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Falling in love - 7 - Are you hosting......?

We are shocked, I remember I had put my mobile on a car dashboard, when I got in my car to drive. he must have took it from there.

my mom smiles and says, "oh dear, you have to come back to return Raavi's phone." he grins and replies, "yes aunty, actually I found it on the dashboard and kept in my pocket but I forgot to return and by the way I always have to take care of her things" and looks at me with mischief on his face and asks "right Raavi?"

I am feeling shameful that he heard me, I don't know how much he heard but I wish he didn't heard me saying I don't like him. So I don't speak anything, just lower my eyes..wishing for him to leave...

My mom takes my phone from him looking annoyingly at me.., he says sharply staring at me, "by the way you are welcome Raavi, goodbye aunty and he leaves.

My mom and I look at each other, then I go into my room with the help of my mom to change, still thinking about him. I was overwhelmed by his touch, I think he is not that bad, I mean he helped me, for short period of time I believed that he cares for me.

But again I think..No... I can't believe that cause I didn't forget his words.. "I'll not marry a girl like you in my worst dream..I can't even look at you.. I reject you..." oh god it is so painful to remember.

May be he is right on his place. There are many differences between us. First and foremost is his life is perfect. Yeah... I am not aware about his business, but he still gets the time for everything, even gym...!!

About me, my life is a pile of puzzle pieces, none of them is on it's right place. He gets everything. He owns the business, he gets the looks. He gets the money...and me I don't have anything of my own. His life is all set and I am doing only one thing good and that is study...

Oh about study, I have only two months left to graduate and then I have to apply for internship, to get hired by a good designer I have to create my portfolio, for that I have to work very hard, I need an inspiration for all the design I will draw. My pattern,style should be different. So from now on I will concentrate on my work.

The whole week passes very quickly. My ankle is okay now. I was so occupied that, I didn't meet my any friends for the whole week, yeah I stay in touch with them chatting through mobile.

As for my portfolio I start drawing fashion flats and for that I need an inspiration. I am using computer software to sketch and I am not frequent user so it is really time consuming. I am able to draw only one flat sketch for my portfolio at the end of the week.

Oh god this is not working. After flat sketches I have to draw fashion illustrations and then inspiration page. Oh dear it's really tough then I assumed.

When Saturday comes, I get a message from Ved for our get together, I simply deny for two reasons... first I want to draw sketches for my portfolio and second still I am not on a good terms with Aarav so I decide to let them enjoy.

My friends are fine with it, so I work whole Saturday till the late night, and wake up very late next day.

My parents are not at home this weekend, I don't like the idea of being alone, especially without my mom, I miss her food but it is wedding of my far far cousine so they went.

Generally when my parents were out of city, I went to Kiara's home but today I have so much work to do, so I stay at my home, maid is here to prepare me food and do all work so I am okay cause I don't have to waste my time in all house hold works.

I start drawing different styles with different patterns. I am so occupied that I take my lunch in my room and again start drawing sketches. At the evening my head start aching so I lie down on a couch and switch on the tv.

A message pops in my phone. It is from Tina saying me, "I thought you are working." I furrow and reply, "yeah I am working." she asks me in message, "then why are you hosting our gathering at your place?"

I widen my eyes and ask, " what?, I am not hosting any party here." After reading my message she calls me, when I pick up she informs, "open the door dear, we are already at your door step." and hangs up.

I am like what?, I am not in a proper cloths, my hairs are a mess, my room is like crow's nest, I am thinking by clutching my hairs with my hands and door bell rings, and before I do or say anything my maid opens the door, thank god I am upstairs.

I hear the voices they are all here I close my eyes, tie my hairs in a ponytail and go downstairs, they all wave 'hi' to me, Anurag looks at me with concerns and asks, "are you alright? Why are you looking ill?" I smile at him and assure him, "yeah I am fine, I was just working on computer whole day so my eyes are tired." They all take a seat on the couch, I am happy that Aarav is not with them.

My maid serves water and we all start talking about our week. Suddenly the door bell rings, I look for my maid but she is nowhere to be seen. so I go to the door and open it, thinking who is it now?, as I open the door, Aarav is standing there, with an unknown person with bags in his hand. I again become nervous, I try to control my breath and wave in a low voice, "hi".

He comes in, and the other man gives me the bags and leaves, I ask, "what's in these bags." Aarav replies rolling his eyes, "snacks for us, as we are hosting, I bought, now you have to serve."

I raise my brows and ask, "we are hosting, what does that mean?" He laughs and answers, "on behalf of you I invited our friends to your home cause you were busy so you couldn't come to us, so we came to you, and I took the responsibility of snacks and cold drinks, now understood."

I am angry at him who is he to invite my friends at my place without even asking me? Of course I am happy to see them here but I don't like Aarav taking decision on behalf of me. I put bags on the floor, cross my hands on my chest and open my mouth to say, but at the same time Tina comes, takes Aarav's hand and drags him to the couch.

Aarav looks at me from there and smirks at me. I take the bags and go to the kitchen, open parcels, there are many things sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and pizzas, I am busy opening them, that Kiara,Anisha and Tina enter in the kitchen to help me, we make plates and put them on a dining table, I switch on the music and we all sit and enjoy that yummy snack.

I am not comfortable cause accidentally when my eyes look at Aarav, I find him staring at me and smirking. Like every other day today also he is looking so damn handsome, he is wearing cyan coloured T shirt with black denim. His hairs look somewhat longer but perfect. When I see him my heartbeats increase. But I still remember his words ugly, stupid,nonsense so I am not ready to forgive him.

After eating, we all decide to play dumb charades, one is girls and the other is boys team. My team choose me to act, I stand up and go outside. I see, from boys team Aarav comes smirking.

I sigh and think by twitching my lips, why him, out of all the boys? He stands beside me and leans over to tell the movie name in my ear, oh god his electrifying touch going to kill me. And his smell, I am so lost that I didn't listen whatever he told. So I ask him to repeat, he smirks and says, "this is the last time" and he tells me the movie name it is 'Annabelle '

I raise my brows and say, "this is cheating, How can I act this name?" He laughs and tells, "just show your photo in that pink Saree and they'll get it." I narrow my eyes, smile sarcastically and reply, "perhaps you didn't watch that movie, Annabelle wears a long frock not Saree, he grins and replies, "Ok then show them that photo.. the one with the black frock." I look at him and ask, "oh..so do you remember all my cloths?"

He laughs and says in a low voice, "oh c'mon I ain't remember it but they were so different that I can't forget them, believe me your fashion sense is hilarious, I think you'll end up being a bad designer." Then he grins at me.

He makes me so angry that I shout, "hey Mr. if you don't like my dress then it's ok I am not forcing you to like it, but don't judge my skills ok..." My all friends rush to us, Kiara asks sharply looking both of us, "what happened?, why do you always start quarraling with each other?" I look at her with annoying face and reply, "ask your brother he is always present to criticize me and my cloths"

Aarav raises his both hands in the air, shrugs and says, "I was just giving her some tips." I ask loudly, "tips, my foot I am a designer why would I take a tips from you?, who are you?"

Upon these my all friends start to laugh except Anurag and Kiara, I look at them and ask furiously, "what now, what is so funny about it?" Tina comes forward and says to me in my ear that Aarav possesses a whole fashion house. my eyes are widen I ask, "what?" She nods yes.

I look at Aarav, He is smirking at me. I am like... I want to hide my face somewhere, so I look at the floor and say in a low voice, " whatever.. just forget it, let's play a game." They again take their seats, I act very badly but Anisha guesses the movie name right and saves our team.

Then I sit down, I am not longer interested in game. I am lost in my thoughts, how on earth I don't know about his fashion house, I know about each and every details related to fashion. He just came in india, how it's possible? He must have things ready before he came Or it's possible that he already has a big fashion house in Toronto, he just brought that brand here...

Anisha pokes me with her elbow and asks, "hey why are you silent? Help us." So I look at Kiara who is acting the song 'let it go', I say instantly 'Frozen' she claps her hands and says, "thank you dear, it is hard to act in front of these two." Then she looks at Tina and Anisha, they both roll their eyes and say, "you know we don't watch that types of movies." Game continues around one hour. After that they all stand up to leave, I am feeling refreshed except for the incident happened with Aarav. They all leave one by one, hugging me and wishing me all the best and waving goodbye, cause I declare that I will directly meet them after my exams, last comes Aarav, I turn my face in different direction, he smiles and says, "okay, bye miss pink Saree" and laughs. I look at him, clutching my jaws and narrowing my eyes, my hands are tight in fists, I really want to punch him. But Kiara calls him and he leaves.

I am all alone still thinking about that arrogant Aarav, what if he is right, I mean if he possesses the fashion house then he must be aware about today's fashion trends, what if my work is not good enough to impress anyone. I am no longer interested to draw anything. He made me confuse about my inspiration and my designs, so I decide to go to near by park.

In the park, I sit on a bench looking at the fountain and thinking about my design. All of a sudden Aarav comes and sits beside me and says, "hey Raavi, now you are confused right?" I raise my brows and say, "you...., what are you doing here?,you are not chasing me right?"

He laughs and says, "oh dear why do you consider yourself that much important that I chase you?" actually after leaving your home, we decided to come here, and I saw you, so I came to you,.... everything I have to explain to you, you know Raavi you are not that smart." I say annoyingly, "Okay... okay.. if you are done then show me where are the others?

I am tired of his criticism, why does he always have to say something inappropriate? Why can't he behave normal, he always irritates me. He takes me to my friends, they are sitting on a lawn. They are all surprised and happy seeing me there. Then again we talk for about half an hour.

In my group we can talk about anything like today we talked about colour of grass, shape of clouds, names of the birds, then we laughed on ourselves that we are still the same.

I come back home, again start drawing different patterns inspired by water, grass and clouds. I think I should meet Kiara to talk about Aarav, if he has his own fashion house then he can help me in my internship.

I don't want to talk to him directly, I don't like his rude attitude.

At night I call Kiara and explain my thoughts to her, we decide to meet on monday night for dinner.

My Mondays are always the same, very tiring. At least today my parents came home and I have so many things to hear from them about wedding but before that I have to meet Kiara. So at night I go to our decided restaurant and meet her. She says, "look, Aarav is the owner of a fashion house, many designers work for him, his house arrange many events like fashion shows, fashion exhibition, so he has many contacts in fashion industry,that was the reason I wanted him to introduce to you properly on that day, but you were not ready to leave your grudge."

I twitch my lips and say, "now you know how does he behave with me? He always wants to be superior,and..." "Okay okay so what do you want to do now?" Kia interrupts me, I shrug and raise my brows and say, "of course I want his help, but I don't think he will help me easily, so I need your help.

Please can you ask him names and mail addresses of some greatest designers so that I can apply as an intern." Kia furrows and asks, "don't you want to work with him?" I say firmly, " no never I can't work with him he is unbearable." Kia smiles and says, "well you have all wrong impression of Aarav, but I can't force you to work with him, it's up to you, I'll try my best to help you." then we take our dinner, I don't know why but I want to ask her about Aarav's personal life but I control my curiosity.

Then we talk about Aarav's business, Kiara tells me that Aarav possesses a fashion house in Toronto. Now he has launched his brands here. So right now he is taking care of only his fashion house, his father is taking care of the textile industries. I think they are owner of really very big group of companies.

I return late at night,then I hear everything of wedding from my parents and go to sleep. I am so lost and tense about my internship that I am unable to sleep. I leave the software and start to draw on a page. I create something on a page, don't like it,tear up the page, I am doing this whole night,I am unable to think of any idea, my mind is spoiled by Aarav's criticism, First time I feel that I lose my self confidence.

It is 3am, I think tea will help me, so I go to the kitchen to prepare tea, my father wakes up and comes by hearing sounds in the kitchen, he looks at me and says, "you look confuse, what's the matter?, come and talk to me."

He sits on a couch.We drink tea, then I tell him, "papa, someone I know owns a big fashion house and he always criticises me badly, what if he is true?" My dad explains to me "see, fashion comes from heart, it is not that whatever you design, everybody should like it, but you have to present your designs in such a way that majority of people like them..and about that guy.. I can suggest that you should take his opinion on your designs, he might give you some idea, but remember always follow your heart not other's opinion."

I furrow and say, "but papa we are not good friends, what if he makes fun of me, If I'll go to ask him." My father answers, "if he is not your friend then his criticism shouldn't bother you."

I nod and then lie down on a couch, my father wishes me good night and leaves. I am still thinking about whether I should show my portfolio to Aarav or not?

I decide to give it a try, and for that I have to call him, as I think about him, I feel my stomach is in knots, but what if he will say no or doesn't like it. No..no..no.. I don't want to think negative, he will say yes at least I hope so,with that I close my eyes.

Next whole day I am not able to do anything seriously, I am only thinking how to call Aarav?,what will I say?, I don't know his routine so I decide to call him at the evening, I feel that the day is so long, I have continuous butterflies in my stomach, at last I am at home.

It is 6:00 o'clock, I change my cloths, take my cellphone in my hand, inhale deeply, and dial Aarav's number, my heart is pumping in my chest as I put my phone on my ear, but all I hear, is only ring and voice saying me that the person I am calling is not receiving so please try after sometimes, I put my phone aside, look at the screen for five minutes, hoping that he will call back, but he doesn't.

I don't want to call him again, he must be busy I think, so I start doing my drawing work, looking at my phone in between, but nothing happens. I am feeling down that it is 9:00pm and it's not possible that he hadn't looked at his phone until now though he didn't call me back.

It was not a good idea to call him, I can take any person's advice, why only his opinion matters to me I think, so I go to take my dinner,come back and start drawing but nothing comes in my mind, so after many tries, at 12:00 o'clock I decide to sleep.

As I lie down on my bed, my cell phone rings, I look at the screen, it is Aarav, I don't know what happens to me that I pick up.

I hear his voice, it looks like he is drunk, he was talking And laughing to someone when I receive, I say in a low voice, "hi", he answers, "hi, Raavi, I saw your missed call" and he laughs to someone, I hear loud music in the background and hear voices of girls, I reply "yeah,I wanted to talk about..." he interrupts, "Hello....hello..can't hear you,can you repeat again..?" I hear a girl calling his name and laughs, my heart sinks, I cut the call.

What was he doing that much important that he didn't even look at his mobile?,now at midnight he is calling me in between some party, why are there girls around him? Oh god I don't want to think about him, but I am feeling very low after hearing girls voices around him.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, then again my mobile rings, it is Aarav, I don't want to talk to him, so I don't receive, after five minutes he calls again so I receive and say loudly, "why don't you enjoy the party?,I'll call you tomorrow.

He replies, "I am outside now so we can talk." again I hear girl's giggle, I am thinking about that girl and he asks, "hello,are you there?" My throat is choked, I don't know but I am feeling so bad that I want to cry.

I reply in a low voice, "actually I want to sleep now, can we talk later please." and without hearing his answer I cut the call. I don't know why but tears gather at the edge of my eyes.

I don't remember when I fell asleep, next day my mom has to wake me up, I get ready in a hurry and leave for college, it is last day of study, then we'll get reading time as our syllabus is over and then comes exams, so it is important for me to go today.

As usual last day is full of advices, and a quick revision of my whole term, then we have a short farewell as this was our last year, at last we wish all the best to each other.

It is around 6 o'clock when I leave my college, I come out of college entrance to go to parking area, and I see that a big red car stops in front of entrance and from that Aarav steps out.......!!!


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