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Together Forever - 11

Tell Them Honey! After All, You Are The One Who Named Him!

Rika's POV

"This should teach you a lesson, sweetheart! Every time you call me in an official or professional tone, you will be punished. Beware!", he said smirking, still breathing hard.

Instead of cowering away from awkwardness, the kiss gave me a rush of confidence. Even though my face flushed from the intensity of the kiss and I felt a bit shy, I squared my shoulders, still breathing hard, and looked deep into his gaze.

"If my punishment is as good as this, I'm ready to commit the same mistake a thousand more times!", I replied, with a 'bring it on' smirk.

That's all the invitation he needed. He quickly pulled me into his arms, lowered his mouth to my ears, whispered, " I think that we got enough breathes for now...", and captured my lips again. It did not take long for me to follow.

This kiss was as fantastic as the previous one. Earth shattering, knee buckling and toe curling!

After what seemed like hours, we finally parted again. Without giving me another word, Adhvik passed me to pick up the long forgotten hot chocolate. Holding my gaze, he took a sip from his cup. When the liquid touched his tongue, his eyes widened and he called out.

"Woman! You make the best hot chocolate in this world!"

"Thank you!", I replied , feeling over-the-world-happy about his appreciation.

"How did you learn to do all these?! As far as I know, both mom and Pia aunty are disasters when it comes to kitchen! Who taught you all these?!", Dhvi asked in amusement.

"Back in Harvard, I stayed in a flat with my friend... You know how much I wanted to live normally like others, right... So, we never had a house keeper or a cook... We both took turns... That's how I learnt to cook...", I said smiling, reminiscing about my college days, which ended about just few weeks back.

"Yeah.. I remember you throwing tantrums just because Pia aunty did not make pancakes with you like other moms... And that particular time when uncle didn't allow you to eat the roadside food!", he replied , chuckling.

"Hey... You can't blame me... I always wanted a simple life! And struck up with billionaire parents...", I said with displeasure clear in my voice.

"I know that! Anyways... So, you are telling about this friend whom you have to share the flat with... Tell me more about this friend of yours...", he enquired me, with a serious expression in his face.

"Yeah! His name is Daniel... I call him Dan though... He is an awesome person... The coolest and the funniest one in the whole world... He is basically from Ireland... Though, his family's company is based in Seattle...He loves ta-", my excited talk about my best friend was interrupted by a furious looking Adhvik.

"Stop", he interrupted.

"You were staying with this guy in Massachusetts?! Do your parents know about it?! Do you have any sort of feelings for him?! ", he grinded out, with gritted teeth. Anger radiated off him, much to my confusion. And when his questions finally registered in my mind, I spit out a shocked "what? No...".

"What!?? Your parents don't know?! How can you?! I'm telli--", he continued questioning furiously, ready to blow up.

"Will you just stop it! What's gotten into you suddenly?! The 'no' is for the question about having feelings for him! And yeah... I was staying with him and my parents know about it!", I literally screamed, cutting him off.

Even though I explained, his sudden unexplainable anger didn't go any low.

"Oh really?! If you don't have any feelings for him, then why were you talking about him that excitedly?!", he interrogated raising a brow, arms crossed and still furious.

"Well! There is this thing called getting excited when talking about your best friend...", I countered bravely, placing my hands on my hips.

Like my answer satisfied him, his posture calmed down a teeny tiny bit.

"Oh... Did that guy ever made a move on you?! If he ever did that, I'll owe myself to make his life miserable...", he gritted out again. His stiff posture showed that his anger returned back. That is when the realization struck me. The realization that I'm seeing the green eyed monster in him. The realization that he is jealous!

His jealousy made my insides flutter with delight and happiness. Like a good soul I'm, I decided to tease him a little.

"No... But... Even if he made a move on me, why should you worry?!", I questioned him, feigning seriousness.

"That's because I care for you, dammit!", he cried out frustrated, raking his hair with his hands. Lemme tell you something. He looked too sexy, all worked up.

"Oh.. Yeah yeah... Jealous are we?!", I teased him further with a mischievous tone, wriggling my brow.

Instead of answering, he let out a huge breath, ran his hands over his face and hair. Even though I loved it when he is all worked up and frustrated, I decided to take pity on the poor guy. Okay, chill.. The real reason is that, I had this big urge to clear his doubt and make him know that its not what he thinks. For some reason, his opinion on me mattered more than anything. Trust me when I tell you that I'm the girl who doesn't give double shit about other's opinion on me. This guy makes me crazy!

"So... Listen... Dan is just my best friend... And besides, Danboy bats for the other team!", I explained, chuckling. My answer made his eyes go wide!

"You mean.. You mean he is a gay?! All this time, I was blowing the top for nothing?! ", he asked flabbergasted.

"Hell yeah! That was totally fun, by the way... And trust me when I tell you that, he is going to be over-the-top jealous of me when he is going to meet you...", I mocked him, letting out a full fledged laughter.

"Oh yeah.. So, that means you find me attractive and handsome... Isn't it?!", he countered. Now, it's his time to tease.

"Oh, shut up!", I huffed and left the place, feeling embarrassed. Booming laughter resounded behind me.

An hour later, we decided to explore the place nearby. So, we both left the penthouse and took the elevator down to the lobby.

After too much of begging and persuading, Adhvik agreed halfheartedly to explore the surroundings by foot. I was all too excited for the exploration and hoped on having a fantastic time.

But, all my plans crumbled even before we took ten steps from the hotel. If you guessed that's because of Adhvik, then you deserve the brilliance award.

Some people noticed the world's infamous billionaire, the most sought out bachelor, Adhvik Rish himself! So, we were soon surrounded by his 'fans' who kept questioning him nonstop. All the while, I was standing awkwardly next to him. But that's not the worst part. In a few minutes, his 'fangirls' started surrounding him, flirting shamelessly and throwing themselves at him, much to my annoyance. But all this while, he kept on a cold expression making me feel a little better. So, I did what seemed right. I quickly took his hands, pulled him with me and started running towards the street corner. Bewildered, everyone just stared, wide eyed at us. I took this as a distraction and entered a small clothing store that appeared just after turning right.

Without giving him time to question, I pulled him to the hat section and bought him a ridiculously large hat. I made him wear it with his RayBan sunglasses.

"This should work out! Hopefully no one recognizes you tonight!", I let out a big sigh. His didn't reply, but, his lips twisted in a small smile, making my breathing falter slightly.

Heaving again, I gently took his hand and walked out of the shop.

Even though he was in a 'poor excuse of a disguise' , it surely served its purpose. We walked in the street hand in hand, discussing random topics, eating street foods and exploring small shops.

When we were inside a small clothing and accessories store, Dhvi left my hands and moved towards one of the racks. Picking out something, he turned towards me and my eyes widened at it. He held a very beautiful thigh length black dress with white closed collars and lace ends in his hand. It was not one of those classy professional dinner dresses. This dress screamed youthfulness and joy with a touch of classiness. When my eyes met his, they shown with a excited gleam and my lips automatically grinned at him. Seeing this, he gave back a heart stopping grin of his and strides towards the cash counter.

When he was about to pay, holding out his black card, I quickly tried to snatch it and replace it with my own. But to my despair, he was fast to instruct the brunette cashier in a intimidating voice to take his card. The fact that the brunette is already smitten by his godly looks and his intimidating voice will make anyone to blindly follow his instruction did not help.

Just after we exited the shop, something struck me.

"Dhvi, we did not check the size of the dress", I exclaimed for which he just smiled, before answering.

"Its the right size! Chill!", he replied coolly.

"How will you know it?!", I challenged, crossing my arms. Automatically, his eyes went lower while smirking, obviously to rile me up.

"Eyes up here mister!", I said him in a exaggerated strict tone while pointing to my eyes. This made him chuckle whole heartedly, which in turn made me smile.

"Always the drama queen", he said , smiling mischievously. But before I can answer, he continued to answer my previous question.

"BTW, I know that the dress is of correct size, because I know your size, sweetheart!". This made me feel over the top happy. So I stood on my tip toes, pulled his head down, pecked his cheek and walked straight into the nearby park without waiting for him. I dared not turn to face him, because I knew that my face is deep red now. So, instead, I went closer to a bench and took my seat. The park was almost clear as it was already closer to 9 in the night.

When I felt a looming presence over me, I looked up to see a amused Dhvi towering over me. Soon, he tough l took his seat next to me and we both sat there in comfortable silence, looking at a small boy who was playing with a dog, at a distance.

When the boy, maybe of 2 or 3 years of age, tricked the dog and jumped on its back, I can't help the laughter that found its way to me. I rushed to the little boy's side.

"Gimme a kiss if you want this candy!", I bargained the little man with a candy that I bought during my food fest, winking, tapping my cheek. He meekly kissed it, snatched the candy from my hands and ran away. This made me laugh with full contentment. But, it was short lived as the camera shutter-like sounded in front of me. I quickly turned my head to that direction to see Dhvi holding his phone and smiling at it.

"Hey, Did you take my pic?!", i asked self consciously, walking towards him.

"I don't know", he shrugged and replied nonchalantly.

"I deserve to see it , you know! I promise I won't delete it..."

Pretty convinced, he held out his mobile, to let me see the picture of myself, laughing whole heartedly. I looked happy in that pic.

"I love your dimples, you know! I use to tickle you when we were small, just to see them. And obviously, to see you happy too...", he said smiling, feeling nostalgic, staring at the photo of mine.

"I know! You use to tickle me almost all the time... You were too cruel then... You had to see me smile all the time... If there was a pout or a frown, then I'm dead from all the tickling by you!... I still remember those days crystal clear...", I said smiling, hit by memories.

He quietly took my hand and led me to the bench again. We sat beside each other with my head lying on his shoulders just like when we were 5 and 6 years old. Then, he took my hands in his, brought it to his lips and gently kissed the back of my hand. This gesture made my insides flutter and to sigh in fulfillment.

Later, deciding to skip dinner because of all the street foods, we started heading to the hotel. Throughout the way, I was skipping in my steps happily and Dhvi walked beside me with his hands shoved into his jeans pockets, looking at me with a full smile that can light up this whole town ~~ Okay! That was me, quoting Taylor Swift... Can't blame me though... It suits him perfectly.

When we were waiting for the hotel elevator, a blond guy was eyeing me up with so much obviousness, making me uncomfortable. Seeing this, Adhvik wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer and looked into the blond guy's eye with a dangerous glint as if he is establishing his claim. Soon, the guy left the scenario.

But, before I can thank Dhvi, the elevator's door opened and we were joined by a young couple inside.

"Are you guys in a relationship?! Because you both look too cute together...", said the girl, to which her husband nodded, looking at Dhvi and I.

Panicked by her question, I went to clear her doubt. But, before I can answer, Dhvi replied.

"Yes! She is my girlfriend... We are together for quite a long time...", he said smiling and looked down at me, eyes shown with care. This made a girl 'aww' at us.

His answer did not help my nerves. It's too soon for relationship and stuff. Besides, I'm not even completely over the heart break.

So, as soon as the couple went out of the elevator, I turned to him and whispered angrily. "Don't ever tell anyone that I'm your girlfriend..."

Before I can tell anymore, the lift opened in the next floor and a old couple came in. Instantly they smiled at Dhvi and I, to which we returned the gesture. Noticing Dhvi's hand on my waist, he old lady asked, "You kids look happy and perfect together... Are you people in a relationship?! Like girlfriend boyfriend?!", with a gentle smile.

What's with people assuming about my relationship with Dhvi, today?!

I narrowed my eyes at Dhvi, Challenging him about the girlfriend thing. He, surprisingly, smiled calmly and kissed my forehead. I could have believed his innocence if not for the mischievous 'bring it on' smile. Panicking about the trick this guy had up on his sleeves, I jumped in to correct the old lady. Again, before I can correct that nice old lady, Dhvi opened his mouth.

"No.. We are not girlfriend boyfriend...", he said, much to my relief. But before I can completely rest in satisfaction and peace, he continued.

"She is the love of my life... She is my wife!", he said. Then he looked into my eyes naughtily.

Oh boy! Lemme show you that two can play at this game!

I put on my sweetest smile and leaned into him, resting my hands on his chest. His expression turned into a slight frown. But he concealed it rather quickly.

"Honey, you told our son that he is the love of your life, just the day before! Now, who is the real love of your life?!", I questioned him in a sickening sweet tone, trying horribly to bat my lashes. His shocked expression to my reply was worth everything though. I swear, I had to think 'Jack died in Titanic!' to stop myself from laughing.

"Oh.. You darlings have a son?! That's awesome...What's his name and how old is he?!", genuinely asked the excited old lady.

"Tell them Honey! After all, you are the one who named him!", I said, ruffling him further, with a evil smile.

"Ugh... Ummm... His name is... Ridhvik... Yeah.. Ridhvik Rish... He is three now!", Adhvik said beaming , as if he is a proud father. Definitely, he can consider acting as his career choice. Damn, he was good and convinced the old couple that we are, indeed, a family.

"It's our floor... May you young people have a happy married life ahead with Ridhvik... Goodbye Mr and Mrs. Rish...", said the old lady and got out of the elevator.

As soon as the elevator started going up again, I scrambled to the floor and started laughing, clutching my stomach.

"Ridhvik?! Seriously?!", I mocked, tearing up 'cause of laughing hard.

"Hey... Don't blame me... That was the best I could think of at that moment... Combining both of our names... But , coming to think of it now, I kind of like it...", he defended himself, grinning.

After changing to pajamas, we both slept on our respective sides of the bed.

But before I can drift off, I felt a poke and heard a 'Don't even think about taking advantage of me in my sleep , sweetheart!'.

With a light hearted smile and the thought that this guy is crazy, I dived deep into a peaceful slumber.

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