Do you love me? - episode -3 Morning jog in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - episode -3 Morning jog

Do you love me? - episode -3 Morning jog

Unknown (male voice): I am her classmate, she is doing a terrible mistake by leaving this opportunity?

Pavan: first of all what's your name? What are you talking about? And what is that opportunity?

Unknown: I am Vikas, we met a few times before.

Pavan: Hey Vikas, How are you, man? I know you tried sincerely to impress Priya, but she doesn't like you? Do you think not loving you is her terrible mistake?

Vikas: I am not talking about that I am talking about her dream.

Pavan: Which dream you are talking about?

Vikas: I think you know Priya's dream is to get placed in one of the top 10 Interior Designing companies in the USA and after gaining experience she wanted to set up her own company in India.

Pavan: But she was not selected in the companies she was looking for, so she joined in our company. What's wrong with that?

Vikas: Only Two students were selected in the interview, conducted by Axis designing company in our University, Axis is one of the topmost companies in the USA. Priya and I were the two who got selected in the interview. we planned everything regarding the accommodation, expenses etc.but after getting Visa last month, she said she was no more interested in the job.

Pavan: Why she lied to me about the interview? Did you ask her the reason why she is not interested now? Don't tell me that you misbehaved with her 😠.

Vikas: No man I sware I did nothing wrong with her and I tried thousands of times to her number to know the reason, but it continues getting a busy tone. So I thought you can help me to reach her.

Pavan: can't you understand she blocked your number man if you really want to talk to her, meet me at our office 12:20 pm tomorrow, I will bring her to the canteen so we can talk there.

Vikas: thanks for understanding bro, I am looking forward to meeting her. (hang up the call)
After having dinner Pavan went to bed early but he started thinking about Priya & why she lied to him and what would be the reason behind ? while thinking he slowly fallen into sleep.
Next day (Monday)
Pavan woke up at 3 o'clock to use the washroom but can't get back to sleep again so he went for a jog with Rocky ( Rocky is the name of Pavan's dog, breed German Shepherd). After jogging for some time he sat on a bench to catch his breath. He can sense the touch of a cool breeze and beauty of the colorful sky with the rising sun. Sun rays start falling on the earth and birds starting their day while singing a morning song.

Slowly park was filling with the people,
Rocky starts barking at a girl passing by, she was jogging Waring a pink color jacket (full sleeve)with headphones on. Pavan saw her curves from the back and thought "this girl covered her skin with cloths but failed to hide her charms". But Suddenly, Rocky ran towards her and jumped on her. Pavan ran to catch rocky and drag him away from the girl but she starts petting him.while morning light falling on her, Her face was shining like a full moon covered with Droplets of sweat which are twinkling like stars. While seeing her His eyes forgot to blink, But he stunned after realizing that she is no one other than Priya.

Priya came towards him with Rocky and greeted him with a smile.
Priya: I never thought you will wake up before 7 a.m.
Pavan (thought in mind) I never thought you were such a beauty😯.

Priya: Don't tell me that you have a habit of sleepwalking?

Pavan: maybe I am not a morning person who Wake early like a hen, but I go to the gym
every day like a lion.

Priya ( she starts lounging): who said lion goes to the gym? And where is your tail mister lion 🤣?

Pavan ( changing topic): Hey don't bring your lunch today, let us eat at the canteen together.

Priya: How sweet. So you started liking me and wanted to spend time with me right 😊.

Pavan: yeah I even have a surprise for you so don't forget to come and I am done with jogging so I am going back, do you like to come with me?

Priya (holds pavan hand and said): I love to.
Her eyes are shining like high voltage bulbs in which A blind man can see her love ❤️.
The three went back home and they two get readying for office.
Pavan selected a pair of clothes that were gifted by a Priya and dressed up in them, after having tiffin he went to the office.

To Be continued.......

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