Problem solving technique..- 9 in English Fiction Stories by Anuja Kulkarni books and stories PDF | Problem solving technique..- 9

Problem solving technique..- 9

Problem solving technique..- 9

Anika was looking puzzled as she could not understand, how her MBA study can help her to find solutions for her problems..

'What has happened Anika? Seems you didn't study MBA wholeheartedly.. ' Eshan laughed. Anika stared at hime but Anika got angry when she heard Eshan..

'Hey Eshan... I studied my MBA wholeheartedly. I had enjoyed learning new things. And how can you say that I didn't study MBA properly? I am very angry Eshan... It's good that you are helping me to find solutions of my problems but you can't blame without knowing anything.. ' Anika said aggresively.

'Hey Anika, I didn't put charges on you. I just inquired. And don't think, I laughed on you. I am a jolly person so I usually laugh.. I didn't want to make you angry or upset..'

'Ohk.. I got annoyed because I know, how much devotion I had put in my MBA.. so felt bad.. Nothing else...'

'I know Anika.. I too did my MBA in Marketing... And I know, you are a bright student from schooltime. I didn't want to take any doubt on you. So tell me, what you studied in MBA?'

'I studied many things.. like strategy,risk management etc..'

'You didn't study Problem solving technique?' Eshan inquired.

'Oh yes.. that was the main thing which I learnt. I used to love solving problems. And I was good in that. In my job, I was the expert in that field..' Anika cheerfully said and she was sounding happy.

"Bingo.. that is the point I missed... '

'I am not getting you. Please explain Eshan..' Anika looked confused..

'You were good in problem solving in your loved to deal with the problems at the workplace but did you apply that in your day to day life?'

Eshan's question shook Anika. It was hit on the exact point..Anika was totally shaken. She was speechless... Anika disappointedly said no.

"No Eshan... actually I never thought of using problem solving in my life. I was an expert in solving the problems but never thought this can help me in my real life!! I was only stuck up at my problems. So I might have missed this point!!' Anika started thinking..

'Yea...we study everything from the books and we excel in it but when we never think, it can help us in our day to day life..Am I correct?'

'Yes yes Eshan! You are absolutely right.. But tell me, from where can I start problem now? I know, it is a silly question but right now I can not think...' Anika inquired Eshan and Eshan replied without wasting a single moment,

'So only I have come..' Eshan whispered, 'You have a pen and a paper with you?'


'Then write down your problems.. And think a bit before you start writing! Write primary problems first and then you can write secondary problems which were initiated by the primary problems. And then start thinking of the solutions! Write point wise.. If you find solution of primary problems, the secondary problems vanish on their own. ' Eshan was continuously staring at Anika. Anika also was listening to him carefully.

'This sounds good Eshan.. And you are correct if the primary problem is removed from life, then there is no question of problems occurred due to basic problems. I must say Eshan, you are really an intelligent student. I don't know, why I didn't think this way? Means was not a bright student..' Anika said this and took a deep breath. Then she began her thought process. The main problem was her mother and father's divorcé. She wrote that down and she became a bit emotional. Eshan noticed that Anika has become emotional and he started talking without wasting a second.

'Anika , stop feeling bad about past incidents. You can't change it then why unnecessarily you are getting disturbed? You were not the cause of that so it's not your fault..'

'I know but it's not simple to forget the past! This is the main incidence which changed my life. I was not the cause but I suffered the most!' Anika's eyes were full of tears..

'1st of all stop feeling bad.. I can understand your situation Anika but calm down! Don't let one incidence affect your whole life.. Can I tell you something?'

'Of course you can tell me whatever you want. You are one of my very close friends. Now tell me what you wish to tell me. Your points are important.'

'Oh really... Thanks! I felt good.. I would be very happy if you start afresh!' Eshan smiled and continued talking, 'You can't really compel anyone to behave according o your wish. It was choice of your parents.. Now take your example.. You were asked by your parents to live either of both but you decided to live alone. That time you didn't listen to anyone. Then you also should not expect that everyone will listen to you. Everyone has right to live their lives according to their wish. It might be wrong for you but for your parents it was the perfect decision. Think once..' Eshan stopped after telling this. But Anika started thinking. Hr though process started. Eshan's point was correct. She agreed that point.. But didn't speak a word! But something was happening inside her.. She looked down and started noting other problems.

Eshan also was silent. He also didn't talk a word and started reading the magazine.

After a while, Anika completed her problems list and she was surprised to know that primary problems are not much. A smile rested on her face. Eshan noticed that and started talking,

'Why are you smiling Anika? And tell me how many problems did you remember?'

'I smiled on myself.. And your technique is working I suppose.. I could hardly think of 2 or 3 primary problems. And secondary problems will sure vanish if I find a solution for my basic problems.' Anika said delightedly. And Eshan became very happy..

'So can you find your answers or you need help from me? I don't mind helping you a bit more but I wish you to find solutions for your problems. That will surely boost our confidence.'

'Yea yea Eshan... My main problem was with mamma and pappa's divorce. But what you told was correct. Everyone has own opinions.. And I am not very small that I can't live alone. So I totally agreed with you.. Basically I also do whatever I wish! And both must be having some strong reason to part. So now I can accept that fact and can think my life positively!!' Anika firmly said that. Her mood was changed.

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