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Together Forever - 5


Rika's POV

I'm sitting in the living room couch of Rish Mansion, waiting for uncle so that we can go to office. Finally, after 10 minutes, he arrived. We bid our byes to aunty and started our way to the company. The journey was filled with Adhvik thoughts. I can't shake the fear of falling for him again and end up hurting my heart more. Yesterday went well... What if Dhvi act differently today??! What will happen?? And above all, I have to deal with my stupid heart... Uhhhh...

But thankfully, before I can invest in anymore stupid thoughts of mine, we reached our destination. After reaching the company, uncle reminded me to take an early off, so that we can shift into my new penthouse in Emerald. Then, we bid our byes and went in our respective paths.

On reaching the top floor, I headed to Adhvik's office, which is also my temporary office now. When I opened the door without knocking, to my surprise, he was already there. Isn't bosses supposed to enter late than other employees like they show in movies and books?? My dad was a workaholic, so I understood his punctuality... But, Dhvi too???

Coming back to earth, I quickly mumbled, "Sorry for not knocking... I thought you didn't come yet.."

To my surprise again, he didn't look angry. Instead, he looked like he won Nobel prize. In his case, he looked like he won 'The best CEO' award. That doesn't mean he was grinning. He had this very happy expression in his face, his eyes beaming with happiness, but his lips didn't even twitch a little.

'Too much business-manly... Its not as if he will lose a billion if he give me that heart shattering smile', my irrational inner voice whined. Yeah, you heard me right, it actually whined. 'Too much of a drama queen... Just shut up and stop giving all that stupid thought of yours to Rika...', my rational inner voice sounded.

OMG ! I'm turning mad because of this one guy. I'm already having inner battle with myself. I dunno what more I'll do before this training ends.

Coming to the matter in hand, he actually looked happy. With that he replied, "No problem... Now, take your seat... We have a long day ahead of us... Lots of work to finish..."

I quietly walked over to the chair next to his and sat down. He motioned me to the contract he was reading and kept it in between, so that we can both read. "Important thing during reading contracts is that, you have to give your full attention to it... Read it thoroughly and critically, so that you can never leave a loop hole...", he said in a business tone. I quickly nodded and looked at the contract. Since I didn't get a clear view of the words at the corner of the page, I leaned towards Adhvik's chair. Seeing this, he moved the paper a little bit to my side. But, I guess, he didn't get the clear view too. So, he leaned a bit towards me. This made me move my chair closer to his, so that we can both read together. But man, it was a wrong move! The closeness, his musky Cologne smell and the lite brushing of his slacks clad legs with mine made my stomach flutter and my heart beat as if its in a F1 race. I was suddenly too nervous. But he didn't notice my reactions to his closeness. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he read the contract. I can't help but notice those little stress lines in his forehead when he furrowed his brows or how his long fingers tapped on his stubble covered dimple-chin. Suddenly. He voice sounded, bringing me back from my Oh-la-la land. "This is why we should read thoroughly... There will always be loop holes in the contract...", he said looking at me. Not knowing what he was talking about, I stared at him blankly, blinking. What he noticed, but I didn't is that I was staring at him earlier unconsciously. On noticing that, his lips twitched a little before he can control it. As if possible, he looked more happy now. Soon, I composed myself and read the contract to find which loop hole he was talking about. Then, the rest of the day went by reading contract after contract without breaks. Lemme tell you that its the most difficult job to do ~~ concentrating on reading when Adhvik is seated next to me is a very cruel punishment. Its like telling a child to fully concentrate on studying when a chocolate sack is placed next to him. Yeah, chocolate sack! ~~ pardon me and my love for chocolates.

Soon, when it was time to go home, I realized that I did not inform Adhvik of my early off today.

"Mr.Rish! I forgot to inform you about my early off today... Since I'm shifting today, I need an early off...", I said him , breaking his attention from yet another contract.

"Oh... Okay... You can leave", he said calmly.

"Thank you"

With that, I packed my handbag and exited his office. Then, I and Rahul uncle went to his home. After reaching, I quickly packed my things with Aunty's help and was set for going.

"Hey champ! I forgot to tell you that your penthouse in Emerald is a new one... Its under going the furnishing process... All your furniture should be delivered within two hours... If its a problem, you can stay here today and shift tomorrow...", uncle said.

"No uncle, its perfectly fine... I don't wanna waste my early off too... And I'm sure , Adhvik will turn grumpy if I ask for one more early retire on the very third day of my training...", I replied him jokingly.

"That absolutely sounds like Dhvi... ", he countered grinning.

Then, I and uncle set off to my penthouse. When we reached the building, the first thing he showed me is the building which houses Adhvik's penthouse. He was not joking when he said that its in the next building. In fact, Eden, Adhvik's building, is in the same compounded as that of Emerald and they were very close to each other. Getting down from the car, we marched our way to the penthouse which was on the thirtieth floor. It was a modern styled penthouse, bare of any furniture. Its living room was painted with golden-cream color on walls except the one with sexy red color on it. There was a kitchen in the side with ultra modern facilities, attached with a island table. The ground floor also held the entertainment / game room. But I decided on keeping the TV in the living room for convenience and turning the entertainment room into a home office. Then, the first floor held a master bedroom en suite with an attached bathroom that screamed money and a huge walk in closet. The room next to the master bedroom is a guest bedroom. I quickly moved my things to the master bedroom and unpacked them. Then, I changed into a blue tank top and white shorts.

Two hours later, Uncle and I ate our home-delivered pizza standing due to our lack of furniture situation, while waiting for the furniture to arrive. By the time we finished, uncle got a call from the furniture company, announcing the delay in delivery because, the ship carrying them from Italy is struck in the middle of the sea due to bad weather. They said that the delivery may be delayed by a hour or two. Just as he disconnected that call, he received a call from Adhvik. When he said Adhvik that we are in the very next building, Adhvik offered to come. When he announced it to me, I can't help but beam. But before uncle can notice my weird expression, I made up an excuse by saying that 'this means celebration'. Not a good excuse, I know right! Still, uncle bought it.

I was waiting eagerly for the door bell to ring. When that happened, I all but ran to the door to open it. I opened the door with a welcoming smile and saw a very handsome looking Dhvi, clad in dark wash jeans and a black T-shirt that hugs his muscles and abs, making him more irresistible and extremely sexy, standing there. His blue eyes roamed on me, taking in my look appreciatively. This made my cheeks color in a hint of pink. Then, his eyes met mine and locked gazes. Those magnetic eyes! When his name resounded from behind me, our stance broke. I moved out of the way to let him in.

He strode down the hall way majestically towards his father. After giving each other hugs, they both stood beside the island chatting. Since my legs are at the edge of crumbling down due to long hours of standing, I decided to sit on the island counter. Just then uncle got another call. So, he went out of the penthouse to pick it. That leaves Dhvi and I together, alone in a confined space. To avoid any awkwardness, I decided to mind my own business and so, went to sit on the counter. But on reaching closer to the counter, it seemed like a tedious job because of the height of the counter. Hey! Its not my fault that the counter looked short with those two over tall men! And no, I'm not short... Its just that someone thought, building a counter with the height of Eiffel tower will be fun!! Yet, being true to my moto of never giving up, I tried to jump to get on the counter. But, that just resulted in an utter failure, along with the thunderous laugh from Dhvi who was watching this all along. This made me feel embarrassed. To defend myself, I said, "What! The counter is at the height of a freaking Eiffel tower...", huffing.

To that, he just shook his head with an amusing smile and came closer to me. He stood too close in front of me, placed his hands on both sides of my waist making my heart race, lifted me up as if I weigh nothing at all and placed me on the top of the counter.

"You can ask me to help you with this anytime you want... I quite enjoy it myself...", he told me, huskily, with his hands still on my waist and my knees touching his T-shirt covered chest. His voice and touch made me shover involuntarily. It also made my breath hitch and my heart race. Soon, I was panting as if I ran a marathon. Our gazes locked again, each staring deep into other's soul, connecting in a eternal way. But, the sound of opening of the door brought us both back to reality. He quickly withdrew his hands making me miss his touch instantly and moved away to stand beside me at a respectable distance.

Uncle entered the room and informed us that the delivery is delayed for few more hours. Since it was already late , I told him to return back to the mansion. He persisted at first, but surprisingly when Dhvi assured him that he will stay with me till the delivering and arranging is finished, uncle went home with peace.

After uncle left, it was awkward between us for half an hour, considering our earlier encounter. So, we did what any normal person will do to engage themselves ~ We immersed ourselves in our mobiles. After half an hour, Dhvi got a call from uncle stating, the furniture company called to tell us that, the furniture will only reach by tomorrow because of a storm in the sea.

"You go home! I can stay here by myself...", I told Dhvi , eyeing the time in my phone and yawned, already sleepiness covering my mind.

"Oh really?! Then tell me something... Where will you sleep tonight?! Floor?? Or on the island counter!? ", he replied mockingly.

I tried to counter him back, but came with no satisfying answer. Where will is sleep??

"Yeah! See, you got no answer to that... Come with me to my penthouse... I have an extra room that you can sleep in...", he answered my unasked question.

Already half asleep and tired, I didn't argue and yielded to his command. We went to his penthouse and I did not check it out due to my hazed state. I quietly went to the room he walked into and directly dived into the bed. As I was about to close my eyes, I noticed him standing in front of the bed, looking at me with an amused expression. Behind him, my eyes caught the picture of him on the wall. Just then it clicked.

"Your room!!??", I asked , unable to form complete sentences due to my clouded state.

"Yeah! Its okay... You sleep.. I'll take the guest room... Good night!", he replied smiling and went out of the room.

What a gentleman! It's not wrong to give this relationship a chance, right! It means living with no what-ifs and regrets about missed chances... It also means giving into what my heart and mind wants... After all, people change and learn from their past mistakes, were my thoughts before I drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

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