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Falling in love - 6 - Are you dating him?

Hi there, I hope you are enjoying this story, here's the 6th chapter... read and enjoy...


I am shocked, he is looking sharply at me.

he replies to Anurag, "yes I am with my business client", still his eyes on me. I think why I always end up meeting him, from our first encounter, anywhere I go, I meet him. I want to go away from him but he comes to me like he is chasing me.

Then he looks at Anurag, taps on his shoulder and asks, "what about you two?" Anurag smiles and says, "well I wanted a company for the dinner and she is the best I can bet." And winks at me. I giggle.

Anurag invites him, "you can join us." Aarav replies with a flat voice, "no actually, my meeting is over so I am going to leave now. So have a nice dinner and see you later okay." with that he again looks at me and walks out.

I feel so relieved when he leaves. Anurag warns me, "it's weird, the way he was staring at you?" I furrow my brows and reply, "yeah I felt it too, but Kia told me that he is weird sometimes, so don't worry just forget him."

Anurag raises his brows and changes the topic, "okay so what about Kia?" I smile and explain, "do you know, you think too much, she was just discussing her internship with the advocate."

Anurag exhales from his mouth, loosen his body and says, "okay I think, now I can eat properly." "for that you have to order something", I say laughing. "Oh I forgot", says he. Then he gives order, the food is really tasty, I enjoy it so much.

I say to him,"I am so lucky to have you, I am serious cause when I am with Anurag, I feel so safe, I can tell him anything and he too shares everything with me. I can feel a special bond between us. So whenever I find my self lonely or down, I call him, talk to him. And Apart from his busy schedule, he always have a time for me. I am glad for that.

We take so much time in eating, as we discuss about half of the world, so when we leave it is around 11:00 pm. We come to my home talking and laughing, he drops me, I tell him to come in but it is late so he waves goodnight and leaves.

I cross the road and reach to my gate, It looks like my parents are already in bed, all the lights are off. I am about to open my gate that a black car stops at my gate.

I turn around and I see that Aarav gets out of the car. He is looking furious. I think no wonder, he always looks furious. He comes to me, stands in front of me, both his hands in his pockets..!

he twitches his lips and says, "oh so miss Raavi looks happy." I shrug and say," I am happy, but what brings you here this late?"

He narrows his eyes and directly asks,"are you dating him?" My heart beats stop for a second, I feel his anger in his eyes. I raise my brows and ask, "what?,whom?, why do you care?"

He is looking at me without blinking, his eyes are gleaming in low light, he raises his voice and asks, "are you dating Anurag?" I narrow my eyes and say, "do you think I am gonna give you any answers, just forget it and why are you asking?."

I turn to open my gate, he grabs my hand from elbow, the moment he touches me I feel a shock of pleasure passes through my body, I have a goosebumps too, thank God it's dark otherwise he would have seen them.

I snatch my hand and ask, "what?", he smirks at me and looks somewhat relieved. he says in a deep voice, "my answer?" "forget it" I reply

He furrows and asks, "so are you not going to tell me?" I smile and say "nope, why do I tell you?"

He takes his cell phone out and starts dialing to someone, so I furrow at him and ask, "whom are you calling?" He twitches his lips and says, "To Kiara".

I widen my eyes and asks, "why?" He shrugs and answers, "to inform her that you and Anurag are dating. I shout, "what?, No... Cut the call please." He cuts the call, smirks at me and says in a husky voice, "give me the answer Raavi."

I close my eyes and say, "don't tell Kiara anything, when you don't know the truth, okay...of course I am not dating Anurag. He is like my brother."

By listening my words his total body language changes, he grinns at me and says, "ok." I ask, "but why are you asking me this type of stupid question at this time?".

He turns over, openes his car door, gets inside, closes the door, lowers window glass, smiles and wishes me, "goodnight Raavi." and leaves in his car quickly. I am standing here like a ghost, thinking about what had happened just a minute ago?

When his car is out of view, I enter in my home, go to my room, take a bath,change to night dress, go to bed and close my eyes.

Again his thoughts begin to swirl around my mind, does he care for me? Why is he curious about me and Anurag? Why he looked relieved, when I denied no I am not with Anurag?

Then again I argue with my self, it's not possible Raavi, he must be worried about Kiara. I think 'yes' it must be the reason cause everyone in my group wants to see both of them together.

I feel hurt that Aarav was not asking for me but what to do? then I breath deeply, close my eyes and lost in world of dreams.

Last four days were very busy for me because I had to submit my project on Saturday. I was working on my project day and nights. When I finally submitted my project, everybody liked it. My professors were happy.

So after a whole week I come early at home. My dad is out of city for business, so there is my mom and me. I am watching tv lying on a couch, my mom is busy in the kitchen.

After a while she comes and sits next to me and asks me, "what are you doing tomorrow morning?" I say while watching tv, "nothing special."

I will wake up late, then eat breakfast then watch tv then eat lunch, again watch tv and then.. "ok... ok..." my mom interrupts me, "actually our club's new member invited me at her home so I want to go there tomorrow morning."

I shrug and ensure her, "ok no problem you can go, I'll make my breakfast." she smiles and says, "that's not a problem, but your dad is not here and you know my driving skills, so who will drive me at her home?"

I look at her and say annoyingly, "so I have to drive you there." She smiles and says, "yes dear!" I raise my brows and say, "oh mom sunday is the only day I get to sleep and rest, but now you want me to waste my half day at someone's home?" She replies, "no, I am just asking you. it's okay. I'll call the cab, so you just chill." and she goes inside the kitchen.

At the dining table, I look at her, she is busy eating. I ask," at what time do you want to go?", she answers, "at 10:00" without looking at me. I give up, "it's okay I'll come with you." She lifts her head and smiles at me, "okay."

I was exhausted so went early in the bed. It is around 8:30am when I open my eyes, done brushing and bathing, took my breakfast then my mom tells me, "wear something decent cause I've heard they are richest people in the city, and it's about our club's reputation so ..." I roll my eyes and nod and go to my room.

I wear white lace cold shoulder top, pair it with black culottes, and black ankle strap tapered heel, very light make up, necklace and wrist watch.

When I go downstairs, I look at my mom she is wearing light pink coloured chickenkari saree. I greet her, "wow mom looking gorgeous" she smiles at me and says, "you too dear." Then we get in our car.

Her home was somewhat far,so it took us half an hour to reach at Ravina aunt's home, well that's what her name. After entering in her colony I see that whole colony is like a group of big manors, all the houses are very big, well decorated.

Her home is like a palace. When we enter crossing security, there is a long yard with walking passage and green lawn on both the sides, her house is in centre, there is a big fountain in front of entrance. There must be something behind too.

"This place is bigger than Kiara's home." I say to my mom. my mom says proudly, "I told you."

Upon reaching at the porch, my mom presses a door bell, A man looks like a Servant opens it, he looks at us and asks,"yes?" my mom introduces her self," my name is Sujata,I am from Ladies empower club, want to meet Ravina."

He smiles and says "come in ma'am." We enter inside, my jaw drops, I think this is a home or five star hotel.

I see many servants going here and there, some are busy cleaning interior, some are sweeping.

The main hall is divided in many parts, I am not able to count how many rooms are on the ground floor?, there were two extra floors too. I mean how many people are living in such a huge place.

Servant leads us to the part, where there is a huge sofa, he points towards them and says, "please sit, I'll call madam", another maid serves us water, I am busy looking the house with wide eyes.

Within a minute or two a lady comes to us smiling, she is wearing silk Saree, she is looking elegant, she must be my mom's age, she smiles at us and speaks in a very gentle voice, "nice to meet you Sujata", hugs my mom. Then looks at me and says,"you must be Raavi, oh dear you are so beautiful." I smile shyly and say, "thank you aunty."

Then they both start to talk about club, her other friends, club activities, I start getting bored.

Her servant serves us snacks and juice. After having a juice, I was hoping that My mom will take her leave, but thay are too busy in talking.

So I take my mobile out and start to play game. After a while Ravina aunty looks at me and guesses,"you are getting bored right?", I smile at her and nod 'yes'.

She says,"you can go in back yard, and enjoy the view of garden, you'll see many different flowers there." I stand up happily, aunty asks one maid to come with me.

So we come out, take a right turn, I see a big swimming pool, we pass close to it. Then we again take a left turn and I see a really big garden, full of all types of flowers, some flowers are unknown to me, I've only seen them in photos. Butterflies are flying, I inhale deeply sweet smell of the flowers. I want to take pictures of them, so I ask to the maid, she says,"you are a guest, you don't have to ask me, you can do whatever you want." and leaves. I start taking pictures of all the flowers. This place is very beautiful I think. I am lost in my thoughts.

Suddenly I hear a familiar voice from behind, "hey, who are you?, what are you doing here?" I close my eyes, cross my fingers and pray to god 'please tell me it's not Aarav' and I turn back.

I am shocked because it is him in his gym outfit, all sweaty. He smirks at me "oh Raavi,it's you. Well I didn't expect you here." I am searching for words to speak. I clear my throat, smile and speak in a low voice "hi, actually I come here with my mom".

He comes near. Oh my god he is looking so good, with all his muscles, I engulf my saliva and ask, "do you live here?" He laughs and replies,"no, I live in neighbourhood, but doing my job as a security here, so I came to ask you." again laughs and says, "of course this is my home you stupid, otherwise what do you think I am doing here in this clothes?"

His words made me angry.. I think why doesn't he answer straight?, always has to say something extra. huh.... trying to be smart.

I say angrily, "it's just I didn't expect you here so.. anyways I was just looking your garden now I should go inside. He smiles at me and says, "Raavi do you know how to smile?" I ask a counter question to him, "and do you know how to talk with someone?"

He raises his brows and replies, " I think yeah.. with smart people I will say yes but with people like you I'll say no."

I furrow at him and start to walk, but he grabs my hand, again I am feeling tingles all around my hand, he says," oh come on!! I was just joking, I am not like you, I'll not ask you 'what brings you here?' He smiles and says," let me show you my home."

I snatch my hand,"well thank you for your hospitality but now we are getting late so I have to go." I start to walk faster from that place thinking oh dear!! why is this place his home?, why are my mom and his mom friends?, why did I come here? why didn't his mom recognize me that his boy came to meet me? Oh god my head is spinning, I am feeling so embarrassed, then I think she must have many things to look for and I don't know, how many girls would Aarav have met after me? So perhaps she must have forgotten my face..okay whatever I just want to get out of this house.

I was suppose to enjoy this day, but now I'll end up thinking about him. I hate myself for that, but I can't control it, the more I want to resist, the more I think of him.

My legs are hurting, generally I don't like hills, I am not comfortable in it, Now I hate my decision of wearing hills.

He is following me, in a few steps he is walking with me. He laughs and asks, "so is this your speed of walking?" I ignore him and try to walk faster but I lose my control and my right leg twists from my ankle, I am about to fall, but he holds me by my hand so I am able to stand, but my ankle is hurting badly. I close my eyes because of pain, he looks at my leg and said furiously "why are you wearing hills?" He sits down and opens my hill's strap and removes them. He looks at my ankle, I have a red mark on the place of the straps, he angrily says, "you crazy girl why are you hurting yourself?"

I am observing his reaction. Why does he care? Is he acting so that he can make fun of me later, or he is really concerns. I say in a low voice,"I can't stand any longer." He stands up and asks,"are you able to walk or do you want me to lift you?" I widen my eyes, "no no no I will try to walk", as I take one step "ouch..." scream comes out of my mouth, he rolled his eyes and says," okay, you can take my support right?, I am not going to eat you alive."

I twitch my lips and looks at him. He takes my hand and puts it around his neck. I am feeling that I am on a seventh heaven when he gently wraps his hand around my waist. I am feeling warmth of his body, smell of his perfume, for a minute I felt that my blood pressure drops to the floor, and the next minute my pulse soar to hummingbird thrum.

He smirks at me like he knows what did I feel?, my cheeks are red from the embarrassment, I look down and start walking with him slowly slowly. My leg is so hurting that I am not able to think anything.

He takes me to the beach chaises near swimming pool, puts me down there, he sits on the floor and observes my leg.

Then he went somewhere and returned after five minutes with pain relief spray in his hand. He sprays it on my ankle and informs in a low voice, "let it settle for five minutes,you'll feel better." I say," thank you by lowering my eyes." He laughs and surprises, "oh so you know this word!!"

I look at him and roll my eyes. He sits next to me and says in a firm tone, "you'll not wear this types of hills again". I was about to say "you are not my boss" but my phone rings, it is my mom so I tell her what had happened. She and aunt Ravina hurridly come to us.

My mom greets Aarav, I am shocked that she knows this was Aarav's home and didn't tell me.

I am feeling somewhat better so I slowly stand up on one leg and tell to my mom that we should leave now, with the help of my mom and aunty I reach to my car, my right leg is hurting so it is impossible for me to press accelerator, so Ravina aunty tells to my mom, " Sujata let my driver come with you, I don't think Raavi can drive." I say, "thank you aunty, but I can drive". My mom says, "dear I think Ravina is right".

But I don't listen to her, open the car door and sit on a driver seat, Aarav was continuously observing me with sharp eyes, I look at him with corner of eyes. My mom takes a passenger seat, I start my car and put my leg on accelerator and as I try to press it, my ankle hurt badly that I close my eyes.

Suddenly Aarav comes very fast and lower himself down to my car window, he is looking angry, he speaks very firmly, "stop the car and open the door"

my leg is hurting so badly that I am not in a mood for any argument. I just do as he says. As I unlock the door, he opens it from out side, he says angrily," give me your hand. I ask, "what?,why?" He says annoyingly, "give me your hand so I can help you to sit at the backseat"

My mom and Ravina aunty both looking at us without uttering a word, I felt so embarrassed and awkward so I give my hand to him and slowly step out.

Again he wraps his hand around my waist and I put my hand around his neck, he slowly opens the door for me and sits me down very gently.

He takes the driver seat, all of us are shocked, because he is in his gym outfit and now he is coming with us, Ravina Aunty looks at his son, smiled strangely and waves us good bye.

I am thinking why is he doing this for us, he
should have sent any one of his driver, now how will he come back?,my mom is silent too, after sometime she clears her throat and says,"I am sorry Aarav", he looks still angry he looks at me from rearview mirror and declares,"aunty take care that she will never wear highhills again." I look at him in the mirror and twithch my lips, my mom turns to me, rolls her eyes. I am furious at my mom too, so I turn my face and start looking out side of the window. Aarav and and my mom start talking about my high hills. My mom is giving him description about how stubborn I am, I close my eyes.

I am thinking this man must have split personality disorder, because when he is with me he is always so stiff and rude. But with all others he is so friendly and cool. This is not fair, what have I done wrong to him? Though this was the first time he behaved somewhat good to me.

Finally we are at my home, my mom help me to walk inside, she invites Aarav to come in. We sit on the couch, my mom goes to the kitchen to look for our maid. he looks at me and asks, "pain in your ankle lessen or not? I say looking at my ankle, "yeah somewhat, I think it will take two to three days to fully recover."

My mom comes with two glasses of water in her hands, serves us and sits next to me and says,"you have to skip college now. " I roll my eyes and reply, "its not a big deal, I can't skip my college, I think I will be able to walk tomorrow." My mom looks at Aarav and says, "sometimes she is headache for me, not ready to take me seriously." Aarav smirks and says, "yeah, that's what I heard from our friend's too." I narrow my eyes at him. My mom insist him to take lunch with us but he gently denies telling that his car is at our gate, his driver is waiting so he should go now. He looks at me and says in a low voice,"take care." I nod my head without looking at him.

When Aarav leaves. Obviously I am furious at my mom. I tell her," why did you take me to Aarav's home, you know I don't like him." she smiles at me. I say, "don't smile mom, I am serious, why did he need to drive us home, I was able to drive." my mom says," you were there, I didn't tell him to drive, he himself decided to come, really he is a very cultured." I say, "whatever, and It was not enough that you were complaining about me to him, you don't know him, he always try to put me down, you know he is not as good as he looks."

"then you tell me how good am I?" Me and my mom look at the door, Aarav is standing with my phone in his hand, and dirty smile on his face.


A/N: I am feeling very bad for writing this but I must say that think before you press stars cause it is easy to rate just by reading a 20 minutes story but it takes almost 2-3 hours to write it. Well whatever rating I get I don't care about it cause I am not writing for any competition but at least think before you give your ratings... and of course it's not part of anyone's curriculam so don't like it .. don't read it..it's simple...

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