, you are kind. I believe Tingting saves people out of kindness, not for reward. We have nothing to ask for, only hope that Tingting can recover soon." Mu Tianhe said magnificently.
Said, and looked at Mussen, a serious tone said: "Asen, you are 23 this year, it is past the age of rebellion, or to go home more."

Chapter 206: The lamp was rigged
"HMM." Mussen replied, not wanting to quarrel under such circumstances.
At this time, the doctor came to tell Qiu Zhan, the preoperative preparation has been done, you can prepare for surgery.
"I'll take the lead." Qiu Zhan said.
"Ok, OK, please trouble Dean Qiu." Wang Lili's face was eager.
Qiu Zhan left the ward.
Several nurses came to carry Mu Tingting onto a stretcher bed and wheeled her into the operating room.
A line of people moved to the operating room door guard.
Yao Yutong had just been observing Mu Tingting's reaction, and there was a moment when she felt that she had captured something and felt that she had thought too much.
A surname.
Huo Zhengqin coldly looked at the ground broken scattered crystal chandelier.
He sent for the servant who had come to deliver the snacks at the time of the accident.
The servant is Li Yao, 37 years old, who has been working in Huo's house for more than eight years.
Domestic workers are more female because there are relatively more jobs such as cleaning, washing and cooking.
The male servants mainly help carry things, trim the greenery in the house, change the lights and so on.
This evening's snacks, are also sent by the maid, do not know why Li Yao will come to send snacks.
Huo Zhengqin had doubts in his heart, and he asked Li Yao harshly: "What happened?"
He was trying to scare him.
Li Yao panicked, quickly calmed down, he said: "Young master, I don't know what happened."
"Why did you come to deliver food?" Huo Zhengqin asked.
Li Yao bowed his head helplessly and whispered: "I, I helped Xiao Ran send it."
Xiao Ran is a 27 year old maid here, looking good, divorced with a child.
"Tell Xiao Ran to come here." Huo Zhengqin cold voice.
"Yes, young master." Li Yao answered immediately.
"You're not allowed to go!" Huo Zhengqin retorted.
Another servant immediately went to call Xiao Ran.
Soon, a maid came in and said respectfully, "Big Master."
"You asked Li Yao to deliver snacks for you?" Huo Zhengqin sharp eyes look to Xiaoran.
Xiao Ran bit his lower lip and said, "I... I'm afraid the guests are so anxious, I still have a little thing to finish, let Yao brother help me send."
This period of time Li Yao chase her chase tightly, she is ready to accept Li Yao.
She came to work in Huo Zhai also has more than three years, after the divorce to introduce friends to work in Huo Zhai, and now her daughter is nearly four years old.
At the beginning of the birth of a daughter is a caesarean section, irregular contractions, pain for a day, the palace mouth does not open, the doctor asked for a caesarean section, she agreed.
Her husband and mother-in-law scold her self-assertion, and blame her caesarean section too much money, said she did not have a rich life also a rich disease, others are painful to her pain?
When she came out after giving birth, her mother-in-law saw her daughter, pulled her husband and left the hospital, and never came to the hospital for a look.
Her parents are dead, and her sister is the only relative.
She had to take care of the baby and take care of her.
When she lay in bed covered in blood and couldn't get out of bed, the despair was beyond words.
After leaving hospital, she filed for divorce.
Unexpectedly husband and mother-in-law full of consent, but also let her compensate for caesarean operation costs.
In fact, they only paid 5,000 yuan in advance, and the rest of the money was made up by the sister.
After the divorce, she asked someone to find a job, just the sister's friend in the Huo house here to work, she was introduced.
She milked the milk and stored the refrigerator every day, and asked her sister to help take care of the children.
After she came to work at Huo House, life gradually got better.
Originally planned not to remarry for a lifetime, but so many years with Li Yao as a colleague, but also feel that he this person is reliable.
Li Yao will not rhetoric, but people are very real, this time every day to see her work will take the initiative to help.
Help her mop the floor, wash the dishes, and also help pick the dishes. On the New Year's Day, he gave her a gold bracelet.
She doesn't really like his stuff, she just thinks he's real.
Today, the crystal lamp fell down, just Li Yao helped her to send snacks, big young master suspected Li Yao did what hands and feet.
How is that possible?
Such a big lamp fell down by accident, what can Li Yao do, and no super powers.
Afraid of big master blame, she quickly said that she let Li Yao sent snacks.
Actually, Li Yao offered to give it to her.
Anyway, Li Yao meant well.
Huo Zhengqin squinted to see small Ran, and looked at Li Yao, two people are still quite frank.
Huo Zhengqin looked at the crystal chandelier again, narrowed his eyes and asked another servant: "The other day I asked you to arrange someone to clean the studio and clean the crystal chandelier, who cleaned it?"
The servant recalled and said, "It's Li Yao and Xu Jigang."
"I'm mainly an escalator." Li Yao said immediately.
At that time, he and Xu Jigang were responsible for cleaning the crystal chandelier. The lamp was particularly troublesome to clean. The crystal pendants were removed one by one, and then the main body of the lamp was wiped with a rag. The crystal pendants were cleaned by the maids, who then hung them up one by one.
The height of the cinema is very high, the position of the crystal chandelier is also very high, and the ladder they prepared is also dedicated, and one person is responsible for wiping the lamp and removing the pendant.
At that time, Xu Jigang said one half, he said he was afraid of heights, Xu Jigang just spoke, smiled and let him hold the ladder.
It took them most of the day to clean the lamp, and then they installed the pendant for more than four hours after the maid washed it.
It was very late to get it done, after finishing, Xu Jigang was too tired to leave the cinema, let him collect the ladder and install the tool kit.
He responded immediately.
Alone in the theater, he quickly climbed a ladder, used a tool to loosen the lamp, removed three load-bearing screws, and suspended a transparent fishing line over the position.
The theater is not monitored, and there are usually very few people in it, so no one noticed these details.
When he came to deliver snacks today, he successfully found the fishing line, and then when Shen Mo Di passed under the light, he gave it a hard tug.
At that time, his heart almost jumped out of his throat, beating like a drum.
But when he thought about the $1 million, he thought it was worth it.
As the saying goes, a man is not rich without windfall wealth, and a horse is not fat without night grass. Although he works in Huo Zhai has a monthly salary of 9,000 yuan, but the life is really tight, the mortgage is more than 5,000 a month, the car loan is more than 2,000, and then buy something casually, there is no money to save.
"Call Xu Jigang." Huo Zhengqin commanded.
After a while, Xu Jigang came over.
There was a sweat on his forehead.
He also heard that something had happened here, and he always wanted to come and see it, but he was afraid.
The lamp is a person he unwashed, installed, he was also deliberately screwed, thinking that the lamp is too heavy, that one pendant is really not light.
Now that something like this has happened, he's freaking out.
When Xu Jigang came, Huo Zhengqin opened in a quiet voice: "How did you clean this lamp at that time?"

Chapter 207 Preserve the scene
Xu Jigang recalled the details and told Huo Zhengqin in detail that Li Yao was afraid of heights at that time, and the lamp was dismantled by him alone, and then the servant washed the pendant and installed it by him alone. He also deliberately tightened the screws, he did not know what was wrong, why the lamp fell down, maybe the lamp was too heavy.
'Nonsense! Huo Zhengqin snapped, got up from the sofa, pointed to the lamp and said, "This lamp has been installed for more than three years, when has it dropped?" Not early, not late. After you move, you drop? It wasn't heavy before, but now it is?"
Xu Jigang and Li Yao were so frightened that they knelt directly on the ground.
Li Yao said, "Young Master, I really don't know what happened."
Xu Jigang was also full of grievances: "Big master, I swear, I really cleaned and disassembled this lamp according to the process."
He doesn't understand what went wrong!
This kind of thing, in fact, there are accidents.
Just like billboards in some places, who is not installed well, but some will fall down and hit people.
"Tell me more about your installation process!" Huo Zhengqin's voice was cold.
He was always kind, and rarely had he lost so much temper.
Xu Jigang did not dare to ignore, and immediately said while recalling the details: "Li Yao is a little afraid of heights, he was holding the ladder, I went up to remove the lamp, the lamp is too big, we did not move the main body, just remove the crystal pendant one by one." I take it apart, Li Yao takes it in, and then the maid cleans it.
I did not move the main body of the lamp, but used a rag to wipe it clean. After that, I saw that it was fixed with screws, for fear that the screws would become loose for a long time, and I tightened the screws again..."
'That's the problem! Huo Zhengqin angrily interrupted, "When you screw in which direction?"
He suspected that Xu Jigang, the idiot, had turned the screw in the wrong direction.
"I... I really screwed it in this direction." Xu Jigang reached out and made a screw action, gesturing.
"What else did Li Yao do besides the escalator?" Mr. Huo asked.
His main suspect is Li Yao.
Because his delivery of snacks is so unusual.
Xu Jigang recalled: "Li Yao has been holding the ladder. The chandelier was high, and the ladder was long and unsteady, and he was holding it down."
"He hasn't been up there?" Huo Zhengqin asked.
Xu Jigang was sure: "No, he is afraid of heights."
Huo Zhengqin eyes again swept Li Yao, and then swept Xu Jigang.
Seeing both of them look naturally open, he said coldly: "You deduct three months 'wages."
Li Yao immediately thanked: "Thank you, young master."
Xu Jigang feel good injustice, but think of the crystal chandelier fell down and hurt people, he had to say: "Thank you."
"From now on, everyone will do their part, and everyone will do their part." Huo Zhengqin cold voice replacement.
"Yes, young master." Several servants answered again.
"Clean up the scene." Huo Zhengqin said.
"All right." Several servants hurried to clean up the scene.
Li Yao felt more relaxed.
In fact, there was nothing to be found at the scene, and when he pulled down the chandelier, he put away the fishing line.
There's no surveillance at the studio, so no one will ever find out what he did.
'Don't move! Huo Zhengqin said in a cold voice.
Several servants looked at Huo Zhengqin in surprise.
Huo Zhengqin said: "Don't move to the scene, if the Mu family or the third want to see, let them see."
The hospital.
Several hours later, the operating room door finally opened.
Qiu Zhan a suit of surgical clothes took the lead to come out.
Everyone crowded around.
Wang Lili nervously asked, "Dean Qiu, how are you?"
Modi also looked at Qiu Zhan nervously.
Qiu Zhan took off his mask and said: "Everything went well, the operation was very successful, and then two small operations can be done in the later stage."
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
Mu Tianhe hugged Wang Lili's shoulder and comforted her: "Look, I let you not be nervous." Thank you, Dean Qiu, for your hard work."
"You're welcome. It's what I should do." Qiu Zhan said politely.
The assistant and the nurse wheeled Mu Tingting out. Mu Tingting's leg had been put in plaster. She still didn't look good, but she was conscious.
Wang Lili immediately threw herself over, holding the edge of the bed, crying and asking, "Tingting, do you feel any pain?"
"Mom, I'm not in pain. Hiss..." Mu Tingting gasped in pain.
Qiu Siyang several friends in Mu Tingting into the operating room after leaving, Qiu Siyang has been waiting here, see Mu Tingting pain to breathe all said no pain, he thinks she is great!
"Brother, sister-in-law needs to rest here, it's very late now, why don't you go back early?" Qiu Zhan see Modi is still guarding, remind.
"We'll be back soon." Huo Mingze said.
In fact, he was going to take Mordi back a long time ago, Mordi refused.
He understood her.
Mu Tingting is to save her just like this, who will insist on keeping the operation.
Modi whispered, "I want to stay and look after Miss Moo."
She knew that she made such a request is not good, she is pregnant, weak, still eating Chinese medicine, everyone is taking care of her, she stayed, will increase the burden to Ming Ze.
But she couldn't live with herself.
"Well, we'll stay tonight." Huo Mingze responded.
Mordi's eyes lit up.
In fact, she was already feeling very tired. I do not know how the constitution is so weak now, obviously did nothing, just keep doing the operation, but feel the spirit is very bad.
"Sister-in-law, you and brother go back, I stay to take care of Tingting." Huo Xinyao volunteered.
"We'll talk about it tomorrow." Huo Mingze said to heart Yao.
He said to Mordi, "Let's go and see Miss Moo in the sickroom, then go to rest, and tomorrow morning we'll buy her breakfast."
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi answered.
They headed for the ward.
Just Meng Qiulan rushed over, the pace is fast, hot and furious.
Seeing Modi, she rushed over, holding Modi's hand to look down and check, with a nervous look: "Xiao Di, how are you? Did it hurt?"
"Mom, I'm fine." Mordi's heart warmed.
Meng Qiulan reached out and hugged Mo Di: "You scared mom to death."
Mo Di's eyes are hot, hugging Meng Qiulan: "Mom, I am not injured."
"Well, I'm glad I'm not hurt. I heard all about it. Thanks to Miss Moo this time. Mingze, you should be grateful." "Some projects that need to find a partner, they do for the Mu family," Ms. Meng said.
She is telling Ming Ze, with the project to be grateful, rather than to have too much contact with Mu Tingting.
Afraid Ming ze dont understand, she said: little flute pregnant, also not convenient to take care of the injured, Miss Mu here, I and heart Yao to take care of.
"That's right." Huo Xinyao immediately agreed.
Meng Qiulan said: "It's early in the morning, it's too late, let's go to see Miss Mu, and then Ming Ze you take the flute rest."
"Good," said Hermione.

Chapter 208: The Wise
Meng Qiulan with heart Yao, Modi several people into Mu Tingting ward.
There was only Mu Tianhe and his wife, Mu Tao and Yao Yutong left in the ward.
As soon as Meng Qiulan walked in, she took Mu Tingting's hand and said, "Tingting, I thank you for your kindness on behalf of the whole family."
"Auntie, you speak too strongly." Mu Tingting was flattered and wanted to sit up.
Meng Qiulan pressed Mu Tingting again, "Don't move, don't move." You're hurt. You need to get some rest. You have a bone injury for 100 days, which is much more serious than a bone injury. You must have a good rest."
"Aunt, don't worry, I will take good care of it." Mu Tingting said sweetly.
"Good, good." Meng Qiulan patted Mu Tingting's hand and said, "You rest assured, you rest assured, aunt every day to take care of you."
"No, no, Auntie, I don't have to take care of that." Mu Tingting said immediately.
Wang Lili also quickly said: "Sister Meng, Tingting is OK, you don't have to worry too much." It's convenient now. We'll take good care of Tingting."
"That's different, Tingting was the one who saved my little flute from injury, which should have been taken care of by Little flute himself." But Xiao Di is pregnant and weak now, so I will take care of Tingting myself. Don't worry, I won't do worse than the carer." Meng Qiulan said sincerely.
Now that she's lowering her profile, the Mu family has nothing to say.
Mu Tingting and Yao Yutong relationship is good, she suspected that they are behind the plot?
But Mu Tingting saved the small flute is a fact, the love they want to remember, she takes care of Mu Tingting is also sincere. She will also let Ming ze release some projects to Mu home, this is a real thank you.
If Mu Tingting and Yao Yutong are really plotting something behind the scenes, or the Mu family wants to morally kidnap Xiao Di behind the scenes, it is impossible.
It was a lifesaver. She'll be grateful for it.
And if anyone tries to mess up afterward, she won't be polite.
"Sister Meng, really not. I'll just take care of Tingting." Wang Lili said.
"No, Tingting was injured because she saved my family's flute, and I should take care of her." Mingze and Xiaodi should take care of it, but this is over the year, Mingze is busy with work, Xiaodi has to raise a baby, you rest assured, I will take good care of Tingting." Meng Qiulan said.
Huo Xinyao also said, "Yes, aunt, my mother and I will take care of Tingting." It happened that Tingting and I were the same age, we also had the same topic, I accompanied her to chat boredom. In a few days, when the weather is fine, I'll take her out into the sun."
"Yes, yes." Meng Qiulan said immediately.
Wang Lili: "..." She didn't know what to say.
Mu Tianhe said, "Thank you very much."
"It is we who want to thank Tingting. President Mu, you men work first, you have any project that needs investment can also take Ming Ze with you." Meng Qiulan said with a smile.
Mu Tianhe eyes color a bright: "Good good, I will communicate more with Ming Ze."
Meng Qiulan this is a hint can find Huo Mingze to invest.
This is the most real thing ah!
"Then Mu you go back to rest, this evening I and Xinyao turn vigil." I'll have the maid bring food in the morning. You can rest assured that I will take care of Tingting as my family." Meng Qiulan said.
Wang Lili also wanted to talk, Mu Tianhe immediately pulled her a hand, and then smiled to Meng Qiulan: "Then Qiulan, we will go back first, Tingting will please you, we will send breakfast tomorrow morning, you have a good rest tomorrow morning." Tao 'er, you also come back with us."
Yao Yutong had been unable to get a word in edgeways and now said, "Aunt, why don't you all go home, I'll take care of Tingting tonight."
She has a lot of things to ask Mu Tingting, someone is inconvenient for her.
Meng Qiulan's face sank: "Tingting is to save the injured small flute, what do you take care of?" Why don't you go back later and ask Jeong-heung what's going on? A good cinema, why did the chandelier fall down? This matter should be taken as a warning, and all the places with security risks should be checked again to avoid similar things in the future.
This time, everyone is lucky that Tingting's injury can be cured. What if the light had been tilted a little more and it would have hit someone in the head?"
Being severely reprimand, Yao Yutong did not dare to refute, she felt oppressed to death, whispered: "Aunt, we will check."
"Then Qiulan, let's go back first, Tingting will trouble you." Mu Tianhe said politely.
Meng Qiulan smiled and waved: "You go back to rest, pay attention to safety on the road."
"All right." Mu Tianhe pulled Wang Lili to leave.
Yao Yutong also whispered: "That aunt, I also went back."
"HMM." Meng Qiulan responded with a heavy voice.
And kindly to Huo Mingze said: "Mingze, you hurry to take Xiao Di to rest, she is pregnant, you have to take good care of."
"Ok, Mom, thanks for your hard work, Miss Mu, you have a good rest." Huo Mingze's address to Mu Tingting is always Miss Mu.
Meng Qiulan was very satisfied.
He said to Mordi: "Little Di, you have a good sleep, don't think about anything, go quickly."
"Miss Mu, you have a good rest. Mom, I'm going." Modi finished, and Huo Mingze left together.
Mu Tingting face Meng Qiulan, inexplicable uncomfortable.
Meng Qiulan smiled, took an apple, peeled it, and gave it to Mu Tingting: "Come, Tingting, eat an apple."
"Thanks Auntie." Mu Tingting stiffly took the apple and nibbled slowly.
The other side.
Mu Tianhe pulled Wang Lili away, as soon as he got on the car, he said to Wang Lili in a deep voice: "Let Tingting stay away from Yao Yutong."
'What's the matter? Wang Lili looked puzzled.
Mu Tianhe retorted: "You haven't seen?"
'What? Wang Lili asked.
Mu Tianhe said: "Meng Qiulan suspected Tingting and Yao Yutong were working together."
Wang Lili suddenly got angry: "I'm going to find her now, what?" Ting Ting risked her life to save her daughter-in-law, she even thought so Ting Ting. If it hadn't been for Tingting, her daughter-in-law would have died."
With that, she opened the door and began to get out.
Mu Tianhe shouted: "Sit down for me." What do you do? Huh? What did Meng Qiulan do? People are polite to your family, and personally come to take care of Tingting, and return to the Mu family project, what do you want?"
Wang Lili the whole person again meng: "When did she give Mu family project?"
Mu Tianhe frowned and said: "Just let me find Huo Mingze investment."
"Why didn't I hear that?" Wang Lili was surprised.
Mu Tianhe glanced at Wang Lili and thought she was not clever.
He added, "Don't blame Meng Qiulan for being suspicious. Tingting all day and Yao Yutong mixed together, people have doubts is normal. This kind of thing, the crystal chandelier, can not fall early or late, just when Shen Modi passed by, drop, put on you, you do not doubt?"
Mu Tao, who had been silent, said, "Mom, listen to Dad. Tell Tingting to stay away from Yao Yutong."
This next has Huo Mingze investment, they Mu Jia will go to a higher level, there is no need to deal with Yao Yutong.
Wang Lili frowned: "Stay away from Yao Yutong?" You won't pursue Huo Xinyao?"

Chapter 209: What do you Call Me?
Mu Tao looked out the window.
The hospital lights were still on at night.
He said quietly, "Tingting has been recuperating for at least half a year. Huo Xinyao will take care of Tingting in the hospital.
Wang Lili's eyes brightened: "Yes, Huo Xinyao will also be in the hospital, you will have a chance to contact her more."
Mu Tianhe's phone rang up suddenly, Mu sen called.
Mu Tianhe eyes color slightly complex, he immediately picked up the phone: "Sen son."
"I'll come to work in the company next month." "Mussen said.
"Yes, but you can only be offered the title of department manager." Mu Tianhe spoke first.
There was no word from Mussen's end.
Mu Tianhe frowns irritably and says: "Sen son, when Tao son came to the company, he also started from the department manager."
Still Mussen did not speak.
Mu Tianhe became more irritable and said: "I know you have been complaining about your mother's things to me, and she died in childbirth when she gave birth to you, which is not what I want..."
Mussen interrupted. "I'm Mu Tao's assistant."
'What do you mean? Mu Tianhe looked alert, sighed and said, "Sen son, you and Tao son, and Tingting, you are brothers and sisters, you do not always have hostility to them, and your aunt Wang, you should respect her a little, at least call auntie..."
"Mistress is also worthy of my aunt?" Mussen said coldly.
Across the phone, Mu Tianhe could feel the chill of Mu Sen's body, and his voice sank: "Anyway, you were brought up by your aunt Wang..."
Mussen interrupted coldly: "I was brought up by Aunt Wu."
'You! Mu Tianhe angry heart ups and downs.
Wang Lili immediately reached out and touched his heart.
"If you want to be my assistant, be my assistant." Mu Tao said on the side.
Mu Tianhe shouted at Mu Sen on the phone: "As you like."
Then hang up the phone.
Wang Lili is still stroking Mu Tianhe's heart, chanting: "You too, you and the child put what gas?" After what happened to him, it's okay to be angry with me. When he gets married and has children of his own, he will know how important it is for a family to be harmonious, and he will understand your pains."
'I hope! Mu Tianhe still calm face, heart undulating not just bad.
Mussen's been mad at him since he could remember.
He wouldn't have kept Mussen around if that son of a bitch hadn't threatened him.
By the time Yao Yutong returned to Huo's house, it was past two o 'clock in the morning.
Huo Zhengqin did not sleep, still sitting in their small reception room drinking wine.
Seeing Yao Yutong back, he raised his eyelids: "How?"
Yao Yutong tone displeased: "I didn't have a chance to ask Mu Tingting that bitch what is going on?" Huo Mingze has been guarding with Shen Modi. Also, I don't think Huo Mingze was hit. What happened in between? What about you? What have you got?"
Huo Zhengqin squinted: "There is something wrong with the cup he took, maybe he drank less and his body bore it."
Yao Yutong frowns and asks, "What about the chandelier?" Why did it fall?"
"That idiot Xu Jigang turned the screw upside down when he washed the lamp." Huo Zhengqin said without a word.
"Even so, how can Mu Tingting save people?" Yao Yutong continued to ask.
Huo Zhengqin lifted his eyelids and looked at Yao Yutong: "This is also what I want to know, so let you ask Mu Tingting what is going on?"
Yao Yutong frowned more tightly: "The hospital there is no chance to ask, I thought you can find clues here."
"The chandelier was an accident. Go to sleep and ask Mu Tingting tomorrow." Huo Zhengqin put down his cup and stood up.
Huo Mingze and Modi are in the hospital.
The facilities of Pingkang private hospital are much better than those of public hospitals.
Qiu Zhan has also set up some luxury suites, which are no less luxurious than high-end hotels.
Huo Mingze took Modi to live in the suite.
Modi washed his face, Huo Mingze played water to wash Modi feet.
"No, I'll do it myself." Mordi was grateful.
Huo Mingze squatted down and held Modi's ankle: "Let me help you, you are easy to get the wound."
"It's a small cut. Don't mind it." 'said Mordi.
"I'll wash it for you."
"Then slow down and don't touch the water." Huo Mingze was helpless.
"HMM." Mordi answered.
After washing, the two of them went to bed.
"Wife, it's late. Go to bed." Huo Mingze touched Modi's head.
"HMM." Mordi answered.
But I couldn't sleep in bed.
Huo Mingze leaned over and hugged Mo Di from behind to comfort her: "Wife, don't feel bad, this is the best result."
"HMM." Mordi answered.
She knew it was the best that could be done, but still she couldn't sleep.
Maybe the moment the chandelier fell was too much for her psychologically.
She could not shake the picture of the chandelier falling in her mind, and would also think of the car accident at the gate of the Jinyi Road cafe a few months ago.
She feels like she's paranoid, obsessed with conspiracy theories.
Will think that the chandelier fell down is Yao Yutong and Huo Zhengqin made?
Huo Mingze reached out and patted Modi on the back to comfort her: "No one expected such a thing to happen." Although Miss Mu is injured, we should be sad. But I have an interest. I'd rather it was her who got hurt."
Modi turned around, held Huo Mingze's waist, and drilled into his arms: "I also have selfish motives, I am glad that she pushed me." But I feel bad that she's hurt so badly. '
"It will be fine, A Zhan said, there will be no sequelae." Mom and Xinyao will take good care of her."
"Yes. Go to sleep, and tomorrow I'll ask her what she likes, and I'll make it for her." 'said Mordi.
Huo Mingze reached out and rubbed Modi's head: "You don't have to worry, Mom will arrange the kitchen to do it, you just have to keep your body at ease."
"HMM." Modi answered and found a comfortable sleeping position in Huo Mingze's arms.
Perhaps sleep in the arms of Huo Mingze have a sense of security, Modi soon came even breathing sound.
Huo Mingze lips Angle with a smile, helplessly looked down at the person in his arms.
It's hard for him when she's holding him like that.
He reached for his phone on the nightstand and clicked on wechat.
Tang Changxing, the servant of Huo House, replied again: the third young master, verified that the chandelier was indeed an accident, and a servant did not tighten the screw when cleaning it years ago.
Deng Changxing is Xiao Mu people, a few years ago when Huo Zhengqin recruitment of servants, he let Xiao Mu arrange through the interview into Huo house work.
After the crystal chandelier fell down, they sent Mu Tingting to the hospital, Huo Mingze arranged Deng Changxing staring at the scene.
He had a hunch there was a conspiracy.
I didn't think it was an accident.
The next day, 7:30 a.m.
Wang Lili and Mu Tianhe came to the hospital.
They packed breakfast, all made by the servants in the morning.
Also specially to Mu Tingting made chicken soup, ready to first tonify Qi and blood, and then boil big bone soup for calcium.

Chapter 210: Why did you save Shen Modi?
This side of Meng Qiulan is faster than the Mutian River.
Mu Tianhe and Wang Lili with Mu Tao came over, MengQiulan here has put all the breakfast on.
Last night, after Mu Tingting sleep, Meng Qiulan and Huo Xinyao sleep in the rest room.
The lounge is like a standard hotel room, with two beds. The beds are not particularly large, but they are comfortable.
Sleep late last night, in the morning Meng Qiulan actually a little can not get up, but think to take care of Mu Tingting, she forced to get up, but also the heart Yao wake up by the way.
Xin Yao this girl, usually sleep thunder can not move, get up gas can blow the roof.
Today, when she heard the shouts, she sat up, her eyes could not open, she reached out to open the skin of her eyes, forced to get up.
The maid Meng Qiulan arranged last night, so that seven o 'clock to send early.
By now, breakfast was served.
Mu Tingting got up, too.
She was sleepy and tired, too.
With all the injuries last night, the loss of blood, and the hours of surgery, she couldn't get up in the morning. But in order to leave a good impression on Meng Qiulan, she heard the sound of Meng Qiulan getting up, and forced her eyes open.
Her upper body was unhurt and she managed to sit up on her own.
Meng Qiulan took water to wash her face.
Mu Tingting was flattered and generously said, "Auntie, I can wash it myself."
"I'll help you." Meng Qiulan insisted.
"No, aunt, my hands are handy." Mu Tingting insisted.
"Then I'll carry the basin." Meng Qiulan said.
"Thanks Auntie." Mu Tingting quickly thanked her and washed her face.
Last night, it was Huo Xinyao who washed her face, removed her makeup, and forced her to do skin care.
It can be said that Meng Qiulan mother and daughter take care of her really everything, Meng Qiulan even said to wipe her body.
Where can she let Meng Qiulan do this kind of thing ah, last night she said body pain, also not dirty, do not wash, Meng Qiulan said very late early sleep.
After washing her face, Meng Qiulan personally ladled a bowl of soup over to feed Mu Tingting: "Come, Tingting, aunt let the maid make chicken soup for you, you were injured and bled yesterday, let's make up for it."
"Auntie, I'll do it myself." Mu Tingting took the bowl.
"Ok, chicken soup, an egg, and this shrimp roll, and these, you can have whatever you like." Meng Qiulan's face is enthusiastic.
When Mu Tianhe family came over, was seeing Mu Tingting in chicken soup, Meng Qiulan in peeling eggs.
The peeled eggs to Mu Tingting, Meng Qiulan smiled and said: "Mu, you are busy, you don't need to come, I will take good care of Tingting."
"Sister Meng, you have worked hard." Wang Lili immediately thanked her.
Meng Qiulan smiled and waved her hands: "What is my hard work, these are all I should do." Sit down, sit down and eat your breakfast."
"Then we'll be rude." Mu Tianhe smiled.
Mu Tao also took the initiative to greet Huo Xinyao: "Miss Huo did not sleep well last night? Why don't you go back and rest later?"
"No, I'll have a chat with Tingting later. There should be some tests today. I'll go with Tingting." Huo Xinyao said.
She did not have a good impression of Mu Tao, now polite is to see last night Mu Tingting save face.
"Me too." Mu Tao said immediately.
A glimmer of approval quickly slipped through Wang Lili's eyes.
After breakfast, Mu Tianhe husband and wife said a grateful Meng Qiulan words, and then left.
Yao Yutong came with chicken soup.
See Mu Tingting eat, she put down the chicken soup, let Mu Tingting eat at noon, and said a bunch of concerned words.
A nurse pushed a wheelchair over and put Mu Tingting on the wheelchair to push Mu Tingting to check.
"I'll push it." Meng Qiulan immediately took over the wheelchair.
She has planned, Mu Tingting recuperate this time, she must take good care of her, take care of impeccable.
Yao Yutong kept winking at Mu Tingting.
Mu Tingting knew that Yao Yutong had something to ask her.
Her eyes flickered and Mu Tingting said, "Auntie, I want to go to the bathroom."
"Ok, I'll help you there." Meng Qiulan said immediately.
"Otherwise, let Yu Tong sister push me to go?" Me to Maybe that one's coming. Auntie, could you please help me prepare a tampon?" Mu Tingting lowered her head and whispered.
"There's nothing embarrassing about such a small thing," Huo said. "I'll buy it now."
"I'll go with you." Meng Qiulan said with a smile.
This point may Ming ze they also want to get up, she has some words to explain with Ming Ze.
She told Mu Tingting, "Tingting, wait for me in the ward after you go to the bathroom, and we will check with you later." Master Mu, Tingting is not convenient, you watch outside the bathroom."
She is afraid of Yao Yutong out of anything unitary.
"Yes, Auntie." Mu Tingting and Mu Tao responded in unison.
Huo Xinyao went to buy menstrual napkins.
Meng Qiulan also came out, she sent a text to Huo Mingze wechat: up?
She's afraid to make a phone call to Flute.
Reply in seconds.
Huo Mingze: Yes.
Meng Qiulan: In the hospital?
Huo Mingze: HMM.
Meng Qiulan: What about Xiao Di? Did you sleep well? Are you awake?
Huo Mingze: I slept late. I didn't wake up.
Meng Qiulan: Pregnant women are sleepy, Xiaodi is weak, let her sleep more, when she wakes up when to eat.
Huo Mingze: You can rest assured that I will take good care of her.
Meng Qiulan: The chandelier side, have you checked? Is it man-made?
She knew Mingze would have people looking into things like that.
Huo Mingze: It was an accident. A servant turned the screw upside down while cleaning the chandelier.
Meng Qiulan eyes color slightly heavy, reply: check again!
Huo Mingze: I have arranged it.
He's got eyes on the two servants who clean the lamps, and they've had their accounts checked. If it is artificial, even if it is not revealed now, it will be revealed later.
Meng Qiulan: OK.
"Mom, I bought it." At the hospital gate, Huo Xinyao came with her aunt's towel.
"Good," said Hermione. Meng Qiulan smiled.
"Mom, I always think Yao Yutong and Mu Tingting are plotting something behind their backs." Huo Xinyao said.
Meng Qiulan said, "Yaoyao, your brother will find out what happened behind the scenes. Now we only recognize Mu Tingting for saving your sister-in-law, and we have to be grateful to them."
"I understand." Huo Xinyao eyes like a torch.
She may be crazy, but she knows the difference.
Mother and daughter go back to the hospital.
The bathroom in the ward.
Yao Yutong determined after Huo Xinyao mother and daughter left, she can't wait to open, an opening is questioning, although questioning, but the voice is very low: "Tingting, what is going on?"
"I want to know what's going on!" Mu Tingting looked closely at Yao Yutong, the voice was also pressed very low, "Yu Tong sister, clearly we said, is chin brother responsible for adding material to Huo Mingze wine, you think of a way to advance the Huo Xinyao and Shen Modi branch, give me and Ming ze to create opportunities." As a result, it became this."
Yao Yutong frowned: "I said, why did you save Shen Modi?"
If it were not for Mu Tingting, the crystal chandelier would have hit Shen Modi directly. Doesn't that serve her purpose?

Chapter 211: Not the big mouth of A Zhan
Mu Tingting also twisted her eyebrows, took a look at her plaster leg, and said: "Sister Yu Tong, I was singing, I saw Huo Mingze get up, I am worried that our plan failed, I followed Huo Mingze with my eyes while singing."
No one moved, so I just kept singing. Then suddenly I saw the light fall, and I thought it was you standing under the light, so I rushed to it regardless. If I had known it was Shen Modi, nothing I could have said could have saved her!"
Yao Yutong did not believe it: "Shen Modi and Huo Xinyao together, I have been a person, how can you admit your mistake?"
"I wasn't looking in her direction when I was singing," Mu said. "I only saw it out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was you."
"I was wearing a grey base and she was wearing a white down jacket, how did you say you were wrong?" Yao Yutong remains unconvinced.
Mu Tingting tone is helpless: "Yu Tong sister, last night when singing, in addition to the crystal lamp, there are beam lights, shaking the eyes, can not see who is who."
She could never let Yao Yutong know the truth.
Last night afraid Huo Mingze was drugged by Huo Zhengqin suspicious, she also let brother Mu Tao last night through the gap of drinking, the cup in front of Huo Mingze all moved.
The goal is to prevent Huo Mingze from drinking from the wrong cup.
"Now it is like this, you heal the injury first, and then we will find another chance." Yao Yutong said and warned, "Tingting, when you chat with Huo Xinyao and Meng Qiulan, keep your mouth shut and don't talk about everything when you are familiar."
"Rest assured, I will not say anything about our design of Huo Mingze." Mu Tingting promised.
She sniffed at herself as if she were a fool.
Doesn't she know what's best for herself?
Yao Yutong wants to take her as a tool man, don't dream.
She suddenly listened to the outside movement, and then whispered: "Rain Tong sister, someone is coming."
The two men looked at each other.
Yao Yutong raised his voice slightly and said, "Fortunately, only one leg was injured, and the other leg was able to receive a little force, which is also a blessing in misfortune."
Then she opened the bathroom door and wheeled her wheelchair out.
Huo Xinyao and Meng Qiulan have come in.
Huo Xinyao smiled and said to Mu Tingting, "Tingting, I put it in this cabinet, and I will help you get it when I use it." We're going to get you checked out now."
"Yes, thank you." Mu Tingting answered immediately.
Yao Yutong politely and Meng Qiulan said: "Aunt, if there is nothing here, I will go back first."
"Go back, you young men, and go about your business." Meng Qiulan waved her hand.
Meng Qiulan several people accompanied Mu Tingting to do the examination.
The first thing Modi woke up was to get up and look at the time, a look at nearly ten o 'clock, she once thought that her phone was broken.
Look at Huo Mingze suit is sitting on the sofa, laptop on the knee, ten fingers are tapping the keyboard.
She knew that she had slept too long. "I should have gotten up earlier," she said apologetically.
It's almost 10:00 when she feels like she hasn't slept much.
See Modi wake up, Huo Mingze put down the computer, smiled and got up: "Don't get up early, when you wake up when you start again." Mu Tingting's mother and Xinyao will take care of her, so you don't have to worry."
"I just think it's a slight." 'said Mordi.
Huo Mingze came to take clothes for Modi and smiled: "Will not neglect, you are at ease with your body, mom will take good care of Mu Tingting." Come on, get dressed and wash up, and I'll have breakfast brought."
"I feel like instead of helping, I'm burdening everyone." 'said Mordi miserably.
Huo Mingze hugged Modi: "Fool, after you, our whole family is happier, how can it be a burden?" People don't have to do something to be valuable, as long as you are happy every day, that is our greatest value."
"HMM." Modi hugged Huo Mingze's waist, suddenly felt his body changes, her face red, quickly let go of his waist.
Huo Mingze helplessly looked at Modi: "I now hope that the two small ancestors toss you a little less, so that I suffer a little suffering is also worth it."
"I'm going to wash my face." "Said Mordi at once.
"You slow down." Huo Mingze gave an account.
"I squeezed the toothpaste for you." Huo Mingze said behind him.
"Good," said Hermione. Mordi answered.
The sight of the squeezed toothpaste warmed her heart.
She brushes her teeth with water, in the mirror, her face flushed, she reached out to cover her face, good hot.
When Modi washed, Huo Mingze arranged the breakfast sent over.
Huo Mingze put breakfast on the table and waited for Modi to eat together.
As soon as Modi came out, Huo Mingze pulled her: "Wife, have breakfast."
"Don't wait for me. If you get up first, eat first. Don't be hungry." Mordi thought to herself that she must get up early.
"I want to wait for you. Here, eat this. It's salty. It keeps me down. And this, it's a little sour." Huo Mingze gives Modi food.
"Well, you eat, too." Mordi took it.
There was a knock at the door, and the two men looked towards it.
The door opened, Ning Qingyi face nervous: "silly roe deer, you all right?"
"I'm fine." Modi asked Qingyi in surprise, "How do you know?"
Huo Mingze knew what he knew and whispered a smile: "It's not that big mouth of A Zhan."
"Brother, what about me?" Qiu Zhan, wearing a white coat, leaned into his head with a smile.
"Have you eaten?" Modi ask Qing Yi, and look to Qiu Zhan.
"Eat already, eat quickly, were you scared last night?" I'm glad you're okay." Qingyi from cooked to pour a cup of water to yourself.
Bringing water over, she sat down and said while drinking: "I heard that the daughter of the Mu family saved you, hurt her leg and need someone to take care of me, just this time I have nothing, I help you take care of her."
"My mother and my sister are taking care of Miss Mu. If you're okay, help me stay with Momo during this time." Huo Mingze said with a smile.
"Sure, I'm quite free these days." Open his mouth in a clear and cheerful way.
After she broke up with the man who cheated and played with women's feelings last year, she quit the job of selling cars, after the death of Modi's father, she rushed to Haicheng, and then stayed to participate in the Zhongding Cup competition, she has been living in Lanting House with Xiao Guang.
She went back to Meicheng during the New Year, and came to Haicheng on the fourth day of the first month.
Because after her brother got married, her sister-in-law was not happy for her to go home, feeling that the home was narrow, and she was more crowded when she went back.
Her sister-in-law asked her when she was getting married.
She said she broke up.
Relatives in the family know that she broke up and have introduced her to someone.
All the introductions are crooked melon and bad date.
Relatives also all kinds of Yin and Yang her, let her not too pick.
Said girls over 25 are too old to find a partner.

Chapter 212 Chapter 212
She said that she was not demanding and wanted to find someone who was similar to her in every way and could pass the eyes.
In fact, she was also disheartened after the breakup, and did not expect any love. Thinking of finding a similar marriage, this life is confused.
So her father asked her to meet a blind date, and she did.
Aunt introduced her to the man 37, and some Mediterranean, salary 2200, is to do community security. Aunt also kept saying that the other side is good, said that the man will hurt a little, low wages have the advantages of low wages, one is stable, and two will not get worse after marriage.
Three aunts to her introduced the man is second marriage, with a son. The neighbors knew that the reason for the man's divorce was alcoholism and domestic violence.
Second uncle introduced her to the man, the salary is six thousand, but also a bachelor's degree, two people are almost the same conditions.
The other party is also very talkative, after meeting the man has been looking for a topic to chat, said it was very happy to meet her, and then invited her to dinner.
Asked her to eat fast food, and then the man bought two bottles of mineral water, she felt that he was quite able to live.
After dinner, the man asked her to hang out, said to get to know each other.
When shopping passed a roast duck shop, the man said it smelled good, buy one. She said she'd pay for it.
She thought they paid for the fast food and bought her the water, she bought the duck, that's fair.
The man later took the duck home.
After returning home, the man told her that fast food 30 pieces, mineral water 4 pieces, one half, let her turn 17.
She was stunned.
She bought 48 pieces of roast duck, she did not want him to pay half Ah, and he took all back.
She was so sick, she immediately transferred $17.
This matter was already over, and the result was that people were still sending her wechat messages, saying that they were very happy with her and asking her whether they could get married directly? And then a bunch of it, said that after her pregnancy that a few months of living expenses he can bear, other time he wants her to be a modern and contemporary independent woman.
She was speechless and quickly blocked the other person.
Later the second uncle came to her, said that she was impolite, and actually shielded others, at least they invited her to eat dinner, so ugly, the second uncle said swept his face.
After three aunt, four grandpa they have to introduce her object, she was scared to buy the fourth day of the first month of the high-speed rail ticket to Haicheng.
When packing, her mother pulled her suitcase and said to her: "Darling, you don't have to be sad, this kind of thing depends on fate, it is not suitable to break up, don't force yourself, break up is not in a hurry to find, some people have to be thirty years old and forty years old."
It's not the old world anymore. You can choose your life. Mom didn't put you through college so you could settle for your life.
Mother has never wanted you to become a dragon into a phoenix, mother only hopes that you can afford to raise yourself, with the ability to choose life.
In fact, it's your father's hope for those relatives, and I don't support your blind date.
The so-called relatives, most of them have no feelings, are laughing at you poor afraid of you rich, really have particularly excellent young people of the right age, their own children will digest, which will introduce to you.
Girls in your age, it doesn't matter if they don't get married. Marriage is for two people together better, if not better, would rather alone. Mom and Dad don't care what other people think, and you shouldn't be swayed by others.
You go out to work well, call back often, don't work too hard, don't be too tired."
When she heard her mother's words, all the gloom was dispelled from her mind.
She hugged her mother and said: "Mom, I will be good, you also have to be good, keep a good body, so that I do my filial piety."
After she came to Sea City, in addition to cooking food with light, most of the time in the drawing design draft.
She found that selling her designs was no less expensive than selling cars, and it helped her compete.
Morning received Qiu Zhan phone call, said last night Huo home crystal chandelier fell down, fortunately Miss Mu pushed a Modi, Modi is OK.
She was so frightened that she hurried to the hospital.
Light because next week to start the school exam, she did not dare to tell light, a person to the hospital.
"Brother, will you all stay here next?" Qiu Zhan leaned against the door and asked with his hands in his white coat pocket.
"Stay here for a while." Huo Mingze said.
"I have asked the canteen to arrange the meal, and I will come and eat with you." Qiu Zhan smiled.
He mainly wants to have dinner with Ning Qingyi.
"HMM." Huo Mingze answered.
The days that follow.
Meng Qiulan and Huo Xinyao every day to take care of Mu Tingting no problem pasted.
Qing Yi will also accompany Modi to see Mu Tingting.
Huo Mingze occasionally went to work for the company.
Mussen protects Mordi, mostly staying close to him.
Mu Tao always talk to Huo Xinyao, Huo Xinyao is very polite to him, but in addition to polite, there is no other meaning.
Qiu Zhan here will arrange people to help Modi boil good Chinese medicine, the daily diet will also do a pregnant woman's meal alone.
The other side.
May City.
Take care of the house.
After Grandpa Gu's ashes were buried, Gu Tianxi slept for two days.
When he got up, he collected his grandfather's things.
Obviously, I didn't spend much time with my grandpa. I didn't visit home until the last semester of high school, and then I was busy studying in college. After work, I was busy working again.
But as soon as I walked into Grandpa's room, all kinds of images flooded my mind.
Grandpa's stern appearance, kind appearance, voice and smile.
It was as if the grandfather had not died and was still saying to him, "O Cullinan, grow up quickly!"
"O Cullinan, the world is crueler than we think."
"When will man really be free? When you make Gu's market value of 800 billion yuan, you can probably feel it."
Gu Tianxi opened grandpa's wardrobe, grandpa's clothes are not much, the clothes of the four seasons are in the wardrobe, the wardrobe still appears very empty.
Grandpa is really a contradictory person, so frugal in life, but in Gu's market value, and so greedy.
"Young master, I'll take care of these clothes, and when it's time to go to work on July 7, we'll burn them all to the old man, and you'll keep one or two as a souvenir." Uncle Uncle Butler came over and said.
"Uncle, I want to stay here with Grandpa." Gu Tianxi said.
Uncle De squirmed his lips and stopped before he could speak. After a light sigh, he said, "Young master, I'm sorry. Dead people can't be brought back to life.
"HMM." Gu Tianxi answered.
Uncle De said, "Young master, I'm going to have lunch prepared."
Then he exited the room.

Chapter 213
Gu Tianxi opened another wardrobe door.
Underneath were some children's clothes, clearly washed.
He couldn't help thinking of Uncle De's words.
Two months ago, Uncle De called him and asked him if there was any movement in his young grandmother's stomach. The old man prepared a hundred clothes, said that the newborn wearing a hundred clothes will be healthier and safer.
Reaching out, Gu Tianxi picked up the little child's clothes.
His eyes were wet again and he murmured, "Grandpa, since you like children so much, why did you want to prevent me and Xiao Di from being together?" I told you, Flute is good in every way except family. I, like her, have been born poor."
How he wanted to be with Xiao Di, ah, he had already thought of their children's names when he was in college, the boy was called Gu Nian Qing, the girl was called Gu Sijun.
After all, he was incompetent, fought hard, and failed to make Gu's market value of 800 billion, and Xiao Di, has married someone else.
Tears blurred his eyes, he quickly put the small clothes into the closet, closed the closet door.
He came to Grandpa's desk, as if grandpa had not died, standing in front of the desk holding a brush to write big characters.
Open the drawer, the middle drawer put grandpa wrote some words, a vigorous and powerful.
Grandpa's words could not help but echo in his mind: "O Cullinan, calligraphy meditation, if you have trouble, write and write, and sometimes, writing and writing, you will understand."
Gu Tianxi looked at his grandfather's words and whispered, "Grandpa, I will never understand, you are not necessarily a harsh person sometimes, why do you want to force me and Xiao Di apart?"
He asked his grandfather about this almost every year, but every time the grandfather would become serious and ask him not to mention it again.
Feeling a little sick, he sat down on the carpet and pulled open the bottom drawer of his desk.
There are some photo albums in the drawer.
He picked up a photo album and opened it.
There are all kinds of photos inside.
Grandpa and mom and dad, grandpa and brother, and... baby him.
He understands that he was sent to live with distant relatives as a child.
Because my grandfather experienced the murder and seizure of power between brothers, so my grandparents only gave birth to my father one child in their life.
The first child was a boy, and he never dared to have another child.
Later to the father's generation, probably feel that the number of people is too thin, want to lively, so let the father regenerate.
I was expecting a little girl, and then I had him.
Afraid that the tragedy of seizing power would happen to their generation, they cultivated their brother as an heir and sent him to be raised by distant relatives.
After looking through a photo album, he put it back and found what appeared to be a book under it.
He removed the album and took out the book inside.
The book looks old. It's a green leather book.
When I opened it, there was a date written on it: 1969.
Open the book, the paper inside is very yellow, the green cover should be wrapped up later.
Open the first page, it reads:
'July 6, 1967, fine. Today, Xi Lin son, head position, natural delivery, 4.5 pounds, named Huai Sheng. '
'July 6, 1968, fine. Huai Sheng one year old, do a wedding banquet 66 tables, wish Huai Sheng life smoothly. '
'March 27, 1972, rain. Contraceptive failure, month Rong you xi, month rong want to be born, think of the past sibling, after several life and death, and finally we decided to eat traditional Chinese medicine abortion. '
'March 29, 1972, torrential rain. After taking the medicine, moon Rong abdominal pain, struggling in bed, the child is reluctant to leave, I regret. '
These events are too old, Gu Tianxi wanted to see what happened in recent years, he arbitrarily turned to the middle page:
'October 1, 1992, fine, there is no better day than the national celebration, today, Huai Sheng married his wife, Zeng. May my son have a happy marriage and a healthy life. '
'May 22, 1994, torrential rain. Changsun Tianlord was born, natural delivery, 6.3 pounds. '
'... '
'November 17, 1996, fine. Second grandson was born, named Tianxi, natural birth, 6.5 pounds. Originally expected a little grandchild, grandchildren or, only wish the Lord Cullinan brothers love and harmony. '
Gu Tianxi continued to turn back:
'The eighth day of the first month of 2000, Yin. Send the Cullinan to his distant nephew's home to raise him, so that he can live an ordinary life and grow up like an ordinary child. It may not be fair, but brothers won't fight one day. The Cullinan will not be able to compete, and the Lord will surely pity his ordinary brother."
Gu Tianxi's tears rolled down.
If he could go back in time, he would also like to be sent out, meet Xiao Di, and meet the kind uncle Shen.
He understood his grandfather's pains and did not want their brothers to kill each other. To make him mediocre, but is that not a protection?
He turned a few more pages:
'Light Rain, 13 October 2006 (supplement). Huai Sheng is gone. My son, it's gone. The old man gives away the old man. He's only 39 years old. The best years of his life are when he's successful. He was in a car accident with a woman. Hui Jane said he picked up small three in the process of the accident. '
'22 November 2006, Yin (supplement). The moon is gone. My wife of 40 years, she left first. Since Huai Sheng died, Moon Rong's body has collapsed. I understand the pain in her heart, I am also bitter, wish to die for Huai Sheng for moon Rong. '
'The first day of the first month of 2007, snow (supplement). Cold and clear, I and sun son day Lord Chinese New Year, Hui Zhen back home, since Huai Sheng died after Hui Zhen temperament change, is my family sorry for her. But how can I say that I deserve my own life? '
Gu Tianxi looked at such a diary, tears poured down.
Why is there so much suffering at home?
He went on to turn many pages:
'July 13, 2013, fine. Lord Sky 19 years old, grown up, I am also old, fortunately Lord Sky can stand on his own, independent project is very successful. I asked him what he wanted as a reward, and he asked if anything was OK? I told him that as long as it was morally permissible, it was okay.
He said he had a crush and wanted to fall in love. It's a good thing, of course. It's been a long time. Lord Skylord said the other family was very poor. I said, what does it matter? Lord Skylord was very happy and said to bring it back some other day, and I'm looking forward to it.
Sky Lord since childhood excellent, high vision, family is very poor but can enter the eye of sky Lord, other aspects must be excellent. '
Gu Tianxi suddenly eyes color like torch, he repeatedly looked at this diary.
As if reading grandpa's voice.
What does it matter if they're from a poor family? Must be good in other ways if you're in Lord Sky's eye.
Therefore, grandpa is not opposed to brother and ordinary girls fall in love, then how can make a car accident so that brother's girlfriend died unexpectedly?

Chapter 214: The Truth
It doesn't make sense!
Gu Tianxi mind again flashed the mother and Li Yuqin call Li Yuqin said those words, and Song Keying accusations.
Song Keying said that on the day of Xiao Di's wedding, the person who murdered Xiao Di was the mother.
If the death of my brother's girlfriend was also the work of my mother, then everything seems more reasonable.
If the brother's girlfriend was murdered by the mother.
Was my mother responsible for my father's car accident?
Thinking of this, Gu Tianxi felt a chill down his spine.
If the mother did all this, it's terrible.
But if all this is controlled by the mother, why did grandpa force him to make the market value of 800 billion?
Gu Tianxi quickly flipped his diary, trying to find the answer from his grandfather's diary:
'August 24, 2013, fine. School is about to start, the Lord came back with a female friend, I let the maid do a big table of dishes. Hui Zhen these years of mood also gradually stable, only occasionally to the servant angry.
Today Hui Zhen is also very happy, Kuatianjue's girlfriend smart, beautiful and generous.
Seeing the smiles on their young faces, I felt a new lease of life in this family. I can't wait for the day to pass quickly and see them get married and have children."
'December 30, 2014, fine. This year's Spring Festival weather is very good, people's mood also followed by good, New Year's Eve, Tianjue Shu Tong came home to eat New Year's Eve dinner, Tianjue said, such as his 22nd birthday, and Shu Tong married.
Hui Jane said dont hurry to get married, boys to focus on career.
I don't think so, with Gu's foundation, what else is missing? '
Gu Tianxi looked through his grandfather's diary, and he felt that he was approaching the truth.
He continued to watch:
'May 14, 2015, rain. Skylord lost a project worth 1.7 billion, Huizhen furious. I advised her that Lord Skylord was young and the possibilities were endless. Huizhen crazy mad, said women trouble, especially the family is not good woman. Just want to love, just want to tie this man around, no limit no limit, just like the Huaihe born mistress.
I am speechless, Huai Sheng sorry her, but Huai Sheng has paid for it with his life. '
'July 17, 2015, Yin. Huizhen these years of business ability more and more strong, and for Gu won a project. Hui Zhen and I discussed, let me hand the equity to her, I said she already has her own and Huai Sheng equity, I this share when the time to transfer to the Lord. We didn't argue, but we ended on bad terms. '
'April 12, 2016, fine (supplement). This is a day I will never forget. I got a call from Skylord, and Skylord was crying on the phone. What a strong child, crying her heart out on the phone. I asked him what was wrong? He said Shu Tong did not, his favorite woman did not, he has proposed successfully, they are ready to register for marriage on May 22 when he is 22 years old. But a car accident took away Shu Tong's life.
That Shu Tong died of the news, I am very sad, I know the Lord more sad, I can only comfort him across the phone, I said to him, children, go home!
Two hours later, I did not wait until the Lord came home, but received a message from the Lord, which was a suicide note from the Lord.
Heaven Lord said he was unfilial, he could not stand the day without Shu Tong, Shu Tong afraid of black afraid of loneliness, he wanted to accompany her.
Lord Skylord begged me to bury them together as husband and wife.
My children, is not my life too hard, God has taken you all one by one."
'April 13, 2016, fine (supplement). Huizhen cry into tears, I dare not show too sad, I have lost son, wife and grandchildren, Huizhen is not lost husband and son. We're all poor people.
We brought the cullinan back. It was a dark place. May Huizhen be warmed by the Cullinan in the days to come. '
'December 11, 2016, heavy snow. Walking dead every day, I really hope that one day I don't wake up, I don't have to face everything in the world.
Today, I heard that the driver who caused the death of Shu Tong was released from prison early, and I was angry. Sentenced to seven years of people with what early release, to kill Shu Tong and indirectly caused the death of my grandson God, with what early release? He's driving drunk!
I had someone look into it, and they found out the truth that made my blood run cold. Zeng Huizhen got him out of jail.
I understand, it is Zeng Huizhen killed Shu Tong. I confronted Zeng Huizhen, and she cried hysterically at me, asking me what was wrong with her? What's wrong with her wanting her son to marry the right woman?
She originally thought that the Lord of heaven had broken up after two years of fresh strength, and did not expect that he really planned to marry.
These little women, they're all bitches.
When Huai Sheng was hooked by a bitch, ruined her life.
I asked Zeng Huizhen, was it not the woman who was derailed by Huai Sheng, but also the car accident she made?
Zeng Huizhen growled that she just wanted the woman to die, so she called about the woman out, did not expect Huai sheng in the car.
I fainted. That's a human life!
The third is not ashamed, the man who derailed is hateful, but it is human life!
I did not educate Huai Sheng, Huai Sheng also died unexpectedly, I have nothing to say, but Shu Tong did wrong?
If not Zeng Huizhen killed Shu Tong, heaven Lord will not despair suicide ah!
I want to call the police, and I want to bring Zeng Hui Zhen to justice.
Zeng Huizhen knelt down to beg me, she said, she knew wrong, the loss of Lord Heaven, is the most painful thing in her life, if the time can go back, she will not do it.
I couldn't feel any more tenderness for this woman, so I firmly decided to call the police.
Zeng Huizhen threatened to Sue me for rape if I called the police.
It's like the first day I've met this woman.
She's crazy!
Zeng Huizhen tear their own clothes, said even if the police evidence can not, she will use the power of the media to sit down on this matter.
She told me that she had lost her husband, she had lost her son, and she was not afraid of anything.
She also told me that she began to lay out Gu's family as early as when she found Huai Sheng had a mistress. Gu's many executives are her people, at the same time she also raised some die-hard people, she has not care about their own death or life, but the people who cause harm to her, she will not let go.
If I live like this, why should I fear death? Why should you be afraid of her?
I fear this woman is so mad that she will disregard the Cullinan.
I put up with it. I told her to calm down. And I, too, need to calm down. '
Looking at the diary, Gu Tianxi's whole body kept shaking, and his fists were clucking.
What's not clear?
In fact, as early as when he broke the content of the phone call between his mother and Li Yuqin, he already had the answer in his heart.
Because it was her mother, there was always a glimmer of hope in his heart.
I kept hoping it wasn't her.
After all, it was his hope.

Chapter 215: Questioning, debunking everything
For years, my mother did everything cruel and cruel. And Grandpa, he's been taking the fall for her.
No wonder he was never close to his mother when she was gentle and loving to him.
And grandpa was so strict with him, but he was always closer to Grandpa.
His mind kept flashing the picture of his grandfather's education: "O Cullinan, you are smarter than grandpa imagined, but intelligence alone is not enough, you must work hard, you must be diligent, you must be self-disciplined, and you must go forward." In business, quality is king. As a customer, sincerity is the key."
"Ah, Cullinan, everything must be steady, we must have core competitiveness."
"O Cullinan, you must be independent as soon as possible, you must master everything in the Gu family, and all the core things must be in your own hands." '
"O Cullinan, this world is not as simple as you think, and not everyone in this world is worthy of trust, so we must have eyes to understand people, including the loved ones around us." '
'... '
Thinking of his grandfather, Gu Tianxi's tears kept falling.
There was a knock on the door, and the door was pushed open.
Gu Tianxi quickly put the diary into the drawer, quickly took a photo album open.
Her mother Zeng Huizhen came in and said with a distressed look on her face, "Tianxi, your grandfather is very old at this age. He had done good deeds in his life, and he was blessed. He passed away peacefully without much pain."
Gu Tianxi raised his red eyes and looked at his mother.
If he had heard such words before, he would have been comforted.
Now, hearing his mother's words, he heard another side of her meaning, that he should die at his age.
"Don't be too sad, Cullinan. Stay healthy." Zeng Huizhen's sight fell on the photo album in Gu Tianxi's hand.
She sighed: "Xi 'er, don't look at the album, it always brings back painful memories." I still can't look at pictures of your brother and father."
"Mom, were you sad when my brother left?" Gu Tianxi asked.
Zeng Huizhen eyes red: "When your brother left, I would like to go with him, you say I am sad?"
On the red eyes of his mother, Gu Tianxi's heart more painful.
He understood everything, understood that her sadness and sadness were true, but who would understand him?
Who's gonna understand the pain of losing Flute?
For more than three years, four years, he did not forget the flute for a moment.
He knew that she had not been good these years, he knew that Uncle Shen was sick and she was exhausted.
How much he wanted to help her. He could help her out just by giving her a sum of money.
But he didn't dare!
He was afraid of getting her killed.
He always thought that Grandpa killed his brother's girlfriend, and he was afraid that Grandpa also killed Flute.
From time to time, his grandfather would warn him that he could no longer have any contact with Xiao Di, and he dared not even send a text message to Xiao Di.
Many days and nights, he wanted to take the road of liberation of his brother against the suffocating life, and wanted to jump down from the height of the night.
Grandpa said that the elder brother left because Shu Tong walked in front.
He heard grandpa's warning again, Grandpa's meaning, if he followed his brother's path, Xiao Di would also die.
He wouldn't dare die!
Until the career development to Haicheng, he felt that grandpa's hand could not reach Haicheng, he found a trace of joy from the original suffocation.
At least he gets to see Flute once in a while.
Even if she was with someone else and could see her, he was miserable and happy.
Turns out, the truth is that his mother did it all.
Ha ha ha!
It was the mother.
Mother has always been by his side, has been plotting with Song Keying.
Even though he had broken up with Flute for many years, she was still not going to let go of Flute.
And like a fool, he was always on his guard against Grandpa.
Now suddenly understand, grandpa has been reminding him, let him grasp the core of Gu as soon as possible, let him not close to Xiao Di so that she is not safe, let him must not commit suicide, otherwise the mother will not let Xiao Di.
Turns out his always kind mother is the real snake.
"Why do you look at me like that, Cullinan?" Zeng Huizhen heart a little panic, she had never seen the Cullinan so indifferent and even hate the eyes.
"Mom, why did you kill Flute?" Gu Tianxi's red eyes looked at Zeng Huizhen as sharp as a knife, and his voice roared out of control, "I have broken up with her for more than three years, she has already had her own life, why do you want to do this?"
Zeng Huizhen panicked and still denied it: "Tianxi, did your grandfather tell you something before he died?" He is ill and confused."
"Grandpa has passed away, but do you want to put the pot of shit on his head?" Gu Tianxi cold voice.
"Did Li Yuqin find you? She wanted to clean up Song Keying, so she wanted to dump the pot on me." Zeng Huizhen panic way.
"Hehe..." Gu Tianxi sneered and asked, "Why can't you look me in the eye? What are you guilty of? When my father cheated on you, you killed him and his mistress, you thought they were heinous, that they deserved to die, I have nothing to say. But what did the brother's girlfriend do wrong? Huh? What did she do wrong?"
"Cullinan, whose nonsense have you been listening to? It's not what you said, your father was in a hurry to pick up another woman on a rainy day when he had a bad sight on the road and had an accident..."
'You shut up! Gu Tianxi stared at Zeng Huizhen with red eyes, "Zeng Huizhen, do you think that you are the most miserable and innocent person in the world?" Or do you think that if you hide deep, you will never be found?"
"The Cullinan..." Zeng Huizhen was called by her son's name, her heart was greatly impacted, and tears rolled down big and big.
She felt her heart throb with pain, and this feeling was as painful as the loss of Skylord.
Because she felt like she was losing her only son.
She rushed over, knelt in front of Gu Tianxi, hugged Gu Tianxi and cried bitterly: "Tianxi, my son, mother has lost everything, mother only you!" You can't say things like that to mom's heart. It's not what you think..."
Gu Tianxi pushed Zeng Huizhen away, a pair of red eyes bloodthirsty to look at her: "to the heart? Zeng Huizhen, do you think that you are the only one in the world who has a heart? Other people are built of steel and concrete, will not hurt will not be sad?"
"Cullinan, mother never thought of it that way. Mom loves you so much. She just wants to protect you." Zeng Huizhen burst into tears, "When your brother's girlfriend, one side covet your brother's money, one side and other men tangled up..."
Gu Tianxi roared out of control: "If you want to beat a stick, why will you beat it? Are you going to tell me that you killed Flute because she was too greedy for my money?"

Chapter 216: A Fight
Zeng Huizhen's pupils contracted sharply, she admitted that she panicked, she had never seen her son so out of control, she tried to explain: "Tianxi, Shen Modi was indeed with other men, I also received photos..."
"Hehe hehe..." Gu Tianxi sneered, "Zeng Huizhen, are you sure those photos are not you asked Song Keying to find P?"
"I didn't. I didn't even know Song Keying at that time." Zeng Huizhen firmly said.
She can be honest about it, because she didn't do it.
Gu Tianxi has been laughing coldly, the whole person seems to be hollowed out, only tears are still rolling down uncontrollably: "It is my fault, all this is my fault, I am not worthy, everything is I am not worthy..." Hehe..."
It was him who was incompetent, cowardly, being played around by his mother. He doesn't deserve Flute.
Gu Tianxi put the album back in the drawer, and then took out the green book and stood up in his arms.
"Where are you going, Cullinan?" Zeng Huizhen panicked, her voice trembling.
"Hehe..." Gu Tianxi turned his head and looked at Zeng Huizhen coldly, "Go where you have been forcing me to go."
"The cullinan! The cullinan I did not force you, Cullinan..." Zeng Huizhen was scared out of her mind, and she crawled over without any image and hugged Gu Tianxi's feet.
She burst into tears: "Cullinan, I'm sorry, I beg you, never go the way of your brother, I can't afford to lose anymore." I don't care about you anymore, I don't care about anything about you, no matter what kind of life you want to live, no matter who you want to be with..."
Gu Tianxi's tears kept falling, his whole person was empty, and his lips were drawn with a hint of sarcasm: "No matter who I am with?"
"Yeah, I don't care who you're with." Zeng Huizhen immediately said.
Fearing that Gu Tianxi would not believe her, she immediately swore with three fingers, "I swear, I will never interfere with who you are with again, otherwise, I will have to die."
"Hehe..." Gu Tianxi laughed and muttered, "No matter who I'm with, ha ha..."
Xiao Di is already someone else's wife, Xiao Di will never love him again, who will he be with? Ha-ha...
"Don't do that, Cullinan. Don't frighten mother." Zeng Huizhen heard despair in the Cullinan's laughter, and she was even more panicked, and she hugged Gu Tianxi's leg.
"What you want, is Gu's brilliance, is I marry the daughter of a rich family?" Gu Tianxi looked at Zeng Huizhen with amusement.
Deep under his eyes was an unspeakable pain.
This woman, in order to maintain her poor dignity, ruined his life and that of his brother. However, she has always felt wronged and innocent.
"No, Cullinan, I only want you to marry someone who really loves you. I just don't want you to marry a half-hearted, half-hearted, half-hearted woman." Zeng Huizhen hurriedly said.
Baaaah --
Gu Tianxi's anger rose, a kick over Zeng Huizhen, he stared at Zeng Huizhen viciously, the voice spilled from the teeth, one word: "Half-hearted? A womanly man? Flute is the cleanest and kindest person in the world."
With that, he walked out abruptly.
He's not afraid. He's not afraid of anything.
Huo Mingze loves Xiao Di very much, Huo Mingze is also more capable than him, smarter than him, more courageous than him, and will protect Xiao Di well.
"Cullinan, come back." Zeng Huizhen got up and chased her out.
Gu Tianxi held the diary and walked fast.
On the first floor, Uncle De saw Gu Tianxi with red eyes and immediately greeted him: "Young master, you can have lunch soon."
Gu Tianxi didn't say a word, just walked out, he didn't even change his shoes.
"Ade, stop the Cullinan, quick!" Zeng Huizhen stumbled and looked frightened.
'What's the matter, madam? Uncle De's face was covered.
Gu Tianxi has gone out.
Zeng Huizhen rushed out quickly.
See Gu Tianxi a throttle will blow the car out, leaving exhaust gas and a little dust.
"The cullinan... The cullinan..." Zeng Huizhen felt weak, she forced herself to chase a few steps, suddenly fell to her knees on the ground, wailing.
'Madam, what has happened? Uncle De realized something was wrong and trotted over.
Zeng Huizhen cried even louder: "Ah De, quickly, let someone bring back the Cullinan, quickly, I am afraid that the Cullinan will not want to move out of the Lord's way..."
Her heart suddenly throbbed as she imagined the image. She felt her breathing stop, her back cold, her forehead dripping with sweat. She clamped her heart and opened her mouth to gasp for air.
The butler immediately called Gu Tianxi's exclusive driver: "Li Quan, please contact the young master immediately to see where he is going." Find him, keep him, keep him, don't let him do anything stupid."
"Where's the young master? What happened to the young master?" Li Quan was in a hurry.
"He just went out in his car. You usually know his itinerary. You go to his usual places and take more people to look for him." Uncle De arranged immediately.
Zeng Huizhen was also on the phone, she was sitting on the ground, and despite the low winter temperature and the stinging pain from her heart, she arranged her men: "Go immediately to the cullinan, spread the cullinan." Yeah, he's in Meicheng. He just drove from Gu's house. When you find his car, don't push him, don't make him drive too fast."
She covered her heart and told the housekeeper: "Ade, call the police, let the police also help, and call the traffic police." If they find the cullinan, they will find a way to intercept it."
The pain in her heart was getting worse and she pressed hard.
'What's the matter with you, madam? Uncle also found Zeng Huizhen wrong.
Baaaah --
Zeng Huizhen fell headlong to the ground.
"Ma 'am." Uncle De was so frightened that he immediately called an ambulance, and shouted at the Gu house with his voice, "Somebody, hurry to help!"
The servants, who were watching at the door, heard the shout and rushed towards them.
"Help the lady in quickly." Uncle De orders.
Several servants carried Zeng Huizhen into the room with her arms and belts.
"Put it on the couch." Uncle De ordered, "Be careful."
The servants obeyed at once, and they did not dare to ask any more questions.
Uncle while waiting for the ambulance side to call Gu Tianxi.
The phone's working, but no one's answering.
"Alas..." Uncle De sighed for a long time, and he also felt his heart in pain.
He had been with the old man for decades, and although the old man never said anything to him, he knew that the old man and his wife only maintained a superficial harmony.
He knew, too, that the Don had always felt indebted to the Master Cullinan.
Now, the old man is gone, and the Cullinan Master is in conflict with his wife.
He began to feel ill.
He quickly sent a wechat to Gu Tianxi: young master, my wife fainted, 120 is on the way.
"Alas..." After waiting for a long time or not waiting for Gu Tianxi's reply, Uncle De gave a long sigh.

Chapter 217: The Way I used to Walk with Flute
Gu Tianxi drive all the way, he heard the mobile phone ringing, also heard the voice of wechat, he did not look, he guess is Zeng Huizhen call, he now no one want to answer.
He drove on.
The car passed t big.
He suddenly felt his heart spasm.
Ming Ming left school for nearly four years, but every time through this road will feel heartache. Because when you go through this road, you will remember a lot of past.
Today, the most pain!
Once thought that grandpa forced him to break up, he can comfort himself, he broke up for the sake of small flute safety.
Now he just thinks he's a joke.
In my mind, all the past slides are generally replayed:
"Ah Xi, today dad gave us a meal, ah, chicken soup, dad said, each person drink two bowls." And this drumstick, you must finish it."
"Ah Xi, Dad is very happy to know that you are the first in the class this time, and this is a special reward for you." Hey, hey, hey, hey, your favorite fried sausage, I washed it with dad. Don't worry, it's clean."
"Ah Xi, will you come back from here? Will we see each other again? I'm gonna miss you. Can you email me?"
That was before high school.
When he was very young, he was sent to be raised by distant relatives, who were busy with work and did little to take care of him, and most of the warmth and food in his life came from the Shen family.
His happiest moments were with Flute.
In his eyes, even to the university, Xiao Di is always that delicate little girl.
She walked on the stony path of the university campus holding the book, the mottled sunlight fell on her face through the shadow of the trees, she was cute, and her big eyes were full of reiki: "Ah Xi, do you guess how many points I got in the English test this time?" Full marks, thanks to your encouragement."
"Ah Xi, I beat the coach today."
"Ah Xi, I passed my Spanish, too."
"Ah Xi, today my design draft got an excellent ah, you know who I am most grateful to, it is you, thank you for your affirmation and encouragement."
"Little Flute, you are excellent!" Gu Tianxi held the steering wheel and muttered.
Once upon a time, that's what he said to Flute.
"Ah Xi, the society organizes a spring outing, let's go together!" Your company has some business, a little sorry, but I will take some more photos as you have been there."
"I'm so sorry, Flute!" Gu Tianxi held the steering wheel and whispered.
In college, he and Xiao Di fell in love, but also had to take care of the company's affairs. So, he missed the spring outing and missed many of her exams. At that time the days always seemed long, and at that time he firmly believed that he and Flute would be together forever.
Now I understand that the future hides all kinds of unknowns and uncertainties. Sometimes, life just can't help it.
The phone kept ringing, wechat also rang several times, he did not care.
A few cars seemed to follow his car, and he blasted the accelerator even more, and the cars seemed to dare not follow and gradually fell behind.
He drove his car and stopped in front of a small restaurant about ten kilometers from the city.
A plum tree in front of the restaurant is dead, but it looks full of life.
Gu Tianxi looked at the plum tree, as if Xiao Di was still standing in front of the plum tree, at that time, he also took photos of her here.
He got off the bus with his grandfather's diary and walked into the restaurant.
"Hey, classmate, you haven't been here for a while!" Many years after graduation, the boss still habitually calls him a classmate.
"Classmate, what happened to you?" The boss now saw that Gu Tianxi's eyes were red and asked with concern.
Gu Tianxi forcibly pulled the Angle of his lips and squeezed out two words: "I am fine."
"Or a fat sausage, a hot and sour chicken mix and a seasonal vegetable?" "Asked the boss.
"HMM." Gu Tianxi answered.
After breaking up with Flute, he continued to come every once in a while.
Every time I come, I order these three dishes, and then I sit for half a day.
Fat sausage is what he loves to eat, hot and sour chicken is what Xiao Di loves to eat.
Uncle Shen used to make them.
When they went to college, they often slipped out to eat, and the three dishes were extremely satisfied.
All the happiness he had ever had, none of it was money that brought him.
If he had a choice, he would rather have nothing to do with his family.
Soon, the food is served.
Still the same as in the past, the dishes are delicious, but he can no longer eat the happiness of the past.
He ate each bite.
After eating and paying, he drove on with his grandfather's diary.
Go to the river where you used to go with Xiao Di, and watch the willows along the river.
And went to the small supermarket opposite t big to buy drinks, Xiao Di likes to drink Wang Zai, every time will hold Wang Zai bottle to smile at him: "Ah Xi, you say, if the child's eyes are not tilted, but straight, is it scary?" Like this."
Flute's eyes are very agile, she will make a cross-eyed movement.
He was always laughing at her.
Open Wang-boy. He starts drinking.
Clearly once very sweet milk, he drank all bitter taste.
After walking through the place together, Gu Tianxi turned back to the car.
"Sir, Madame sent us to find you." Suddenly a man walked up to the car and said respectfully.
Another man came up and said, "Young Master, come back with us, don't let Madame worry."
Gu Tianxi glanced at them coldly and reached out to open his own car door.
The door was pushed shut with a click.
Gu Tianxi shot it with a bad look in his eyes.
The other side still said respectfully: "Young master, madam let us take you home."
"Home?" Gu Tianxi's eyes turned red again, and he smacked the bottle at the feet of the two men, "Where do I have a home?"
"Young master, don't be self-willed and go home." The two men stepped back a little.
"Willful, hehe..." Gu Tianxi reached out and pulled the door again.
The two men immediately stepped forward and pressed the door with their hands.
Baaaah --
Gu Tianxi lifted his leg and kicked the man unceremoniously.
"Young master, I am offended." Another man finished saying this and rushed to start a fight with Gu Tianxi.
They have been raised by Zeng Huizhen for more than ten years.
Gu Tianxi saw that the two men were about to fight, and he squared off with his fists.
The three men quickly bonded.
Gu Tianxi wears slippers to a pair of two.
His own skill is extraordinary, and his heart has a group of anger, even in the face of two training families, but also occupied the absolute upper hand.
The two men looked at each other and rushed towards Gu Tianxi in unison.
Gu Tianxi clenched his fists against them and beat them violently.
After knocking them to the ground, he pulled open the car door, slammed it shut and drove off.
The two men who were knocked down immediately called Zeng Huizhen's phone report.
The phone hasn't been answered...

Chapter 218: I Decide to kill myself and end my miserable life
Plum City Central Hospital.
Uncle de with another servant with the ambulance sent Zeng Huizhen to the hospital.
Zeng Huizhen suffered a sudden myocardial infarction and needed emergency stent surgery.
Zeng Huizhen woke up in the ambulance, knowing that she had a heart attack, she silently shed tears.
Her heart was clogged.
What did she do wrong?
What's wrong with her hating bitches who want to fly to the top?
Gu Huisheng looking for that small third, Tianjue looking for girlfriend, Tianxi looking for girlfriend, which one of them is not a poor family want to help Gu family man fly on the branch?
What are they qualified for?
They don't deserve it.
They should spend their lives in the mud.
Unfortunately, all the men in the Gu family are stupid, Gu Huai Sheng is stupid, and the Sky Lord and the Cullinan are not smart.
If he's smart, he won't kill himself.
If they're smart, the Cullinan won't cling to Shen Mordi.
After a long time, they will know that those poor women will only be cheap, only drag down, they are fundamentally not a table.
"Ade, did the Cullinan answer the phone?" Zeng Huizhen lying on the hospital bed, hanging oxygen, pain to look at the housekeeper.
Uncle De constantly called Gu Tianxi's phone, Gu Tianxi has not answered.
"Alas," he said. Uncle De let out a long sigh and said, "Maybe the young master didn't hear the call."
The doctor came in with the consent form for surgery.
Zeng Huizhen painfully closed her eyes and said to Uncle De: "Ade, you sign it."
Uncle de had to sign the consent form for surgery, and then send Zeng Huizhen into the operating room.
Before entering the operating room, Zeng Huizhen picked up her phone and edited a wechat message with difficulty: Tianxi, my mother may not be able to get out of the operating room, I hope you live well, my mother has always just wanted you to be happy.
Uncle saw Zeng Huizhen message content, he quietly sigh.
How did it come to this?
If only Pops were still here, none of this would have happened.
Gu Tianxi drove the car to Gu's.
He took the key and opened the door from the top floor to the roof, and then plugged it in from the roof.
Standing on the roof and looking down, the people and cars below became very small.
He sat down there and looked through his grandfather's diary.
He wanted to finish his grandfather's life and then finish his own.
He continued to read his grandfather's diary:
'July 3, 2019, fine. The weather is hot, Hui Zhen came to see me in the study, and told me that she would let the Cullinan and Shen Modi break up. I asked her not to do so, the Gu family such a big family business, do not need to rely on marriage to make Gu family stronger. Although the Cullinan grew up in an ordinary family, he was intelligent and capable, and his ability was not under the Lord of Heaven. He could manage Gu's family very well.
Huai Sheng is gone, the Lord is gone, the Gu family can no longer afford to toss, as long as everyone is safe, it is already happy.
Huizhen obstinately, let me force Tianxi to break up, otherwise, she will not let go of Shen Modi.
At that moment, I moved the idea of letting Zeng Huizhen in. Zeng Huizhen should see my idea, she said, even if she went in, will not let go of Shen Modi. She would never accept such a low-life woman into her household.
I asked her why she didn't mention it three years ago.
She said she thought the Cullinan would break up.
I asked her again, have you not considered what to do if one day the seal and the Lord are as open?
Zeng Huizhen told me with a sneer, so I need you to talk to the Cullinan. By threatening the Cullinan with the life of Shen Modi, I am sure he will know how to choose... '
"Hehe..." Gu Tianxi looked at the diary, one side angry sneer, one side love heart spasm, love grandpa, love little flute, also love yourself.
All of them were fooled like fools by Zeng Huizhen.
He continued scrolling back in his diary:
'December 15, 2019, Light snow. It was freezing, and there was no temperature at home. I was alive as a zombie, and my only concern was the cullinan. I can't bear to see my children working so hard every day. But I can only tell him, work hard, and strive to make Gu's market value of 800 billion.
To set such a grand goal is only to give the Cullinan the courage and motivation to live.
At the same time, I also hope to think, will Gu a group of more than 100 billion to 800 billion, what kind of amazing talent. If the Cullinan can do it, does that mean he's smarter than all of us?
Does that mean he's capable of breaking the game? Finally get your own happiness? '
"Grandpa, I'm not, I'm incompetent, I can't do it, I'm stupid, I'm weak..." Gu Tianxi's teeth chattered and his tears blurred his eyes.
He sniffed hard and continued to roll back:
'August 7, 2020, fine. Recently physical discomfort, phlegm, cough, chest tightness, went to the hospital to check, diagnosed early lung cancer. In my heart, the sooner I die, the sooner I'm free, but I can't let go of the cullinan. '
Seeing this, Gu Tianxi wept and convulsed his whole body.
He understood why he could feel his grandfather's love no matter how hard or severe he was with him.
Because it is from Grandpa's heart, even if grandpa does not say a word, he will feel.
He did not know that his grandfather had been diagnosed with lung cancer for more than two years.
If he cared more about his grandfather, he would find that his grandfather was not in good health, because Grandpa had coughed in front of him many times.
"Grandpa, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to you, I'm sorry to Xiao Di, I'm sorry to myself!" Gu Tianxi sat on the ground, leaning painfully against the guardrail.
'May 3, 2021, fine. The day of the engagement between the Cullinan and Corying was not short, but the child of the Cullinan, like the Lord Heaven, was too stubborn and persistent in his feelings to tolerate anyone but the one he had chosen. '
'July 30, 2022, fine. The Cullinan was married, with great pomp, but I didn't see a smile on his face. Hui Zhen succeeded, but who is the winner? '
'August 23, 2022, fine. Cullinan's career went to Haicheng, which I supported. I gave him all the resources that I could mobilize. I hope he can pursue his own happiness. After three years, he's not the young man he was three years ago. I wanted to tell the Cullinan the truth, but how could he believe it? Some POTS once back, even if they die, they have to back. '
'The 29th year of 2022, snow. Today, I made my will according to my will. Tianxi has grown up, Song Keying is also in prison, do not know Hui Zhen can not turn back? I don't have the strength to talk to her any more. I feel like I'm going to die. I just hope I can hang on till tomorrow for the family dinner with the Cullinan."
"Grandpa... Grandpa... I'm sorry! I'm sorry..." Gu Tianxi cried bitterly.
He didn't know anything. He hadn't spent a day in mourning at his grandfather's hospital bed.
The telephone rang again, interrupting his thoughts.
He glanced at the caller ID, and Uncle Tak, the housekeeper, had called.
He picked it up and said, "Uncle De, I'm sorry, I can't help Grandpa take care of you."
He did not want to live, it was too painful, and he wanted to end his painful life immediately.