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Problem solving technique.. - 2

Problem solving technique-..-2

The person was testing Anika's patience. And Anika was getting impatient. Anika was getting more disturbed. It was easily noticible that Anika is very angry. But the person was enjoying her situation. After some 2-3 minutes he laughed again. And made Anika even more angry.

'Are you going to speak? If not, go to hell...' Anika shouted. He could feel Anika's angry vibe. Then he finally started talking from outside..

'Hey Anika, Don't get angry.. And I will give my identity. Have a little pateince.. I am meeting you after a long time so I thought of trying your pateince. And this time I have won.. You have become too impatient..and actually, that is strange!' , He called Aabha by her name. And after listening to him Aabha got scared..

'Hey who are you? How you know my name?' Anika inquired suspiciously.

'What is this Anika? You can't recognize my voice? or atleast my talking style?'

'No..I cant recongnize your voice or your talking style. I don't know who are you. Please now tell who are you.. Otherwise stand out. I am not intersted in entertaining you anymore. When you wish, you can leave! I am not going to open the door..bye bye..and please don't come to trouble me.' Anika replied angrily..The person laughed on that and finlly he decided to speak up..

'Cool down Anika.. Eshan here. Eshan, your old friend. You remember me na? Now open the door. And don't ask, who Eshan! I am already tired standing out. I can't wait out like this... or clear the things.. if we have to talk like this, tell me, for how long I am supposed to wait to enter inside your house? Then I can sit on the floor and talk to you. But surely I can't stant any more.. And I thought, you must have understood that it's me so didn't tell you who am I. But you didn't recongnize me. Actually, when I realized, you were angry unecesssarily so thought of troubling you a bit. It was just a fun moment. I had no idea that you would be disturbed and be angry..' Eshan asked and laughed, 'Please open the door,Anika! I am waiting outside from long time. My legs are paining now. So please don't try my pateince. Why are you taking so much time to open the door..And you sleep so early? Don't tell me that you sleep so early. Actually I had some work in this area and I was passing from your house so thought of knocking your door. But did I disturb you? If so, I am very Sorry.. I had no idea, you were sleeping. No problem...I will come sometimes later...' Eshan was talking without taking a pause. Anika was carefully listening to what the person was saying . But she didn't reply him. After a while, she came back to her senses. She realized that she made a mistake... She was very awkward and she immediately opened the door...

'It was you Eshan. I am very sorry Eshan for keeping you out for so long. Come inside...' She welcomed Eshan in her house.. Eshan entered in the house and sat on the sofa. He had a look at the room and he started talking to Anika, 'Hey Anika, Sorry I disturbed you. and sorry I troubled you a bit. You know, it's my habit to keep troubling. Basically, I didn't realize that you might be sleeping. 8pm is not the time to sleep. I had checked the time and it's not even 8pm so thought of popping in your house. Thought we could meet and have a good talk.'

'Are no.. Don't be sorry. You didn't disturb me! Don't talk same thing again and again and don't make me feel guilty.. I thought somebody has come to ask the address and was irritated. And yeah yeah... I know you.. but didn't realize that it can be you. It's been a long time, I have met you. By the way, glad that you are the same Eshan..You are the same like before. The naughty Eshan..Actually, you gave me hint but still didn't understand.' Anika smiled, 'Did you listen to what I was talking when you were standing out?'

'Haha...Yeah..You were not talking in mind Anika. You were loud...And I could hear you ..' Eshan laughed and replied...

'Oh my God! Feeling very awkward. I didn't expect anyone who is close to me would visit my place. These days no one meets me..everyone is busy .. anyways, leave that! And know what, somehow I was not in a mood to entertain anyone. I really didn't wish to talk to anybody. So was irritated a bit. And you made me angry by not replying..'

'Oh..I see.. You were very joyous Anika..Now what has happened? What has changed you? And don't worry... No problem Anika.. Sometimes it happenes and not a big deal. Why are you feeling awkward? Don't think so much....I told you no problem. Actually, it was my fault. I didn't call you before coming.'

'Ah.. Eshan talking like a very understanding person and acting very formal..When you used to be so formal Eshan? You never used to call me before coming at my place. By the way, I am so glad to meet you Eshan and after a long long time. Feeling really nice.. Meeting a dear friend after a long time is so awesome!' Anika smiled and shook her hand with him...She was happy to talk to her dear friend. And she was really happy to meet him.

'Same here Anika.. long time.. And yeah, I am a understanding man.. I think, I was always understanding..huh? haha! Anika, can you get me water please?'

'Sure..' But at the same time Anika said to herself, 'I didn't even offer water to Eshan!! Now a days no one visits my place so I have forgotten all the manners.'

'Did you say something Anika?' Eshan inquired..

'No...'she said but next moment she responded, 'Actually yes.'

Eshan heard that and laughed and replied.. 'Don't worry! I heard everything.. My ears are working gr8... And you behave normal... Not a big deal if you don't ask me water. If you forget to give me water, I can ask for water. Actually I can go and get the water but was a bit lazy.. And I am telling you again, not a big deal. I am not your guest!! I am your friend. so calm down and be normal!'

'Thanks Eshan.' Anika went in the kitchen and got water for Eshan..She offered Eshan water and sat on the sofa.

'Now tell me, how did you get time to visit my place huh? And after so many days?'Anika asked sarcastically

'I can understand the tont Anisha.. But I accept my fault for not keeping in touch from long..Actually I thought, I haven't met you from long time, so thought of giving you a surprise visit. I had no idea that you sleep so early...'

'Now a days I sleep early.' Anika replied with a sigh..

'Really? It's a good habit. Now tell me are you? Long time ... I had no contact with you... Yeah I know, my fault but you also never contacted me. But you could have dropped a call or atleast a mail..right?'

'I am not blaming you Eshan.. Stop blaming yourself again and again..It's fine.. now we have met so lets talk..tell me how's life?'

'Oh..thanks.. and tell me,now a days you don't check your mail? I remember, you were very active on mail.. and now answer my all questions 1 by one.. I have noticed that you are ignoring few questions..'

'Yes... I am avoiding few questions.' Anika said, 'I am not at all ok... anyway I don't want to talk about that and disturb you unnecessarily.. you tell, how are you? And where were you huh? I tried contacting you so many times but either your phone was busy on not reachable...And I was not in a mood to drop a mail.means I had stopped checking my mails..' Anika was talking disappointedly., 'I needed a friend to talk...' Anika became emotional... Eshan was watching her and realized that Anika is in some pain. But didn't prefer to talk on that. So he continued his normal talk..

'I am good..and I am so sorry Anika.. I was so busy in my work... My work has increased so much and my foreign trips too.. Was out if India for work for few months.. I never realized that you were trying to contact me.. That time only work was important for me. I had forgotten everything else.. Sorry again!!'

'Never mind, Eshan.' Anika laughed and said, 'I have realized that never take anyone for granted. And yes, I haven't checked mail from ages.. I don't even remember when I checked my mail last time..I feel, mails are a waste!.' Anika continued talking but she didn't want to talk about her life with Eshan so she changed the subject... 'Seems you are working on a very high post.'

'Oh so only..' Eshan said to himself in a soft voice. And then replied Anika, 'Haha..high post! yes...May be yes.. I chose to be busy. And due to God's grace I was getting promotions. And now working on a very high post but responsibilities have too increased. I am putting all my efforts towards work. It is my choice. Actually it is good to be busy... But why you said, never take anyone for granted? and tell me,what you do these days?'

'Nice.. you are working on high post.. so you must be having lots of work... Now I know, why you were unreachable. and you really want to know, what I do?' Anika laughed sarcastically on herself..

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