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Together Forever - 4

The First Day!

Rika's POV

If I tell you that I'm very confident to meet him, then I'm utterly lying. To say, I'm absolutely nervous wreck. I was thinking of hundred reasons to avoid this meeting. What if I act like I fainted? But as soon as this idea struck my mind, my smart-ass inner conscious retorted logically by stating 'Then it will be reported to Adhvik since you came to meet him... And worst, you have to face him in a more awkward situation...'

What if I run away?!

'So you can prove that you are weak in front of him?!', my inner conscious replied sarcastically. I hate to admit that she has a point.

Before I can think of any other escape routes, I was brought back to earth by the ringing of the assistant's phone. Before I can change my mind and contemplate the idea of running off , I walked to the door that was mentioned as 'CEO'. I stood in front of the door, wiped my overly sweaty hands, squared my shoulders, held my head high and tried to put on a poker face ~~ note the keyword 'tried'.. I'm poor at acting, if you can't find by now.

Coming to the matter in hand, its time for the show... That's it... Lights.. Camera... Action...

Anyways, I gently knocked and when I heard a faint 'come in' by the same manly, shiver inducing voice I heard yesterday, I opened the door with my shaky hands, took a deep breath and stepped in.

As soon as I entered, I felt this odd chills running through my spine. My gaze fell on the most H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E , H.O.T.T.E.S.T and the S.E.X.I.E.S.T man ever alive on the planet. Forget it, he is not a man, but a freaking Greek-God. My breath hitched when my gaze held his. Those light blue orbs with green specks in which you can easily get drowned, that pointed nose, that sharp sculpted jaws with dimple chin and totally kissable lips, his stubble, his chiseled muscles and abs made him look beyond perfect. I can't help but gawk at him. The fact that he is wearing a navy blue Armani suit with while shirt that fit him perfectly, hugging is muscles, is making the situation even more worse. Since I was too busy in staring at this perfection, I failed to notice his reaction.

Trust me when I say that I wished I had no idea of who this guy is! But no, I clearly and distinctly know that this is Adhvik. How can anyone forget his gorgeous face?! In fact, when I thought Adhvik cannot get more handsome than when he was 6 years ago, he utterly proved me wrong. He turned more handsome, manly and more muscled compared to the 18 year old boyish him. Gone are the boyish charm. Now, he held this mysterious aura around him which also screamed ruthlessness. After all, he is a business man~~ The top one... My gaze shifted to his lips again~~ those Soft pink lips! Suddenly, everything that happened years ago came rushing back its way to my mind. Every single action, every single word, every single feeling.... Absolutely everything including the pain. I wanted to murder myself for drooling over him and getting myself trapped in his exquisiteness, forgetting all those terrible things that happened years ago. Damn! How can I forget that he is the most vilest creature on earth... Girls are like toys for him, Rika! Their feelings mean nothing to him... Do you want to suffer heartbreak and that excruciating pain again?? Remember beauty is where danger is!

With my pep taught, I became emotionally stable again. Yeah, I was possessed by some demon or gone into some disorder earlier when I was drooling... ~~ Okay, that what I can come up with to justify my action. Don't judge! Anyways, after I came to my senses, I tried to keep a neutral face that gave away no signs of earlier actions and cleared my they throat.

"I'm Rika Shrinikith, Mr. Rish... I hope that Rahul uncle gave you prior information on my arrival...", I said all business-like. I decided to address him formally to avoid anymore awkwardness.

It seems like my voice startled him out of his reverie. His calm, assessing posture turned into a solid, rigid, hard and ruthless one which emitted a angry and dangerous aura around him. His light blue eyes which held admiration, turned into solid blue, radiating anger. He no more leaned on his table casually. He straightened himself, walked around the table and sat in his executive chair.

"Oh, going by last name!", he muttered under his breath before answering me.

"Yes, Ms. Shrinikith! Indeed, I was informed on your arrival... So, you are going to be trained under me to take over the CEO position of your father's company, I assume... Since I'm going to be your trainer, I would like you to follow my instructions. Before that, you can take your seat...", he said coldly, nodding to the leather seat in front of his desk. I quickly walked over and took my seat, with a cold expression. Without waiting for me to say another word, he continued.

"First of all, you are starting your work today as there is no point in delaying. The soon you learn things, the soon you can go to your own place...", he said with a displeased expression. The fact that he wants me to get out of his life and not being discreet about it made me feel as though I was stabbed in heart. But I know that it's stupid of me.

"Secondly, you will occupy this same office cabin and the share my table so that you can note how to handle things... I also want you to note how I handle business calls, my business strategies, on what basis I take a decision and stuffs like that... When I give you some work to complete, I want you to submit it before deadline... No procrastination will be tolerated and you will not be given any special treatment just because you are my father's friend's daughter... Lastly, no tardiness will be tolerated... Any questions?? ", he inquired coldly.

When he said that I'll share his desk and office, I can't help but curse my luck. So much for avoiding him!! But it also made me delighted internally. But when he mentioned me as his father's friend's daughter instead of his friend or something like that, my heart felt heavy with sadness. Then what do you expect him to address you as?? His play thing, the girl whom he stole the first kiss from or his once upon a time best friend??! , my inner conscious chided. I know that she has a point. Though, I can't remove this sadness off. First delight, now sadness?? All in the span of 30 seconds! Trust me when I say that this is not my time of the month nor I'm pregnant. So, I myself dunno why I'm having these mood swings. The thought about my reactions pissed me off. I so want to rip my heart into pieces for being vulnerable to him.

"Nothing Mr. Rish... Absolutely no queries!", I said with my gritted teeth, showing my hatred.

"Hmm... Good... BTW, why were you later today Ms. Shrinikith?? You stepped into my office exactly after 18 minutes of your arrival... Can I know what took you too long to enter this room?? ", he asked me mockingly, still with cold eyes.

"You should thank your assistant for my late arrival Mr. Rish... ", I said nonchalantly. The reminder of the encounter didn't settle well with me. His eyes revealed confusion. But he quickly composed himself before questioning me again.

"Why is Stella the reason for your late arrival?? Do not blame my employees for your mistakes, Ms. Shrinikith...", he stated with a stare.

His words brought out the burning flame in me. Blaming your employees, my ass! , I wanted to scream this at him. Though, I can't! I have to maintain professionalism. Wait! He is supporting her... Does it means he is sleeping with her?? Hell no... He can't! By now, I'm fuming. Don't ask me why! Won't you be angered when you find that your love is sleeping with someone else?? Same situation here, except he is not my love! ~~ okay, chill out! Remember, that I'm trying to move on?? So bare with me and my constant feelings changes. When I'm so busy justifying my feeling too you guys and fuming, I remembered her words. Back off Bitch... He doesn't want to see you.. I'll make him mine...

'I'll make him mine'... Which means that he is not hers and that he didn't commit to her in any sense. Now, on a scale of zero to ten, my anger reduced from hundred to minus hundred. Then I again remembered that he indirectly called me a liar by supporting her. Again my anger rocketed. Oh damn! Why should all my feeling revolve around him!!

"I'm not blaming your employees Mr. Rish... I'm just stating the truth... Your beloved assistant Stella called me by some rude words and accused me of things I didn't intended to do ever... So, it took me some time to clarify that she was all the things she called me by and also threatening her to leave me in!", I replied him, fuming.

My answer confused him clearly.

"What do you mean?", he questioned me, still confused.

"I'd like to sit here and explain everything to you, Mr. Rish... But I ain't gonna do that... For two obvious reasons... One, I'm no damsel in distress that runs to others for slightest problems... I'm stronger than you can think of...", I said this to deliberately announce him that I'm a stronger one and not that 17 year old me anymore. "Secondly, I want to start my work ASAP... As you said yourself, there is no point in delaying. The soon I learn things, the soon I can go to my own place... right?", I said with my gaze challenging him . His gaze showcased amusement for a mere second before it turned cold again, which made me doubt if I saw them correctly.

"Absolutely Ms. Shrinikith... Now, for starters, I want you to attend this head of the departments meeting with me... This meeting will be monthly with all the heads to check if they are maintaining the company's standards, statics and other things... ", he said it in his business tone and then looked the time in his Rolex.

At the same moment, a knock resonated through the room and his secretary's voice sounded. When he ordered her to come in, she entered the room with her eyes only on him.

"Sir! Your meeting is in 5 minutes from now...", she said him in a sickening sweet tone with a flirtatious smile. How dare she! It's official... I hate her!!

But in spite of all her pathetic attempts, Adhvik kept a cold, ruthless expression and murmured a 'okay'. He acted as if he didn't give two shits about her which made me beam with happiness, internally ~ isn't it obvious?! Again don't get me started with these mixed emotions of me. I dunno myself. If I get everything cleared in my mind and sort out my exact feeling about him, I'll let you know. My thoughts were once again interrupted by none other than Mr. Adhvik Arrogant Rish.

"Can we go now?!", he asked me while getting up from his chair. He stood in his 6'2 structure, took out a tie that was placed at the corner of his table and started doing it. Weird! Why didn't he wear his tie when I came in?

Realizing that I zoned out once again, I quickly got up from the leather seat and stood up facing him. Unexpectedly our gazes meet. Blue to brown.. brown to blue... Just his gaze made me shiver. Delighted shiver, of course. We both held the gaze intently, neither withdrawing our eyes. He did his tie while holding my gaze all along. Then, he buttoned his coat of his Armani suit, still holding my gaze. The attraction was too much for me to pull away. It was as if I'm arrested by his orbs, those mesmerizing blue orbs! Finally, when someone, exactly Stella, cleared her throat, we looked away. Then, I went out of the room without waiting for another minute. The tension was too much for me that I keep forgetting that he is the one who broke me and hurt me to the core. I guess this working with Adhvik thing is going to be a lot more harder than I think. But, I have to keep my resolve if I don't want to be broken again.

When I walked a few steps out of the room, I noticed that I didn't take my purse with me. So, I went back again to fetch it. When I was about to enter the room, I heard Adhvik's voice.

"Stella, it's brought to my notice that you said some unparliamentary and rude words to Ms. Shrinikith... I'm telling you this once and for all... Never ever behave that way to Ms. Shrinikith again... She should be given the respect that I'm given... If I ever find you behave rudely to her again, then you will be fired at that very moment and I'll see to it personally that you will not get job in any other company... Got it?!", he questioned her in a threatening cold tone. He cares for me?! Woah! Indeed, He cares...

I never cared to hear her reply anyways. His words made some strange things happen in my stomach. A very big grin made its way to my face. I don't know why I feel so happy and contented by him defending me. But either way, I don't wanna think about it. I just want to cherish the moment. But before I could get caught, I knocked his door and opened without waiting for an answer. His eyes turned to my direction from his earlier glaring and softened a bit, before going to it's cold state.

"My bag!", I said to no one in particular and reached to the leather seat to pick it up. After that, we both went to the meeting with the heads.

As we entered, the room was already filled. As we moved to our seats, everyone's eyes were on me, which made me very uncomfortable. Few looked at me with curiosity and many with lust which made me want to shrink away. Adhvik took his seat and I was left to sit next to him in a only vacant seat. Sitting this closer to him made my heart race up. This brought a sense of deja vu in me. That terrible day... When he hugged me... My heart raced by his closeness.. Oh my fudging God! How can I be so stupid to forget about my terrible past?? How can I be so pathetic and weak that his closeness alone can hypnotize me?! Stupid Rika! Just concentrate on your work and remember your past...

The meeting started with my introductions as Mr. Varun Shrinikith's daughter who came to train under one of the best CEO of the world. Then, each department heads started stating their departments works, productions, profit, statics and regarding stuffs one by one. Adhvik was listening carefully with utmost concentration. If I tell you that my head didn't spin, then I'm utterly lying. Woah! Hell load of things had to be handled by the CEO. The job is not as easy as shown in movies or books. Adhvik is great.

After a few minutes into the meeting, Adhvik was giving his instructions on the works that should be accomplished and changes that should be made. He stood in the front majestically, his speech and posture emitted power. I can help but look at him in astonishment. That's when I felt as if someone was staring at me. When I moved my eyes from Adhvik, I was shocked to see most of the men in the room looking at me like I'm some kind of eatable. And lemme tell you this, most of these people are old enough to be my father. Pedophiles! Not that I'm a child, but you get it, right?! I felt very very very uncomfortable and shrunk in my seat. Suddenly Adhvik stopped his instructions and cleared his throat. This made everyone's attention turn to him.

"Now gentlemen! It will be better if all of your attention is directed to me rather than staring at Ms. Shrinikith before I fire each and everyone of you...", he threatened with his eyes in silts. He looked as if he is ready to murder. Wow! This man have serious issues when it comes to work... But, I can't help smiling thankfully at him when those men looked away in shame. His eyes met mine and when he saw me smiling, he stiffened as if he is shocked and then relaxed a bit. Then, the meeting continued without any disturbances and stares.

After everyone left the room, we entered his office cabin. When he was going to his executive chair, I uttered a "Thank you!" quite loudly which made him stop at his track for a moment. Then, he sat in his chair facing me and gave me a small genuine smile ~~ nonetheless, heart stopping and stomach fluttering. I sat in my seat perplexed, cannot able to break away my fixed gaze from him. He looked truly gorgeous and Greek-God like.

"It's no problem... Now, we will continue our work...", he said. His voice was soft and caring at the starting and ended up business-like by the end. Then we both worked (he worked and I stared alias noted) and the only break we took is lunch. Separately, of course! Now ladies and gentlemen, this is how my first day at work went.

Then, evening came and I went to the mansion with uncle. He said that I may shift in a day to my penthouse.

After a nice dinner with both aunty and uncle, I settled for bed. Today had gone exceptionally well than I expected minus the Stella part. Though I was glad when Adhvik spoke up for me, not once, but twice. Hearing stories about him from my parents or others was different. It was easy for me to hate him and despise him. But meeting him face to face and listening to his voice made my heart jump out and also made my stomach churn. I felt all the old feelings come back to me. Who am I kidding?! Obviously, forgetting someone whom you loved for all your life is almost next to impossible. But I fooled my heart and mind telling that I moved on. But this close proximity made me realize that I can't fool the either any further.

But if you think that I'll embrace the feelings and welcome it, then you are absolutely wrong. I may accept my feelings, but never embrace it nor welcome it. In short, I'm no more denying the fact that I love him. I do love him even now, even after everything he put me through. But I know that it's malicious to me. So, I'll try to get over it. I will never fall for his tricks again. I will never show him that he can hypnotize me and control me. I'll never be blinded by love and get hurt again. I owe this to myself. Frankly, my body, soul and heart can't bare another heart break , that 'ripping my heart out of my body' feeling or that 'living for nothing' state. I swear, I promise to be careful with my heart this time.

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