Do you love me? - 4 in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - episode 4 True love

Do you love me? - episode 4 True love

After reaching his office, Pavan started working on his project (improving graphics of the new game they are going to release soon)
At 12 pm Pavan got a call from Ram(Pavan's best friend and son of a famous politician).

Ram: Good morning man, where are you?

Pavan: it's afternoon now and I am at my office.

Ram: Is that you? there are only 5 days left for your engagement, Pavan I know will enjoy his last days of Batchelor's life.

Pavan: I am a Batchelor until I get married and from the last 6 years of student life I did nothing but enjoy. Now I want to do something productive.

Ram: you sound a bit serious, Is everything alright?

Pavan told everything about the Vikas call and Priya's dream.

Ram: so you are going to convince your wife to go to the US with a person who is trying to impress her. Are you insane?

Pavan: I want to remind my childhood friend about her dream and help her to achieve it and she is not my...w-wife.

Ram: why he took one month to contact you? and why he called you now. I think he is trying to stop your engagement. After going to the US he will surely irritate my little sister(Priya) to love him.

Pavan: Vikas is a good person, I think he doesn't know about the engagement and Priya got Black Belt in karate, she can easily defend herself against that nerd, so be cool and enjoy your day Buddy (hang the call)
Time:12:15 P.M
*Message*: bro I am at the canteen.
Reply: I will be there with her in 5 minutes. Don't come to us, wait until I wave to you.

At sharp 12: 20 Priya came to Pavan's office and they both went to the canteen(Priya's office on 7th and pavan's office on the 4th floor).

Priya: why can't we go out for lunch, don't you think it's a better place than the canteen?

Pavan: Because we have to discuss an important matter and I don't want to waste time on the journey.😒😒

Priya: what's the matter? Did you want something? If you need money or expensive stuff I want to remind you that Dowry is a crime 😋😋.

Pavan: don't act smart. You know, I don't need your money or something I what to know why you lied to me about the interview, I always thought we were close friends and we don't have any secrets but I am mistaken😠.

Priya: Really don't you remember anything that happened on the last night of our tour? and Who told you this now?

Pavan waved to Vikas and came towards them.
After seeing Vikas, Priya got angry but trying to act normal.

Priya: How many times I have to tell you, I don't need that job, and why are you dragging Pavan into this?

Vikas: please think one more time before deciding, because next month 1st is the lost day to report to the job so I don't have any other options than contacting him to reach you.

Priya(angry voice): don't you understand, I am not interested👿.

Pavan: May I know the reason why you lost interest?

Priya: Because I..i don't want to leave you alone and I want to be with you.

Pavan: Haha I am not alone I have my friends, family and you with me the rest of your life, once after achieving your dream.

(Vikas can't understand what's going on there.)

Priya: don't you think our engagement is on 29 and on 31st morning I have to catch the flight. I can't do that. I don't want to lose you for this stupid job.

Pavan: who said you will lose me after going to the U.S? I believe in you Priya you can do this, I will wait for you until you come back to me, I will talk to our parents so... What will you say? Will you remember me after becoming successful in your carrier?

Priya(her eyes filled with tears): I want some time to think. I will talk to you later 🥺.
She went to her office will out having lunch.

Vikas understand that they are getting engaged and what he made Priya sad and she doesn't want to leave Pavan.

Pavan: don't think you made her sad, you did something good for her and you were waiting for her without leaving. You are a good man Vikas, I know you will take care of her.

Vikas: why are you convincing her? May be she really doesn't want to leave you.

Pavan: because I don't want to be the reason for holding back her to achieve her dream. I will do anything to make her happy.

Vikas (in mind): wow she wants to sacrifice her life ambition for him, and he Believers her with his full heart that he doesn't even hesitate to send her with a person who trying to perceive her. Maybe this is what true love seems to be like. After some time Vikas left after having lunch with pavan.

Pavan talked to their relatives and they offer her to stay at their place, he even convinced their parents but Priya still didn't say her opinion.

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