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Together Forever - 9

Shouldn't Have Read Too much of 50 Shades!

Rika's POV

I'm sitting here , in my living room, dressed for office in my reddish pink shift dress and white pumps, waiting for Adhvik! Wonder why?! Here is the reason.

I woke up this morning by a call from Rahul uncle. When I picked it up, he said "Lil' champ! From today, Dhvi will pick up and drop you, to and fro the office and home as you guys live close to each other . So get ready and wait for him! Have a great day kid!". With that the call is cut as he was in hurry to finish some work. So much for moving on!

With a sigh, I got up from bed, did all my morning duties, dressed up and ate my breakfast. Now, I'm sitting in my living room couch , waiting for Adhvik.

Soon, I heard a knock in the door announcing Dhvi's arrival. I quickly opened the door and he strode into my penthouse majestically without invitation while I stood near the door baffled. He took his seat on the couch which I previously occupied , crossing his legs by placing his right foot over the left thigh. Let me tell you this, he looked manly and his face beamed with happiness.

Out of courtesy, I offered him to make coffee to which he readily accepted. All the while, his eyes trailed on me, noticing my every movement, making me uncomfortable. Finally, when my patience reached its saturation point, I decided to ask him.

"You know that staring is rude, right!?"

This made him smile strangely though. Definitely, not the reaction I expected from him. Oh Boy!!! This guy is a mystery.

"You can't really blame me... Being a art lover, I can't help but notice artistic beauties...", he said in a flirting tone.

Even though what he said made my heart flutter, I hafta turn down his advances according to my motto. So, I replied him accordingly.

"Sure! You must have said it to many girls!", I countered mockingly.

Again, his smile didn't falter even a bit. Instead, he gave me a 'bring it on' expression. That's why I tell you that this guy is a mystery.

"Of course not! Only you!", he replied, giving me his heart stopping smile.

His smile literally made me freeze in my spot. Thousands of emotions rushed to me. My heart fluttered as if I'm in my teenage all over again. My mind clouded. I felt strangely happy. I was brought back to earth by the flicking of his fingers in front of my face.

On seeing the all-knowing smirk on his face, I flushed deep red in embarrassment. This made him smirk more arrogantly.

" It's good to know that my hotness made you all flushed up!", he boasted him and smirked smugly.

"Don't dream! I was merely thinking about something that happened last year!", I quickly tried to defend myself, lying smoothly ~~ okay, at least, that's what I thought.

" We are not very well at lying! Are we, sweetheart?!", he said, more smugly, as if it's possible.

Unable to think of anything, I just huffed and bit out , "I'm not your sweetheart, Mr.Rish".

His smirk remained plastered on his face when he replied. " Oh, Trust me! You are more than just my sweetheart! "

Even though his reply made me all mushy on the inside, my motto made me raise an eyebrow and stand in a challenging stance by crossing my hands over my chest.

His eyes caught my movement and his gaze traveled to my hands that are crossed. Seeing the appreciative glint in his eyes, I quickly turned around and muttered a 'Pervert' , that is loud enough for him to hear and retreated back to making coffee.

"Again, its Only for you!", he literally screamed to my retreating self. I quickly turned around again to face him, only to see smugness in his face.

" Your smugness gives me the impression that you are proud of your act.. "

"You can't blame me... After all, I'm a healthy man... And two points should be noted here... One is that I'm not seeing any other girl in perverted sense... It's only you.. Secondly-"

Before he could list out the next thing, I couldn't stop myself from interrupting.

"The fact that it's only me should make me feel any better?!", I questioned with raised brow. Even though his 'it's only you' made me jump up and down in my head, I should really keep this guy in check.

"Obviously , it should! You know what! You are bruising my man ego currently ", he stated as if it's a fact and tried to pout. His actions only made my heart flutter more. How can a 24a year old man be this cute?! Let alone a ruthless mogul!

Before I can reply any further, he continued. " Now, come on! Ask me the second thing!"

"As if you will leave me if I don't ask you!" , I said with a huff and then asked him to tell about it.

"Second reason for not blaming me is, how long can a guy stay virgin for crying out loud?! Have you ever heard of a mogul who didn't do 'that' even though he is at the ripe age of 24?! You are seeing one now! Here I'm standing, in front of you!", he stated with a uninterpretable emotion in his face.

His words only made me feel more happy. The fluttering turned wild ~~ in both my heart and stomach. I was enveloped in this new sense of possession. I felt as if he is my own registered property. Only mine to cherish! Isn't that a wedding vow, Rika?! Well! Way to go... , my inner consciousness mocked. As I usually do, I ignored it this time too. But a thought kept running in my mind ask this time. Shouldn't I feel offended by him staring at my chest?! Instead, why am I feeling all happy?! My god! I'm turning all wanton... That why I shouldn't have read too much of fifty shades...

When the coffee machine dinged, I decided to give him his coffee, instead of hearing any further and questioning myself of my moral values. I remembered how he took his coffee 7 years back. Not knowing if it's still the same, I questioned him abruptly without thinking.

"Still taking your coffee black with two sugars??", I asked him. Seeing the amused smile making its way to his face, I understood my mistake. God!! Why do I have to be such a big mouth?!

I can't help but lower my head from embarrassment. What is it?! Embarrass yourself day??! If it's that, then I'm surely doing a very good job!

"Good to know that you still remember my preferences!", he said with his one side smirk.

"You know that you are acting like a high school boy, right?! Like a freaking teenage boy! And I actually thought that you grew up!", I countered him and ended my sentence with a dramatic disappointed sigh.

" Only with you, sweetheart! Only with you!", he said playfully, stressing on the sweetheart part.

"I'm not your sweetheart!", I said again, but didn't cross my hands this time. See that?! A girl actually learns from her mistakes!

Before he could reply, his phone rang. On seeing the caller ID, his laid back posture turned stiff. He attended the call and muttered a 'Hello, Adhvik Rish speaking' in a emotionless , cold voice that can send fearful chills down anyone's spine. Even his face turned emotionless. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration at what the caller is telling. Let me tell you this! He looked over the top sexy with his eyebrows furrowed like that. But that's not the thought that occupied my mind. This Adhvik is completely different from the one I saw just minutes before the call arrived. This is the Adhvik the world know. Adhvik, the ruthless mogul. His playful, flirty, teenage boy side was shown to no one.. So, it's only for me!

I can't control my Cheshire cat grin that occupied my face. So I quickly made Dhvi his coffee and handed it over to him when he cut the call, still smiling. On seeing my grin, he raised a brow to which I simply shrugged. I heard him mutter a quiet 'women!'.

When he took the first sip of coffee, his expression turned astonished.

"Wow! You make the best coffee in the world! It just makes me reach heavens above!", he encouraged me with a excited smile.

His excitement and encouragement really made me over the top happy. I grinned more wider as if it's possible and made him an offer.

So ladies and gentleman! That's how I ended up making his coffee daily and for every single time!

After the coffee, we went to his car. His driver gave us a polite greeting and opened the door for us. As soon as we climbed in , Adhvik sat little too close to my liking which made my heart beat heavily. Instead of just scooting away and seem like a coward, I put on my 'bring it on' attitude and sat there. I even went to the extent of consoling myself that once I get used to this closeness, my heart will not flutter. After all, it's been only 4 days and all this is only nervousness.

After reaching the office, Adhvik automatically turned to his Ruthless CEO mode and started working like a workaholic. So technically, being his trainee, I just followed his example and did my work.

After nonstop working, we only took our Lunch breaks and started working again. Apparently, we had to finish more contract reading that we stalled out yesterday. The heavy work load, even made me to do some serious, undistracted work, instead of gawking at Dhvi. Later, when it was time to go, I was already too exhausted and so was Dhvi.

Then, we both went to the car and Adhvik was occupied in a call, all throughout the ride. Finally, the ride came to an end, yet, Adhvik was still in the call. So, I decided to not disturb him and take a leave. But, before I can move one step, he took my hands and lead me towards my building. This simple gesture touched my heart. With a simper playing on my lips all through the while, I gently bid a bye to Adhvik when we reached my door.

After cutting the call, he gave me his genuine heart stopping smile and said, "Pack for a week... We are going to Italy for a business deal and contract signing tomorrow... I'll tell Stella to mail you the details..."

After bidding out a bye, he went in his way.

After checking the mail that 'the Bitch with a capital B' Stella sent me, I decided to postpone my packing to tomorrow as the flight is by afternoon. Now, I know that you guys are judging me for my rudeness on Stella. But you gotta understand two facts.

1) I'm not mother Teresa. I do forgive people easily. But not the ones who intentionally keep putting their legs on my way to make me trip, or the ones that who bad mouths me in the office, or the ones who took oath to make my time in office terrible.

2) I'm no book heroine! Tell me frankly! Don't we all hold little grudges?! After all, it's what we humans are made up of.

So, these are my pretty lame reasons. But yeah!

As usual, my bedtime is my thinking time. And again, as I usually do, I thought about one person that invades my mind! Okay, one of the two persons... That is, if you consider Shinchan as a person. Hey, no judging! You are never too old to watch cartoons! And 23 is never too old! ;) Okay, I'll probably tell you the same even when I turn 80... But, you get the point, right!

Anyways, coming to the point, my mind drifted back to Dhvi. That guy again made a crack in my resolve and made me almost break my motto. He have that power over me and the what's more pity is that, it's not freaking me out. I'm, in fact, letting it happen. At least, I'm going with the flow now. This thing I'm doing, is making me happy.

I seriously dunno if Haritha's words are true. But I want to let go of the past. As long as Adhvik has changed, I will not care about the past. After all, to err is human right! So, I should probably stop thinking about the past too.

Then, with excitement for tomorrow, I slept peacefully.

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