Full of words


If uh r changing ur CONSTANT too INSTANT,
thn uh r so DISTANT from ur EXISTENT!!!


Hats off to the soldiers of our country,
Who didn't show off that how difficult they are doing so that just everyone else can live peacefully!!!

Hats off to those nurses n doctors,
Who didn't think about themselves and always ready to help everyone else by putting themselves into risk!!!

Hats off to those policemen n workers,
Who chose to help needy people over staying with their family in this pandemic situation!!!

N hats off to each n everyone,
Who chose to help everyone over their own benefits!!!

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I know its HARD,
to win someone's HEART again!!!
But you've to be SMART,
That how to takeover that DARK,
So that you can peacefully START your life again!!!

दिल कुछ कहना चाहता है
मगर कहने से डरता है

पा तो लिया है इस दिल ने तुम्हे
मगर खोने से डरता है

कभी देखना खुद को मेरी नज़रो से
खुद ही गिर जाओगे अपनी से नज़रो से


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The more uh r living with the BAGGAGE of ur PAST,
The more it'll DAMAGE ur PRESENT,
And also it'll RAVAGE ur FUTURE!!!!

क्यूँ खुशियाँ ढूँढे तू बहार यु बेवजह
कभी तलाश खुद को खुद मे ही
क्युकी वही पायेगा तू सारी खुशियाँ बेपनाह !!


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One should be careful while using their TONGUE when they are YOUNG,
Cz if they don't do so, they'll be call DUMB!!!!😂🤭


The change in this era is becoming so DRASTIC,
Because everyone is ENTHUSIASTIC to being SARCASTIC,
And I really found that this change is FANTASTIC!!!😂😂


They said how hilarious she is,
cause she is rebellious,
But they didn't know that at least she is ambitious to break all the negativity around her!!!

(Not all rebellious persons are having negative mind some of them are just having different point of view and different opinion to change the society ; to change the world..!!!)

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रंग-बिरंगी इस दुनिया में
रंग बदलते इंसान भी देखे है !!!