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Falling in love - 8 - who are you....?

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I look at him, he is in his formal black suite with goggles on, he smiles at me, I remind myself that yesterday he was with some girls,it makes me angry.

As I am about to move in his direction that my all classmates run towards him saying "look, that is the Mr. Aarav Dixit" I am shocked that why do all of them know him?

It's only yesterday I came to know about him...I stand rooted to the spot, looking at my classmates. They are all busy in taking selfies with Aarav,some crazy girls are taking his autograph, he is enjoying all the attention.

"What are you looking at?" Priya asks me from behind my back, I point towards Aarav and ask, "do you know him?" She looks at Aarav and says with excitement, "oh my god he is Aarav sir,who takes our online lessons on portfolio designing, oh dear he is so handsome!!!", she grabs my hand and drags me towards him, "come let's say 'hi' to him."

I am shocked!! online session on portfolio designing!! why on earth I didn't know anything about it? and Aarav is taking that class, why did he never mention that to me?

I am about to ask Priya but she runs towards Aarav without me, I am so confused now, First is that Aarav is teaching something and second is why don't I have any idea of his lessons?,I stand there for five minutes looking at them with furrowing my brows, I think there is something going on and I don't know about that.

I am literally disappointed, now I don't have anything to discuss with Aarav if he wants to conceal things from me. So I decide to leave.

I start to walk towards parking that Aarav shouts, "Raavi... stop." my all classmates are like "ooooh!!!, they all start looking at me with wide eyes.", I look at him, he walks towards me from that crowd, I stand at the same spot with my arms on my chest and wait for him, he comes quickly to me, I look at him and ask "what?", he smiles and say, "let's go .. sit somewhere and talk", my classmates are watching us so I say, "where?"

He smirks at me and says, "come inside", so I follow him. He goes inside the college and takes me to the director's cabinet, whole college is empty, only peons are there.

I ask, "why are we here? it's director's cabinet." he takes a key out from his pocket and opens the door, I am shocked, looking at him with wide eyes. I say, "I don't know how did you get it but I am sure there are CCTV cameras everywhere so please let me go. I am a student here. I can get expelled for stealing."

He smirks and says by opening a door, "come in and relax I don't steal things." So I step inside, he switches on the light and a.c., it is my first time in our college's director's cabinet, The cabinet is huge with big table, revolving chair,and big couch for guests to sit, he sits on a chair and I sit on a couch.

I am really so confused, I am continuously looking at him, he again smirks at me and ask, "what?" I narrow my eyes and ask, "can you explain this to me?" he removes his goggles, smiles at me and says, "Raavi, my dad is a director here!!" I widen my eyes and ask, " Dr. V.K.Dixit is your father?" He smiles and nods, 'yes'.. I ask, "but you all just came four months ago?!!" he explains, "no my parents are here for one and a half year..before it was my grand father's post.."

"oh dear how can your father handles all things together business and college?" I ask in disbelief. Aarav smiles and says, " he just arranges meeting once in a month, gives orders and manages everything through video conferences wisely but yeah he is quite a busy man, then Aarav gives me water to drink, I look at the group photo on the wall.

He asks me, "now tell me why did you call me yesterday?" I look at him and say, "I still want to ask you one more question?" He says, "okay", I ask, " my first question is why do my whole class know you? And my second question is : do you give online coaching on portfolio designing?" He looks somewhat tense, he smiles and says, "yeah I actually..." I interrupt, "my whole class attend your lecture on line?" he looks down and nods, 'yes'. I furrow my brows and ask, "then why am I not aware of your class?" He looks at me, smirks at me and says, "ummmm....because you didn't sign up and it's been only ten days so you missed just four classes" I ask, " but why didn't anyone tell me?"

I look at him with furrowing my eyes and say, "oh!! it was your idea, you must have convinced my proffessors not to register my name in your class." He grins at me and says, "wow, Raavi you are smart but actually.. it was me who didn't register your name cause I my self choose the students for my class."

I am furious at him, I shout angrily "you did that so I come to kneel before you and ask for your help", he smirks and says, "I didn't want you to kneel, but it is not a bad idea either" I stand up and say angrily, "can I ask you why?" He smiles and says, " look no offense but I observed one thing in you and that is....you always behave like you don't need anybody, you are capable of doing everything by yourself so I wanted to see your efforts"

I am burning with rage.. I tell him, "okay.. so you didn't like me being independent...?do you know why did I call you yesterday?.... cause I wanted your suggestions on my portfolio but thank god now I know what do you think about me? so listen carefully Mr.... Who are you to judge me?who are you to check my efforts?.. who gave you authority to do it?"

I continue, "you can be director's son but it doesn't mean that you can play with any student's future?, I pay thousands of rupees to learn and you decided to keep me away from important lectures so that you can check my efforts.. " I am shaking with anger but I add..., "oh!!! it's because of efforts that you always criticize me about my dress, you always try to put me down, you always end up me calling stupid, dumb, nonsense and what not,"

I am breathing heavily, tears start rolling down my cheeks, he is just looking at me without any emotion on his face.. I narrow my eyes and continue, " but one thing I want to assure you Mr. Dixit, I'll not kneel before you,never... I don't want your stupid classes and I don't want your suggestions, you think you are very smart then I must say do hell with your smartness, there are many great designers in the world, do you think that I'll come and ask you? You can be my friend's cousin but it doesn't mean that you can treat me anyway you want.." I close my eyes, wipe my tears and say, "let me tell you one thing...I haven't met a more selfish and arrogant person than you Mr.Aarav, I hate you..."

He gets up from his chair but before he can say anything I get out of that cabinet crying.

Last words I spoke were not true,
I don't hate him now, I felt pain in my heart by saying that, but I wanted him to feel what had he done? I run to my car and drive to my home with tears in my eyes, I never expected his help, but hiding about his class, no it can't be joke, he'd deliberately done it.

I switch off my phone, I don't want to talk to anybody, I'd made up my mind, now I'll show that rich rat that who am I? I can be best without his help.

I reach at my home in totally mess. My parents look at me and start asking me questions. Of course they are worried about me, I don't tell them about what Aarav had done? I lie that it is about leaving my college, I again cry in my mom's lap, my head starts to ache so I go into my room and sleep without changing my clothes.

From next day I've decide to forget about everything and focus on my studies,I keep my mobile in silent mode and tell my parents not to let anyone in our house to meet me except my friends but not Aarav.

First it was hard to concentrate with Aarav in mind,but slowly I was me again, a book worm, yeah I was in touch with all friends through chat but not with Aarav,he didn't call me after that day,I am happy for it,that now he never bothers me.

It is not an easy task to revive all the subjects just in a period of one and a half month, but I tried my best, I woke up early and slept late,no tv, no mobile, just books and reading. Though the day before my exam,I was nervous like a hell...

It is 5pm in the evening that Kiara and Anurag both come together to wish me all the best, I hug both of them tightly, I am so happy seeing them together, Kiara says, "you lost some weight, you look pale." I shrug and say, " it is just sleep less and study more effect, but I am fine" I smile and ask, "so now both of you are together. " Kiara is blushing. She looks down. Anurag clears his throat and says "yeah.. I am helping her in internship." I raise my brows and say, "oh.. I see!!" Kiara giggles. I smile at them and say, "oh dear I am so happy for both of you"..

After a long pause, Anurag wishes me, 'all the best' and says, "tomorrow just do your best, I know you've worked very hard, so prove it." I reply, "thank you, I hope I can do as you said." Then after talking for a while they leave, I am smiling thinking about them.

Then suddenly I remember the night when Aarav came to ask me about dating Anurag, I remember his facial expressions and I laugh.

Kiara must have known about us,that's why she didn't mention Aarav's name, I am somewhat feeling sorry, for my behaviour on that day, but this is not the right time to think about all these mess, still I have my exams so I again grab my book and start reading.

My all friends sent me best wishes for my exams, but Aarav didn't wish me, I was disappointed but I thought it was fine he is not my friend, I shouldn't care about his wishes.

Next day I am very nervous, I had given many exams and in every exams my condition remains same, "nervous", I have to reach early at my exam centre.

My parents wish me best luck and hug me. I wave bye to them and as I step out of the entrance of my house, I see big bouquet of flowers lying on the floor, I take it, look for the name but I find only 'all the best Raavi' written on it so I think it must be my dad, he always choose different ways to surprise me, I smile and keep the bouquet in my car and leave for my exam..,

My first paper was good, I've written all the answers in given time, so I was very happy at the end of the day.

I had exams for six days, every day I found bouquet at my door, I wanted to ask to my dad but in exam pressure, I always left in a hurry and I forgot to ask him, finally it was last day of my exam, I came out of my exam centre very happy cause my all papers were very good. I was satisfied with my hard work.

Now only practical work is remaining. It is after a week, for practical I am not worried cause I am good in each and every skills.

After reaching home, I think that I will sleep for three whole days, but as the exam is over my mind is free of all tension, so I watch tv, me and my parents go out for family dinner.

I feel that after so many days I am feeling alive. I've enjoyed dinner with my parents, after reaching home I go into my room and jump on my bed to sleep.

I hear a message pops in my mobile, it is from unknown number, I open it.. there are links of something, I click on a link and find out that it is Aarav's lectures.

I close the link and go to sleep, but I can't sleep so again I open a link and start to watch the first lecture, Aarav came in the lecture just for 5-10 minutes then whole lecture was given by his designer, then again Aarav appeared on screen....

As I see Aarav, I am just looking how handsome he looks on a screen, his eyes, his jawline when he speaks, I never looked at his face so close, I feel that I miss him, his naughty comments, the way he speaks my name, but did he miss me?

No he didn't even wish me, he didn't call me, he didn't try to meet me, he is arrogant son of a rich man, why do he care for me?, I shouldn't miss him, I can't get attracted to his handsome face, he is not a good man, he always puts me down, I reminded my self his words he told to me when we first met. I close the link and sleep.

Next day I wake up very late, my dad has already left, my mom went to some event organised by her club, I eat my breakfast and switch on the tv, that my cell phone rings. it is from Kartik. I pick up and say, "hey, how are you?" He replies, "where are you, I think now your exams are over, let's meet, I am dying to see you all."

I smile and say "okay okay just relax, switch on to conference call. Through that call, We all decide to meet at 7pm for dinner. I look in a mirror. I say to my self oh dear I am a mess...,my hairs, my eyebrows,my face,my eyes are swollen with dark circles around it. I book my appointment at saloon, I spend whole afternoon at saloon.

I am feeling very much refreshed after facial, it is 5pm, when I reach at my home, I take a bath and wear embellished sheer black top, skinny blue jeans, silver mettalic mules and completed my look with black wrist bag. I wear very light makeup. At 6:30pm I leave my home to meet my crazy friends.

At I reach at the place I feel that it is very nice and less crowdy. I see, Kartik is already there, I hug him and sit beside him and talk about my exams. Then within ten minutes all my friends join us except Aarav. They all hug me and greet me.

Then we talk about our exams, internship and all our two months struggle. Kartik says, "now I am feeling alive, these two months were so boring for me." I ask, "I was not there but you met with each other right?"

Tina rolls her eyes and says, "what is meaning of hangout without you? We all are bunch of boring people you know that right?" They all agree and we all laugh,

Anisha says, "but you look weak,you lost your weight too." I smile and say, "yeah it was exam pressure nothing else."

I am behaving that I am okay but inside I am dying to know that why does Aarav not with us? I didn't heard of him for around two months, I am worried about him, I know he is a jerk and he didn't mind my words but what if he left my group because of me? I never had wanted that, but I think my group is aware of our conflict that no one is talking about him, I don't want to give my friends a hint that I am worried about Aarav, so I keep quiet.

We order our food, we are enjoying our get together after long time, talking about our family members and our vacation planning, that..

Tina speaks, "I miss Aarav, it is always fun to watch Aarav and Raavi quarraling." I furrow at her and finally gather my courage and ask, "by the way why didn't he come, where is he?" Kiara looks at me somewhat shocked and answers, "he is on a business tour", Ved adds, "you took a break for your studies and at the same time Aarav took a break for his business, that's the reason that we didn't meet. without you two what can we do just look at each other." I smile at him and say, "I too was feeling alone without you guys."

Kartik rubs his palms and says, "look friends dinner is coming, let's just eat now." We enjoy our dinner while chatting, everyone of us is happy, but part of me is sad without Aarav.

After dinner we all have decided to go at any nice place where we can sit and talk, Anurag invites all of us to his place as he is living alone, so we all drive our cars to his place, his place is also very huge bunglow with garden around, we directly rush to the garden. Me,Kia and Tina take the swing, remainers sit on a garden chairs, again we talk about an hour and then one by one my friends take a leave.

At last only three of us are left. Me, Kia and Anurag. Suddenly Kiara says to me, "Aarav told me what happened between you two?" I nod 'hmmm'. Kiara continues, "and he is sorry for that."

I twitch my lips and say, "sorry.. just sorry, oh c'mon Kia.. you don't have to say anything on behalf of Aarav. I don't need his apology.. I am just tired of his games now." Anurag interrupts me, "but Raavi he is really sorry.. that's why he sent you all the links and I think he cares for you.. that's the reason he told his man to send you bouquet everyday during your exams."

I am shocked. I look at both of them and ask, "Did Aarav tell you all these?" Anurag explains, "no..I just know." "but how? tell me the truth, Anu please!" I plead, but He is not ready to disclose his secret. So I give up and say, "okay I'll think about it and now I should leave."

After reaching home I watch tv with my parents, as my term is over, again my mom starts asking me about, if I've chosen any person or do I date someone? I raise my brows and explain that still I have my practical exams then internship,I'll think after that, it looks like my mom is not satisfied with my answer,but she doesn't speak anything and leaves.

My dad is already slept by watching tv. so I turn it off, go to my room, take a bath and change in pajama.

I am still thinking what Anurag had said me about Aarav. I am not sure if I am ready to forgive him or not,but today I believed that he is part of us too. I don't like when he is not with us...

I lie down on my bed and open a link and watch Aarav's lecture, I don't want to confess but I am missing him badly, I've seen one by one each link, just to watch him, I am no longer interested to hear whatever he is saying, I am just watching him.

For the first time I ask to my self that am I falling for him?, my heart starts beating fast,my breathing becomes heavy.. I think no.. it's not possible, I can't fall for him, he is a jerk, I convince my self that I am feeling this way cause I've spoken very rudely to him, I am really feeling sorry for my behaviour.

Next day I start to work on my portfolio, as I am fresh, there are many ideas to sketch, my whole day was busy.

At the evening one of my proffessor calls to inform me about 'seven days workshop on computer aided designing at Delhi' if I am interested then I can register from the web site, it is after my practical exams.

It is a workshop where I'll have a chance to meet and work with many great designers so it can be helpful in my internship, so I say yes to my ma'am and ask my parents for permission, and register my self.

I ask Priya but she is not interested so it is only me I think. my dad books my flight for return journey.

As expected my practical exams were very good, after that I start shopping with my girlfriends for a workshop, it is seven days, of course I'll need many outfit to wear, my portfolio is almost done, so now I am tension free.

The day before my journey is very busy as I have to pack my bags, my mom prepares variety of snacks for me, as I am leaving my parents for the first time for these many days alone.

I go early to bed, I am so excited for tomorrow. I close my eyes and think..
let's hope for best to happen.....!!!?


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