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Together Forever - 10

What's My Name, Rika?

Rika's POV

"Welcome Mr.Rish and Ms.Shrinikith! May you have a peaceful flight ahead sir and ma'am!", said the air hostess with a gentle smile.

"Thank you", I replied with a smile while Adhvik simply nodded with a stone face. When the air hostess whose name tag read 'Tonia' passed us, I elbowed Adhvik in his ribs for his rudeness to which he didn't even wince a bit. Truly, made of stone!

He turned to me and asked "what".

"I know that telling 'thank you' is overrated for you! But you can't even smile a little?? Sometimes I wonder if you're really Sanvi Aunty's son!", I replied with a huff and then took my seat near the window. Even though there are seven more seats in Adhvik's private jet, he chose the one next to me and sat with a smirk.

Then, he turned to face me and said, "Don't question my parentage sweetheart... Besides, I'm all smiles with you... Don't I? That should clear your doubt..."

"That's what Mr.Rish... Why are you smiling only to me?! And don't call Mr sweetheart!"

"That's simple... Because, its you... My smiles are only for you, sweetheart... Besides, smiles didn't get me to where I'm today, sweetheart... Smiles didn't make me a billionaire...", he said smirking.

His reply only made me sigh even though I felt special in a way. To ponder more on the subject, I decided to dig deep.

"Oh! Why me?! And you are not planing on leaving the 'sweetheart'... Do you?!"

"Nope! Not planning to do any such thing sweetheart... And you already know the answer for your 'why me' question!"

"Don't you think that you are killing this sweetheart thing by using it a little too much?! Anyways, what the agenda for our stay?!"

With that, his playfulness faded and he went all business-mode. The rest of our journey almost consisted of doing a presentation for the contract until it was time for dinner. By that time, I was completely and utterly exhausted. After dinner, all I really wanted to do was, to crawl into bed and sleep hard. But that was where the problem arose.

There was only one bedroom in his private jet and he was equally exhausted as me. Keeping in mind that he has to do the presentation tomorrow, I decided to sleep on the uncomfortable recliner seat of the jet. Besides, he let me sleep in his bedroom during my moving day. So, it's time to return the favor.

Deciding this, I turned to return back from the bedroom. But, before I can come out of the bedroom, I bumped into Adhvik.

"I'm sleeping in the recliner... You take the bed... Okay??"

If you think that I said those words, then its a big no. Adhvik, the man himself said it, surprising me.

"No no... You take the bed...", I protested.

This protests kept on going until I was out of anymore energy. Unable to argue any further, I said ,

"Okay listen... We will share the bed..."

If you had thought that Dhvi readily accepted, then you are wrong. Being the drama queen he is, he decided to create a little drama.

"Nooo... What made you think that I'll let you take advantage over me, Ms.Shrinikith??? I'm not that kind of guy!", he said with a over dramatic expression, but the slight tilt of his lips gave him away.

"Oh.. Quit being a drama queen and sleep already... I'm too tired to argue.."

With that, I climbed on the right side of the bed and Dhvi laid down on the left side, both facing each other.

Without giving anymore thought to the matter in hand, I let the sleep overtake me. But before I can drift completely, I felt the poke of a finger on my arm. When I weakly opened an eye, Dhvi said, "Don't ever think of taking advantage over me while I'm sleeping, sweetheart... I know karate!". Then, he smirked naughtily and closed his eyes. Ah!! This guy is impossible... With this thought, I finally drifted off to sleep with a smile.

The sun from the window woke me up from my peaceful sleep. Before opening my eyes, I decided to enjoy the comfort of the rock hard bed and warm comforter that is draped over me. Wait what?! Rock hard bed and warm comforter??!

Panicked, I opened my eyes, only to be met with a shirt covered chiseled chest. I realized that my head was rested on Dhvi's chest. When I tried to get up, I was restrained and pulled back by the warm and hard arms that were encircling me around my waist.

"Relax Sweetheart! Its just me... Go back to sleep!", Adhvik whispered in my ears huskily, which made me shiver involuntarily.

His closeness made my mind blank. All the thoughts fled my mind. But somewhere in the corner, my rational brain told me to struggle out of his grip. But my hazed brain took over and told me to stay in his warm hold comfortably and enjoy it till it lasts. So, I did the same. I stayed in his arm, I stayed where I truly belonged.

Let me tell you that I'm not the wise decision maker when I'm just out of sleep. What's happening now is the proof. After that peaceful resting, we had to get out of bed. Just then, everything started crumbling and turned out awkward.

Both of us, being equally responsible for our action, can't face the other. To my surprise, even Adhvik remained silent. Our journey to the hotel was silent too.

As soon as the receptionist gave us the penthouse's master key, we went to the elevator and rode our way to the penthouse.

On entering the penthouse, the first thing I noticed is the well decorated, cozy living room. But on further exploration, I noticed that there is only one bedroom.

"Mr.Rish, there is only one bedroom... I think I should check into a different suite...", I said facing him.

"No sweetheart, that won't be needed... We can definitely share.. Its not like we didn't do that last night! Besides, you liked it as much as I did and you can't deny it...", he replied with a smug expression.

Did I really mention earlier that Dhvi was silent about the matter ?! Maybe, I spoke too soon.

Before, I can argue further, his phone rang. On picking the call, he went to his study. I, on the other hand, picked out my outfit for the day and went into the bathroom to shower.

When I was putting on my watch and checking myself one last time in the vanity mirror, Adhvik entered the room. On seeing me, he came closer, stood behind me and our eyes locked gazes in the mirror. Those blue eyes with green specks drowned me deep and held me as a prisoner with an unexplainable emotion. "You are gorgeous", he whispered into my ears and paraded into the bathroom majestically.

His words brought a wide smile on my face.

I decided to wait for him I'm the kitchen with the ordered breakfast and the coffee I made. When he entered the kitchen, I swear, my breath knocked out. It caught in my throat by his hotness. Aren't these things supposed to happen to men on seeing women?! Are my hormones alright??

He wore a dark gray suit, cream colored, checked undershirt with a navy blue tie. His perfectly combed hair and that stubble added to his sexiness. I can't help but gawk at him. Of course, this act of mine did not go unnoticed by Mr.Arrogant himself. His proud smirk revealed it all.

After an silent breakfast, we both went to the meeting with a potential client. Adhvik, with his intelligence, smartness and brainy attitude, made this meeting a success. All we have to do is to wait for the contract papers and sign it. All throughout this meeting, I can't help but admire the perfection himself, Adhvik. The way he carried himself, the way his personality and appearance screamed power, confidence and arrogance, the way his eyes melts and turns soft within a second of meeting mine, the way his body relaxes around me, the way he spoke about the project... Everything... Simply everything that makes Adhvik Rish.

When we reached our penthouse, it was evening already. I took my turn first to change into a pair of faded blue jeans and a white and black striped T-shirt. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and headed out into the living area, study and finally, the kitchen to look for Dhvi. But surprisingly, he was not there. But how can I leave the kitchen without having anything. That will be considered as injustice. So, I decided to be an angel and make two cups of hot chocolate.

After doing it, I headed back again to search for Adhvik. When I finally found him in the bedroom, I noticed that he changed into a short sleeved white T-shirt and blue jeans. The T-shirt hugged his muscles. He looked hot as usual.

Remembering the reason of my arrival, I called out for him.

"Mr.Rish, Do you want a cup of hot chocolate?! I made an extra one, just in case!"

But he continued playing with his phone as if he didn't hear me. So I called out more loudly. But the response was the same. His ignoring behavior got to my nerves. Irked, I placed both the cups on the nearby coffee table and strode closer to him angrily. I caught hold out his right arm and tugged him forcefully to gain his attention.

"What?!", he asked in a annoyed tone. The audacity of this man!!

"You ask me what??! I was calling you all this time and you ignored me as if it's insignificant... Now, you are asking me 'what'??", I bit out in frustration.

"Oh really?! You were calling me?! When?! I thought you were talking to my father or cousin on phone! You should have been more specific!", he replied, with him gaze drilling into my eyes with... Is it hurt?!

"Why will I call uncle or Sanjay as Mr.Rish?! You know that very well...", countered with irritation.

"Then why are you calling me Mr.Rish?!", he asked in a defenseless voice which made my heart pain a little. To hear him without his usual confidence did not settle well with me. It pained me. Though, I can't just comply to his wishes. I'm actually afraid that I'll breakdown in front of him at the very moment I'll say his name... The name I can tried not to utter for 7 long years.... The name Adhvik...

"I call you Mr.Rish 'cause our relationship is purely business... And calling you by your surname is appropriate...", I replied nonchalantly.

"Ahhhh!", he heaved out a deep breath and raked his hair. Then muttered something like 'enough of playing nice! I have to do it in my way!'.

With that, his usual arrogance returned and his gaze turned dark and predator like. He took a step in my direction which made me take one step back, involuntarily. His predatory eyes held mine and drowned me into those deep pools of blue. He took another step forward and instinctively, I took one step back. This continued till I was cornered and he was a centimeter closer to me. His both hands rested on the wall, holding my head still.

His closeness sped my heart and made my breathing heavy. His cologne invaded my senses.

"What's my name?!", he asked, in a husky voice. It made my heart race even faster.

"Mr.Rish", I whispered.

"No wrong answer!", he said, taking another step closer. It made my heart race even more as if it is possible. My breathing harbored even more. Lemme tell you, right now, Usain Bolt will be no equal to my racing heart.

His chest touched mine in a light brushing. He leaned in closer to my ears and whispered, "What's my name, sweetheart?"

I can't help but close my eyes before answering a feeble , breathy "Mr.Rish".

"Wrong answer again sweetheart! Let's try again!", he said, still whispering in my ears. My eyes opened again to meet his completely molten ones.

Then, he moved his hands from the wall and cupped my face in his one hand, stroking my cheek with his thumb. His other hand encircled around and held my waist. He leaned closer so that his lips brushed mine.

"What's my name, Rika?!", he asked huskily. Shivers ran down my spine. Hearing my name from his lips after all these years is my final straw. It made my heart flutter and race at the same time.

"A--Adhvik", I said finally, in whisper.

His eyes locked with mine again. It portrayed satisfaction, happiness and --- love??!

With a full fledged beyond-the-world-happy smile, he pressed his lips to mine. His kiss was filled with emotions. It portrayed affection, care, love and happiness.

Without waiting anymore, I kissed him back with everything in me. That kiss made my legs wobble, my knees tremble, my breath hitch, my eyes close, my spine shiver and my surroundings to vanish.

He deepened it and pulled me more closer until there is no space between us. I, automatically, threaded his silky hair with my both hands and pulled him down.

Finally, we parted for oxygen when we were out of breath. Our eyes locked again with both of us breathing heavily, trying to catch our breaths.

Just then, it struck me. This is my second kiss... Second kiss with Adhvik... My second kiss with a man... And it was amazing!

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