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Falling in love - 12 - Why are you doing this..?

"Please Aarav..please Aarav.. open your eyes dear" I again try to wake him up by slapping on his cheeks.. I grab his hand tightly, "No.. No.. No..please wake up...Aarav...!! I look for the help with unsteady gaze, but no one is here to help me..I cry out loud with a piercing scream.., "No..."

Suddenly I feel sharp pain in my head, my vision gets blurred...then everything is black again.

My eyelids flutter when loud music hit my eardrums, finally I let the light in, as I squint first and then unblinkingly look around at my surroundings.

I find my self on a couch, I am all sweaty, breathing heavily and my eyes are all wet from tears. I get up, my head is aching, I press my temples with my hand and try to soothe the pain.

I switch off the T.V and recall that dream. It was so vivid and clear that I again cry by hugging my knees. What a scary dream it was!!!!

I leave the couch, walk to the bathroom, wash my face with plenty of water, look my self in a mirror, I think what if that dream will be true?, what if we'll meet with an accident?, my heart is pumping in my chest.

I think it's a bad idea, I can't go out with Aarav. I can't take a risk. I don't want to lose him. I decide to message Aarav and cancel our dinner. Of course I am craving for his company but I had never seen dream like I saw today...

I take the phone in my hand, that notification pops saying I have a mail, I open it. It is from Ms. Shalini's office asking me why didn't I send her my CV and Portfolio until now?

Well I want to sort out things with Aarav first whether to work here or to work in Mumbai, but it is not a good idea to keep Shalini ma'am waiting. So I quickly mail her.

Now I have to wait cause if she doesn't like my portfolio then it may possible that I won't get selected, then it won't be any problem but if she selects me then I have to talk to Aarav.

So I lay my self on a bed and think about that stupid horrible dream.

Within an hour I get a phone call from Shalini Ma'am's office, A girl is speaking, "Congratulations.. Ma'am likes your portfolio..so you can join within a week.."

I feel so encouraged by her words, The great designer, Ms.Shalini likes my portfolio, what can be better than that? I happily reply, "thank you so much ma'am.. I'll join as early as possible.."

I again change my mind about meeting Aarav, cause if I have to join her studio with in a week then I must have to resolve things like, go to Mumbai or stay here.

But I am afraid to go out with Aarav.. because of that dream. I console myself that it was just a dream, and I'll not wear that red dress and I'll tell Aarav to choose a nice place in a city area, I'll not let him drive on a highway at any cost.

I go downstairs and refresh my self with a cup of tea. It's only 6:00 O'clock. I have to wait three more hours and it is really painful, not knowing what to do?

I switch on the T.V., just surf randomly with that dream and Aarav in mind. Though it was a dream I was so afraid of losing him. When I saw him unconscious..I literally felt that my heart was bleeding. My world was ending.

That scary dream made me realise, how important Aarav is for me! He has became part of me now. I never ever ever can loose him.

But can it possible between us? Is it a love or just a crush.. I am not sure.

Though I was hurt by him first,I like him from the day I met him. I strongly get affected by his presence around me, the energy he radiates, it attracts me, the way magnet attracts iron. I can't resist to that. In fact it gives me such a pleasure..the way he talks to me or looks at me.

I like it, when Aarav notices me, notices my dress. I did not accustom to get noticed by anyone, cause in my college, if any boy approached me then it was only for studies.

In my friends too, I didn't feel the way I am feeling for Aarav. That's why I am confused..

I want to wait and see that am I the only one or Aarav is in the same state?

'Avira'.. my mind reminds me. Aarav is not thinking anything for me. I can't be with him. I am not destined to be with him. Whatever I feel, I should bury it, deep down in my heart. I should ignore him.

I decide this is the last time I am going out with him. I promise to my self not to think about him, I have so much to do. I can't stuck in his thoughts. I have to be practical.

I don't know when my dad came and sat next to me, he clears his throat and wakes me up from my conceptions, "hey pa, how was your day..? He shrugs and answers, "as usual..nothing new... what about you? Why are you watching news with so much interest? are you alright..?

I smile and say, "yeah papa..I am pondering about my internship. Papa if I ever get the chance to work in mumbai..will you let me go there?"

My dad looks at me, furrows his brows and slowly speaks, "well it depends...but why do you want to go to mumbai just for an internship? "

I explain, "papa, all the celebrity designers are in mumbai and it will be great if I can get to work with one of them.."

My dad twitches his lips and says, "okay, if this is all you want then I'll think about it.."

I smile and say, "thank you, papa." My dad looks at me suspiciously and asks, "is Aarav helping you?" I furrow at my dad and ask, "how do you know?...it must be mom....right? she can't keep anything to her self...by the way where is she?"

My dad rolls his eyes and sighs, "she is gone for shopping. She must have been at home till now.." before my dad can complete the sentence, my mom appears on an entrance with shopping bags in her hands saying, "ta..da...I am home."

She comes in with a top speed, sits beside me and hands me over the bags, I look at her and ask, "what's in it?" "Just go to your room and try it", my mom quickly answers.

I peek inside the bag and rush to my room chuckling. I find very beautiful dress for me...it is navy blue lace backless midi dress with V-neck and patchwork.

I put it on and admire my self in the mirror that my mom enters in my room looking at me with admiration. She exclaims, " oh dear!!! You are looking so gorgeous!"

I smile at her and say happily, "thank you so much mom." And hug her. She indicates me the watch and says, "thank me later.. now go, take a bath and be ready.."

I sprint to the bathroom smiling.

After around one and a half hour I am ready with navy blue midi dress, nude coloured pumps with matching diamond tops and purse. I am wearing very light make up only compact, lipgloss and eyeliner. I tied my hairs in a loose messy bun.

It is already 8:30pm, my heart is hammering in my chest. I take my phone and randomly swipe messages. I must admit I don't have passion, I can't wait this long.

My mom calls me from downstairs, so I walk down the stairs, as I reach on a last step, I see my dad is looking at me with amusement in his eyes. My cheeks are red from embarrassment, cause until now whenever I went out with boys, I didn't care to wear any make up and today I tried to look my best.. I my self, am not clear that what is happening to me?

My dad comes to me and gently taps on my cheeks and says, "you are just looking like your mother."

I smile and say, "thank you papa...". My mom is smiling at me from the couch.

My mobile rings, I look at the screen, I say to my dad, "its Aarav, he must be here." I pick up and hear him saying, "I am waiting outside." I reply with trembling voice, "okay.. I am coming." I wave bye and wish good night to my parents.

I am very much nervous. I think it's hundreds times better to give exams then to go out with Aarav.

My hands are numb, My fingers are cold, I can't turn my door handle properly. My mom opens door for me and says in a very low voice, "don't worry, be confident.." I gulp my saliva and go outside.

Today I feel that my front yard is the longest, as I open the gate, Aarav is standing by resting his back on his car and both his hands are in his pocket, and the car...oh my god he again came in his new white car, atleast I see it for the first time.

He smiles at me, I smile back at him. He is wearing grey tab collar shirt, black chinos pants with loafers. Looking god damn handsome.

I walk towards him, he says, "hey.." I reply, "hi..". I don't know why? but it feels so awkward. He asks, "ready?" I nod 'hmmm' and we get in the car. Thank god he is driving towards the city.!

He is as usual silent, god knows what is he thinking about? But whenever I am nervous I talk more..today my nervousness is on the top.

I say in a low voice, "I am sorry for disturbing you." He looks at me..smiles and replies, "you didn't disturb me.. by the way you are looking gorgeous today."

My face must be cherry red, thank god lights are low, I look down, smile and thank him. I am controlling my sentiments cause my heart is dancing excitedly. I am feeling tingling all over my body. What do these oxytocin and dopamine are doing to my body that I want to look at him, I want to touch him, I want to be with him...

Aarav clears his throat, looks at me and asks, "don't you wanna compliment me? " I bite my lower lip in confusion and say in a low voice, "well you are looking as handsome as always.."

He laughs loudly and asks, "so do you think that I always look handsome? " I first time hear his cheerful laugh, oh dear he is so adorable. I answer, "yes, I do"
He says, "thanks."

After a while we reach to a hotel. Which is situated on the bank of the city lake. We get out of the car and walk towards hotel entrance. I smile and say, "it's my favourite place.." Aarav smiles back at me.

As we enter, one attendant approaches us and leads us to the different part, which is totally new for me.

There are many artificial huts, decorated with lights. Attendant leads us to one of those huts.

As I enter inside, I see there is only one table with two chairs. Very well decorated with flowers and candles. Attendant helps us to sit on a chair and leaves.

Aarav is looking at me. I ask him, "what is this?" He rolls his eyes and replies, "well.. this is called private dinner" I raise my brows and ask, "that I know but why did you book that for us?" He shrugs and answers, "cause I don't want any distractions while eating with you." I laugh and say, "seriously who do you think is gonna distract us?" Aarav twitches his lips and answers, "I don't wanna take a risk.." I roll my eyes, smiling.

He asks, "so what do you want to eat?" I shrug and answer, "I am not choosy about food..I can eat any dish, yeah it must be tasty." He thinks for sometime and decides, "okay let's go for continental dish then...and he orders.."

I notice him, the way he calls the waiter, talks to him. I don't see any arrogance or proud. He is so down to earth. Of course his aura emits power and dominance, so people around him automatically notice his presence.

Then he asks me, "okay now tell me what is the confusion?" I caught off guard by sudden change of subject, hesitantly reply, "Shalini ma'am called this morning and she wants me to work with her at Mumbai. She wants me to join her office within a week!!"

Aarav happily says, "wow that's great.. you don't have any idea how much you will learn from her!" I continuously look at him without blinking, so he asks, "so what's the problem?"

I bite my lower lip and say, "promise me you won't be angry...Aarav agrees to that. I explain him, "when first time you told me about Shalini ma'am... obviously I was hoping that she might give me some suggestions, but I never had thought that she will provide me opportunity to work with her in Mumbai..

Now the problem is where to live in Mumbai. I mean.... yeah I have options like hostel and P.G. but I am not sure my parents will allow me to live there alone.. and I am afraid too, I have been to Mumbai but I am not ready to live in there alone for a whole month. Within a one week how can I manage everything? Where to live?, where to eat?... So I was thinking, is it possible that I work at your studio under her guidance."

He is listening to me with smile on his lips and amazement in his eyes.. when I finish my explanation.. I take a deep breath and drink water.

He is still the same, I ask, "what?" He answers, "nothing..I strongly recommend you to work with her in Mumbai...it's a big difference you meet her only once a week and you spend 8 hours with her daily..it'll have a great impact on your career..I promise you that and about the problem... it is just your accommodation..?" I nod and add, "and food?"

For a minute he thinks something, then speaks, "okay..don't worry.. your problem is solved" I am confused, "problem is solved..how?" I furrow my eyebrows.

Then within a five minutes we are served delicious looking food.

"Let's just eat first, I am dying of hunger.." he says..

I roll my eyes.. and start eating. As I put one spoonful of it in my mouth, I close my eyes to truly savor the food and the flavour.. "food is so yummy .." I praise.. Aarav just nods, 'hmmm..'

I observe him eating, it looks like he must be really hungry. So I apologise, "I am sorry.. you had a busy day, you are tired and hungry, and I am discussing stupid things with you.."

He laughs..drinks water and explains, "you know I had a very boring day and I really needed your company and that's why If you wouldn't have called me then I would have called you..so don't be sorry."

His words make me fly high.. Right now I know that I am blushing only if he notices it...I speak in my mind that I can give you company everyday. All I want to do is ... sit infront of you and stare at you whole day. I sigh.. I wish I can say it out loud..

Aarav clears his throat and wakes me up from my thoughts and indicates me to eat.. I twitch my lips and start eating without looking at him. He is the biggest distractions for me. When I am with him my sensory organs don't sense anything except for his things.. like my eyes only want to look at him, my ears only want to hear his voice, his smell turns me on, my skin only wants his touch.. and my tastebuds stop working.. like at this moment I have a plate full of delicious food but I am not able enjoy it's taste.. what a pity!!!

I am not done with main course that he orders for desserts. I look at him widening my eyes. .. he laughs, "oh c'mon Raavi....taste it.. you'll love it."

Finally dinner is over. We get out of the hut and sit in the garden, I want to hold the time still, I don't know if I will ever get chance to sit with Aarav in cool breeze like this..!!!

After a while I ask him, "so what's your solution?"

Aarav looks at me and replies, "actually we have our own house in Mumbai, and a family of our security guard is living there so..I don't think you are going to have any difficulties.." and he shrugs.

I am looking at him to ensure my self that he is not kidding. When he asks, "so what do you think now?" I hurriedly reply, "no..no..no..no.. I can't take this much of your help Aarav..! There must be some other way"

He smiles and says, "it's only matter of one month.. and if you choose to live at my place then it'll be easy for you to convince your parents"

I argue, "whatever.. but I can't take this, you've already done so much for me."

Aarav thinks and raises his brows and says, "okay.. so you are still angry with me.. and not taking me as your friend.."

I raise my brows and stop him, "you are taking me wrong, Aarav!"

"Okay then it's final.. you are living at my place.." he states firmly. I open my mouth to argue but he stops me with his hand and continues, "I don't want any discussion over it"

He gets up and starts walking.. I get up and almost run after him shouting, "hey wait for me..."

As we reach at his car, he asks smirking at me, "do you wanna go on a long drive?" I ask him back, "are you gonna do as I say?"
He grins and answers, "yep, only if your answer is positive and..."

I interrupt him, "okay okay let's go then.."

Of course I wanna go with him, but I can't let him know that...I can't believe he is the same person I met three months ago.

As we get in the car. I remember that dream.
I request to Aarav, "I am sorry but I want to go home now..." Aarav looks at me with puzzled face, "what's wrong..?" I reply, "nothing.. it's just my dad wanted me to come early." Aarav is not satisfied with my answer. He shrugs, "okay call him then" and he starts the car.

I start panicking, sweat is all over my face, I shout angrily, " okay..just drop me here then.. I'll call the cab.." he stops the car, looks at me with concern on his face, "okay.. I know you are lying.. now tell me the truth.." and he passes me the water bottle.

I chug down the whole bottle, wipe my face, take a deep breath and say, "I don't know if you'll believe me or not, but this afternoon I saw a horrible dream" and I hesitantly tell him about that dream in a low voice. Again tears start rolling down my face.

He starts laughing, "oh Raavi! You are shedding your tears over a dream.. I am here with you, all fine.. nothing's gonna happen to me okay..!"

I wipe my tears, "but I don't want to take any risk.. so please let's just go home"

Aarav clarifies, "actually I want to spend more time with you. Can we just take a walk then.. please"

I look at Aarav... is it possible that he is feeling the same for me, like I do? Obviously I don't want to deny so I say to him, "okay but we'll be back in fifteen minutes.." he agrees, "that's great.."

We leave the car in the parking and start walking at the lakeside.

I say, "actually I want to say sorry for yesterday." He looks at me with puzzled face. I continue, "first my dad disturbed you and then you had to come to pick me up..I swear I didn't know anything about that."

He stops walking, turns me towards him by gently grabbing my arm and says, "do you know..neither your dad nor you disturbed me..so stop blaming yourself..I was at the institute before your dad called."

His touch giving me such a pleasure..its hard to concentrate..though I ask, "then why did you shorten your tour?" He smiles..oh my god he is looking so handsome in this moon light. I just drink in his beauty with my eyes..He twitches his lips and says, "well it's my personal matter." I furrow my brows, turn around and start walking.

He again grabs my hand and says "Hey.. just forget it okay..it doesn't matter now.." I look at him, he clears his throat and says in a surprisingly low voice, "actually I want to tell you that I signed new contracts for my company and for that I have to go to Singapore for around a month.."

I study his expressions, he is looking sad.. I think is it a reflection of my emotions or is he really sad?

I fake a smile and congratulate him. Of course it is killing me from the inside that I will not be able to meet him for a month. Well I know that I am going to Mumbai so it won't be possible for me to meet him if he would have been here, though I don't like him going away..

I ask in a low voice, "when are you leaving?"
He shrugs, "actually I wanted to leave in two days but now I'll leave after your settlement in Mumbai." I am overwhelmed.

I look at him, "can I ask you a question?... please answer it without any condition..." I add. He raises his brows, laughs and agrees, "okay"

I ask with embarrassment, "why are you doing these much for me?.. tell me the truth please..."

He pauses for a while and then smiles, "cause when I look at you, you remind me of someone.."

I almost scream in my mind that please..... don't tell me... it is Avira...!!!


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