A mech-O-writer. I have always a passion towards writing on the various content of life.Espicially i am bent towrds the love writings.

t h a TG i r l:)
The perfect collision of love and compassion
He has seen many times from her dark beautiful eyes.
She has a very strong desire not to show
her inner thoughts, though.
He has crossed many times from her doorstep
collecting the sweet moment of her glance.
she has her rhythm with the home going sun,
that he always notice while
seeing her on the village riverside.
yet, he is unable to know
the core thoughts of her heart but
the outer symptom speaks::
Its the unspoken love.

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don't consider me alive
seeing the moving body of minë
the soUl has died..
long years agO:)


l o v ë:)

Following the unknown footsteps
of your
I lost somewhere in the middle
of the heedless desert.
Oh ...my love
The bone of our intimacy
has witnessed a lot...
including the unwanted
forceful separation of us.
Though I haven't seen you
till the moment of my life
my everything,
I wanna spend rest
golden moments with you.
seeing the night moon
drinking the soil breaking wine
and enjoying the life-full
drops of pure love:)

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Being wrong by telling the truth
in a discussion
sometime feels like the right one:)


try to archive the inner vicious evil inside you..
outside has always the calmness:)


a vast heart always
being originated
from the to deep roots
of the grand affection:)


Deserted narration:)

The heaven lock
between thee and me
has never been weak
by the pressure of the cruel world.

It's the intensed deep feel
that kept walking
even our love safari
had a deserted time.

The utmost fragrance
of our Love-flower
kept spreading in between
the narrow roads of Banaras.
Even when the deep root
of affection got poisonous
by the long distance water source.

We are still standing
taking the symbol
of never ending flawless love,
that may be....
one deep night it will elaborate
his mysterious journey
everything theory:)

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Happy Father's Day

sacrificing all happiness and
running behind your dreams
He left all enjoyments
Only on the shake of your smile.

He has a deep companionate
affection that he never shows
But yet the hard cover
of your future,you don't know though.

What is struggle you can name
from his silent restless actions
that he always perferms to protect
his family from the outer world

sometime he cries because after all
he is also a person with heart
But alas,he cries silently
No one ever saw him crying in tears.

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she has a unique way
to love my soul
that I have had always
in the deep region of
my heart:)

the soul feels
like dying but
yet the body
wants to live.