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Falling in love - 9 - what are you doing here?

Next day I wake up early, my flight is at 10:00am so I have to be at the airport at 8:00am.

My parents come with me at the airport to see me off. I have two trolly bags, one is filled with clothes, the other is with snacks my mom packed for me.

After completing all the formalities I board a flight, it is one and half an hour journey.

Delhi is totally unknown to me, my dad properly instructed me how to reach, though I am confused.

Upon landing at Delhi airport, I get off the plane and call a cab to reach at my destined place, it is a very big fashion institute, located out of city.

Our accommodation is also provided by the institute in their hostel. Upon reaching there I see that many students from whole India gather to take part.

First day is passed to confirm our registration, to provide rooms and room partner.

we've given the room in group of two, my partner is Debolina from Kolkata, we introduce to each other and go to our appointed room. she looks brilliant student. In the room we arrange our luggage.

my dad is calling me every half an hour,I assure him on a video call that I am fine then he stops calling me.

After taking breakfast, we gather in a very big assembly hall, where we are appointed computer lab, and they provide us time table of whole week.

On our first day we took only afternoon session, For next five days our schedule was devided into four parts: two lectures and two practicals, with only half an hour break but it was so interesting that I never felt bored.

At night I discussed practicals with Debolina she is senior than me doing Masters in fashion, she has given me many useful tips, beside her I made many other friends.

Whole week we have came in contact with many great personalities from fashion industry, from abroad too. It was a great experience. Whenever I got the chance I took their contact numbers and mail addresses.

I felt that it is a small town, where all the people from fashion world are living together.

For every night, they have arranged different cultural events..where we got the chance to know each other well.

I learnt many computer programms too, of course I am gonna use it to edit my portfolio. So in short this workshop was very fruitful for me.

It is the last day, we are somewhat sad that we have to leave, from morning weather is changed suddenly from sunny to cloudy, at the afternoon heavy rainfall starts.

Today's schedule is different, at the morning they've given us the certificate of participation in workshop, then feedback session and at last special guest lecture, who suppose to give us some tips on how to be successful in this competitive field?, so I am eagerly waiting for that lecture.

As the anchor is introducing him, he looks like really a big person, so I am so excited to listen to him but when she announces his name I have a goosebumps on my whole body,cause that person is none other than Mr.Aarav Dixit!!!

I am thinking what is he doing here? Since when he is here with us? why I didn't see him before?

He slowly comes on the stage from first V.I.P. row. I have a mixed feelings. Part of me is jumping from excitement just seeing him here cause it is around two months since we last met. Part of me is embarrassed and afraid what if he is still angry? what if he doesn't talk to me? and part of me is thinking, not him again, I don't want to meet him here.

I want to go with that part. I think that I can't meet him here, I want to get up and leave but whole place is full of participants and there is a pin drop silence. All the exits are shut. So I decide to listen to him then leave.

I must admit that He is a marvellous speaker, his speech can convince anybody, the way he is giving tips it looks like he has very good experience of this field despite of his age.

I am thinking how is this possible? he just came some months ago and whole India knows him by his name and I am living here from birth and no one knows me except my friends!!!

Then I remember what Kiara told me once, he is working in this field for 4-5 years, he was managing the same business from Canada before, so he must be in contact with Indian designer companies too..

He completes his speech. All the audience give him a huge round of applause.

Then anchor thanks all the lecturers and paricipants for successfully completing the workshop.

After the closing ceremony, everyone stands up to leave, as I get outside, there is a heavy rain falling with stormy wind, we have to run to our hostel rooms to pack our luggage. It is 6'oclock, but it looks like 8 o'clock due to dark.

It is midsummer, I'd never thought about rain, that's why I didn't pack my raincoat but it is a storm.

Hostel is a whole chaos. Some of us are leaving, some of us are staying at the hostel because of rain, some students are locals so they already left, Debolina goes to her uncle's place, she invites me too but I think I should leave as my ticket is booked. My flight is at 11:00pm so it is possible that rain will stop. I stay in my room and wait.

It is 7:30pm, most of rooms are empty now, I am worried now cause rain isn't slowing down, so I decide to call the cab, but no one is in near by area, as this institute is out of city. Now I am afraid, I think, I may find taxi or a bus on a road so I decide to walk to the road.

I get out of my room and leave the institute, rain is pouring heavily, within a minute I am whole wet. Upon reaching there I see that the road is empty, no one is there, I am very afraid now, it is very stormy weather. Cold wind is blowing, lightning is striking, I am all alone on a midway, all wet.

I murmur to my self, I am a fool.. I am stupid.. what was the need of leaving institute.. now what should I do? I lift my bags with my hand and walk to nearby bus stop, after 15 minutes of walk, I reach at the bus stop and sit there, I am breathing heavily, I wipe my hands and pull my cellphone out of my purse. I am shivering from cold.

As I try to unlock it, it's running out of batteries and switches off. My power bank is not charged. Oh God what will I do now?

I am hoping that if any vehical passes from here then I would take a lift, I wait there around ten minutes but all I see is a empty road..with lots of water running on it. Of course no one is as stupid as me!!!

It looks like the decade has passed, or my wrist watch is dead cause time is running very slowly....I miss my mom badly....

I decide to go back, cause it is not possible that I can get any vehicle. so I stand up, lift my trolley bags and get out of the bus stand. Again I feel the cold rain drops on my wet body, and a wave of shiver passes through my body.

I see one car is coming towards me from the institute, I think it must be any faculty so if this car going to the city then I can take a lift, still I have a time to reach at the airport. so I extend my hand to stop the car, Rain water is dripping from my hairs and clothes, and this car is my last chance.

Slowly slowly car is approaching me, thank God it stops in front of me, I go to talk to the person who is driving, I am not able to see his face due to darkness and rain as I lower my self at the car window,that person lowers the window glass.

I am shocked, cause it is Aarav, he grins at me, I gulp my saliva and think I should go back to hostel, I can't take his help, what if he'll say 'no' to me, so I start to walk away without uttering a word, he must have thought that I am getting my bags so he waits for me, but I start to walk and pass his car, so he comes out and runs after me, grabs my hand, and turns me to look at him, oh dear!! he is standing in front of me with stern look on his face, and now he is too all wet from the rain.

He looks at me and asks, "what are you doing outside in this rain? You should've stayed at the institute. now you are going back, don't you wanna go home?", I reply, "I don't wanna go with you." He annoyingly says, "suit your self then but I don't think you have a choice." With this he grabs my bags. I try to stop him, "I think someone told me that I am not worthy to ride with him." he raises his hands and says angrily, "I don't think this is a right time to discuss anything, c'mon get inside the car." I ask, " but what about your car I am all wet."

He says furiously, "thanks to you, me too, let's park this car here and walk to the city". I roll my eyes, he looks at me and asks in annoying tone, "are you coming with me or not?"and he starts to walk towards his car, I follow him. He arranges my bags in back seat, so I have to take passenger seat beside him.

He is not speaking anything, he is just driving, It is around 8:00pm so I tell him, "can you drop me to the airport, I have a flight at 11:00pm". He looks at me with annoying face and asks, "do you think any flight is going to take off in this weather? " and laugh sarcastically. I twitch my lips and ask, "then where are we going?"

He replies without looking at me, "first to the hotel in which I am staying and then perhaps to our city." He looks annoyed so I don't ask anything further. What if he gets angry and drops me on the road, so I keep quiet.

Rain is very heavy, it is hard to drive, so it takes us one and half hour to rich at his hotel.

It is seven star hotel, I am feeling very ashamed cause I am all messy, my clothes and my hairs are totally wet. I am shivering from cold and sneezing.

On the contrary Aarav is looking more dashing in wet shirt and wet hairs. When we reach inside, attendant is ready to help with my bags.

I follow Aarav to the lift, he is not even looking at me, I am embarrassed like a hell.
Lift stops at the 9th floor, as we get out.
I see that he is staying in a big luxurious suite.

He unlocks the door and goes inside. I don't know what to do?, so I stand outside scratching my fingers and biting my lower lip.

Within one minute Aarav comes back and asks,"what are you waiting for, come in."
I lie, "I am waiting for my bags." He rolls his eyes and says, "don't worry your bags will be here, you just come in and dry your self."

So I step inside. it is a very big suite with three rooms with couches, tea machine and many other facilities.

he shuts the door, I am really very embarrassed cause I never faced this type of situation, alone with someone in a hotel suite.

I cross my fingers and hope that he is a good guy, he won't try to take a benefit of my situation.

My heart is beating fast, I am breathing deeply, he is smiling by looking at me. He goes to the bathroom and hands me a towel. I sit on a couch and start to wipe my hairs.

I am continuously looking at him from corner of my eyes. I am afraid that what if he has bad intentions, I am not that type of girl, he spent his whole life in abroad, in free culture, he might have considered me that type of girl, ready to do anything for a handsome dude like him.

I am all sweaty despite being cold weather and A.c. on too. He starts unbuttoning his shirt, my heart is pumping in my chest. I have thousands of thoughts in my mind and I bet they all are the worst.

Slowly slowly he walks towards me, I am like a statue, I gulp my saliva, I am alert of his movements. I gather my courage.

I think that If he will try to misbehave then I'll slap him on his face and run away, my eyes are sharply observing him, my hands and legs are ready.

He comes to me, lowers him self down to my level. I am tense, my body is stiff, I am sitting on a edge of couch, he raises his hand, My heart is hammering in my rib cage, I can hear my heart beats in my ears like drums. I loosen my grip on a couch and about to slap him that he sushes me, "don't move, there is a big spider on your shoulder, I try to look at my shoulder from the corner of my eyes, but I find nothing, I close my eyes and say, "please take it away, I hate spiders"

He starts laughing like a crazy. I open my eyes narrow them and ask, "why are you laughing now?"

he takes towel from me, wipes my forehead and says, "you can relax, I am not as bad as you think,trust me on that...."

I lower my eyes on a floor, I can feel his sharp gaze on me, I scratch my neck and say, "I should take a bath first." I hear knocking, I slowly slide to corner of the couch, get up and run to door to open it.

it is my luggage, I am so embarrassed that I quickly grab the bags and rush to another room and close it.

I put both my hands on my face and sit down on the floor. I am really a stupid girl.

I go to bathroom, take a quick hot bath and change to casual tee and jeans, blow dry my hairs. I am ashamed to face Aarav, so I don't wanna go outside. I sit on a couch and attach my cellphone to charger.

I hear knocking, so I quietly open the door and tiptoe into main room.

Aarav has already taken the bath, he is watching tv and drinking coffee. He looks at me and he says, " your cup is in tray" I don't want to drink coffee, but I take the cup and look inside, I smile cause it is a tea. So he knows. I murmur, "Thank you."

I sit on a couch. T.V. is showing the news of storm, it has worsened now.

Aarav looks at me and asks, "it is late, do you wanna leave tonight? Otherwise we can spend a night here?" It will be eight hrs drive from delhi to my city. I observe Aarav, he looks tired so I say to him, "whatever you say" he raises his brows and says, "okay we'll leave tomorrow. let's go and take a dinner at the restaurant.

We take the lift, reach at the ground floor. Then walk to the hotel's restaurant.
it is a very big diner with dance floor and DJ, sweet romantic music is playing. Only five to six couples are there at the diner.

We take the table, Aarav sits opposite to me and asks by grabbing the menu, "so what would you like to eat?"

Actually I am not hungry at all due to excitement or whatever the reason. I say, "anything veg would be fine" he smirks and asks, "so you are vegetarian?" I nod yes, he says, "me too." I am surprised. I twitch my lips and say, "liar". He smirks and speaks, "I don't lie."

I narrow my eyes at him. He is again looking at the menu, then he looks at me, and he orders food for both of us.

I am the most talkative person, but today I don't have any words to start conversation, cause he is mostly silent, oh god why do I stuck with him? I am looking here and there, cause I don't know what to do?, He is reading something in his mobile then after ten awkward minutes finally he asks.

"how was your workshop?" I smile and say, "it was great,I learnt so many things, all the people were great!!"

he nods and asks, "did you watch my lectures from the link? " I say "yep" Of course I don't want to talk about that.
He asks, "so what about your portfolio?"
I lean back on a chair and answer ,"it's done, now I am only worried is about my internship."

he asks, "do you have any contacts?" I furrow and answer, "yeah, I got some from the workshop." he sighs 'hmmm...' then asks, "have you heard about Shalini Kapoor?", I widen my eyes and say, "of course she is a celebrity designer."

he smiles and asks me, "do you wanna work with her? " I twitch my lips and say, "don't make fun of me, she doesn't work with interns."

Aarav takes a card out of his pocket and places on a table and continues, "take it, it's her personal card, you can call her or mail her."

I am shocked, I look at him, He is not laughing or grinning, I slowly take the card and read it, it is really of Shalini Kapoor!!!

Oh my god! I am so happy that I want to hug him tightly but I control my feelings and thank him so many times that he starts laughing and says, "stop it Raavi, but yeah next time you don't have to ask Kiara for my help,you can talk to me directly anytime okay? "

I am just looking at him. I recall my behaviour last time I met him. I say by lowering my eyes, "I am sorry for that day, I was frustrated because of my portfolio and I came to know that you kept me away from your lectures so..." he interrupts, "your apologies can be accepted on one condition.

I roll my eyes and asks, "and what's that?"
He thinks something and answers, "you have to answer my question?" I think what can be the question, so I agree, 'okay'.

Our food is arrived, waiter serves us, we start eating.

He asks, "you were totally different when we first met?" I raise my brows and look at him.

He continues, "yeah I mean you looked good but not proper for that day." I recall the day, I drink a water and explain, "okay listen to me, first it was my mom's idea to put my name on a matrimonial page, I am not ready for it so I wanted to reject you,but your profile was complete so.."

He interrupts, "you changed your look to make me reject you?" I nod, 'yes' and continue, "but it went all wrong, I didn't wanted it that way, I thought that we would discuss about some boring things, and then you would sent a message that you didn't like me, and it's done."

He smirks and asks, "why did you think that I will judge you from the clothes?" I furrow and say, "you already judged me based on my looks, that's the reason you were angry."

He laughs and explains, "I was angry because I felt that you were making fun of me, cause your profile was quite different...that's the reason I appeared there you know just like your mom... my mom insisted me to meet you, it looked so awkward and I was missing my country, my home, my friends... so when I saw you with saree and all that, it all came out"

Second thing it was your efforts that made me angry, don't mind but really how can girl be so stupid that she spends thousands of money and time just to meet a strange person, please don't take personally but I don't believe in arrange marriages. I tried to explain it to my mom but she is not ready to understands me so I reject the profile she selects for me. It was you, the first girl I met and I concluded that I was so right.. I mean how can a person chooses a life partner just in one hour meeting."

He drinks water and continues, " When I saw your profile, I hoped you to be different, I hoped that you will tell me on my face that I have a boyfriend so let's just finish this formalities.

But as I saw you, it was like you were waiting for me to get selected, like all TV series bahu's..... and my all frustration came out."

I gulped whatever I was chewing and start laughing that tears come out of my eyes, he is seriously looking at me, I clear my throat, drink a water and ask still laughing, "you said that I was looking like TV series bahu.. oh my god you watch those shows!!!" he shrugs and answers, "yeah I have to cause my mom watches it when we take our dinner together..that's reason I try to avoid dinner with my mom though whenever I am home, I have to eat with her. Can you guess, It is their looks in TV that irritates me the most.

On that day you were sitting opposite to me looking attractive, totally cultured and totally Indian..,like them in TV series, so I thought that it must be your trick to get selected."

I am confused now, because he is admiring me today and on that day he was not ready to look at me, so I think he is lying but he can be right too so I apologise, "I am sorry, I never thought about you, but believe me I didn't want to make fun of you and about marriages, I am in the same boat as you so I think now you know the reason behind my 'bahu wala' look." And I laugh..

He laughs and explains, "that I knew when I met you at Kia's birthday party, I really regretted what I had said earlier and believe me I wanted to apologise to you, but you were so angry at that time and I was confused that how to explain my self to you? By observing your attitude I thought you will not accept my sorry that easily. "

I am surprised that 'The great Aarav'
wanted to apologise to me, I am not believing him, I think he must be up to something, but my heart is signalling me that he is telling the truth.

He continues, "believe me everytime I approached you, was..only to say 'sorry', but when you came in front of me I found teasing you was far easy then to say sorry so.." he shrugs and looks at me.

I smile at him. He apologises, "I am sorry."

I keep looking at him, not believing my ears. It is a really awkward moment. I don't know what to say? So I just keep eating.

After some time Aarav clears his throat and asks, "are you still angry?" I nod and say, 'no'

He smiles and says, "so I guess we are cool now" I nod, 'yes' so he says happily, "okay then let's start fresh"

he offers me a hand shake, I shake his hand, again his touch starts tingles in my body, he introduces him self, " hi!! I am Aarav dixit, nice to meet you" I giggle and reply, "hi! I am Raavi shukla, nice to meet you to Aarav."

We both smile at each other. he asks, "friends?" I smile and answer, "yeah friends".

He gets up from the chair, extends his hand and say in a husky voice, "let's celebrate our friendship with a dance."

I widen my eyes and look at him.

He is behaving very strange today, I've never seen him like today, He is making me feel so much special.

My heart is pumping in my chest, I try to avoid, "I am sorry... but I don't dance."
He says, "c'mon Raavi.. I know you dance well!"

I look at him and hold his hand. every time I touch him I feel the same electrifying effect, like some magnetic current has passed through my body, it is like a wave of pleasure.

I am so happy, he takes me to the dance floor, 2-3 couples are dancing, of course it is raining outside so DJ is playing romantic slow songs.. so I have to perform waltz dance with Aarav!!!?

I am confused, I am not in proper dress. Aarav gently grabs my one hand in his hand, I put my other hand on his shoulder. He does the same. Oh dear I am going to die out of excitement.

Again my mind gives me warning that his intentions are not good. He looks into my eyes like he is reading my mind..he comes very close to me and speaks in my ear, "don't think too much, just feel the music." he is so close to me that I am feeling his breathes on my cheek, I bet my cheeks are all red from embarrassment.

I look down, I am really happy, confused, excited, embarrassed...like all hormones in my body are mixed up with each other, not knowing what to feel?

He lifts my chin with his thumb and forefinger and says in a low voice, "it is necessary to look at your dance partner, so look me in the eye Raavi!!". I look at him and we start our first dance.

The song is also very romantic "raabata by Arijit Singh." He is smiling and I am feeling like I am on a cloud nine.

I am feeling his warm skin, his gentle touch. The second song starts. We dance for around fifteen to twenty minute.

The more I look at him, the more I am feeling for him, I am enjoying his company, he is continuously looking at me with a smile.

I want to dance with him whole night, but I say slowly, "I think we should leave now."
He nods, "okay".

We get to his suite. He shuts the door, looks at me and says, "Thank you." I raise my brows and ask, "for what?" he smirks and says after a pause, "nothing...forget it..."

He sits on a couch, drinks water then passes me the water bottle and asks, "so are you comfortable to sleep here? or do you want to book another room?"

It is already 12:00am so I say, "I think I can sleep on that couch,the one in the other room." He narrows his eyes and asks, "are you sure?" I smile and answer, "yeah."

I go to that room, close the door,change to night dress, see that I forgot my cellphone here.

As I unlock my phone I find lots of messages and missed calls from my parents.
It is late so I message them that I am alright, I will leave for home tomorrow morning, my phone was dead so don't worry..

They didn't reply so I think they must have already gone to sleep...

I lie down on a couch, which is as big as single bed and comfortable too.

I am feeling so happy, I think Aarav is not bad at all, he respects women, he is caring too. I was totally wrong about him, I close my eyes and he is all over my mind, his face, his smile, his eyes, his lips, his smell, his voice..

Oh god why do I feel this way? He is just a friend like others but why is he so special for me?

I open my eyes, get up and sit on a couch,
a message pops in my phone. I read, it is from Aarav wishing me 'good night and sleep well.' I first time reply to his message 'good night.' I smile and lay my self on a couch.

I think I know the answer of all the questions that:
"I am falling for Aarav...!!!


Hey, dear readers.. this is the longest chapter up till now.. I hope you enjoyed it..


A/N : I avoided writing the name of the institute, hotel cause I am not aware whether I can use the names of private properties or not due to copyright issues......

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