Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

Jibe is the most beautiful thing in human body so In all situations keep smile and spread smile
#jibe .

Some people's are very important like jewel in our life and we don't want to lose them at any cost but in the compelled situation we can't do any thing and we have to accept the reality to lose that person from our life..

Trouble can't make u lose till you not lose your hope. So be strong with your never give up attitude.

Just indulge in your whole life because no body knows which day is the last day of life. 😊
#indulge .

Now days everyone need everything instant , it is okay but take patience while you are loving someone be cause instantness is the most popular thing which can stop your relation in just a second. #instant

दुर रहेकर भी मेरे दिल के पास हो तुम, ❤
एसा लगता है यही मेरे आसपास हो तुम, 💕
खुदा करे एसे ही मेरे पास रहेना तुम, 🤗
क्योंकि मेरे लिए बहोत ही ज्यादा खास हो तुम ।😘

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it is hard to love someone because it gives you pain, you will get cry but that all things makes your strong bond of relationship. ♥️ #hard

Be happy always, make happy always, spread happiness always, are the things to live happily in your life 😊

Things will happen which is thought by god, but get well is a only a word that can be gives you a positivity to live. #get well.

Gain positivity in your life you will never feel alone and do not gain anger in your life, if you gain anger, your future life will totally destroy.