i write my heart, on paper as the first person I meet

#नवरात्रि #मां शैलपुत्री

# आधी रात को

#little angels

#born to grow
The shy green leaf looks out
from a opening of a whitewashed screen.
On perceiving a sizeable orb ,
it cannot surmise the size of it's evergreen
on which she sits .

The evergreen had been small for so long ,
and she's just born .
Will she be ever grow up the world she perceives ?
Will the mother nature,
would let her grow the size of other old blades she see's ?

You are born to grow ,
the world tweets the little shy leaf .
It is the right of a life that lives ,
wherever she would see .

A small leaf would grow into a big blade ,
and be a part of trees shade .
Soon the weather would change ,
and so do it's colour ,
then it would dry up and
mix with mother earth.

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