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Together Forever - 6

Destroyed Again!

Rika's POV

The blinding light escaping from the thin space in between the balcony curtains fell directly on my face, making me wake up from my beauty sleep. I looked at my surroundings and noticed that Adhvik's room was painted in midnight blue color in all sides except the wall behind the bed. It was painted in greyish-blue. His furniture were made from dark mahogany wood. His room is carpeted in light cream color and a king size bed occupied this extra large room in the center. On both sides were tables with night stand and drawers. Connecting to the room were three doors among which one lead to the balcony and I suspect that the other two lead to the bathroom and closet. All in all, the room screamed masculine, power and wealth.

I remembered how Dhvi let me stay in his room yesterday and took the guestroom. The way he acts with me all this time was nothing less than gentlemanly. I think and hope that he changed for better. How much ever I try to suppress my feelings for him, just seeing him breaks every barrier I have ever built around my heart. My love for him didn't change even after all these years. It still remains the same. I tried to remove him from my memory and search for my better half, but every time I talk with a guy who shows interest in me, my mind automatically compares him with Dhvi. Even if I convince myself that this guy is better than Adhvik, I wasn't able to even date the guy. My mind and heart kept screaming that it is wrong. So, I eventually tuned out the idea of dating from my mind.

So, it's been Adhvik all along. My heart and mind belongs to him. So why not embrace the feeling of love ?! After all, I deserve a chance at happiness, right?!

Yeah! I know what I'll do now. I'm going to embrace my feelings for Dhvi and show him my love through actions. I'll be lucky if he starts loving me too. If not ??...I'm not going to think about it. I'm going to be positive about this. I'm going to try my chance.

But then Haritha's words came back to my mind. Adhvik is a player and he will never ever like you... You are just another girl for him..

Shut up you stupid brain! Forget about past... He is changed now... He is a gentleman now...

With that thought, I got up from the bed and went into the ensuite bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth using a spare toothbrush, washed my face and brushed my hair. After I felt satisfied with my appearance, I went downstairs to the living room. The penthouse was similar to mine, but with dark furniture.

When I walked into the living room, my head directly turned to the direction of the adjoining kitchen due to the wonderful smell of French toast. There was the spectacular scene which took my breath away! The rude, ruthless and arrogant mogul, Adhvik Rish was standing in the kitchen in his sleeveless T-shirt and sweatpants, handling the pans. He looked too much in concentration when he was cooking. He moved around the kitchen like a pro and he looked homey as well. It made him more sexy and desirable. I quietly stood there and noticed him in awe. I can't help but stare at the definition of perfection ~~ Adhvik himself. The way his abs and muscles in his hands moved and stretched when he poured oil in the pan and placed the container in the top cabinet made my gaze stick to his muscles. Since I was too immersed in awing him, I didn't realize that he was noticing me. I broke from my stance when I heard a sound of clearing the throat and moved my gaze to his face , only to see the over happy, victorious expression with a naughty smirk in his face. His expression clearly implied that he caught me red handed. This made me blush in embarrassment and look away. But that didn't last long 'cause the next thing I know his that he was in front of me, towering over me and lifted my chin up to make me look into his eyes.

"Your blush does something to me... It makes me shiver with delight", he uttered huskily. Oh my god! Adhvik... If he continues talking like this, I'll faint... My breathing automatically fastened and like always, his voice made a shiver run down my spine. Trying to regain my breathing, I looked into his eyes. Bad choice! It only made me more nervous.

"Tssss... Don't bite your lips... ", he said in that same shiver triggering husky voice which made me realize that I was biting my lips out of nervousness. I quickly released it and whispered a 'why?!'.

But before he could answer, the door bell sounded and also, there was a bing from the coffee maker announcing that the coffee was ready. He growled under his breath because of our missed moment, took his hand off my chin and let out a deep breath to let out his frustration.

"I'm making breakfast for us both and you go open the door...", he said to which I just nodded and smiled.

"And after that, I'll tell you why...", he said smirking charmingly to which I blushed furiously.

I quickly went to the door to see the interrupter off so that I can know why he told me to not bite my lips. Don't blame me for reading all the books of 50 shades series and expecting so much ~~ No! Before you think of something, lemme tell you that my thoughts are purely innocent and nothing kinky. While opening the door, I thought that it might be the courier service or even someone from office. But the person I saw by the door completely shocked me. Clearly from her expression, she was shocked as well. It was none other than Haritha, Vita's bitchy friend. Despite my shock of seeing her again in Adhvik's penthouse, I composed myself. But before I can even open my mouth to question, she bet me to it.

"Oh... Rika, right?! Here, we meet again... I see that he finally got you and proved that he can get any girl he wants....", she said, making my heart clench. Its all in the past, remember?! He is changed now... Besides, she is just jealous, I convinced myself.

" But why am I surprised?! Its not new for me to see a girl opening his front door during my visits!", she continued, making my heart clench. Not new to seeing girls open his front door?! It felt like I'm undergoing the same pain I felt seven years ago. My eyes started to tear up. But my pride and resolve of not shedding a tear in front of Haritha made me stand still, controlling my tears.

" Maybe I thought that you were not like them.. But man! I was wrong... You are just like the others... Use and throw... Anyways, I'm going now... I'm not ready to interrupt your session... Bye honey!", she waved her hand mockingly and left with a satisfied smirk. It was all that took me to release my pain out. Tears made its way to my cheeks non stop. My heart relived the same excruciating pain again. Yet again I was fooled and played by the same man! Some people might never change I guess! After all, the leopard can never change its spots...

But instead of continuing to cry, I wiped my tears and made my way into his bedroom to take my mobile. Then, I made my way to the living room where he was already there. He blocked my way and looked at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes. Even after all these, why can't you stop being attracted to anything and everything that is related to him??! , I thought furiously.

"Who was at the door?! Anyways, leave it! You want to know why I don't want you to bite your lips, right?!", he asked huskily towards the end. This time, his voice made me shake with fury. Bringing all my courage, I replied him.

"Why?! Does it remind you of anyone?! Maybe one of your many ex girlfriends?!", I questioned him with my voice thick with all the hatred I could muster, which is very less. It's really pathetic of me that I couldn't hate him even now, even after all these things. I can only feel pity for myself, but not hate him. Why does all this keep happening to me?!

My question made him look stunned. Before he can say a word, I stormed out of his house.

Adhvik's POV

It happened again now! She did it again! Damn this girl and her constant feelings changes! Damn her insults... What does she think of herself?! She can't insult anyone as she likes.... What's with her in leading me on and then insulting me?! , I thought furiously. Yet, you can't stop loving her, my inner demon mocked.

When dad announced her arrival four days ago, I made up my mind and promised myself to despise her and treat her with strict professionalism and nothing more. But when I entered my parent's house three days ago, I heard my dad asking her if she wants to share my penthouse. But even without giving it a thought , she shouted a 'no' as if she was allergic to that idea in that melodious voice. Her answer should have made me relax. But no! I just felt disappointed snd furious that she didn't want to live with me. Just then, mom noticed me. But she didn't turn around. So I didn't get to see her. After she went upstairs , I felt more furious that she avoided me like a plague. So I took out my fury on my parents by questioning them on their decision of offering my pent house without my permission. That night was when dad told me that Rika was joining work the very next day. The very thought made me kept awake the whole night. The next day, when dad called me to inform that she arrived, I quickly escaped myself to the restroom and checked if I look alright. I even took out my tie. I seriously wanted to look good to her in our first meet after all these years. After that, I waited for 18 minutes , checking my watch every few a seconds and wondering about what's keeping her late. I even started pacing inside my cabin. Finally, when she entered, I was stunned after one simple look at her. Rika evolved into a more stunning, beautiful and gorgeous woman. She still had that slim, hourglass figure. I can't help but appreciate her beauty. But he voice broke me from my stance.

'I'm Rika Shrinikith, Mr. Rish...', she said all business-like, in her desirable voice, bold and clear. I cared not to hear the rest of the sentence. My sour mood returned when I heard he addressing me by last name. I felt furious and I wanted to show her the cold business mogul Adhvik.

So, I went by her last name too with that tone and expression I use when I'm doing business.

Finally, I mocked her with coldness about her tardiness. But to my surprise, she blamed Stella for that. When I irritated her purposely by pulling her ropes, she looked like she was ready to murder me. Fierce, I like it!

But when I came to know that Stella behaved rudely to her, I was already fuming. But Rika's confidence about dealing the issue by herself made me look at her in amusement and awe. Just in time, Stella came to remind me of the meeting. I blankly ignored her seductions as always.

Unexpectedly Rika's and my eyes meet. It seemed to hypnotize me. I was not able to look away at all. It seemed like she felt the same. They was something like a pull between us that was too strong for my own liking. We both held the gaze intently, neither withdrawing our eyes. After breaking our eye contact, she went out of the cabin first. Taking this as the chance, I warned Stella with all the coldness and hatred I could muster.

During the meeting, when I saw the stares everyman present was giving her, I couldn't help but feel extremely furious about it. I felt like I wanted to kill every one of them. When I saw Rika feeling uncomfortable, I immediately threatened everyone. When Rika smiled thankfully at me for the first time in seven years, revealing her cute dimples, I was stunned and bewildered. But more like, caught in her beauty. But relaxed soon and continued with the meeting.

After the meeting, when she thanked me, I can't help the smile that made its way on my face and the proud feeling I felt as if I accomplished something big. When I replied her, I can't help the caring trait and softness of my voice.

That night was the night were I analyzed things. It was clear that I still love her. And when I thought of the past happenings, I came to the conclusion that they was something that happened in between. The words she uttered hutted me to the core. But, it's not like its her fault completely. In the first place, I shouldn't have kissed her. So, it's time to forget about that and move on, I thought. I was waiting for the break of dawn that night. I was waiting eagerly to see her again. I even went to the office early hoping that she will come early too. When I saw her enter, I can't help but feel happy like I conquered the whole world.

Then, when reading contract , I noticed that she was staring at me and was checking me out. That made me even more happy as if that was possible.

Then, in the night, when I called dad, he informed me about Rika's penthouse situation. I eagerly offered to come and help them out just to spend some time with Rika. I quickly jogged to her building and went up yo her penthouse. As expected, she opened the door and as usual, our gazes locked giving me chills. Her eyes always locks mine in place. Such is her magic! Her little blush that always does something to me and also makes me shiver with delight was the evidence that she likes me too.

After our little encounter, when dad was away to pick up the call, I saw her trying to get on the counter. To see her jump was pretty hilarious. So, seeing this as the chance, I closed the distance between us, lifted her by waist and placed her on the counter. Both of our breathing fastened by this closeness. My hands on her waist felt as if it belonged there. Also, her panting made me realize that I have the same effect on her as she does on me.

Later that night, when she took my bed, I can't help but think that it looked as if she belonged there. All night I kept think about how our life would be if we both were together. Owing to make that happen, I slept peacefully.

I even woke up early in the morning to make her breakfast and impress her. Don't blame me for wanting to impress her. Her opinion on me matters the most!

Coming to the point, everything was going fine till now. But after attending the door, she insulted me once again. That reminds me , who was at the door?! Are they the reason she acted like that to me?! I quickly called the security guard to ask him about the information of my visitor. But he told me that it was someone by the name Adhvita and he let her in as that name was in my visitors list. His answer surprised me since it was impossible. My sister is still in Paris.

So, when I checked the CCTV footage, I saw that it was Haritha, Vita's friend , who keeps nagging me about the info on Vita constantly.

Is she the reason why Rika acted coldly?! May not be, right! There is no logic or any connection between the two situations.

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