Hey, I am on Matrubharti! Mother of two, I can get through. Recently found my passion, passion for words, l try to draw rainbow on my own way. follow me after read.. Now published writer as a co author in various anthologies.if my words deserves... follow me.on pratilipi @wingsenslaved /ig @wingsenslaved for my erotica writups

When you kiss me
Current of Tantalizing tingling sensation
passes through my core
provokes hormonal surge
Pampers illusive wanting
Participation triggers to all vigorous moves
Equalising all the bodily movement
Overlapping me, you take me to the seventh heaven of pleasure


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Lying on myriad of kisses
Darling you made me feel
As if I am the one
As if I am the ultimate
As if I am the pinnacle
Feeling so special
Lingering your warmth
Dwelling in your love
My smokey breathes still wants more
You ignited that spark
Awakened all my unusual wanting
Overflowed my honeypot

Now sip it all
Sip,sip it slow
sip till the last fraction left
Thrill my sacred space
With your tongue
Inhale all my lusty fragrances
Feel my warmth between my thighs
Let me moan wild
Let me clutch your hair
Let me pull you with closed eyes
Towards my galaxy
You see the magical pink plane with opened eyes
Let your fingers feel my hills and valleys
Make me cum again
Again and again

Darling, yes
This is what I want
This is what you want
This is what we want
Aren't we?

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Kiss me slow
let's go with the flow
strip me
as per your wish
don't be in hurry
let your fingers groove in
Through my vacant
robust lust

kiss me slow
I want to see
To catch
your burly look
I want to listen
to embrace
your husky whisper
in my ears

Kiss me slow
I am longing
from centuries,
In ashes
I am waiting
waiting for you
your touch
to be the reason
to let me rise again
being a Phoenix
-wings ❤️
Pic credit to the rightful owner

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