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Do you love me? - Episode: 2 - Unexpected Date

The engagement date was fixed and it's just in a week, both pavan's and Priya's fathers started to invite their friends, relatives, company employees, and their neighbors. Everyone was happy to hear this news except pavan.

He was planning to stop the engagement. But the only chance he has is to convince Priya so that she may say no for the engagement and eventually marriage gets canceled.

the news of the engagement reached pavan's friends and phone calls were begun. Some of them are advance wishes for their engagement and the majority are for the party to celebrate his last days of freedom. So he immediately decided to work on his mission before it's reaching out of his hand. He called Priya and asked her to meet him at a restaurant at 12 o'clock tomorrow.

Priya: Sorry Pavan I planned to go shopping tomorrow, But if you want to talk about something in person then pick me up tomorrow at 10 Am and after completion of shopping you will get your opportunity to speak, I know you don't have time for this so we can talk after our engagement, what will you say?😊😊

Pavan: No no I am free tomorrow see you then.
Next day morning

Pavan went to Priya's house and picked her.

While going to the shopping mall
Pavan: Are you going shopping without any friends?

Priya: Are you going somewhere after dropping me?😒

Pavan: No

Priya: who are you then? Do you think we have already been married 😉?

Pavan: No no I don't mean that. W-We reached the mall lets go.

Priya picked some dresses and asked them to pack.

Pavan: That's all, don't you try them?

1)even though I try them I am confident about your taste so it's useless.
2) It's not safe to try dresses in a shopping mall, there are chances of having spy cameras in the trial rooms.

Pavan: what? Are you mad? Then what's the reason to come for shopping? You can order dresses online.

Priya: hmm I think you are correct, I am going home then 😏.

Pavan: hey I am just kidding🤯, we still have time what's next?

Priya: let's move to the men's section I want to buy some clothes for my cousin.
After moving to the men's section she picked some clothes and asked pavan to try them.

Pavan: why should I try them? And what about your spy camera theory?

Priya: Did you forget my cousin looks similar to you and no one will dare to see your naked.

Pavan without any further questions tried them and Priya picked some in them.
After the competition of shopping, they both went to a restaurant.
After a few minutes, pavan started his mission.

Pavan: Priya What I wanted to say is, I am not worthy to marry you, you deserve someone better them

Priya: Yes I completely agree with you and I can say that you are so lucky to get a wonderful wife like me 😊😊.

Pavan: Will you please let me complete🙏.

Priya: ok ok I am all ears.

Pavan: so why don't you think maybe you are making a mistake by agreeing to marry me.

Priya: No I am not, I know what I am doing 😒

Pavan: Do you love...
The waiter(interrupted pavan): excuse me, sir, can I get your order.
They both gave their orders and silence took place for a few moments.

Pavan (whispered): do you love me?

Priya(whispered back): No, why?

Pavan: do you love someone else?

Priya: yes, but he is not interested in marrying me now. even clothes you tried are for him, I am trying hard to convince him to get married.

Pavan: Maybe he wants some time to get settled before marrying you? Why hurry?

Priya: I have my reasons and I love imagining your parents as my family. Do you think I am not the right match for you?

Pavan: then what about your boyfriend?

Priya: he may get a wonderful wife too in the future if he listens to his parents just like you.
**Again silence take place**
Priya: do you think I am not a perfect match for you?

Pavan: No no, I don't mean that you are perfect but I...(He don't know what to say)
The waiter came back and placed their orders (he indirectly saved pavan from awkwardness) while chatting for some time after eating they went back to the car. Pavan tried hard but failed to convince her.

Priya: Do you have any plans for the rest of your day?

Pavan: No I am free, why?

Priya: let's go for a movie then😋.

Pavan: Are you serious, Are you asking me out? Don't you think this is cheating on your boyfriend?

Priya looked straight into his eyes and said "I think you're missing an opportunity to get a kiss".

Pavan stunned for a moment and said: Are you for real? Don't tease me like that if you want to see a movie ok then let's go.
After that completion of the movie, they had ice cream, and after that Pavan drives her back home.

while leaving Priya said thanks for the wonderful date and closed the door.

Pavan: hey what about my kiss?

She winked and said: maybe you should ask you, fiance🤪 went back into the house.

Pavan and Priya were friends for many years, he never thought she can be this naughty and romantic, he thought she may acting nice to convince him.
He drives back home and parking the car, he noticed that Priya left some of her bags on the back seat.
He opens his phone to call her, But there is a massage from her

"My dear future husband and present boyfriend", please accept this small present and agree to marry me.
I hope you will like the clothes I brought for you. Your future wife and present girlfriend Priya😘 (👈 this is the kiss I am talking about)

After reading the message Pavan surprised and lost his mind for a moment. he never thought she can be this naught, romantic and caring. He thought his parents are correct about her. Apart from the massages, there are 53 missed calls from an unknown number, he called back to the number and the opposite person lift the call for the first ring.

Unknown: Hello pavan can I get Priya's number, I thought you may do me that favor.

To be continued

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