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                                                  All Is well that ends well

Both Reena and Ritesh were too excited as their twelfth board results were expected the next day . Both had been studying in the same school and the same class for the last six years . They started liking each other after their tenth board results in mid 90s .Families of both knew about this. Fortunately both were from Bihar and they  belonged to the  same caste also. So they were not expecting any problem in getting married in future . But first of all they were focussing on their studies . 

Ritesh belonged to a middle class family while Reena was the only child of a Dy. S.P.Naturally Reena’s dad  was richer as he had enough earnings from backdoor also .

After finishing her breakfast Reena came to Ritesh’s house to see her results . Ritesh was interested in computers and the internet so his father had bought a laptop for him . His desire was to become a computer engineer and settle in the USA. Their results were available and both passed with good marks. Both congratulated each other .

So what’s your next plan now ? “  Reena asked Ritesh 

“ I am waiting for the results of my Engineering entrance exams. If I could get in one of the IITs it would be a dream come true for me . And what about you ? “

“ I will go for graduation and then for PCS exams. I might not compete in the Indian civil services but may expect positive  results in the state services test . “  said Reena 

Hmm , but I don’t like the Civil services or the PCS , you have to wag your tail before the Netas .”

Ritesh could not compete in the IITs but he succeeded in getting into a good Regional Engineering College in Computer Sc. stream. Reena joined a local arts college . Though Ritesh and Reena were in different cities they were always in contact and they spent significant time together whenever Ritesh came on vacations . They were now in deep love which was well known to both families. Both didn’t expect any hurdle in marrying after Ritesh settled in a job.

 After four years Ritesh got his B.Tech degree . Reena had already graduated and attempted her PCS exam. but failed to qualify . Though Ritesh had a campus job in India , he was not satisfied for two reasons . He wanted to go to the USA for his Masters . He got admission offers from three universities but  could not get any scholarship from any  university . Secondly, the company which offered him a job in India was not giving a good package .The company was not a multinational company where Ritesh could expect overseas posting . Moreover if he joined the job there was a lock-in period of one year after six months paid  training  . If he left before that he would have to refund the wages paid by the company for the entire period of 18 months . So he felt sad and was also in a dilemma whether to join or not. He could not afford to do a Masters in the US without any scholarship . He didn’t want to ask his father for any financial help . More ever he had a sister yet to be married for which his parents were under pressure . 

But his parents didn’t want to see Ritesh sad . Ritesh’s father got a loan from a bank for Ritesh’s overseas study after pledging his only home to the bank. His father said “ I am sure you would get a good job in the USA after your Masters . So you should have no problem repaying this loan. “ 

Reena’s parents were pressing for her marriage with Ritesh but Ritesh was not ready . He said “ Please give me some time . I will marry Reena after my Masters in the USA . “ 

Reena had no problem , she was ready to wait . Though her father was not ready in the beginning , he had to succumb under Reena’s pressure . He said “ Listen both of you. I can  wait only till Ritesh completes his studies in the USA . Not beyond that at any cost . “

Ritesh said “ Thanks uncle. I am sure to complete my studies and get a job within two years . I will try to finish my Masters earlier also by taking more subjects in each semester .”

Ritesh went to the USA . Reena failed to qualify for PCS in her second attempt also. Ritesh used to talk to  her frequently from the USA. He used to encourage her and said “ Don’t worry . Once I finish my Masters and get a good job you too will be here with me .” 

While studying in the university on F1 Visa Ritesh got a part time job as per rules so that he could get some extra  income to meet  his boarding and lodging expenses . He labored hard to finish his masters in the USA within 18 months by taking more subjects in each semester . Ritesh was looking for a good job . He got an offer from a start up in the USA.on OPT ( optional practical training ) . After completing study in the USA  OPT up to 18 months time  is given to the students to seek  temporary employment . He was hopeful of getting regular H1B Visa after expiry of OPT . 

He informed Reena also that he should get a regular H1 visa after OPT . But that meant her marriage was not possible within the two years limit set by her father . After getting a job Ritesh started sending money to his home . This helped his father to get his daughter married . Ritesh also came to India just to attend the marriage and returned in a week . During his short stay in India he met Reena . When her father asked about marriage he said “ Uncle , I need some more time . Just six months more . Let me have my regular Visa .” 

Reena also silently looked at her father .Her eyes were requesting him to agree with Ritesh .

Reena’s dad reluctantly agreed but said “ This is the last chance , mind it . No more excuses . I am already having good offers for Reena here also .” 

“ Thanks uncle . I should be able to manage within that period . “

After Ritesh left his father was scolding Reena . He said “ You are foolish . You have been waiting for this guy while I can get a better match IAS or IPS here . Anyway now just keep my words  in mind . I can’t wait beyond six months .If Ritesh fails to fulfill  his promise you will have to marry a better groom of my choice. Otherwise I will shoot myself with my service revolver . “

Reena’s mother was also standing there . He said to her “ Better you tell your daughter not to wait for that guy indefinitely . “

“ They have been in love since their school days . “ Reena’s mother said 

“ But love is not everything in the world. Reena is getting older . She must get married and settle in life instead of waiting for Ritesh . “ 

Ritesh left for the USA . Misfortune was waiting for him there . The dotcom boom had started bursting . There was too much pressure in IT industries especially in startups.   His startup  company was facing a severe financial crisis as the venture capitalist who was supporting the startup withdrew any further investment . The startup collapsed and all the engineers including Ritesh were laid off . In this crisis no company was ready to sponsor a visa for him .  

Some Indian friends suggested Ritesh to try for a call center job at a meager pay package but he refused as after doing Masters in the USA it was quite humiliating to join a call center . Some friends suggested that he get enrolled in a Phd. program . During Phd he would get enough stipend to meet his study and living expenses .  After Phd he could get a teaching or Research job. Besides, wth Phd he could get a Green Card early and settle comfortably in the USA .  Ritesh got very good scores in his Masters and his professors were also asking to enroll in a Phd. This meant  he would have to spend four years for a Phd.

This idea suited Ritesh . But the biggest problem was to convince Reena and his parents . It was impossible for them to wait for another four years. It was nor possible for Ritesh to marry Reena and bring her to the USA as he could not support her . On the other side Ritesh wanted to  financially help father to repay his loan and get the house freed. 

Still he thought of talking to Reena and his dad . He called Reena and informed her about his inability to marry for a couple of years. Reena handed over the phone to her dad . But he started shouting at Ritesh “ How could you dare to talk about postponing marriage for another couple of years . I can’t agree at any cost and if Reena wants it she would have to do it over my death .  You need not call her anymore . Even if you call her and he accepts your call she would see me dead .That’s my last words .”   saying this he disconnected the phone 

Both Ritesh and Reena felt helpless . Neither Ritesh called her any more nor Reena ever tried to contact her . Within a few months Reena was married to an IPS officer . Ritesh joined his Phd. 

Reena was married to an IPS officer Kunal who was  a Sr. Superintendent of Police . She was blessed with a son within a year . 

After completion of his Phd. Ritesh got a good teaching job in a renowned university of the USA . He came to India to attend the marriage of one of his close friends  , Ramesh . The Jai Mal function was in progress , when the bride tried to garland the groom the garland fell on the ground . She was trying to pick up the garland , her left arm also became loose and was hanging . The entire groom party was infuriated at this. Ramesh’s father was shouting “ This is cheating by the bride’s father . “

Seeing the ruckus Ritesh also went on the stage . There he saw Reena helping the bride to stand up. She was holding  a baby with one arm . Both Reena and Ritesh were surprised at this unexpected encounter . Reena said “ Hi Ritesh . What a pleasant moment to see you here after a long time. “ 

“ Hi , Reena . How are you ? I am also delighted to see you here . “

Reena introduced her husband to Ritesh “ He is Kunal , my husband . And this is our baby Monu in my arms. The bride is my sister in law Leena  , sister of Kunal .”

In the meantime Ramesh was also furious at Leena's father and said “ You are a cheat ? You said that the girl has a defective arm . But I see she has a prosthetic arm . “ 

Seeing Reena and Ritesh talking to each other , Ramesh said “ How do you  know her ? “ 

Reena interrupted and said “ I am his childhood friend and by the way his ex-girlfriend . Any problem ? “

“ Oh, now I see , you belong to a family of seasoned cheats . You flirted with my friend and now you were trying to befool us .” 

Ritesh said “ No , she never flirted with me. She waited  for me for more than three years . But her father was not ready to wait further . I have no issue . No father will like to keep her daughter waiting for a guy whose future is indefinite .”

Leena’s father was trying to pacify the situation and said “ I had told you about my daughter's problem . “ 

“ Yes , we did talk about the girl’s issue to your father. That’s why you asked for more than a crore cash in  dowry . Though illegal we agreed just to see my sister married . I don;t know why your father hid this fact from you. He agreed for the marriage and we paid him half the amount and agreed to pay the rest after marriage   . Now you have to accept my sister .”  said Kunal 

“ Have to accept the bride ? What do you mean ? “  said Ramesh 

“ You have to marry my sister .”  Kunal said 

“ No, I am not going to marry her at any cost . The Baarat party will return without the bride . “  Ramesh shouted 

Ramesh’s father also said “ Yes we are going back . I was told that the girl has a problem with one of her arms but we never knew about the prosthetic arm . "Saying this he asked the members of the Baarat party to immediately leave the venue .

“ But  your dad knew everything . He compromised with money , we don’t know why he is telling lies now .”  said Kunal 

“ How dare you call my dad a liar ? We are leaving .  Now your sister will remain unmarried forever .”

Bride’s father was crying with tears in his eyes, requesting them to marry his daughter , but in vain.He fell on ground and said “ Now my baby will remain unmarried . “

The groom's party had started leaving .  Ramesh was asking Ritesh to return with the party . He said “ Let the girl remain unmarried . “ 

 Tears was rolling down Reena’s eyes also .She prayed to Ramesh “ Please don’t leave. “  She was practically begging and tried  to touch Ramesh’s feet , saying further “ Please don’t ruin Leela’s life . “

Ritesh said in a loud voice “ Reena , what are you doing? Why are you begging to such heartless people ? “

“ I can’t see Leena’s life being ruined .I don’t mind begging anyone for her happiness .”

“ No one can ruin Leena’s life .”  Ritesh said 


Ritesh came forward and said “ There is nothing wrong with your daughter . She won’t remain unmarried . I will marry her , if you have no objections .”  He was looking at Reena . Tears  rolled down her eyes also .

“ You will marry her ? “ Reena asked surprisingly while trying to fix Leena’s artificial  arm 

“ Yes , I am .  I can’t see you people in tears . I am going to marry Leena right now in this very Mandap .Do  you people agree ? 

Leena’s father was looking at Ritesh with folded hands , his eyes full of gratitude . Reena said to Ritesh l “ I have no words to thank you . “ 

Kunal said to Reena “ This is a gesture of true love . You missed an exceptionally nice gentleman .Ritesh didn’t want to see you sad and tears in your eyes .” 

All's well that ends well .


Note - The story is fiction only .