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Together Forever - 12

No No! We Are Just Family Friends!

Rika's POV

After my happiest time in Italy with Adhvik, we returned to Chennai just this morning. Adhvik, like a gentleman he is not (insert wink), walked me to my pent house door and then went to his.

Even though I was all mushy, I can't help but wonder about what our relationship is. Sure, we were all lovey dovey in Italy. But in home?! Will it be professional or as the same in Italy?! But I know one thing for sure. I'm not ready for a label. Labeling our relationship will only break my heart more in the end. So I'm happy the way it is. After all, taking things slow will make our relationship strong, right?!

With those thoughts in mind, I started to get ready for the office. Picking out a cream colored floral long sleeved top to be tucked into a black bell-bottom slacks and red pumps, went into my ensuite bathroom to shover.


oon, with a swipe of red lipstick, I was ready for the office. Quickly making my way to the kitchen, I started the coffee maker to make two cups of coffee for Dhvi and myself. After preparing the coffees, I waited to Adhvik to arrive as he is my ride to the office, all thanks to Rahul uncle!

When my doorbell sounded, I all but run to open the door. In front of me stood a very handsome specimen , that is Adhvik Rish himself. He gave me his breath taking smile and came in. Without saying a word, I went into the kitchen to pour him the coffee and he settled himself in the couch.

"You look gorgeous, Rika", he complemented, making me blush a little.

"Thank you... You look handsome yourself... Here is your coffee", I replied, giving him his coffee and sat in the loveseat, facing him.

With a genuine smile, he took a sip and looked at me in appreciation. We both drank our coffees in a comfortable silence , until was interrupted by him.

"Today, we have a very important meeting with the vice president of Larkson Industries... He is doing a presentation on their Vinery in Tuscany that we are planning to buy. If this deal is successful, then we will have a increase of 30% in the profit margin...", he said in a serious business tone.

"If its in Tuscany, why didn't we finalize the deal when we went to Italy?!", I questioned.

"It's because, this deal is very important that I want our CFO to be present during the meeting... I want you to note every single detail as this will help you grow as a business professional...", he said.

But before I can reply, he got a call. With confusion etched in his face, he picked the call. On hearing the person on the other side, his face looked shocked. Then with a "Yeah.. I'll be there...", he cut the call.

"Adhvik, what happened!!?? Who was on the call?! You look Bewildered!", I asked, concerned.

On leaving out a breath, he a answered. "That's Dad... His cousin died it seems..."

"Rahul uncle's cousin??! Is it Sanjay's dad, you are talking about??!", I asked shocked.

Sanjay is Adhvik's paternal cousin and my non-blood-related brother. We all grew up together. His parents are very irresponsible that they left Sanjay and his sister Divya to fend for themselves. Its been long since I spoke to Sanjay as he is a very busy billionaire. Last time I saw him was, when he came to Delhi with that money hungry girlfriend of his. He was still at college then. When I confronted him about his girlfriend Sana and told him that she was not good for him, he was not ready to accept it. He was too in love with her to see the truth. Then, I came to know that she broke up with him for some other man with money. By then, I was abroad. So , when I called him , he phone was switched off. And later I found out that he changed his number. That's how our contact was lost.

"Yeah! Sanjay's dad only... Even though I hate him for all the things he did to Sanjay, I have to attend the funeral... Dad's order... Sanjay's mom is also attending itseems... Though I highly doubt that Sanjay will attend...", Rahul answered, interrupting me from my thoughts.

"Yeah... So today's meeting will be postponed?!", I asked him.

"No.. It will take place today... You will be attending on my behalf...", Adhvik said, looking at me intently.

"Okay.. I'll take notes for you and will update you this eve...", I replied him casually.

"No... I don't want you to take notes for me... I want you to be the decision maker there... To be in the CEO position in my absence... Meaning, you will take the decision today for Adhvik Rish...", he announced coolly, looking at me directly in the eye. His answer shocked me to the core.

"What!!?? Are you out of your mind??! This deal is very big... You said yourself that this is very important... You surely can't let a newbie like me to handle it... I don't know anything about the practical business world... I surely can't handle my first deal if its this big... What if I make a wrong decision and you lose billions?!", I literally shouted to make him understand the situation.

On hearing me, Adhvik stood from his position and came to stand in front of me. He took both my hands in his and made me stand up from my seat.

"You are bound to handle big deals in future Rika... Let it be now... Besides, I trust you to give your full effort in this... If we fail even after giving your full effort, then I don't care... I really don't care about losing billions... And you have more capabilities than you think you have... Don't underestimate yourself... Now, as your trainer, I am telling you to attend this meeting in my place... I'll inform the others about this change.. Just remember to put your full concentration and analyze the pros and con's before decision making making... Also remember that it's okay to fail... You are more worthy than the millions... All the best, sweetheart!", Adhvik said encouragingly, his eyes held so much of compassion that arrested me in my place. Soon, he engulfed me into a hug and kissed the top of my forehead, whispering, "I trust you!".

When I nodded, he felt him smile. "Thank you... Now, I think it's time for me to go... I'll tell my driver to drop you in the office... All the best...", he murmured, his voice muffled by my hair.

But, before he can go far away from me after releasing me from the hug, I pulled him by his arm.

"You don't wanna goto a funeral wearing suit and tie, you know... Remove your jacket and tie... I'll give them back after you return to your penthouse... ", I said smiling.

"Yeah.. That's right! Will you help me remove it??!", he said cheekily.

Shaking me head by his playfulness and grinning while biting my lower lips, I started unbuttoning his suit jacket and helped him out. Then, by pulling his tie, I lowered his neck and started untying it. After that, I removed the first three buttons of his white shirt. All this closeness only made the act intent. But the knowledge of funeral and the upcoming meeting at the corner of my mind kept me sane.

After a quiet 'bye' we parted ways.
As promised, his driver dropped me in the office. In spite of my nervousness, the meeting went well. In fact, it went more than well. I was able to buy the vinery at far less than the proposed price when I pointed out some major flaws and possible risks. To conclude, everyone was astounded by my capability. Praises followed me everywhere. But, all I wanted was to tell Adhvik that I kept up to his expectation and I fulfilled his trust.

As soon as I stepped out of Adhvik's car, I told Noel, the driver a quiet 'Thank you' and rushed up to my penthouse.

As soon as I entered it, I called Adhvik with excitement. But his phone was picked up by Sanvi aunty. She told me that they all crashed in the Rish mansion after the eventful day and Adhvik is showering in his room currently.

After the call ended, I decided to wash myself and order a pizza and sleep off. Before I can close my eyes, a 'ding' sounded from my phone. Picking it up, I saw a message from that one person who can eliminate my sleep in an instant.

Sorry, sweetheart! The day is too tiring! Will reach the penthouse by morning 8... I'll see you there?! Night!


Seeing his text made me grin widely. I quickly typed a reply before drifting off happily.

Yeah.. I'll meet you there by then.. Night.. Sleep well.. :)



I woke up this morning with a indefinable happy feeling. Quickly dressing up in a pair of blue jeans and a loose white T-shirt, devoid of any makeup, I rushed to Adhvik's penthouse which is in the adjoining building , after taking his suit jacket and tie with me. Not being checked by the security as I'm in his visitors list, I reached his floor with ease. On knocking the door, the door opened to reveal a handsome looking Dhvi, smiling proudly at me. I urged him inside by pulling his hands and I took my seat in a single seater that occupied the living room, with him sitting opposite to me.

"Dhvi... You know what!! We got the deal!!!! ", I exclaimed.

"Yeah... I know sweetheart! I saw the minutes of the meeting... You did a very impressive job... I'm not really surprised though... Didn't I tell you that you can do it! See for yourself... I'm so proud of you... Congrats, sweetheart!", he replied with a proud smile, while his eyes looked at me with so much of pride and care.

Hearing this, I jumped from my seat and hugged him. He took a step back from my sudden action. Though, he quickly regained his balance and hugged me back.

After the hug, he gave me coffee and we both discussed his yesterday's events.

"You know, Sanjay came to his father's funeral yesterday!", Adhvik said, making me choke on my coffee.

"What?! He came?! I never thought he would forgive them. After all, they don't deserve his forgiveness too... Are we talking about the same Sanjay Anna [Anna=Big brother] here?! Did you see clearly?! Anyways how did he know?!", I enquired non-stop, in a single breath.

"I informed him this morning.... He did not forgive them... But, I think, he came because of Mitha his wife! By the way, She is coming to meet me here today... I thought that it's better if she knows about Sanjay's mom, Veena aunty...", he said coolly.

"Wife?! Seriously?! Can you stop giving me shock after shock.... He seriously got married and never told me?!! How can he?! I'm his sister and he never even felt the need to call me to his wedding?!", I enquired furiously.

"Hey chill... He did not tell anyone... He married in front of a registrar with only Mathew as witness...", Adhvik pacified me.

"Yeah... I know that millions of things go through his mind... I'll forgive him for not telling me about his wedding as soon as he tell me a genuine sorry, whatever his reason maybe...", I replied, cooling myself.

"Yeah, I know that you will forgive him as always... After all, you are the 'Mother Teresa' of our group...", he said mockingly.

"You did not just tell that, Mr. Rish!", I exclaimed, feigning anger and tried to be intimidating. But, as always, my plan backfired.

He raised to his full height, gained his intimidating posture and started striding towards me with a devious smile in his face.

"Oh... What did I tell you about calling me Mr.Rish, sweetheart?!", he questioned huskily and took a step forward. Instinctively, I took a step back.

Like always, he cornered me and inched his face closer to mine, locking me in position by placing his hands on either side of me , on the wall.

"But... I didn't call you in a professional way...", I said in a tone closer to whining.

"I don't care sweetheart! Why will I consider the tone or the way, if I get a chance to kiss you...", he replied huskily, now his lips closer to mine.


Before I can say anymore, his lips crashed mine with a force. His left hand slid down to encircle me around my waist and his right hand cupped my cheek and tilted my head slightly to deepen the kiss. My hands found their way to his hair and fondled with it, occasionally pulling him closer. Soon, it turned too intimate, bringing out grunts and moans, accompanied with the feeling of happiness, safeness, pleasure, compassion and LOVE too. But our passion was interrupted by a female voice squealing, "Oh my god! Guys... I'm so sorry... It's not my fault... The door was wide open..."

Hearing this, we both jerked apart to see a woman whose back is facing us. Her words reminded me that we didn't close the door. All thanks to me, for pulling Dhvi inside due to my over excitement.

"Oh.. Mitha.. Come in.. It's okay! We are decent now...", said Adhvik the devil, with a mischievous smirk. He is not even slightly uncomfortable by this situation, where as, I'm deep red in embarrassment.

When the beautiful woman came in, Dhvi showed her the couch. The first thing that came to my mind is that Mitha is not like that money hungry Sana. In fact, I took an instant liking towards this girl.

"Hi Mitha... Thanks for coming... Anyways, this is Rika... Rika, this is Mitha..", Dhvi introduced us.

I gave her a warm smile to which she replied me back with the same.

"So, are you guys in a relationship?! Like boyfriend and girlfriend?!" She questioned us smiling. But her innocent question brought a sudden panic inside me.

"No no! We are just family friends...", I jumped to our defense at the instant.

This made her to chuckle and then nod an 'okay'. Though, Adhvik dived into a full fledged laughter, making me roll my eyes playfully.

After his laughter, he confirmed with a "Yeah.. We are family friends" , sarcastically. But his muffled "who kiss" was only heard by me, making me blush red.

After our little chat, Dhvi and Mitha started talking about Sanjay's mom. Later, we both said Mitha that we will drop her in her home which is in the way to our office. Since, it was Saturday, no one will be in the office building. So, we decided to goto the office in our casual clothing to pickup the previous day's contract papers.

After dropping Mitha with a promise of meeting again, we went to finish our work. The day was normal. In fact, all the following days were normal. One fine Sunday, I received a call from an unknown number.

"Hello! Who is this??", I asked the caller.

"Guess it, Kiddo!", the familiar voice said. Just then it struck me. Kiddo?! Is it him??!

"Is it whom I think it is?! Sanjay Anna?? Is it you?!", I exclaimed.

"Yeah kiddo! The one and only..", he said, chuckling.

"Woah! It's you... Finally, after all these years... You are alive! That's nice...", I replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Sorry kiddo! After what Sana did, I became completely aloof... The fact that, I ignored when you and Divya warned me about Sana, made it very difficult for me to face you guys... I was slightly ashamed... That's why... Sorry... My wedding is a story for another day... But I'm happy for it...", he replied, apologetically.

That's all it took for me to forgive him. His sincere sorry is enough.

"It's okay Anna... you are forgiven... I'm happy for you... Besides, I like Mitha... She is a keeper...", I replied happily, chuckling.

He did the same and we caught up with the missed moments of our lives. Before the call ended, he invited me for a get-together.

Later that night, I was texting in WhatsApp, there was a message about being added in a group. Not just any group, but the 'Rish Family' group.

Sanjay: Hi guys!

Adhvik: Hi dude!

Mitha: Heyyy!! :)

Divya: Hi fam!! ^*^

Vita: Bonjour People!! ;)

Rika: Hola guys! Tell me something pls! Why am I in the Rishs' family group?

Sanjay: That's cuz you are one or you'll be one soon! XP

Adhvik: *high five emoji* dude *coolers emoji*

Vita: *Laughing emoji*

Rika: Not funny! Not at all funny! -_-

Mitha: Guys, stop teasing the poor girl...

Rika: yeahh! Listen to Mitha

Mitha: yeahh! Listen to me

Mitha: though I didn't complete the sentence...

Mitha: stop teasing her cuz Adhvik and Rika are only family friends who kiss XD ;) XP

Vita: whatttt!??!

Rika: I'm going to sleep... -_- bubye

All these teasing made me blush deep. I can see that Mitha is already a part of the Rishs from all her teasing. She is definitely Sanjay's other half. All their teasing didn't embarrass me. It only made me remember our kiss and blush from shyness. I can't explain the feeling, but, I'm not embarrassed of my relationship with Adhvik, in spite of it being unlabeled. In fact, I'm happy about it.

Also, believe me when I tell you that Rika Shrinikith DO NOT blush. Never in a million years, I thought that there will come a day, for me to blush. But as usual, Adhvik brings out the feelings and capabilities that are deep hidden with in me.

Blushing deep red in shyness and not from embarrassment, I decided to sleep. When sleep conquered me, I was insanely happy.

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