Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

Tera saath hai bahot khaas, Chahe jhagde ho hajaar, humesha tum hi rehna mere paass.,💕

-Dipak Sohanda

Ye duniya mile na mile humko, khushiya bhula dengi har gam ko, tum saath ho fir kya baaki ho, mere liye tum kaafi ho❤️❤️

-Dipak Sohanda

A house becomes a home when all the family members live with peace and understanding and careness. And a big family having all these things makes a building In just a one word called
'home 🏡'

Animals are greater than humans because a love and care given to them will be absolutely return back with assured guarantee.

War is a word which can give you inspiration to fight your problems, so do not do war physically but do war with your bad things like anger which can makes you perfect and helps to become a great person.

A best person
A best friend
A best supporter
A best girl
And a best thing which i got,
The all above answer is
"You" 💞

When you not sharing the problems to your special one, so it becomes burden in your mind so be burdenfree and share your problems to others to make it solve .

Koi to hase visheshta k tu ignore nai thati mara thi, koi to hse visheshta k nai thato me door Tara thi, have avu lage tarathi best nai koi km k koi nathi vishesh vdhu tara thi #visheshta . 💕

Beautiful place in India is kerala
City of spice is kerala
A land of jatayu temple is kerala
And a beauty of nature place is kerala.

Jibe is the most beautiful thing in human body so In all situations keep smile and spread smile
#jibe .