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Problem solving technique... - 6

Problem solving technique...-6

Eshan was listening to Anika. And he was not ready to accept that Anika can't come from her depression. He refused that and responded Anika,

'I don't agree that you tried everything and there is no hope for you.. I know you from childhood. I would never accept that you can't face the life and you are running away from it. If you think that you are doing that then would tell you, this is not the Anika I had known.'

'It's the fact, Eshan. Whenever I thought of finding a solution, I got stuck up and couldn't find a solution. I told you, I tried from my side..but everytime I got stuck up at the same time. Now I don't feel like living the life. To be frank, at times I think about doing suicide.'

Eshan was listening to Anika and he was shocked to hear her thoughts. Thinking of suicide was a warning sign.. But he was knowing, Anika can come out of any bad phase. He kept of trying from his side to convince Anika that she is a very strong girl. When Eshan heard about suicide he was shaken but kept calm. He didn't react in a negative way. Instead, he chose to pour some positive things.

'Wow..Suicide huh? sounds gr8... but I don't think I am talking to Anika. Can you tell me, who is talking with me? I only know Anika is a very strong girl. I am sure about that. She never knew impossible word. The word was not in her dictionary. And she has helped many friends to come out of any problem.' Eshan was trying to convince Anika that she is a strong girl but Anika didn't want to listen to that.. She was not in a condition to hear anything positive.. Anika laughed and replied...

'I totally agree.. I haven't forgotten that. I was very strong,and a helping girl. But I told you, it's my past. Now it's your turn to accept, things changed me. I also never thought that sometimes I might change like this. The days are not the same all the time. Everything changed and I got trapped in the situation. Now there is no way to come out of it. I am in a big trap..round and round, I reach the same spot!' Anika's eyes were full of tears. But she wiped her tears. Eshan was watching Anika. But he wanted to change her mood.

'Oh my God. What are you talking Anika.. I was not around you, so you changed so much? huh? I can understand, we didn't meet so you might be thinking that way.. but now it's a different thing. Don't forget now you are talking to Eshan. Eshan- the magic man.. you doubt this magic man??' Eshan said this and laughed. Anika was listening to Eshan and a smile came on her face after listening Eshan. Eshan saw her and he was happy to see Anika sharing a smile. After a while, Anika responded to Eshan.

'Oh ho..Eshan- the magic man? Who is he? I don't know, who is Eshan- the magic man...' Anika made wierd face and questioned Eshan..

'You don't know, Eshan- the magic man? Oh.. you mean I was not the magic man?' Eshan raised his eyebrows... 'But you were the magic girl. You remember those days when you had helped me in coming out of my tension when the final exam was going? I was not ready to go for the exam as I had a feeling that I can't score good marks. But you boosted me and I cleared the final exam with distinction. That was my turning point in life. After that I never was depressed. You had solution for every question. Remember the golden days..'

'Yes.. I remember that. And you were always good in studies..only you got scared so just tried to change your thoughts..I did nothing gr8 Eshan..And I told you, now I am not same as I was before. Everything changes, so did I..'

'Wo wo... You did nothing gr8... Are you crazy? I gave te exam because you had trust in me. If you think, you didn't do anything then not a problem... but then.. now I am the magic man for Anika. I will help you to come out of all your problems. Just wait and see my magic..When I would take your leave, you would definitely believe, Eshan- the magic man...'

'You really think, I can come out of my depression and start a normal life? You really think, Eshan- the magic man can help me? You have come today.. but after you leave again I will be all alone. Then what? and how can you change my thoughts from the roots? ' Anika inquired to Eshan... She had lost all hopes of living a normal life so she was not sure that she could live a normal life...

'Hey hey Anika... you got to trust me.. Trust me Anika.. You can live a normal life. You trust me or not? And don't worry, you are just tired... and you will be normal as before! I have trust in myself and in you.'

'Ohk fine...I trust you... But tell me, how much time will I need to be normal?' Anika inquired to Eshan...

'Great.. So you are ready to listen to me.. And nice to know that you trust me. May be 2 hrs are sufficient to get you back to your normal...If not 2 hrs, few more hrs can help..'

'Haha....' Anika laughed sarcastically... 'You know, I am in a deep depression and you think I will be good in 2 hrs? If that doesn't happen, do you have that much time to wait with me?'

'Anika,will you stop thinking that you are in depression? I am trying to pour positive thoughts but you are sticking to deep depression! Give me some time and I am sure, you would not even remember that you were in depression..And I can wait here..I mean, I can shift from my house to here and start living here.. I don't have any problem you see..But I won't leave unless you change your thoughts.. Btw, tell me Anika, can you sleep at 8pm? Is it not too early?'

'Ohk... you are trying to console me or trying to scare me? I don't have any problem if we both live here... Btw,now no -ve thoughts! Yea.. I really wish to change my thoughts and get back to normal... Good question- yes, 8pm is a bit early to sleep... but I had many sleepless nights. That time started taking sleeping tablets. So it has become my habit to take tablets and sleep early..'

'You are normal Anika.. But Oh my God.. are you serious Anika? You take sleeping tablets and then sleep?'

'Yea... That's the fact Eshan. Without sleeping tablets I can't sleep.' Anika replied...

'For how long you are taking these tablets? And did you ask doctor before taking the sleeping tablets?'

'No.. I got these tablets at home and I started taking the tablets without visiting doctor.'

Eshan was getting many shocks. But he kept calm... And without giving any extreme reaction he answered...

'Will you listen to me once?'

'You talk.. I am listening to you. But please don't say, visit Doctor. I won't do it for sure..'

'No no.. I won't ask you to visit doctor as now onwards you won't need sleeping tablets.."

'Oye.. if no sleeping tablets, how can I get sleep?'

'You said, you would listen to me. So now decide that you don't need to take any tablet for sleeping. Don't unnecessarily make yourself so weak. '

'Haha.. Then I don't think I can sleep now without taking sleeping tablets. I will keep on thinking and the thoughts won't stop. Then my life will be more miserable. Wait, 1 need water.. do you want water to drink?'

'No no.. I don't want water... but need to freshen up.. so give me sometime..Get back soon..'

Eshan needed to be calm. so he went to freshen up...

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