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Together Forever - 13

Why Is My Life Filled With So Much Of Drama?!

Rika's POV

Its been only three weeks since I started my training. But my feelings for Adhvik is in haywire now. Yet, I don't wanna acknowledge it or label it. I'm more than satisfied with the way it is.

The week after returning from Italy was weary. With the signing of the deal with Larksons, the business was busier than the usual. Though, Adhvik made sure to flirt a little or give me a peck in spite of our packed schedule. All this made me feel special, considering that he didn't even go to his house for dinner that week due to the workload.

Currently, we were in Rish's private jet, waiting for it to land in the JFK airport in New York. Purpose?! Purchase of another luxury hotel and bar lounge indeed.

When the pilot's voice announced the landing from the cockpit, Dhvi leaned towards me and unbuckled my seat belt, before I can do it myself. With the seat belt still in his hands, he lifted his face and pecked my lips, before leaning back with a mischievous smile to undo his own seat belt. I can't help the smile that invaded my face.

Then, we both exited the jet after thanking the air hostess and pilots and the waiting SUV took us to our hotel penthouse. Knowing Adhvik, I didn't demand for a separate suit this time.

As soon as we reached the penthouse bedroom, the first thing we did is to invade the bed. Jet lag took a troll on us.

By the time we woke up, it was half past six in New York. So, we quickly dressed up for our eight o'clock dinner meeting and left to the hotel. As usual, the dinner meeting was successful and Adhvik got the deal in his benefit. Obviously, who wouldn't be intimidated by Adhvik's cold tone, expressionless face or that powerful aura?! All these things always work on his benefit, especially during the deal. No one dares to talk back or question him and usually accept he says. This is what I prominently observed during these past three weeks.

When we finally settled in our penthouse, we decide to change into our pajamas and call it a night.

But, fate had other plans obviously. When I searched for my pajamas in my travel bag, it was not there. Shit! Why God, why?! Now, I have to sleep wearing this pencil skirt and shirt..

I seriously blame Adhvik. If he had informed me about this travel at least before half an hour, I would have packed calmly. Instead, he made me lack and get ready to leave to New York in just 15 minutes. Practically dumping everything in my travel case, I forgot about pajamas.

Just when I was scowling at my misfortune, Adhvik entered the bedroom in just his boxer shorts after showering. One look at his chiselled chest with those 8 packs , I forgot all about my issue with pajamas. Words don't suffice his hotness.

Those packs were like they are chiselled on a hard rock by a very prominent sculpture. The 'V' that goes underneath his boxers only added more credits to his already perfect body. His muscles and abs flexed, giving me a perfect view when he was running his hands through his hair. His wet hair from shower and the dripping water droplets gave him a more roughly sexy look. His furrowed brows only added to his perfection. He basically looked like a Greek God without toga.

"You can take a picture... It surely stays longer..", a cocky voice interrupted me from my ogling and brought me back to earth.

As soon as the words registered in my mind, my cheeks flushed in embarrassment and my eyes found its way to his. His eyes held smugness and cockiness.

"You wish! ", I huffed.

"Yeah, I do!", he teased to which I gently tapped his arm. Touching his arms surely made me a bit conscious and excited. But, not wanting to show it, I quickly turned to the other side.

"Can you put a shirt on?!"

"Why!? Does it bother you that much?! Can't tolerate my hotness?! Or you are afraid that you will take advantage of me inspite of your self control??! Oh... Don't you dare think of it.. I know karate!", he told me cockily with that mischievous expression I always love.

"Oh oh! I'm telling you... Someday, your head is going to burst because of your over the earth pride and ego...", I mocked.

"Oh yeah!!?? Should I show you how hot I can get?? Or how I'm right about myself?! All you hafta do is to call me Mr.Rish sweetheart!", he said sensually and started walking towards me.

But this time, I didn't walk back. Instead, I held both of his shoulders and pushed him to bed.

" Go to bed, big guy...", I winked and motioned my head towards the bed.

Pouting, he laid down in bed. When I was about to join him, I noticed the furrowing of his eyebrows. I raised a brow to ask 'what'.

"Why are you sleeping in this?!"

"Well... Since someone didn't give me time to pack, I forgot my pajamas and now I'm struck wearing this to sleep...", I shrugged.

"You should have told me sooner... I would have arranged for something... Tomorrow, we will go shop for pajamas..", he replied thoughtfully.

"Seriously Adhvik?! You really think that I'll take you along?!"

"Well... You have no choice...", he replied in a 'its-a-fact' tone making me huff. Then, he suddenly got up from the bed, walked into his closet and came back with a Oxford white shirt and a pair of cotton shorts.

"Here... Wear it for the night... And don't bother to deny... I'm not taking no for an answer...", he said, holding the clothes out to me.

"I'm not going to deny anyways... You are saving me from sleeping in this hell of a business suit... Thank you.. I owe you one!", I thanked him and went to the bathroom to change.

The shirt was quite big for me and reached till my mid thighs and the shorts reached till my knees. His shirt smelled of Adhvik and his Cologne, making me feel at home, warm and comfortable. This made me sigh in pleasure.

After dressing up for the night, I quickly entered the room again and walked up to the bed.

When my gaze met Adhvik's, the intensity made me feel warm shivers down my spine. I felt something strange and felt very contentedly. His eyes sized me up, checking me out shamelessly. The way his eyes roamed over me, made me flush and happy. With a little smile tugging at my lips, I inched closer to bed. When I was near the bed, Adhvik caught hold of my hand and tugged me, which made me fall over him. But, he quickly turned over holding me, thus, trapping me underneath him now. He applied a light pressure to keep me in place and caught hold of my both hands.

"Forget about the pajama shopping... You are going to wear my shirt every night to sleep... Only God knows how right you look in it! Like you belong there...Very sexy with a Class....", he whispered huskily, looking into my eyes, making my breath hitch.

He suddenly released my one arm and raked his hair with his hand. "Women! You don't know what you are doing to me... Right now, my only thought is, to kiss you senseless and make you forget this god damn world... ", he left out a frustrated breath and was about to get up off me. But, before he can do that, I wrapped my one free hand around him and looked deep into his eyes, before whispering "No one is stopping you Adhvik...", putting all my emotions into it.

That's all it took for him to slam lips to mine. The kiss was too intense, bringing out the warmth from within my chest. Though it was passionate, all I felt is love and care. That is exactly what I tried to express in my kiss too.

Once, running out of breath, we both parted apart, catching out breathes. Though, our eyes still looked into each other with a smile tugging in our lips. As soon as we were okay, we laid back in the bed, just looking at each other with smiles on our lips. But our magical moment was interrupted by my phone's ringtone. Annoyed, I picked up the phone to see that the caller ID is that of one of my Guy friends from school.

" Hey Arjun! How are you?! ". Hearing the name, Adhvik's lips thinned, making me smile to myself at his jealousness. But, to save the poor guy from trouble, I mouthed a 'school friend' to him. But his expression didn't change.

"Yeah! I'm fine! How are you?!"

"Great as always! Long time since we talked.... Anyways, sup?!"

"I've called you to tell that I have sent my wedding invitation in WhatsApp... Please do come, prankster!", he said happily on the other line.

"Wow! Congrats..! I'll surely be at your wedding!! I promise..."

With that, the call was cut off.

Listening to my conversation on the phone, he uttered some words that literally gave a blow to my hidden hopes. The hopes' existence that I'm unaware of.

"That guy must be 23 right?!", he enquired thoughtfully, to which I nodded. " Then, why the heck is he marrying this soon?! Is he mad?! Why does he want to throw away all his freedom of single hood?! Man... I can never do such a crazy thing like this...", he rattled, unaware that his words are breaking my heart.

Believe me when I say that I'm a very ambitious girl whose ambitions goes beyond marrying and settling down. I want to achieve in my profession, travel the world with the money I make, help people who are in need and lots more. But, having a family with Adhvik will always be an integrated part of my desires. But knowing that your wish will not ever come true is a big blow to your faith. It's like reality crashing your high dreams. It's heart breaking and painful.

Before I can say a word or react any further, my phone started ringing again. I was surprised to see the caller ID.

"It's your mother, Adhvik", I said, indifferently before picking up the call.

"Come in facetime now from Adhvik's ID... Connect to Sanvi's ID...", my mom's voice was heard in a panicked tone before the call was cut.

Her panicked voice brought out a fear in me. I quickly stood up and told Adhvik the same thing. Even though he looked confused as I was, he obliged. Before we can face the webcam, we dressed up decently. He pulled on a shirt and basketball shorts and I wore my discarded work clothes.

As soon as I saw my mother's tear stricken face with my father holding her and his face showing grief, I started panicking and felt that something terrible had happened. My mom is not the one to cry over something small. She is indeed very strong. Beside them were Rahul uncle and Sanvi aunty. Their faces displayed grief too, making me more terrified. What if something happened to someone??! Is Raksh alright?! Oh no! My brother should be alright... Or Vita??! No.. She should be fine too...

My thoughts were interrupted by my mom's first words, shocking me to the core.

"I'm so sorry Rika! I tried everything I can do to free you from this, but I can't... I don't know what to do anymore...", my mom said, crying.

Seeing her cry, pained me. But her words confused me more.

"Mom, what are you talking about... I don't get a word.."

"Honey, I'm so sorry to tell you this... But you are going to marry Mahath Sharma", said my mom, crying more.

Once I felt Adhvik stiffen beside me, her words actually sunk in. It made me flabbergasted, shocked beyond words. I can't even blink an eye from her words.

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