Hey, I am on Matrubharti! Mother of two, I can get through. Recently found my passion, passion for words, l try to draw rainbow on my own way. follow me after read.. Now published writer as a co author in various anthologies.if my words deserves... follow me.on pratilipi @wingsenslaved /ig @wingsenslaved for my erotica writups

I can write
Endlessly being a nomad
on my imaginary dimension,
I am that wisp of thought
you had in your dreams last night
I am that fantasy
giving you goosebumps with every intoxicating sip
I am your pain in a crowd
I am your relief in loneliness
I am that curled satin sheet
witnessing your longing every night,
I am that half drunk wine glass,
you might have thrown in agony,
I am those echoes you might want to hear from within,
I am that text you wish to see again and again
I am that face, you want to cherish every night,
I am that soft embrace, you can drown yourself in,
every single night,
but as the sun rises your eyes
may get blurred
As I soon will vanish,
I am that dewdrop,taken birth
from the morning mist
waiting for some butterfly
to burst forth
and spread the ravishing bliss!
-wings ❤️

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From old dairy ??
Felt to share
Still touched my heart
Wordpower ??

I miss you

you left me like...