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It is 10 O'clock - 2

Krishna and Aashka started their journey back to Ahmedabad. The whole camp was staring them but for them the existence of the world was no more. Krishna was so happy that he almost forgot everything , he lost his soul and mind into hers. And Aashka was feeling the same for him. They started the journey by the bus to Delhi. It was a long journey so they had a lot of time to talk. Krishna was watching her , she blushed and said , “ kya kab se muje ghur rahe ho ?“. He said nothing and kept on staring her , she got a bit annoyed and said,” what are you looking ?” . He said then sweety , you are so beautiful that I can see your pure heart from your face. And I was searching my place in that. She asked , “ did you find then ?” . He said no , she smiled and said , “How can you find your place in your heart , because my heart now resides in your body and your heart resides in my body “. He was excited by hearing the answer , he just kissed her head very warmly. Their love was going into a different stage now. Then the rest of the journey was finished without any further interesting incidents. But when they reached Ahmedabad, the time to get departed has come. The moment that both hated to come but it was time so it was there.
Both of them having their numbers and addresses so it was not an issue. But that walk may be the longest walk of their lives. The loneliest walk ever. As soon as they departed , they both wanted to cry but they promised each other that they would not so they were not doing that. Krishna reached home , met his parents. They were very happy to see him after a week and Krishna was also showing the false cover of happiness otherwise his heart was with Aashka. Same scene was at her home too . After 10 pm , they messaged each other and decided to meet each other at 6 pm after Krishna’s office. They met at a coffee shop. Krishna reached early and eagerly waiting for her. He saw her coming and my god, She was looking so gorgeous that every eye in the hotel was turned towards her and when she sat with Krishna. Every boy was jealous of Krishna’s luck. But none of them was feeling this , because for them the world was among the four eyes. She said hi and said I could not sleep last night , he said me too. And added may be every lover used to say this and maybe it was said thousands of time , but still I am saying , that I could not live without you. Aashka said I would not allow to live without me either. So please , “ap mere papa se bat karo and mera hath mango “. Krishna wanted to dance after listening this , but he kept his cool and said dear I have already done it. She surprisingly said when , with whom ? So he said calm down calm down. I told my parents about you and they agreed , now tell me what to do ? Either you tell your parents or my parents will come to your place and tell them. She said I will talk to my mother first and then you send your parents to my place ok. Krishna agreed to that.
And to their surprise, Aashka’s parents without much offense agreed for the marriage. So the path to love was opened for them and now it’s their turn to build the nest of love for them. Krishna and Aashka were astonished. Krishna wanted to arrange a surprise for her. So he planned an event. He went to her home to pick her up. He was waiting outside next to his car. And then the moment came , she stepped outside the car and Krishna saw her and he felt that the gates of heaven were opened and the goddess of beauty herself was there in the form his to be wife. My god she was looking so ravishing and gorgeous that the Moon in the sky forgot his path and stopped to see her. But all of a sudden clouds covered the Moon as if there was a competition between them. But finally the Moon won the race and touched her face with its rays and that scene was jealous even for the Gods sitting in the sky. She was walking towards him and her every step filled love into the cells of Krishna’s body. His heart forgot to beat, his blood forgot to circulate , his brain forgot to accept and receive signals , his eyes forgot to blink, his lungs forgot to breathe. She was looking straight into the eyes of Krishna so she could not see a stone in her way and about to fell down but Krishna held her safely in his hands and there was a hugh sigh of the grass because they missed a chance to touch the most beautiful creation of the God. In a very sweet voice she said hi Krishna. And Krishna felt rejuvenated. This was the voice Krishna wanted to listen when he would be dying. And then he took her to a very special place…

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