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Together Forever - 16

Some Guy I Picked Up From Sidewalk!

Rika's POV


After my daily duties, when I was about to step into the kitchen happily, my phone rang. As I checked the caller ID, it displayed an unknown number. When I picked up the call and heard the first word, all my happiness drifted off.

"Bitch... This is Haritha..."


"Haritha??! Why did you call me??! How did you get my number??", I said through the phone, trying to put on my nonchalant voice. I don't know why, but the mere thought of her is enough to aggravate me.

"Don't you dare act all mighty and high just because Adhvik married you... You are another one of his easy targets... When he was not able to get into your pants, he proposed marriage to do the same... And you fell into it, being the easy target you are... Do you really think that he'll give up his bachelor like for someone like you, Bitch?! If you think, then you are the most stupidest person ever to be alive... You really thought that he'll settle for you when he had models lining up for him, don't you?! You are plainly st--", before she can finish, I cut the call.

Her words was plainly hurting. Even though I told myself that she spoke every single thing out of jealousy, I can't help but accept the little truth to it!

Why will Adhvik settle for someone like me when he has models lining up for him?! Even though he claims that he loves me, can he really settle only for me, leaving his bachelor life behind?! These thoughts didn't do any good for my already existing insecurities. In fact, they worsed up my worries.

Or, was I an easy target?? As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I quickly changed it away. No! I can't doubt Adhvik's intentions... I just hope I don't get heart broken again. If it happens, I know that it will be thousand times worse.

When Adhvik came behind and wrapped his arms around me, I was not able to respond wholeheartedly.

"Morning Sweetheart!", he said, kissing my cheeks, still hugging me from behind.

"Morning Adhvik..", my tone came sadder than I intended it to have. Even though I tried ignoring Haritha's words, they kept repeating itself in my head.

He should have caught on my sad tone, 'cause his next words caught me off guard.

"Are you alright Rika?! What happened?!", Adhvik asked, his voice laced with worry.

"Yeah! ", I answered half heartedly.

"Don't you dare lie to me, Rika! I know you better than that! ", he warned, turning me to face him.

"Haritha called..", I said plainly.

"Haritha who?! Vita's friend?! ", he questioned and when I nodded in affirmative, he stared at me confused.

"She said some things that are pretty disturbing... I'm trying to not take it to heart Dhvi... I'm really trying... But I can't help but question few things... I can't help but feel insecure... I can't help but to question about why you would choose me when all those beautiful models are trying to pin you down... I don't know why... But--", I started blabbering desperately, trying to get out my insecurities infront of Dhvi, so that he can help me overcome it. But before I can complete, Adhvik's angry voice cut me off.

" Damn! You are doing it again! Just after I poured my heart to you yesterday, you are crushing me again by using my feelings against me... Just like you did it seven years ago... May be I did a mistake by proposing marriage to you too soon!", he literally screamed, shocking me.

May be I did a mistake by proposing marriage to you too soon!

When he was not able to get into your pants, he proposed marriage to do the same... And you fell into it, being the easy target you are... Do you really think that he'll give up his bachelor like for someone like you...

Both their words kept repeating in my mind. As soon I connected them, my eyes started pouring. Tears feel nonstop. I felt a constricting pain in my heart.

"You regret marrying me already?! Or is it that you only married me for sex or to crush my self respect and self restraint?! ", I whispered angrily, tears flowing nonstop.

" No... That's not what I meant... I didn't me--"

"Don't you dare deny it... You meant that... How can you Adhvik?! Just after I confessed to you??! Are you that cruel?! I'm the only one to blame here... I should have never let my guard down after all the things you did to me in the past... But, instead of following my brain, I followed my heart... See, where it took me...", I yelled angrily and shook hard, crying.

"I never did any wrong in the past! ", he yelled back angrily.

"You are lying again... God! Why am I so stupid?! Why don't I learn from my mistake?!", I cried for myself, my shattered heart and my shattered dreams. It hurts like hell to know that Adhvik regrets the wedding. I can't stop that heaviness in my heart by the thought of being cheated by the one whom you trusted and loved.

I started weeping too hard that my breathing started coming out on gasps. When Adhvik took hold of my shaking shoulders, I shrugged it off forcefully and wiped my tears fiercely.

Deciding to not show my weakness infront of him, I said " You know what Adhvik... I hate you so much for all the things you did to me in the past and for now", I yelled in his face, obviously lying about the 'hate' part. Even if I tried to hate him, all I was able to achieve was, to create an illusion of hating him to fool my brain.

"How many times should I tell you that I never did any wrong in the past? Infact, it was you who broke my heart", Adhvik yelled back.

"Don't you dare manipulate the fact. I'll not believe your lie nor stick with you", she growled back. Hearing the words 'nor stick with you', his stance turned rigid. His face turned into a stone-like expression with his eyes blazing.

"Believe whatever helps you sleep at night, Rika. But, the fact that we belong TOGETHER FOREVER can never be changed... Not I'm letting you go...", Adhvik whispered in her ears before walking out of the room furiously. I soon heard the bang of the bedroom door.

In mere minutes, I was a crying mess on the floor. Hours passed and yet I was not able to lift myself up from my position. I felt as if my whole existence had no purpose. But his words 'Infact, it was you who broke my heart' kept invading my thoughts.

Deciding to confront Adhvik about it, get a closure and deciding to finish everything off between us by today, I dragged my soulless body to the bedroom. Taking a deep breath and advising myself to control my feeling, I opened the door and embraced myself for the confrontation.

But the scene I saw there shook me. In front me sat Adhvik, sitting at the edge of the bed with his elbows resting on his thighs and his face is buried into his hands. When he felt my presence, he lifted his face off to look at me.

The look in his eyes startled me. The look of helplessness, the look of sadness, the look of desperation and more over, the look of vulnerability. It shook me hard. My heart clenched at that. So, I did the only thing that I can think of.

I rushed over and hugged him, cradling his head, pressing it into my chest and running my hands over his back and hair to sooth him. Tears started streaming again. But this time, I cried for Adhvik.

"Dhvi, please don't be sad... I can't stand seeing you sad and vulnerable.... You are made to be cocky, you idiot... Not to be this... It breaks my heart... Please... I'll do anything to make you happy... I'll do anything.. I promise..", I said sobbing, still cradling his head.

His hand wrapped around my waist and he buried his face into my abdominal region and whispered "I truly love you, Rika".

" I love you too Adhvik.. I love you so much...", I replied, making him move his head back, so that he can look into my eyes. His fingers reached my cheeks and wiped my tears, making me smile a little. Before he can retract his hand back, I grabbed his palm, brought it to my lips and kissed the inside of his palm tenderly before whispering, "We will talk this out properly..."

"Yeah... We should...", he replied.

That's how we ended up discussing about our 'life-changing' event that took place before seven years.


"I can't believe how badly we both misunderstood... I lived this whole seven years in pain and anger, when it should be filled with happiness...", I said with a mixed emotion.

I felt insanely happy in knowing the truth that Adhvik didn't hurt me. But also, the fact that we both wasted all these years hating each other made me feel bad.

"Yeah! But all these made us the persons we are... If we had got into a committed relationship by then, I don't think that both you and I would have concentrated on studies... We would not have been this ambitious and reached where we are now... Everything happens for a reason! So yeah... But let's make sure that we both will just tell every single thing to one another... Let's be always truthful and honest with each other and never hide anything... ", he said in a promising tone, smiling, instantly making me smile.

"I promise the same Adhvik... ", I countered back, smiling.

"So, what are you waiting for??", I said , feeling mischievous all of a sudden.

"what??", he enquired feeling confused, making me grin.

"Come on, Mr.Rish... Oops... I just called you Mr.Rish! What are you going to do about it, Adhvik??! ", I replied, naughtily and winked.

This changed Adhvik's mood to a playful one too.

"Oh yeah! You made a very big blunder... I cannot let you go without a punishment... I'll give you 7 seconds for you to run, Sweetheart! Now, Run...", he said, giving me a playful threat, though his eyes promised me torture.

So, I did just as she said. Ran for life. But it was not long before he caught me in the living quarters of the suite, tackled me to ground and tickled me senseless.

" Stop you ogre!...", I screamed, laughing hard with tears running down my cheek due to over laughter.

"Not until you accept your defeat and tell me that you are indeed trying to seduce me...", he replied, still tickling hard and laughing along.

"No... Never...", I said laughing which only made him tickle me more, until I'm out of breath.

"Okay okay... I accept... You won... ", I called out. He quickly stopped tickling, but didn't release me from his hold. We were still on the ground, with him on top of me.

"Tell me the other thing too.. Or else I'll tickle you again... ", he said in a playful warning tone.

"Ahh... Okay... I'll tell... What's so wrong in trying to seduce your husband...", telling this, I huffed playfully, making us both smile and look into each other's eye.

I don't know when the playful mood changed into a sexual one. But before I know what was happening, I was carried into the bedroom, our clothes joined the floor and finally I laid in Adhvik's arms after being sated and loved.

As I was thinking about everything that happened, shifted slightly in Dhvi's arms and said him "Adhvik, you know what... I'm not going to forgive Haritha forever... If ever that girl interludes in our life again, I'm definitely going to damage her... Then, she is going to see my violent side... I swear...", craning my neck to look into his eyes.

He said nothing but smiled in amusement and nodded.

"You know, I want to be like Arya Stark, Dhvi... Brave and unique...", I said again, making him chuckle.

"You are already brave and unique, my little violent tigress!", he said pressing a kiss to my forehead.

"It takes a great deal of braveness to walk into the office of someone you loved and someone you are trying to hate... It takes a great deal of braveness to work among men whose intentions are not right... It takes great deal of braveness to mend your broken heart and move on with your life... It takes a great deal of braveness to fight the unseen demons... And It takes a great deal of braveness to fall in love again...", he said, staring lovingly into my eyes.

"Not only that, you are too unique baby! If you look at yourself from my eyes, you would know how unique and amazing you are... You are kind yet fiery, caring yet violent and welcoming yet scary...", he said, laughing playfully, earning a light hit in his chest.

"You are a meanie! If only I was Klaus...", I replied, huffing out in fake annoyance.

"First Arya and now, Klaus??! Really, sweetheart?? What next, Damon?! Or Perhaps, Jon Snow??", he asked amused.

"What, Noooo... Damon is my Bae! And Jon Snow is my hubby... Oh no.. Wait... Harry Styles is my hubby actually... Then Jon?! See, it's all your fault... You confused me...", I blamed Dhvi for being the root cause of my dilemma.

"If Harry and Jon are your hubbies, what would that make me??!", he questioned in fake exasperation.

"Some guy I picked up from Sidewalk!", I answered, unable to keep the chuckling from my voice making him frown. Call me kiddish and evil, but his frown only motivated me to tease him more.

But before I can put my master plan into action, the devil himself deciphered it and smirked evilly.

Before I can know what was happening, I was picked up from the bed, carried into the hallway that led into a indoor swimming pool and dropped into it all of a sudden. I fell into the pool screaming with all my might along with Adhvik's nonstop laughter.

When I resurfaced, Adhvik had not stopped laughing yet. Too immersed in laughing at my misfortune, he did not see me approach him as he was standing by the edge of the pool. I neared him and pulled him into the pool by pulling his hands forward so that his head won't hit the floor.

With a shocked reaction, he fell into the pool making me laugh too hard. When he finally resurfaced with a groan, he was not able to keep that facade any longer and started smiling, shaking his head.

"Every powerful man around the world fear me and keep away from being in my bad books and here I'm, getting pulled into the pool and smiling at my own misfortune... You surely are making me insane...", he stated lovingly, looking into my eyes.

And that is how, I pulled him into another one of our passionate kisses.

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