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Together Forever - 15

I Dunno Why You Put It In First Place!

Rika's POV

As Adhvik carried me into the the building, every single eyes fell upon us. In spite of being embarrassed, Adhvik held me with pride and strode to the elevator. With my hands around his neck, I lifted my face to look into those blue orbs that were already looking at me with loads of affection.

Before we can realize, we were already in front of the penthouse door.

"Adhvik! Now, you can put me down...", I said softly.

"No sweetheart! Never!", he replied, smiling and staring deep into my eyes.

"Why?!", I raised my brow.

"That's 'cause its tradition... A husband should carry his bride to their home and into their honeymoon suite...", he said with an innocent twinkle in his eyes. Though his mischievous smile gave it away.

"Really?! When did you make up this tradition?!", I challenged, still in his arms.

"In the car...", he said naughtily and continued, "oh... I don't plan on standing here all night... We definitely have better things to do when we reach the other side of the door... So, please do kindly swipe the key card and open the door..."

His words made me blush deep.

As soon as I opened the door, he carried me in , locked the front door and walked further into the bedroom.

Once we reached, he lowered me to the bed and placed me softly on it.

"Go freshen up sweetheart... I have things to see to...", he said.

I walked into the ensuite walk in closet to remove my jewellery and heels. Then, when I was about to remove my veil, Adhvik entered the closet.

"I'll help you remove the veil", he said, standing behind me and helped me undo it. Once it is off, he turned me around and gently removed the pins from my hair. He was too immersed that his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrowed in concentration. He took utmost care in pulling out the pins softly, so that it won't hurt me. All I wanted to do was to pull him closer. hug and kiss him forever.

"There... Done...", his voice interrupted me.

"What?!", I asked, blinking, which made him smirk arrogantly.

Instead of answering me, he just pulled me into a hug and ran his hands through my hair. Sighing, he kissed the top of my head and buried his face in my hair, muttering, "Woman, you drive me crazy and you have no idea of it..."

Kissing my forehead once again, he released me from the hug and stepped back.

"Like you do to me, Adhvik", was the only thing that left my mouth.

After that, I took my makeup remover and walked to the bathroom with Adhvik following me like a lost puppy.

Once I reached the bathroom, I started removing the make up that the beautician took hours to put on. When my eyes automatically drifted to Adhvik who was standing by the door and watching me, I noticed that his furrowed eyebrows indicating that he is thinking deeply.

"What are you thinking about, Dhvi?!", I questioned him curiously, washing my face.

"About you...", be replied calmly that caught my attention. My eyes captured his' in a lingering gaze.

"What about me?!", I asked being very interested in knowing his answer, while wiping my face dry using the towel.

"When I was watching you take off your make up, I can't help but wonder why you ever put it in first place... You are a natural beauty, Rika... Both inside and out... ", he replied , looking at me lovingly.

His words caught me off guard. It warmed my heart and brought me immense happiness. So, I did the only thing that came to my mind.

I rushed to him and hugged him, catching him off guard. We he came back from the shock, he hugged me back , equally tight and kissed on top of my head.

Needing more closeness, I eased back a little, took his face in my hands, stood on my tip toes and kissed him. Then, he wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted me off the ground, still kissing. My one hand slid around his neck and the other went to his hair, fondling with it while pulling him more closer.

What started as a loving kiss, soon turned into a passionate one. Even though almost all of my kisses with Adhvik are passionate, this one was too intense for words to describe. Passion reeled off us. The kiss was full of love, care and lust. It sent continuos shivers down my spine and made my toes curl.

The passion was too much for me to bare that I didn't even know when Adhvik carried me to the bedroom.

When both of us were out of breath, we parted for air, panting heavily. Adhvik set me on the ground, his gaze holding mine and his lips twitched. That smile made my breath hitch.

After my breathing became normal, I noticed the difference in the appearance of the bedroom when compared to its appearance before I went to the bathroom.

Before, it was a plain room. But now, red rose petals decorated the floor and the bed. Scented candles lit and lights dimmed, the bedroom is transferred into a romantic paradise.

Turning around to Dhvi, "When did this transformation happen? How?", I asked.

"When we were in bathroom sweetheart... Hired helps... I did want to give you a pleasant surprise and happiness... So... You like it?!", he asked.

I didn't answer him. All I did was to hug him once again and kiss him. When the kissing turned passionate, Dhvi pulled away, confusing me.

"You want to do this Rika?! Are you sure?! Just remember that you are not under any pressure... I'll never compelling you into these things... I'll be beyond happy and satisfied with how our relationship is now... You don't have to do anything that you don't want to...", he said sincerely, his eyes telecasting his sincerity.

Can this man be anymore perfect?!

"Trust me Mr.Rish... There is no one I want to do this with if its not with you... I want to take our relationship to next step... I want to fulfill my wifely duties , my hubby.... So , stop talking to save time...", I replied, smirking mischievously.

That's all was needed for him to pull me closer for another kiss. Soon, the kiss turned into a earth shattering one, with us groping each other. It didn't take long for our clothes to join the floor. Then it happened~ A night of passion. He took me to places I've never been. He showed me the pleasure. He showed me his affection by actions. All in all, he made love to me passionately.

After our passion drive, we laid beside each other in bed silently, with the comforter covering our naked bodies. I rested my head on his chest with one hand stroking his rippled, hard chest, while his arms circled around my waist, holding me closer with his fingers stroking my back lovingly.

I can't help but feel like a complete woman, being in the arms of my love. I felt satisfied beyond words can describe. A smile found its way to my lips by those thoughts. I tilted my head a bit and gave a peck on Adhvik's chest, unable to help myself.

This action made Adhvik lift his body a little and kiss my forehead. I could feel his smile on my forehead, rather than to see it.

Without removing his lips from my forehead, he whispered "I love you Rika!", making my heart skip a beat in bewilderment. What?? Did he tell me what I think he told?! Those four words...Those words that I thought he would never ever tell to me...The words I longed to hear from him since forever.... The words from him that only belongs to me... Now, here he is... Uttering those words that meant the world to me...

When my mind was done with the bantering, happiness clouded my mind. To tell that I was on cloud nine was an under statement.

I lifted my head and stared into his eyes, still dumbfounded. Words did not leave my mouth. My eyes started to tear up on hearing the words that I longed to hear since forever. All I can feel is a fulfilled heart filled with happiness. I didn't even notice the tears that flooded my cheeks till Adhvik's fingers wiped it away.

"Hey don't cry... You don't have to love me back... I just told you how I feel about you... I should have kep-", I pressed my finger to his lips to stop his nervous bantering.

"I love you too, Adhvik... Love you too much that makes my heart explode... Love you since forever... Love you from the time I can understand things... I love you!", I whispered, still looking into his eyes with my finger on his lip, smiling widely, tears flowing down my cheek.

On hearing my confession, all his nervousness vanished. His face lit up in a smile that could light up the whole city. His hand automatically caught hold of my hand with the finger that is pressed against his lips. He opened my palm using his other hand with his eyes still on mine, brought my palm to his lips and gently kissed it, making my insides flutter.

"Say it again", he said, still my palm against his lips.

"I love you", I replied, making him smile more widely, as if its possible. His face turned to one side, smiling widely, then faced me again and pulled me into another passionate kiss with his arms around me, pulling me even closer.

"I love you Rika", he said in between kisses.

"I love you Adhvik", I whispered.

"I can hear it forever", he whispered, pulling back to look into my eyes, smiling lovingly.

"Me too...", I replied with immense love for him.

"So... Should we celebrate this happy occasion by going for round two?!", he asked naughtily, eyes shining with mischief. He expected me to cower and hide myself. But knowing him pretty well, I decided to pose challenge.

"I would like that Mr.Rish!", I said with a side looped smile, hovering over him, though a little blush nearly gave me away. My answer clearly caught him off guard, making him blink a few times before composing himself.

"Clearly not the answer I expected... I see that you have grown brave... But we should definitely remedy the situation, Mrs.Rish...", he wished huskily in my ears, sending shivers down my spine.

"I love the sound of it...", I said, equally husky.

So, that is how we both ended up into the pleasure drive once again. All throughout, our love for each other was truly visible.

When we were both sated and exhausted, sleep over took us. As I was drift off, Adhvik poked me my attention. "Don't try to take advantage of me sweetheart... I know karate...", he said mischievously with his eyes twinkling.

Oh my god! This guy is impossible...

"Don't you think its too late to tell that... Just sleep already...", I said with a huff and turned aside so that his back is facing me. I couldn't help the smile that made its way to my lips.

He pulled me closer against him and whispered "Don't think that I'm unaware of your smile... Good night sweetheart!"

With a muffled 'goodnight', sleep overtook me. I complied with happiness in heart.

The next morning, I woke up before Adhvik did. So, I decided to make in breakfast, hoping for a happy day ahead. But what I didn't know was that my happiness won't last forever as it happens always.

After my daily duties, when I was about to step into the kitchen happily, my phone rang. As I checked the caller ID, it displayed an unknown number. When I picked up the call and heard the first word, all my happiness drifted off.

"Bitch... This is Haritha..."

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