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Together Forever - 17

I'll Do This Even When I'm 71 And You Are 70!

Rika's POV

As Adhvik's private jet landed in Chennai Airport, we both made our way to the descending stairs of the jet. Adhvik's driver is already waiting for us in the private parking as instructed.

After the day of revelation in Vegas, we both decided that we would put on a great show by returning to India as soon as possible to make people believe our eloping story. So here we are.

As we made our way to the parking lot protected by bodyguards, paparazzi surrounded us, thrusting their mikes in our face and questioning nonstop.

"Mr.Rish! Why did you elope?! Did your parents not support your decision?"

"Mr.Rish... Is this wedding some sort of a merger between companies?!"

"Since when were you both together?!"

"Why marriage, all of a sudden?!"

Questions came back to back with reporters being desperate for answer.

Adhvik calmed them by telling "There will be a official press meet soon... All your questions will be answered then..."

When we finally reached the car, Joe, Adhvik's chauffeur and Head security who is in his mid 40s, opened the door for me to let me in with a "G'noon Mrs. Rish.."

"G'noon Joe... Just call me Rika! ", I replied with a smile, making him respond with a smile.

When Adhvik got in, we started our journey to the Rish mansion with comfortable silence.

On our way to the mansion, Adhvik intertwined his hands to mine, breaking my dreamy state. I scooted closer to him, kissed his hand which is entwined to mine while looking into his eyes and laid my head against his chest. He pulled his entwined hand back to wrap it around my shoulders and entwined his other hand with mine, encompassing me, making me feel overwhelmed with love. As he kissed my hair lovingly, I can feel the smile in his lips, bringing a smile to my lips automatically.

No word were spoken, but his actions screamed love.

Before we know it, we were in the driveway of the Rish Mansion. After Adhvik helped me out of the car like a gentleman he is, we walked hand in hand to the front door.

As soon as the butler announced our arrival, we heard numerous footsteps coming towards the foyer.

Within seconds, we were met with the excited and happy faces of our parents, Vita, Raksh, Sanjay and helps. Even before I can blink, Vita enveloped me and Dhvi in a tight hug, squeezing the life out of us.

"You two sneaky dashes!! You guys didn't even tell me about being in a relationship... All along, I thought that you two were on a mission to kill each other, you both were actually romancing each other... But I'm too happy... That's why I'm letting you guys go off...", Vita almost screamed in excitement.

"Don't worry darling... I'll actually invite you for my next wedding...", I said, laughing and winking at Vita, just to rile up Dhvi. As expected, Adhvik tightened his jaw making us laugh more and my eyes actually shone with little pride.

Okay, let's face it.
1) I'm evil like that.
2) I love seeing the green eyed monster in Dhvi, making my heart flutter.
3) It's super fun to see Dhvi all worked up.

"I'm waiting!", said Vita, winking.

"Woahh! Who said that there will be another wedding!?! You are stuck with me forever, woman!", Dhvi interrupted us furiously in a defensive stance making everyone of us laugh.

"Chill bro! You can calm down... Your wife don't plan on remarrying... Even if she does, I'll not go to her wedding..", Vita said cheekily, showing her tongue out making Dhvi leave out a big sigh , clenching his fists.

Deciding to put him off his misery, I interrupted.

"Hey... Calm down... You know that I can't even think of another guy in your place... My love is only for you... So, calm down...", saying this, I closed the distance between us, took his fist in my hands, released each finger and interlinked our fingers. This action made him smile involuntarily, making me melt.

"Ahem! If you guys are finished, I would definitely like to welcome my daughter in law... ", Sanvi aunty interrupted us with a fake huff, messing with us further.

As soon as Adhvik released my hands, I was enveloped into a very tight embrace by Sanvi aunty.

"I always thought of you as my daughter... And I secretly wished for you and Adhvik to get together... Now my wish is fulfilled and you are officially my daughter now...", aunty said kissing my forehead and then hugging Adhvik.

"Guys! We will take this inside... We can hug them all we want there...", said Rahul uncle with a smile.

When we reached the living room, Adhvik and I were enveloped into a tight hug by my mom.

"Thank you so much Adhvik.... We owe you our life... I'm too happy now....", my mom said softly so that only Dhvi and I can hear. Her eyes shown with happy tears.

"Aunty... You owe me nothing... Don't thank me... I did it 'cause of my selfishness... I loved Rika from as long as I remember... So, it's my duty to protect her...", Adhvik replied softly, hugging my mom with a smile.

My heart soared high by his words. His words also made my mom smile widely.

"You know, I always thought of you as my son. I was very happy when your parents made me the god mother of you and Vita... Both Varun and I used to be too proud of your accomplishments... I did secretly hope that you and Rika should get together too... Now, it happened... I'm seriously the most happiest person in the world....", said mom happily.

After this, it's dad and Rahul uncle's turn to congratulate us. After them, my brothers, Sanjay and Rakshath came forward to give us hugs.

"Champ... I know that its been too long since we spoke with each other due to works and stuff... But that doesn't mean you can get married without telling me... You should have told me... I'm your brother... I was supposed to be there on your big day...", said Rakshath.

Then, both Sanjay and Raksh hugged Adhvik after warning him.

"Even though you are my cousin, I consider Rika as my little sister. So, you better treat her right! If she shed a drop of tear, you will have to answer me... Actually , you will have to answer both me and Raksh...", said Sanjay to Adhvik seriously.

"Woah woah! Who said anything about answering me... Adhvik, I'm in your side man! If ever Rika makes you shed a tear, tell me.... I'll definitely kick her ass... ", Raksh said, interrupting Sanjay cheekily.

"Oh my god! I can totally feel the brotherly love! What did I do to deserve such a loving brother!", I called out sarcastically, rolling my eyes, making everyone laugh.

Finally, after all the embraces and such, we had lunch. My first lunch with the Rish family after wedding, after turning into a Rish. It was also a happy event with tons of jokes, sarcasms and fun.

Since we decided to get over with the press meet as soon as possible, it was scheduled by this evening. After lunch, both of us started to get ready in the Rish mansion. Vita helped me since this is the first time I'm making public appearance officially as Rika Adhvik Rish.

She gave me a wavy hair do, letting my hair flow free over my shoulders. I applied a bit of kohl and finished my look with a red lipstick. Then, I put on a black and cream colored Salwar suit with minute embroidering. It looked classy, though simple. A perfect wear for a press meet. It was given to me by Adhvita earlier today. 'Gift to my perfect sister-in-law and my best friend', she said. What makes it more special is the fact that, she designed this dress by herself. This act made me feel so cherished and I hugged the crap out of her.

After putting on my black heels and grabbing my black clutch, I twirled around for Vita. When her eyes shown with approval, I began my journey to the living room of the Rish mansion to meet with Adhvik.

As soon as my eyes met with his breathtaking handsomeness, I literally froze in my tracks. Don't men normally do that when they see their girl?! Girls don't do that, Rika! I repeat, they never do that!

After my mental lectures, I continued my walk to him while giving him a thorough assessment. He was clad in a Black Armani suit with white under shirt and no tie. Two of the buttons at the top of his shirt are undone, revealing a bit of his muscled chest. His suit was of a perfect fit, enhancing his broad shoulders, muscled body, rock-hard arms and thighs. With his perfectly combed hair, he looked too hot for words.

"Gorgeous!", he said while wrapping his arms around my waist. Then, he pulled me closer and pecked my lips with love in his eyes.

"Thank you! You look handsome too", I said, blushing a bit.

Then, we both started for the press meet. When we reached the venue, the reporters were already settled in their seats and mikes were set in their place.

After the announcement of our arrival, Dhvi and I made our way to the chairs facing the reporters.

"Thank you ladies and gentleman for coming today. Firstly, I would like to formally introduce my wife to you. Here, I present you to my beautiful wife, Rika Rish...", Adhvik said in the mike, kissing my palm, inturn making me smile with content.

With my head held high and squared shoulders, I gave them all a confident smile and a 'Thank you' when claps resounded around me.

"Now, that's done, we are ready to answer your questions", Adhvik spoke again.

"Mr. and Mrs. Rish.... Congrats first! Now, there is a speculation that this wedding is arranged and purely business. That, it is a merger between companies.... Is that true?!", one reporter asked.

"Definitely not! We both are so in love... Its definitely a marriage based on love... Besides, why will there be a business merger when both of our companies are doing well?? And as everyone know that both of our parents are best friend... If ever one of the company needs the other's support, we can directly do it without any merger or surety... So, I hope this may clear your doubt...", Adhvik answered confidently.

"Why did you elope?! Did your parents not support your decision to get married?!", another reporter asked.

"There is no way that our parents won't support this decision of ours... In fact, they were ecstatic on hearing the news of our wedding... Of course, they are a bit disappointed that they were not able to see the wedding, but they were too excited and extremely happy...", I answered, smiling.

"The reason why we eloped is that, neither of us wanted to postpone the wedding... We were not ready to spend anymore time apart... We knew that, if we tell our parents about the wedding plans, they would take months to prepare for a big fat Indian wedding... We were not ready to spend those months apart... Besides, my wife always desired to have a Vegas wedding... So, yeah... ", Adhvik answered, giving a smile.

"When did you fall in love with each other??!", another question arose.

"As easy the question may seem, the answer is not that easy... Actually, I dunno the exact time I fell in love with him... We both knew each other from birth... We practically grew up together as our parents were friends... In the journey of time, I fell in love with him somewhere...", I replied.

"Actually, I guess, I fell in love with that 5 year old girl with amazing dimples who would hug me tightly whenever she sees me...", Adhvik answered genuinely with a nostalgic smile.

"Since when were you both together?!! Like, properly proposed to each other...!"

"Believe it or not... We properly expressed our love to each other only after she started her training below me... We wasted a lot of years...", Adhvik replied compassionately.

"If you don't mind answering this, When was your first kiss?!"

"It happened when I was 18 and she was 17 then...", Adhvik said and then, looked at me, smirking mischievously.

"What is the future of both the companies now?! Will there be a merger?!", A reporter asked.

"Nope! There will not be a merger... My wife will manage her father's company as the CEO after her training is over... ", Dhvi replied with power and confidence.

Questions like this followed, one after the other. After what seemed like forever, someone asked the last question.

"When and where will your honeymoon?!"

"We are not going anytime soon... Both of us have loads of work to do... But, when it happens, its going to be at least two weeks long and destination will be a surprise...", Adhvik answered, smirking.

Finally, after bidding our farewell, we both made our way to the car.

"Ooff... That went well", Dhvi exclaimed once we were inside the car, holding my hands.

"Yeah... It did!", I nodded, smiling.

In some point of the journey, I inched closer to Adhvik, leaned my head in his chest and closed my eyes, with his arms encasing me protectively and with his occasional pecks in my head.

When the car finally stopped, I noticed that we are in the garage of Adhvik's penthouse.

When Joe, Adhvik's driver opened our doors, Adhvik held my hands and walked me to the elevator.

"Hey! I wanna go to my penthouse to bring my clothes and things here, to your penthouse...", I told him as the elevator started moving up.

"There's need for that... All your things are already shifted and arranged in our penthouse...", Adhvik replied, stressing the our.

"Oh...", I said in surprise.

When the elevator door opened on the top floor, Dhvi exclaimed, "Shit! Forgot our tradition baby!", and instantly, pulled me off the elevator wall and lifted me bridal style.

"Dhviiii... You already did this...", I said, laughing. "So what? I'll do this hereafter whenever we enter our new house for the first time... Even when we buy a cottage by the sea by the time I'm 71 and you are 70, I'll still carry you into our household when we enter for the first time...", he answered cheerfully and carried me bridal style into our penthouse.

I could do nothing but smile at him and peck his cheek, my heart filled to the brim with love.

His gaze which was shining with love, arrested mine. With the breath stopping smile and locked gaze, he carried me inside. When he put me to my feet inside his bedroom, my hand automatically caressed his cheek and brought his head down, for his lips to meet mine.

Our kiss conveyed our love for each other, making me feel overwhelmed with happiness and content. After we parted, I gave Adhvik a happy smile and offered him "coffee?!".

"How could I ever refuse my wife's super awesome coffee?!", he countered cheekily.

Shaking my head to his playfulness, I made my way to the kitchen. As I prepared the coffee, he took his seat in the kitchen island and saw me work.

"What do you think you are doing, Mr.Rish?!", I asked, raising a brow.

"Admiring my wife, Mrs.Rish...", he replied cheekily.

"Flirto! Tell me now! How many girls did you say this to?!", I enquired with fake strictness.

"Only you, my sweetheart... Only you!", he replied, winking.

"Here, your coffee... ", I said, giving him his coffee and pecking his chin by standing on my toes.

"Your coffee is the best babe! I'm soooooo lucky to drink this coffee every day...", he appreciated after taking his first sip.

Deciding to play a bit, I pretended a hurtful expression, and said, "You only like my coffee?!", placing my palm on my chest for the dramatic effect.

"No sweetheart! But, your coffee is one of the reasons for me to marry you...", he replied, playing along.

"Oh my goodness! You only married me for my coffee?! You think I'm good in only that??! I'm so hurt...", I drawled dramatically.

"No baby! You are good in many things... For example, you are the best kisser ever...", he replied winking.

"What???! How many more girls did you ever kiss??!", I narrowed my eyes and questioned him with a threatening tone.

"None except you sweetheart! You know that!", he defended himself.

"Pinky swear??!", I asked playfully, holding out my pinky.

"The things I do for love...", he mumbled before holding out his pinky.

"Hey... You quoted Jaime Lannister...", I cried out enthusiastically to which he replied with "Remind me, why did I marry a GOT fan?!", and face-palmed himself.

"Easy question... That's because, you love me too much, my darling hubby...", I said playfully and retreated to the sink , taking his empty cup.

"You don't hafta wash it baby... Our housekeeper, Meera can do it tomorrow... I'll introduce you to her tomorrow... She will take care of the cooking too...", Dhvi said, getting down from the island counter.

"Okay..", I replied.

"Now, that's established, why don't you come over here.... We can watch TV while cuddling... What you say?!", he said , taking my hands and walking to the living room.

"I have a better idea... Why don't we play Xbox?!", I suggested.

"Yeah, we can do that.. But I don't want you to be sad since you lost every single game", he mocked.

"Oh please.. Let's see who is going to lose..", I replied, putting my 'bring-it-on' attitude.

"Then, it's settled... We will change into comfortable clothes and then, the game starts... To make it more interesting, the loser should do whatever the winner tells... Deal?!", he challenged.

"The deal is on!", I countered and we both went to the bedroom. He guided me to the door attached to the room. The door opened into two door further.

"This is your walk-in closet sweetheart! It's fully stocked... All your clothes are arranged and I took the liberty to add a few more items... Hope you like them...", he said, guiding me inside the right door.

The inside of the closet is furnished in dark mahogany wood and was lit in bright lights. The walls were painted cream and a island sat in the middle of the closet. On one side of the wall, the shelves were arranged with shoes, heels, wedges, sandals, flip flops and other such things. The other side held all my evening dresses and gowns along with accessories stand and a vanity mirror. The parallel wall held my other clothing, belts, etc. All in all, it was a woman's paradise.

"This is freaking awesome! Thank you so much Adhvik... But, right now, I'm in the mood to wear ur shirt... So lemme grab a shorts of mine and we will go to your closet to fetch a shirt...", I said, grabbing a faded blue shorts and pulling Adhvik out of my closet by arms.

We entered the left door, which opened onto a modern, elegant closet of silver, gray and black color. His closet screamed wealth and power. Rushing inside, I took one of his white oxford shirt for myself and he took a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt for him. Then, I left him to go to my closet for changing into my comfy wear.

Soon, our game started. All I know is that, I was too into the game when suddenly Adhvik's character stopped playing, piping my interest to look at him, who was sitting beside me.

When I turned my head to see what he is up to, I caught him looking at me intensely. The intensity of his gaze arrested mine and made my breath falter. I dunno why, but, falling of the gaming console from my hands was the last thing on my mind.

"What?!", I asked him huskily, too caught up in the moment.

"The way you play the game, the face you make, the way my shirt looks on you does something to me... It fills me with some indefinable passionate feeling...", he replied back huskily.

Staring into his magnetic eyes, made me feel things as if this is the first time I'm seeing him. Slowly, we both inched closer, both breathing heavily, still gazing into each other's eyes. His left hand's fingers caressed my right cheek tenderly before brushing his lips to mine. My hand encircled around his neck, pulling him closer to me, making our lips press tightly against each other and my other hand threaded his hair lovingly. Soon, our lips moved in sync, bringing out the passionate feelings with in us.

"I love you Rika!", he whispered when we parted for air.

"I love you too, Dhvi!", I replied, finally catching my breath. We both stayed quiet, staring at each other's eyes for few more minutes.

"So, who won?!", he broke the silence finally.

"Our love, I guess", I replied before pulling him into another kiss.

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